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Middle Ages Germans used to keep their money in a chest with a dog drawn on the bottom to scare away thieves. If there was no more money in the chest, everybody coud see the dog on the bottom, so the owner was "coming to the dog. When such a dog finds something, it will not bark but lie quietly down. It prevents the criminal from being alerted and able to escape.

Middle Ages In 14 th century Germany, hat string was a measure for the thickness of the jet of water from the water tap.

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O Jemine! This interjection meaning surprise comes from the Latin "O Jesu Domine! If the coffe is weak, you can see the ornament of the coffee cup through the coffee. Kamelle f "das sind doch olle Kamellen" correct meaning: old stories literal translation: It is old chamomils. Middle Age The latter expression goes back to a time before paper money when coins were wrapped in rolls and placed on a high ledge "hohe Kante" for safekeeping.

Some military commanders thought the best attack is in the open field rin in die Kartoffel ; others insisted on the attack from a hiding place raus aus die Kartoffeln. There were mice in blacksmiths' shops, which destroyed the leather equipment; therefore blacksmiths had to have cats. When the blacksmith began to hit the iron to forge it, all cats scurried away from the shop because of the noise. Middle Age The people in old Germany who were illiterate had tally sticks for noting of their debts.

Debts were recorded as notches on two tally sticks. One tally stick was for debtors, the other one for creditors. First used in England. If a student was homesick, he called it a sickness from Switzerland. Wrens like to play in the snow. In old Berlin the tramways had no numbers but letters. The Q pron.

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Some animals are not afraid of the rags and go through them, away from the hounting grounds. In the Middle Age spoons were very valuable. If the grandfather died, his spoon was handed down to the youngest member of the family. Device for window shutters, which protects the shutter from slammimg. A person who shakes the bottles of champagne to get the yeast to the bottom. A zigzag sign in bookkeeping documents.

Colonialism in Josef Von Sternberg's der Blaue Engel

When the calculation is finished, the bookkeeper puts a zigzag sign in the free space of a document as protection against changes which could be made later. Middle Ages "Pechnase" tar nose was a hole in castle wall used during the siege to pour boiling tar on the attackers.

Niedertreter m correct meaning: Slippers literal translation: the one who steps down. Slippers with little cap around the heel wich can be trodden down. Middle Ages People thought that the kidney was the cause of adultery. That is why the penalty for adultery was the removal of one kidney. When the motorbike is tilted too far while cornering, the nipple contacts the ground. That is a signal for the driver to right the motorbike. Inflatable or polystyrene buoy which helps beginners learn to swim. Middle Ages Journeymen of diffrent trade guilds in old Germany had earrings.

When a journeyman broke a rule of the trade guild, his earring was ripped off. Middle Ages Scribes had the habit of holding their writing feathers behind the ear. So the ink spots behind the ear were a sign that this person was literate. Middle Ages While using a flintlock musket, the gunpowder was lying on a pan.

The one who had gunpowder on the pan was at an advantage. Impossible literal translation: they have seen the horse vomit. Horses cannot vomit. Invented in Vienna. Pudelnass sein correct meaning: t o be very soppy, to be like a drowned rat literal translation: to be wet like a poodle. Poodles wree bred as hunting dogs for water fowl, so that is why they were often wet after hunting.

Punkt m "springenden Punkt" correct meaning: crucial point, key point literal translation: jumping point. Therefore, a walk to the dolls means a long walk. From a French fable Lafontaine A milkmaid calculates her income carrying milk to the market place. But if she stumbles, the milk spills, and the milkmaid's calculation is no longer correct.

Creature With The Blue Hand(Die Blaue Hand-1967)

From St. Groove on a tablet for easy breaking.

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Middle Ages In fencing it was unfair to throw sand into the opponent's eyes. In Germany during the Middle Ages, beer was too valuable to throw out the leftovers.

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So the beer leftovers were given to pigs. It was actually possible in those times to see a drunken pig occasionally. Middle Ages A particular position of windmill vanes as a sign of good news. Schindluder treiben mit jemandem correct meaning: to play fast and loose with sb. So Schindluder treiben means to treat sb. Such a joining of forces made it possible to secure this unique exemplar for Dutch public ownership.

As an anarcho-syndicalist, Lehning was closely involved with political developments in Europe over the interbellum and can certainly be counted among the avant-garde of his time. With his active interest in literature, art and culture, his many friends and acquaintances from the art world, and with his role as publisher of the Internationale Revue i10, better known as i10, he simultaneously set himself at the centre of cultural life in that epoch. Trend-setting artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondriaan contributed to the i10 journal, of which Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen holds two bound volumes that will form part of the presentation.

In a letter to Franz Marc, dated 19 June , Wassily Kandinsky first mentioned the idea of working together on a publication, not knowing that it would be one of the most important art books of the twentieth century. The exhibition featured the numbered copy of the deluxe edition of the Blue Rider Almanac, including its original sleeve. The book is bound in blue kid leather and has a vignette by Kandinsky embossed with gold lead on the title page. The lively, almost vibrating colours make it difficult to distinguish the figure from the lush landscape.

Both Kandinsky and Marc wrote important texts for the Almanac. Wassily Kandinsky first published his experimental theatre text — combining painting, music and theatre — in the Blue Rider Almanac. The music for his groundbreaking Gesamtkunstwerk was originally composed by Thomas de Hartmann. The presentation of the items in the exhibition was conceived by trainee curator, Luuk Hoogewerf.

He selected objects from different disciplines, such as painting, music, stained glass, printed matter and design.

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Literal translation: to sit in the jam Proper English translation: to be in a pickle. Literal translation: once every jubilee year Proper English translation: once in a blue moon. Literal translation: to be bedded on roses Proper English translation: to be a bed of roses. Literal translation: louse run over the liver Proper English translation: to be peeved. The group dispersed with the onset of the First World War. Anne rated it did not like it Dec 04, Literal translation: to be brushed to riot Proper English translation: to be spoiling for a fight.

The gallery was designed to look like a sacred chapel for the Blue Rider Almanac. For example, a chair by Gerrit Rietveld was placed to give the suggestion of a prie-dieu facing the Blue Rider Almanac. The music was tonal and the stained-glass panels were hung high on the walls. The installation gave the space a sacred and spiritual atmosphere. Charley Toorop and Arthur Lehning had already known of each other by name for some time when they met by coincidence on a train from The Hague to Amsterdam in The encounter was the beginning of a passionate relationship.

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They seemed like the ideal couple: she a painter and he a writer, with a shared interest in literature, art, culture and politics. Although their relationship ended not long after this portrait was painted, Lehning kept the painting all his life. The chair is pink, not a colour that Rietveld would normally have used. Remove from collection.

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Peter und die Katze mit den blauen Augen (German Edition)

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