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Check out these other great ideas for food gifts for the holidays from some of my favorite food blogging friends! Written for an academic audience, rather than a lay audience, the author includes illustrations from many fathers of the church. Ultimately the novel tried to deal with too many things and handled all of them poorly. Hence the name. I didn't either and like you, I always like knowing an author's background.

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Rate this product:. Sponsored products for you. FREE Shipping. Category Type Cook. Customer Reviews 0. Thank you for the memory! Thank you for the recipe. One question, about how long does it take to set up hours? It should only take hours unless you are experiencing high humidity. I tried this today but it came out like nugget. I think I may have overbeaten it. Has anyone had this happen? Any tips? Oh dear! It sounds like the divinity got beaten too long. The hardest part about divinity is knowing when to stop. I would recommend stopping earlier and testing it every 30 seconds of beating or so.

I have a black walnut tree in my back yard now — and will be making black walnut divinity for my mother-in-law this holiday season. I look forward to the nastalgic childhood trip down memory lane. Thank you for the recipe and tips. You are welcome! I love that you have found memories of divinity as well.

Black walnut divinity sounds wonderful. This is just how I remember it from when my mom or grandma would make it. Thanks, Amy,. As I was putting things away, my hand crank beater caught my eye. I thought … Um. So… Stand mixer. Did you hear that, Santa? I said I was NOT going to make candies this year!!!

Your recipie sucked me in!!! Am I suppose to stop the mixer the minute the shine starts to go? I think I over mixed it.

Also do we still use the mixer when we add the pecans? Or so we hand. Mix it? Yes, once that shine starts to go you are pretty much there. Try some of the drop tests mentioned in the post — if it puddles, you need to keep beating. But that change from puddling to holding its shape happens quickly.

You can use the mixer to stir in the pecans, because it can get pretty thick for hand mixing. Ok all went well. Had divinity then added maraschino cherries. Big mistake. Turned right back into a sticky goo. So i froze it and cut it and diped it into chocolate.

Happy accident. Oh no! Chocolate covered cherry divinity sounds amazing! I just made this recipe today, and it came out fabulous! We had a blast! Just as a note, it set up beautifully and we not only live in a humid climate, but it was pouring rain all day. I remember this candy as a special treat made only around Christmas. It is really hard to get it to set in Louisiana, too humid most days, so using a tad less water helps.

Tried this for the first time. It turned out great.

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I especially liked the tips at the end to make sure it set up properly. It was an overcast and somewhat humid day but it turned out fine. Live it. I made this tonight. It was stiff and I put on parchment and it stayed. Any suggesyions. Any idea why mine turned brown when I added the heated sugar? I used a thermometer and went to exactly You could use parchment paper instead though.

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Thank you so much for this recipe! I live in Scotland now, but am flying home for his 70th birthday party in a few weeks so, I made this today in a test run because I want to surprise him with it. I set up a dehumidifier in the kitchen and sealed it off overnight and then followed your recipe. I was so worried it would be too hard for me as I never cook, but it turned out amazing!

To be able to bring my dad something he loved so much as a little boy for his 70th is so incredibly special for me. Thank you so much for such an easy to follow recipe!! Mariah, your comment absolutely made my day. I love that you are making these for your dad! What a sweet, special idea. I stumbled on this recipe today so I am late to post. I had a beloved great aunt who was the divinity expert in our family. God rest her soul!


My dad was the beneficiary of the candy goodness every year. Little sister and I would go on raids trying to scam a taste of that wonderful stuff and Dad managed to foil us every time. Looking forward to trying this recipe for myself. Soooo saw your note after the fact.. I enjoy exploring the world through food, culture, and travel and sharing the adventure with mostly from-scratch, family friendly recipes that I think of as modern comfort cooking.

Nov Prep Time 5 minutes. Cook Time 15 minutes. Total Time 20 minutes. Instructions Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or a silpat mat and set aside.

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In a large saucepan over medium heat, combine the sugar, water, corn syrup and salt and cook, stirring occasionally, just until the mixture starts to boil. Then clip a candy thermometer to the side of the pan and continue to cook without stirring until the temperature reaches degrees F, about minutes. While the sugar mixture is cooking, beat the egg whites on high speed using an electric mixer or stand mixer until stiff peaks form.

Once the sugar mixture reaches degrees, remove from heat and very slowly pour it in a thin, steady stream, over the egg whites while mixing on high speed. It should take about 2 minutes to pour the hot liquid over the egg whites, so go slow and don't rush this step. Continue to beat on high speed for another minutes until the candy loses some of its glossiness and starts to hold its shape. You can stop mixing and test a small amount of candy by dropping a small spoonful of it onto the parchment paper to see if it holds its shape in a nice mound with nice swirls on top or if it melts down into a puddle.

Continue to beat a minute or two longer if the divinity doesn't hold its shape yet, test again, then mix in the chopped pecans and vanilla when the candy stays in a mound instead of melting into itself. Using two spoons sprayed lightly with cooking spray, drop tablespoon size scoops of divinity onto the prepared baking sheet, using one spoon to scrape the hot candy off the other spoon.

You will want to work quickly while the candy is still hot. Let the candy set, then store for up to 5 days in an airtight container. Notes From everything I have seen, divinity can be finicky about setting up on humid days. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Ellen — November 8, am Reply. Michele — December 16, am Reply. Amy — December 18, am Reply. Thank you so much Michele!

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Karen — November 8, pm Reply. Amy — November 8, pm Reply.

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Christie — November 8, pm Reply. It looks delicious. I have got to try it. Liz Books n' Cooks — November 8, pm Reply. I totally agree! Especially holiday baking and candy making memories! Jo Ann Casey — November 9, am Reply. Amy — November 9, pm Reply. Charlotte — November 18, pm Reply. Amy — November 18, pm Reply.