Running Toward Stillness

Running to Stillness on Orchard Road
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The best way to change our lives is to change the way we look at it. The idea of going nowhere has been around longer than gravity. After spending nearly five months alone in a shack in the Antarctic where temperatures sank to minus 70, Admiral Richard E. Sit there.

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Those were the good old days right? Researchers in the new field of interruption science have found that it takes an average of twenty-five minutes to recover from a phone call. And the more facts come streaming in on us, the less time we have to process any one of them.

Put another way, the ability to gather information, which used to be so crucial, is now far less important than the ability to sift through it. Part of making better decisions is making time to think. Something that few of us are able to do. The Art of Stillness is a wonderful meditation on the adventures of going nowhere. Stop me if this sounds familiar.

There is a person who toils alone for years in relative obscurity before finally cracking the code to become a hero. The myth of the lone genius. The Pygmalion Effect is a powerful secret weapon. Without even realizing it, we can nudge others towards success. In this article, discover how expectations can influence performance for better or worse. How Expectations Influence Performance Many people believe that their pets or children are of unusual intelligence or can understand everything they say.

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The first world is shifting towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Defined as the fusion of technologies which blur Read more…. Entrepreneurship is hard.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. This is the best book about running and life that I have ever read. Full of wisdom, humour, philosophy, raw emotion and great writing. In Stephen Legault experienced a period of tremendous upheaval, the result of bad decisions and a lifetime of anger and fear that left him in a deep.

It requires consistent discipline, and confidence in yourself. But for those Read more…. Walls on September 28, September 28, Have you ever been really stressed out or felt your life spinning out of control? Meditative hide and seek. Countdown from 60 and then try to find yourself.

Before we understand meditation, we need to know something about how our brains operate. Its also known as the hyperactive state because people in gamma states are thinking very quickly and this can lead to anxiety in those prone to it. Beta Hz is our typical brain state. Alpha Hz is our calm, tranquil state. In it, we feel lucid, tranquil and connected. We usually enter alpha states after relaxing activities like yoga, pleasurable sexual experiences and walks through nature.

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Theta Hz is our meditative, visual state. Delta Hz is the deep sleep state. Some Tibetan monks with decades of meditation experience can reach this state while maintaining awareness of their surroundings. But life itself is a meditation. Each of these types has a variety of different methods for practicing them. Loving-Kindness meditation — has the meditator focuses on feelings of compassion and empathy in order to promote more love and connection in their lives.

Zazen Zen meditation — where the meditator focuses on the breath moving in and out of their stomachs. In Zazen, the meditator must sit in one of several rigidly define poses with a straight back to allow ease of breathing. Vipassana meditation — uses mindfulness of breathing at the nose area, with a contemplation of impermanence, in order to gain insight into the nature of reality.

So the lowest chakra at the base of the spine represents the genitals energy. The third chakra up represents the energy of the digestive system. Self Inquiry meditation — which is sort of abstract. Guided meditations — where a speaker will present imagery for the practitioner to visualize in their mind. The other type of meditation is Open Monitoring meditation. Some notable OM methods are; Mindfulness meditation — where the meditator focuses on nothing and allows themselves to exist in the present moment.

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The idea is to become more present with ourselves as we really are in order to be more present in our day to day lives. In contrast to other meditations where there is some objective, mindfulness meditation is nice because there is no goal but to be present at the moment. As you can see, the Open Monitoring methods are all very similar. Practices like; Kundalini or dance meditation Tai Chi or meditation in motion Qi Gong Yoga Samu or work meditation There are even tools that can assist in meditation practices like deprivation tanks.

They are two Hz tones, one emitted from each headphone. Each tone is a different frequency. If you choose FA then pick an object to focus on, your breath usually being the easiest. I find it very grounding and it sets my days up for happiness and productivity. Categories: Life. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. What's on your mind?

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