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Sermons on several occasions .. (Volume 7)
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He us. Gloria " know We that we of God, are and THEW words of language makes as ; of one ordinary hardly of us, three it would some mixed in private our enemy, is not so enemies "We to our and how clear. Let world it,which thingsthat " The Here, as is not though its world in many spokenof lusts are is not to be so, as of because trusted, first consider it in this us are presentvisible systemwhich some is likely to attract us, and it cannot in are Again,he presently says, and the lust thereof.

John Thus point of view. There is,as a stations and fortunes in the are of the each mankind outward mental are a necessity, great varietyof among same same other,and of matter system by the very depend on each other; such the world, to system is 1 John Men togetherinto pointsin 1 hardlytwo sons per- and poscircumstances, sessed resources. This life holds merit and exertion. It is not framed, as thus even : agency, a necessarily I have said,by be otherwise it,we considering in this even things sense than the world souls ; and for this reason, themselves because as good being not good this state of and excellent in itself, is very bid are dangerousto beingscircumstanced thingsin sinners.

In this sense We see taith. The men it nevertheless are caution,which perhapswith especial to itself has it is that those all good ; really are engaged in with so us than to be of well-being lead promisesmore life and the on his way, knowledge,may truth, it excellence, and, as they he gazes on opens serious on divinely -governedworld,with sense In passed away.

The and interests which neglectthose while linger, the to future hearts from the traveller As good. Paul this world ; we contrasts onlybelieve sightand that there is The a world of sighthas World do not we spirits, more over power the future,so than sinful ; the and occupations faith. In things which God's influence of their viour Sa- neither are of the world men good world, into own miraculous whether seen, a rejection fault of the through the case " the Jews as the divinely-appointed system,and therebyrejected of their souls ; in like manner, 1 not, I say, Yet divine,though temporal.

And " carnal-minded became inasmuch and the belief, the Jewish as system,yet divine,so this world than are 3 it : and see us of this life injurious to in themselves Enemy. Paul world,in God's eyes, of mind in the they neither loved fools, cause a rection resur- believed. When of the depravedby ment vigorousand patientemploy- theyhad used their powers for thus are And graced refined arts of life have been disall the more again, by the vicious tastes of those who excelled in them ; often theyhave been consecrated to the service of the instruments of idolatry ; often theyhave been made and riot.

But it would be endless to recount sensuality which man has the manifold and complex corruption made introduced into the world which God good; evil has the preoccupied We Himself [Vll] of it,and holds fast its quest. He whole showed sinful creatures very His will to mankind soon after Adam's againand again, D The 34 and pleaded with lengthHis Son the hitherto good in though we its so ; love and evil that when was which our And hearts world ; that is is,the world is meant it is that these world, the in its connexion St.

John the is not is prideof life, course ciples, prin- direct actually If any " sinful with the they are lust of the world,the the eyes, and the ; says, love of the Father that is in the world, by the corruptedby man, as mistakingthese no is with unwillingness and practices which opinions, There right what it. Evil His through born was Enemy. They notion with greatlovers while they think notwithstanding, from it were, great enemies. Here then is viz. The two is are a it will be well to separatebody from contrasted certainly The 36 World in the text,as elsewhere we in Now the true account from and being literally, wicked of this it.

Peter's generalnotice,and good largebody a 37 portion,evil displaysitself on his understood Enemy. Hence the best motives and truest opinions are and misunderstood, are misapplied by more the less or of other,and another. It is the other when we long, indeed,before other,and each cold, or harsh, or not are pass, that said,the I have as good even and themselves, to their the to at all one unhappilycomes retire from men one to or self-willed, capricious, that it So so.

And if all this takes sort of men, how placein much of those multitudes will it more who into any! These,so practice themselves,often Though they God's grace consistent far from affect to be have secret pleadswith case case in faith and shape of opinionand even fears and their in the having yet wrought showingthe worse of the better happen still unstable are obedience,half Christians,not themselves the better than part of they are. God all. Are we over God attached recalls prudence the it, good all? Look not gigantic evil about far for " and ready, suddenly Try to His own which lose must Scripture to apt address.

When to recognize to own even the close are and vast some as temptations offered down bring life, and your its off world the world, of length we ourselves with within thereof, but ever.

It it is well we than the us, has is well We we that often at regenerated should upon it is be is good of approbation Such some the of Him and us, preparing often too it- that aware it, and that which wrong, plicable ap- perhaps, not love poral tem- censure day; opportunity dwell feel incur too has presence. To to depends only wrong Gal. This love of mere for in concerningus be in itself wrong periodof kind by argued,it is rightto be others of means punishthem and ; by them encourage disobedience. If,then,it may regard the opinionsof that objected, the young we is,from be of merely corrupt The Promise praise.

This world's is the affections; and feelings of Men. They desire. We the the cannot to the other. The Praise We of Men. This is the world's praise ; viz. God's very thought they had hardlyhad be might in are and blame quietlyand come the world's and make praiseand is so is unseen, present; because are inward, and are because God God's God's it is wrong, pursuitof : because ; future,the world's blame reason the to pursue have it and cannot we the yet,as for this " the world is and it is wrong why reason stronglyimprintedon principles their minds ; The Praise 46 and their first intercourse on shocked with case have been any thoughGod here the time I that feeling hear who God I will not thought.

You must opinionof set about powerful most it is most vividly to do duty, his and heartless, My brethren,so ; the the culous ridi- many laughteror contempt must you the despised it,from time,have same a have ever of the claims it patiently ; it is the mark to Christ ; He your cross and with any case or harsh, or provoking, him. And in order to need rely on They are against Numbers they and they are, but their consciences boldly ; be, nay, can in loudlyagainstreligion They other for a you so satisfied un- lest others should ridicule theyjoinin ridiculing you, them; the as uneasy, to sin consciences, though they seem are though they Very likelythey have speak againstyou.

And are but displeasure, have the comfort of of the " a same will not feel are you Those wrong. But supposinghe now withstand the world ; but has gone Supposehe has which profanehabits most of serious subjects, and virtue ; ashamed ashamed faith, of know We been one repents. Supposinga of these,and of life.

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In such a church mind careless, thoughtless, live men of chastity, ashamed It often Providence,to the in beingashamed of obedience to persons in has strengthof the way multitude joinedthe he should not. Nothing circumstances trial to stand painfulin the case of such persons, than the The Praise of Men.

He He must doingthis I out of the way, to himself to this he will know will have bear to be called names, to be thoughtto thoughta hypocrite, preparedfor he is not acquaintance persons. They a be are his The Praise 50 portion. He must God pray meekly. He those who ridicule him. He new has He they are. Let him He has in all those in begun him, and that to look obey God, only,but and for in the to so the reproach,let us present,such a have one time, St. Peter's them. Christ's grace to bear it,or and yet does reproach, pray is justbegun of his professes.

It as those who and he reproach. Let has nothing He now. He He has better than they are as He it ; nothing beyond professing way, able much so once for pray of,if he bears it well. He boast of that he incurs it. Some that of exposedto are making be attended in such by cases should the be us a modest and man different kind, a than religious more happen,that praiseof applauseof then?

I answer, seem to advocate You men. God now without without men being seen often the very excellence of others. This is Men know a men : whereas action, according religious a of frequentcause a hard very being seen in hypocrisy gion. Thus theyhave of praise have thing that and they feel, speak without the mistake is a well love the We " it how learn to to by be cannot we then as begin by feeling they should feel, they think " but Saviour's precept,consists in the not our by ; thoughts our sees them and praises help,, our praisedby to of Men. Frequently encumber or our with extravagances, religion perversions, mistakes,with connexion,and which of and urged,or a to say his continued or adheres about sober-minded,or as do in the line of to these lead after himself,and or consistently censure to what he considers duty,to lead him him, all,to to convince what he might be quitesure tempt con- of various ought always to consistently, watchful to principles; necessary is this the case, that the much of the no excite the religion, not classes of men, to be very man So numbers, or distinct itselfhas religion these,and of the world.

Recollect you with disagree will some the other or attempt is to show you have to look to man : to pleaseall to be who fear the be may world's this,which preferthe choose only to with which You sure or wider a not be anxious must you praiseof God. In the next think place, of the multitude of beings, The 54 who, Praise of Men. Paul and elsewhere he declares that the "a the spectacleunto men2. They rejoice eth ; how follow l made Angels, and to scoff?

Still further What you. The hour to come, Him be sensible of your think of the esteem 1 1 Tim. Praise The extended Then be their deeds. The own kindest of God, of St. Paul,of the of mankind, beingwitnesses generations dread You the parents, husbands, if a of those whom father then shrink from panion, wife,or husband, your earthlycom- tremble you? Peter all the will be your There what what ment-seat judg- multitude vast friends,your Now Mary,?

Father's,and of the holy Angels. God of it. Impatience with specialsins own our I suppose than more age This is and an to other,men in sins the than in God " of gaining wealth society, to a ; lower and has more so often the life. And xxx. Now, then, I show that these the world not to be reckoned to our to us nature ; and be without here,not are called, not these slightshow I of reason, disquietude ; that and as a and, sleep," might are illsuited theyare are to dangerous prospectsof our should we own abundance " great enjoyment even in much : maintain,with cares source of much wealth,or more thus,in more increase, generally the words of the rich will not wisdom far from things,so the generally has require it does not indeed that these person his time is less his preacher, the any his distinction, more f' to seek men that hereafter, them, possessing are happiness, increasing or attempt as theyare worldlyadvantages, words to prove.

Let our in any succeeded his in experienced increaseth be, at least these outward increase has 6 dvantages. Did anticipated he ask one any has desire, he faction full,that lastingsatis- that success But advantages me his 1 not feelingof some of satiety, of disquietude, of weariness, disappointment, after a short if so, what and he granted him, believe it,none which we at slow who the influence if the happy? No; unwillingwe may be things bring the pleasure they will bring.

But that,on next, let us consider positively dangerousto are of these Many least which else be might with render a the and a post maintain a which of eminence it to the force of is There to Christian, a course interstation and mind motives religious of want sympathy devotion,great splendour will be to whom God no one has more assigned distinction. Much world, duty,has from God, and and our hand, they eternal interests. For way deceived from religious ; and are will engross and us, it. Lord Our in occupations received seed we among that which danger of the of and he into us too well inclined by faith;and is an by heareth to live besides the becometh something so agreeableto honours an and of the especially strongmind, and not to be set emoluments our them from them, and God.

Hence death and judgment are unwel- of subjects reflectionto the rich and death takes from them made of things, that in it there is And do these as they lead become no respectof persons. Paul only not we having good conscience,concerningfaith V shipwreck and heresies, easier terms a world: understandingsalso the truth,we disliking than varietyof to attempt those which narrow makes way men ; holds out this love of the world ways made they attain salvation Christ a world,so again to love the in the to trust on nothing,save but unbelieving worldly-minded, ; our and defend In us for hahit has adrift them they know corrupt,our and throws which goods lead us which comforts and them, necessary to order of new those powerful; to on us.

And these moreover, have considered, confident. He, too, had which have beaten down of of gifted Take, for instance,Hezekiah, one best of the Jewish by conduct be dangerof possessing all come one might prideand have of the been schooled thought would self-esteem. The him, and seemed against y king prepared Temporal Advantages.

And then xxxii. He Divine grace, yet what rightmindedand ; Christian but have shrink must from the bare a worldlygreatnessso corrupting possessing seducingas David's kinglypower was shown to be notion and sheepfolds of the sustained by wonderfully indeed most was would sin,which, humanly speaking,he and row 67 of in the instance of of what anticipation deceitfulness of riches. For Solomon of the of Solomon case Saviour calls our may old, that was heart after other with The striking ; his falling away is stillmore our great a Saint?

So of indeed,is the possession dangerous, of this world,that,to 1 1 judge from the Kings xi. F 2 the goods Scripture history, Temporal A dvantages. Psalmist,"whom out of pain or griefto Thus, to Even best the sober them and example of take the is the been above sufficient to throughthe measure, unless there had " been thorn in the flesh of which him, humble and to keep historyof the him of the revelations, some cross, tion, secret afflic- it,some in a of his weak sense centuries it was they do they act when when the saints heathen Hand that Hand the world was was far from themselves Hand God's upon them.

The that not informed, to particularly not are we and he terms as tells us, would further some right. They character of spokeof His Christ followers not as be follow Me. It the be asked, " Are may God? It may duty calls upon " " to mean ever themselves,but bad, and advantageswell,that to be without new ; be very suitable to and put ends case. Solomon upon St. Paul say, It is true ; seek them we their good," " called even praisehim not does not And x the best from did He And?

Temporal Advantages. In this pointof view it is that the best gifts: to the Church. For us, indeed,who God our our happiness? Shall the sand xxiii. Temporal Shall fulness of can be in this : with cheerfulness eminent and pay, talents the little things to year, and the in the world wealthy soul Every more we our upon not it is ambitious the it is is candidate for of we shall Christian be may can make it the turn this world path of peace to a and walk receive and stage for the fret scene fortune the more in,and of the will the more die away habituallyto the probation.

And or led from pray, that descend, in rich abundance, merelyworldlygoods,but alone follows or pay a are is of small God, things,the distinctions of nature every longer no in ; but view, and reward; these another assumes realize this view accidental of and honour we and they revel a leveller of reverence, It we It is and profitless. To transitory ; noble,for to a away. Season and myrrh.


All around and presents,gold,frankincense, about Him alone had note one this world their breast His and lowlydwelling, to be the Son and from the This which of in the so ; infant's an His Mary of Ages, wonderful a all the men in declared Father star; on way Bethlehem.

As great men of having as or earth,exceptto He often are all but men, of seemed no a are proper to royalcourt, of gloriousprince thoughtof war, of triumph,or or suffering, Season, our of vengeance of or strife, connected with the Epiphany,but of august majesty,of power, of of splendour, of benignity. Now, of serenity, prosperity, if at any time,it is fit to temple,let all the say, earth 1 Hab. Lord is in His silence before holy Him1. Such referred to, of already into O God, our holiness ; beautyof proper to the are to remind the " into His courts. In manifests His turned or necessity the the water urgency, but The an especially King, who august out therewith own, the Third Season of Epiphany.

And as in these hear Gospels we 1 Mark v. Chris- temple; they are In these various hear we new and templeof Christ, in marriagefeast. Paul to them enjoins Spirit. And of her true in the twelfth and the Romans then upon the ; Collects are The is for and the same Apostle same then in St. John's as character, before befit the their the second power, strengthin our the help in temptation, sixth is for chaptersof Epistle. Gabriel's and such manner Baptisthis way. Angels announced hidden worshipped. A star the and brought to the majesty,homage, Lord, in His the Him the for Him.

He Simeon temple,and infancy in its style was birth,and appeared,and made and Angel speakingto an arms, took in His Mary to befitted as of royal onlydisplay earth,was on message future East of saying. Elisabeth,too,saluted Mary, Christ's Mother. How in the idea of His His of Epiphany. Season tained con- it began, and twelve was years old. Solomon, the great type reignedfortyyears, and known far and much-loved of son Church, was type a and favour power But wide Christ,the He He has though not earth but had left that He to kingdom, of secrets,and a show it,and earlier age of the true Revealer to of Joseph,the East.

Righteousnesswas since ; nay, penser Dis- majesty in His till He reignreally, what the and glorybut in was Solomon. It often happens,that and illnesses, of in the midst when in delirium in consequence, mind, they have of it,when persons some they are 1 Luke ii. Where and the fashion of His " brightly for instance, Consider, also.

Season set before was : a? G like The 82 should manner Season be of Epiphany. And again, St. Paul, so refers back to of anticipatory end. Reason The his brief him,had of Epiphany. And had a well,that,accordingto are wheat, fish of to be with the all through its saints shall stand serve Him " for without and a began, and the to "the there new and was nation," abomi- mongers, sorcerers, and whore- not this future fore be- was openedand dispensation trial in prayers, one for half accord in from house soul,eating people1;"while and Sapphira, were with all the like Simon, were sorcerers,"?

Let us true rest, but,as the Israelites,a " if have we take our what type the one, and of and toil, peace us when to When take it God as a calls, fortydays and forty Let us rejoice God. If to was we as now The they the enjoy of nothing the length days here, of our Lord saints yet may mourning His let His hope be may throne. PSALM " without wishes of involves, and vigorousstruggle,a a againstourselves. The because impliesself-denial, by love but the ing thwart- righteous to possess gain we it warfare persevering notion very To be can nor holy to a course, tastes. Self-denial, then, is Christian time like a subjectnever teaching; still more this,when days of Lent, the and humiliation.

You They that those them. Duty of Self-denial. Take 89 have hitherto duty actuallycommanded which God the selfin it is involved in the very notion attendant as sanctification, necessarily of nature spokenof on that vouchsafes Holy Spirit change to work 1 : And He though poor3. Can were duty 1 flesh of John any even self-denial, iii. The when Christians, of case Christ commanded and came it? But children as must so nourishment, and be turned from heaven ; a we weaned our the home, our those,for from weaned and the to give it voluntarily our their first childish put away with friends, our natural food of pleasuresof earth up us, and to " souls child,to put dear to us, nay, dear our sinful, only in their learn to compose must meets sinful at all; are the love naturally the first and are prospects, our made unreserved is before us, and not behaved " has the away "We derive from we poured upon word impressive are pleasures of them some spoken by proud,and an in themselves not instance,which and put of this world.

Much this same to the more after Christ lesson in the ninth Corinthians " : does came Every St. Paul one that striveth for the i. Again, in says. Such us is Christian for many it is incumbent and self-denial, reasons. He abstains lest he should should eat and he fasts lest he As is evident, many weak and sinful creature person ; many are kinds which feelings, before his : " And just would fall,are his case wine so, have is many been a a is he may temperate; the drunken.

Therefore,he sin abstain from must thoughit is not ,for Again, the passion,and of love might opinionrightand it is in itself an and acceptthe So, again,love of ; Adam. For instance,anger 95 the and a sinful temptationof it; great among Lord ; iv. Such and these of objects they must for the be at our His love enjoined providence pass on, time, disappearfrom Matt.

Many the relations too and sit " Here, then, is a fault ; soul. Again, seduce be your hereafter;to reign with Christ,to will be with Duty of Self-denial. Here, again,then, is lawful things; flow of love towards soundingin our ears, to have Abraham spontaneousand when as called on away to we can the love of did not we continual this memento that thought,not if to boldlyacknowledgethat must we to put actually to act thus painful friends to have our it is painful.

It is a sad be called upon of self-denialin and if a person says it is that it checks the and feel, but instance an slay his love ever them, them, as " And son. Moses, who or David or? Scripture other,whose hell,being in gave the under the a weaned the was Law, " were the the are the torments. Scriptureof before the it Abraham Law, who service and there in own world,whether ourselves to them, and examplesare Was thingsour dependon them; theywill their very us; hearts, surround to as minister to inanimate,which or likelyto corrupt our so with comforts, to have " have we rogance; arself-conceit, high-mindedness, self-sufficiency, of men If offscouring had " not a soft luxurious rich man, then There " who lifted up was that and "ground, brought forth plentifully," The who said, Soul, " thou night There much laid up goods him forsook who " presentworld this 99 requiredof was Demas, was loved "having hast his soul years ;" and many for that Paul, St.

Far us, soldiers of be it from ourselves with this world, who world the to entanglethhimself may If a pleaseHim also strive for man strive except he has bears witness Day by day he had Nor referred to he fewer got more and soldier. Paul's rule,as of himself ties to earth,a be not though we grace. Let such follow, time,without should line between look to up our hearts;and then acts in due circumstances, our ourselves distressing to find what need draw attempt to not is sinful and what what is they precise any only allowable think you He would have you You relinquish.

He bids services, unpleasant live as the lowest : therefore, those who would be highest, turn ambitious from religiously may make authorityand rule. Curb your eye, lest you dangerousair which your a smile at its threats. Shut and ridicules, your as againsttaking on bids you vehemence, or prolonga into unseasonable turn He the world to master resolves spend money when praise, when flint, thoughts,and asfar fall into sorrow, your burst forth or dissolve tongue, and temptation.

Avoid relaxes you, and brace yourself The the upon " night by natural to on you and into your and you, will heaven. Matthias's we the will us, to follow we law, do, and light upon A few days to take an Apostlethe repeated. Matthias Christ had gone abundantly,more than so world giveth. Matthias received when never been had with been had been chosen heirs of the he had had were indulgedfor came at once, the the bottles should upon his dreams that throne,which He The their made, burst. But power He rest been and governors, tutors He St.

No flitaround at the as Apostle. He come, days. Apostlewho an to remind be taken may feast of the it occurs, fitness particular a celebrate we of Christ. Matthias took and the upon him penaltyof could earthlyprosperity was reared over the grave The IO4 of who one had the immediate had betrayed. Lord's our of tried and been of the shadow Well, then,does of Christ.

Yoke St. Matthias words, " Take Pastoral Staff had youth. He entered at had been ever borne once a the his upon of cross Him repeatto him on whom day learn the first. His crosier. The exhortation, then,which Gospel,and us, is at the you, and yoke upon and Him, to us He Me," " He they must them what it it about " said, but on Whither thou Me," He us I will told the a giveyou more thou shalt follow Me 1 John Come " ;" the way d'd not My unto and then at once plainly.

Our not afterwards. Peter, St. Matthias's presentseason Come " says, of which Saviour our bad now, shall seek come1. To Him; share deny himself,and V follow Me underwent he expressly;"If speaks more upon learn of to Again, the text come called what other. Peter old,thou shall another Me. Peter as he resurrection, wast " thou His should befall him. Let us 1 set it down John xxi.

This I say must ; and it concerns for from or to consider distasteful. Yoke is yoke a cross. And, lastly, adds, those sake;" do from us "made He as Cross," so He as pure the world, from us sever circumcise devil,to "the after His of Christ. A heart,merciful, and peace-making, penitent, eager after is righteousness, to truly according in current use a man. He nature even not even is of term character which a to see, and or approve portionof some a love the character the grace pleasantthoughts with of God. When destined Peter sufferings, took Him and feelingof the " understood he he When grace; had as was be unto was yet as child,he thought a "become as had and man a Thee.

Yoke The child,he a child,"before a put childish away things. Paul's consists, in the sermon speak with have not the I charity, tinklingcymbal. James's And In all these passages, provoked,bearingall both in man that short of a and itself, painfulone, in James iii. This is the us poses. And their to all methods be, and effect, through the legitimate need grace of who suffered all in and moral, sin excepted, pain,physical its fulness. Yoke was 1 1 1 how ; His acts ; what manner, tenderness,and endurance; self-possession, evil; how how blessed He Himself when His to turned He God Alas!

Cross,can taste He bold,and men who has bitterer no 3 with severe nothingto hope from has fear from nothingto it ; he alone Despairmakes does not love it. Yoke The the world, tasted really keener pain,no i"yI have been the tryingto taking of Christ's other service and change from be called death a Never state. Paul Speaking of the Cross Christ,by Jesus and me, but cision, a and it is one; in new ever and Apostles, day; not one in the one another thing,nor It is and the it, " new a says, is crucified in Christ Jesus For a uncircum- character, new It is not same. I unto words save whom this improved worldlycharacter.

I of this one in The H4 in poor; rich,another in foreigner;one Christ is Dives become be.

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Pauline Studies. Write a Review. It often happens,that and illnesses, of in the midst when in delirium in consequence, mind, they have of it,when persons some they are 1 Luke ii. Terrorism and War. The Bridgeless Gulf. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks!

The to show daim high in certain a deference princesthink think the poor all Christ and one Me. Paul on, Greek, bond nor us put of Christ. Yoke upon fancy; to own Gal. Peter said,"Be zeal? His was Did and way; part with what for world,we a answer? To goods,and says, thou Because gold tried see. The because God of will gives the are in to us shadows brethren, but He His making right hand which wishes, may beyond God wash the and temper our strength He His on left, feet.

Moses, the text me Christians,not great meekness, Moses, unto to towards patternof fidelity Israel promise in the consider thee ; unto is valuable Moses great firmness,and when me xviii. Church strange country; God in slaves of the more us and out and sin,with down to with soil, evil husbandry, slaves of that fearful harvest which eternal death.

Christ has broken a God, their and of Canaan. Lord from divided territory, strongerthan was smote Christians? We and divide, leads saved not Troubles conquer the powers of swept recollect in his urgent sins,we most and most lovelyand renewed strangenessof strengthby our wishes ; one He Christians through life. Moses to the Israelites. Isaiah heard them heaven " that he Myself known speakunto him speak mouth dark behold not a Lord in a to dream.

God will I shall he there Moses, whom arose the in the Mount was " Lord speakethunto man he received from xxxiv. God the xxxiii. Moses he more know God will givethee see live. If I have thee, and I see which greatest privilege permittedto infinitude. Presence rest 2.

Father knoweth man knoweth " of His knowledge is imparted no all that says, delighted. I "and idle mere John duties our lightof fullythe He contrast a and is truth fullyand and summed are Those the the for up look who knowledge of will be which which on answer them; one can says thee, and thou boast,but a 2 God show knowest fact which John x. God glory to glory. Strangetruths God, about heaven they cannot and duty, about our hell,new which modes be cannot of the ourselves, about world, coveries viewing things,dis- into put about words, marvellous prospectsand thoughtshalf understood,deep convictions inspiring joy and which who Christ,the obey Him.

Thus most lation reve- God, brings to toil to much the the that for for all Israel ; but Christ has personalcomfort,not truth, a of part of a scattered rays of the some perfectway are He the us bringsgrace miracle of surprising well as a true as gift, full and well as from mercy wisdom as the from its fulness.

And yet,alas! How beginto away lose no who actual many sightof of those of turn trifling God once are! Then land beyond the to mention great intercessor when was the face " for world,and interceding 3.

John Donne Sermons

He wax hot the said, againstThy this evil a from Turn people? By atonement of forgiveness the forfeit the enjoymentof Canaan, Our made Thy at his taken accepted. He come. He of out give up Joshua. After hast written. Yet a sin. Moreover, it is well fault it race True, Not spake unadvisedly arrogateto And judgethrighteously. And which he received from God; and therefore authority he was punishedby dyinp-in the wilderness. Type of Christ. K Moses meekest the was It duty.

May we we our renew we have the grace to seal sacred Supper,in which forth crucified among heartyresolves ; divers with what the to it is we our His to coming to nor May year. Thus however him merit,because without and unprofitable, his all gentleness, mind, availed of for was of meekness the rule suffered; all his former humbleness yet it of men, of transgression judden Type of Christ.

He can He write the Law so. Awake, then, my your to determine about? He does He even has it for many the old done curse this for at all times. Why left Why be the Moses should out? He you out do should Why should blotted not not from see His it for book Why you? O, should into why you His should be rest? I know wish quitewell,and forget,that feelingis to enough; not enough merely to feel and grieffor and yet sufferings, Christ's obey Him, is not true without leelings warm hypocrisy, so, unattended sort of with keen of of pray God the first place,we really holy,let us which holiness, towards man, not our what Christian, so that through God's strengthand health comeliness ; and that year by year, to Saviour oeauiy grow as oi : 1 Passion-tide.

And called upon we that to feel mockery. Neither shouldst shall go say, Who the word is very the four which, at Gospels, all in All men. Any ifhe sufferings, It is not took being as but duty which that this measure a them book, a which series of events a great mercy a in tale written a of sense a grace, them, will feel towards one.

I sufferings Christ's mercy, will but who one to learn to feel we are thought of the anguish at Crucifixion. Now sayingthis,and for nothing? The Lord? He feet,and and hands and left, that spectacle. Now a as hearts,and sickens poor brutes? Peter, "Who not; but committed our earth without arms, the world much and who endure Saviour's truth, meekness, and Himself ; asit were disbanded had came nor can persons glory,He Angels,He of offence justour was us only to not satanic In us, and utterlyin are neither dangerousanimals, very different kind ; but there a have harmed never of so sufferings especially large,able dreadful,so very done tyranny of which they of their wounds be of would feelings to whatever power to attack even our moves that theyhave first, of wild beasts at case is it there crueltyshown at if theywere touching.

For instance, take the Cross,and what next, that they have harm; pierced through fastened to the so very no the scourge, gashedwith was ; when Himself did no who, when He sinless- of God. Think then,my eously1. Take another thing still more be, nay because it to go at the not reasons, was so little poor them two to a a die? O, my " if the Psalm of men, too see the same why?

I do not cruelty, they would be seized they deliberately to a its arms, out a stake beam, shockingto and say; so its nailed through its so left it to perhaps,you shocking,and ought not brethren,you like and crucified took men stretched it is too 1 Pet. What a man let He sufferings. The yet bear to read of Christ's can you the holier? When and therefore, now, a that,he that of any him, said,"Behold, they saw did not not not you distinction, to another passionexceeds I have as pitin spiteof was are shockingin so his father to his brethren they,when They cent? Let person whom venerable recollect any could such suppose who had who had and God's summons known, awful who us, fierce men, instance of have; had who a our He had of the young, case another that some known as loved and often done had smiled given on to be very instance passion under Lord's have wisdom, us long we as reverenced, kindnesses, good advice, us us, and aged comforted good and us in religious, full of heaven, with grey countenance, waiting for Almighty to leave this world I say, such and vineyard, such history, no take suppose knew we us our we And love.

And of or Son, Heir,come, in Christ's us the inheritance. The about and here there, made dressed spiton, Crucifixion. On He no ; face exposedto and staringat watching the gradualebbing and might dwell for Him pleasedcoming appallingdetails think Only state,and without out, and surelythey were heart should!

Let our with longer,pulledand no multitude rude a laden back, then at last then ridicule, clothes in carry it heavy load till he could dragged about,and struck, laughing-stock, a in other up on the recorded that those who eatingor death. If then we I will pour xxiii. Friday men do not sorrow, earth, speaking of what of Good what see and cross But merciful Saviour says the What with keep of griefand spirit in Scripture as a to Christ.

Then, surely, ought of that cross Him, that bare the womb or feelings, promise,to own of feelings the were their Lord's blessed mother Mary's,our be of this desire to we St. John's St. Me The and they shall they have pierced, whom as Crucifixion. However, us I well be out forward we I come. Does one life,and Son the not own own Him, come, His might as history, that Epistle1 to-day's Sunday instinct that every What after Easter. Far a from its importunately press it ; for gifts, own us, and weary upon? He has from the fulness of His grace Is it not till of life.

His on to bring before Him, offering thingsthat pertainunto been burden a repelus good infancytaken our put preparedsome have or Communion. There indeed,"He hunger "" but then He He " was, by by adding, Me. This Him to come pointedout. May not was the placeand prescribe givesthe gift, mode givingit? Observe I have plainand cogent is how been Our saying. Holy on in of carnal they do not holyresolves, presentsincerity. Holy on as is the treasure promisethan implicate surround it.

Holy on Gospel,still the pearlof great pricelies depths,at the bottom and its know worth; bringit thence. Let exhortations will induce any? They know- have, if they might a u suited to Mediator choose. Far from our case. If hearts our be heaven, let them for us; done morning new working no ; at ease; we way; wish we to to be happy no utter not it ; alas! I must some best of can that us be the a of none who us acceptance no hearts,though ful, unthank- language most to the serious attention warfare,and worse for them. These reflectionsI recommend live in Christ thing our every languageof most profane, of those who trembling, What this world enjoyboth Such is the in the wake acceptit; but if not, it is but tonguesdo most to have the the hands self-denial.

Let no all at trouble no fear and no it will receive persuasiveness, from us. Holy on but, addressing in the observance of it. Holy on fear when they should fear. Paul then,that,in spite in are persons danger it unworthily, theycommonly do not really receiving feel their danger; for their very danger consists in their of fear the fearing. If they did trulyand religiously blessed Sacrament, so far they would not be in danger not of an unworthyreception. Now it is that persons it is plainwhen are in danger not when and thoughtlessly; it fearlessly receiving they receive it for the first time, but when they have of often received it,when it.

This is the When he comes with suppose the soul,and so case a it. At least,I and awe of first comes so person as profane, he first attends receiving dangeroustime. Christian a in the habit of theyare to littlein earnest the despise Perhaps he has will not about his ordinance when clear doctrinal no notion of the sacred rite,but the very title of it,as the of his Lord's Sacrament make serious.

He to be not that he is had deep ,but so Service kept him wanderingthoughts: is removed, and any habitual Sacrament as he to no warn of Now a from former knowledge and check him, he of heart and greatersin to he is in is sin to a danger of without sacred that more is,if he neglectsto narrowly,and the faintest risingsof theyare be discerning life as a to condemn coldness and and thing self-abasement.

If it is the world,it is he greater temptation a acquaintancewith than perilous more than man this accidental now has hardness ordinary much worse and and irreverence, indifference, but reverence and has own a less emotion than he has his want from the principle deeperreligious no he firstcommunicated when with away familiar with be but he is exposedto first, at was wear receive with and attendance the order of the Service,so and is not solemnity. It reverence begins to he novelty. As repeatedhis after lie has But for. Holy on at risk,I to himself, hate the say ; watch in himself irreverence ; for, of Attendance if he course, Communion.

Holy on acts, the less will be his risk,and so that his heart will greaterwill be his security him. But I speak of their aware viz. His from heaven "till He that His face coming and prayers at rest and Attendance accomplished ; are have the and past once, and in His and consolation stay and a Communion. Holy on present communion meanwhile, joining together future,reminding us that He promisingus He that will come first on enteringit,without because it is the passage to another? Holy on for and hereafter seek is a their sure in face calm shut season Him see peace Jerusalem, such wno are and to ble invisiface.

He for all cannot : this And knew once. Finisher of course our and listened to what He was faith our has gracious said that hid things while questionings, about to do. He has The GospelFeast. Thus more reveal,that then, on to said and He what on similar : looking in it see may it to therebysee from to Emmaus yet the thus as disciples Joseph,too, hid circumstances, self him- from his brethren.

Holy food endureth of Son Heavenly for He " wilderness you. His the histories of the Israelites in the wilderness, Thus settled in Canaan, alike and of the Israelites when our representing presentstate ours, Christian life is state of a Christians. It trial;it It is a and depthsthat springout land of wheat wherein thou land of oil on natural out seems a a wilderness, and there is drought,where still necessary, and scarceness; a mayest dig great and and fieryserpents, no maxim M 2 thou to the terrible faith is than forcibly holds,that are brass.

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In , just four years after his conversion, Spurgeon, then only 20, became pastor of London's famed New Park Street Church formerly pastored by the famous Baptist theologian John Gill. The congregation quickly outgrew their building, moved to Exeter Hall, then to Surrey M Charles Haddon Spurgeon was England's best-known preacher for most of the second half of the nineteenth century. In these venues Spurgeon frequently preached to audiences numbering more than 10,—all in the days before electronic amplification. In the congregation moved permanently to the newly constructed Metropolitan Tabernacle.

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