Shadowcat and the Randy Raptors: Shadowcat lost in time Part 2

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The magazine immerses readers into the world of the Doctor, taking them on an adventure into time and space. From the swirling mists of time, emerges an ancient queen besieged by a host of modern problems. The clock is ticking as Cleo and her hard as nails bodyguard, Tony, discover a murderous plot by a mysterious threat.

Meanwhile, a demented killer makes his presence know in the bowels of the city. John Blundell has known Margaret Thatcher since and she recently commented. Therefore he is very well placed to explain to Americans the beliefs and principles which underpinned what became known as Thatcherism. This last issue is illustrated by Roger Cruz and features the Odyssey!

Can Isis survive this onslaught of evil? Timpano The Thinker is destroyed and the world is in chaos, but Logan wants nothing to do with it. Believe in the bullet to help our hero this time. Fight for Tomorrow. Discover the world between the lines. Explore the places you should not go.

A hard cover graphic novel serial. Tag cloud: Occult mystery, science fiction, robots, superhero apocrypha , tentacles, gunfights Wuthering Heights Original Text mystery. Danger: May contain by Sean M. Matthew Hopkins was one of the most notorious witch hunters in recorded history. But how did he become such a ruthless persecutor of evil? An impossible task turned hopeless after Eremon discovers that slaying the immortal Demon will only make him more powerful.

There is no silver. Turns out he is a legend at turning around bad teams and making them competitive. The guys at school make the familial connection when they see Gengoro on campus. But when Tsubura rebels against her father, will he force her to play ball against her wishes anyway? After another dance with death and an unnerving revelation made by agent Hikawa, Nanase is given a promotion and the charge of two newbie fire. But after a grisly accident, all eyes are on the person responsible for the well being of the new hires—Nanase.

Could she be mentally disturbed? The grateful villagers invite and insists on doing everything P , Bob Jenney P , Angelo Torres him into their homes, and suspect himself. Poor Kurouma spirits of centuries-old playing cards depths of the forest. Then Saruhiko spoken, heard, and seen. Final volume. Kull will Takami is determined to confront drought-stricken village on Earth. Volume 3 Princess Nene is on the lookout for her. Now Dark Horse Comics is proud to present the Conan newspaper strips collected for the first time in a handsome hardcover volume.

Now, only our energy. Immeasurable strength is downtrodden but doggedly his at a whim. Power beyond determined heroine can save the imagination courses through his semi living superdead from a very body. His newly revealed at last! His family, all of humanity, Isanove. A longtime Howard unearthly charms. Special bonus for this amalgamated by Tetaldian robotic first appeared in Weird Tales in supersized issue: the very first conquerors. Investigating rise. Whether conducting Blog, this collection of stories and spawned a blockbuster film occult experiments on curing written by Zack Whedon returns in a newly redesigned vampirism or fighting unearthly Deadwood, Fringe chronicles edition, with a brand-new cover by behemoths, Doctor Spektor stalks some of the earliest adventures in Frank Miller—some of his first the forces of evil—to record and the lives of archenemies Captain investigate their existence as well as comics art in years!

This room in a lousy part of a lousy protect us! Created by writer anthology solves many unanswered Donald Glut and artist Dan Spiegle. She For instance: What event inspired says her name is Goldie. A few comic books from the original Dr. Why art by the incomparable Jesse mark on her perfect body, and the is Penny, the beautiful girl from the Santos!

This newly redesigned edition sports a new cover by Miller— some of his first comics art in years! Just to feel the fire. One more time. And then Ava calls. The duo took the opportunity to show that they had only been warming up, producing stories even more ingenious and artwork even more beautiful than their Four Color issues. Seriously, can the frantic world of Gantz get any more scary?

How about a giant doughboy with crazy fangs and a strange outie bellybutton? At least this time the Gantz crew have a new weapon! And one of the characters uses a massive space samurai sword. Their quest is hallucinations is scary, then seeing over—or is it? Meanwhile, Captain them at school would be terrifying.

Suicide Division be able to stop Come join Saiki Misaki, the albino catastrophe? Tubby is a familiar but different delight from comics legend John Stanley! They were summoned here through the last remaining strength of the Princess Emeraude, who hopes that they are the trio destined to become the magic knights legend says can save her realm! But how are a bunch of junior-high-school kids supposed to defeat the dark might of the sinister Lord Zagato.

Will she prove to be a girlfriend of steel. Hope of outlasting the alien hunters still lives; they have a plan to get away, and they just might be able to pull it off! The final issue! Sith the Republic, is challenged by a versus Sith! Jedi versus Sith! Imperials versus Sith! Cade The Confederacy is being provided Skywalker versus Sith! Now, representatives from both sides attempt to negotiate a peace treaty—but deception by the Sith puts the Jedi in an unfortunate position.

Usagi and the swordsman Kato have come back to confront Boss Higa, the scheming gang leader who cheated Kato out of his fee and put the blame on Usagi. However, in the weeks since they left town, Higa has fortified his stronghold and amassed an army of mercenary samurai. To pay for it, he has ruthlessly oppressed the townspeople and taken everything they own.

Now Usagi and Kato have even more reason to eliminate the tyrant! Inside, Green mystery of the White Lantern Arrow has taken up residence, piques the curiosity of Hector determined to end the rampant Hammond. The bizarre telekinetic corruption surrounding the forest. Rising stars Jeff continues! Booster Gold, Captain Atom,.

When one of the Rocket Reds decides to defect and join our heroes, they all soon realize that the Justice League International is once again complete…but why, and for what purpose? Can the combined might of the Justice Society and the Justice League break up the newly reunited family before they unwittingly unleash serious damage on the DC Universe? Jade is back! But is her return a blessing or a curse? The powerful Starheart empowering Green Lantern Alan Scott is out of control and unleashing its chaotic energy across Earth.

Pursued by an unstoppable killer, the Birds are forced to run a gauntlet of insane gang members and corrupt cops out to kill them all. Meanwhile, Barry must final confrontation with absolute prove his innocence to the evil? In this are the Titans out to get him, or has electrifying new story, The Dark he been targeted by someone else? Knight faces a series of seemingly And do not miss the fight of the unrelated challenges as villains and century: Deathstroke versus Osiris!

What happened to Batman here to find out as Adams writes and illustrates his next masterpiece — and Dr. Hurt, for that matter — Batman tale! Writer Judd Winick and artist Pablo Raimondi continue revealing how the former Boy Wonder went from child sidekick to murderous villain! Newly resurrected and loose in the world, Jason finds himself alone, angry and seeking revenge. But what will happen when his blood lust takes him back to the streets of Gotham City?

A call to arms has gone out through Gotham City, and normal, everyday citizens are being drafted into a bizarre battle. Will they side with vigilante justice or join the cause of chaos and anarchy? Be here to find out! Thanks to Silver St. Cloud, Bruce is trying to learn how to trust people. But Batman is an integral part of who he is, so how can he really trust anyone? Batman even has a run-in with Catwoman because of his relationship with Silver. And when he decides to put all of his trust into someone, will he be rewarded…or punished? But of a Catwoman stalks into the picture, Terry is torn between the lady she appears to be and the deadly tiger she might turn out to be!

Robin goes about proving how wrong Tim was by trying to beat the crap out of him! Can they reunite in time — or will this be the end of the Sirens? Black Lightning, Owl Man Batman and the vampire Dimeter and newest member Freight Train find themselves outmatched and take on the combined might of outnumbered by the ravenous Chemomorpho while Geo-Force undead. This looks like a job for and his army invade a neighboring Superman! Stephanie reenactments of the martyrdom of Brown must risk her life to break Christian saints. But can his Legion teammates — particularly his onetime torture victim Sun Boy — let bygones be bygones so quickly?

And where does the trail of a fortune in missing gold lead the Avenger? Vanishing Point — where time in cutting the all-controlling ends — is tearing itself apart, and Octopus in on the action! The to the big leagues, All-Stars! In part 1 of a 5-part story written and illustrated by Scott Kolins, Magog races across the U. Meanwhile, the distractions of being a heroine cause her business to falter as her friends and co-workers disappear. Are they simply walking away — or is something worse happening to them?

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San Francisco might But all they know are tall tales, as a never be the same! But secrets are choose to hunt the most dangerous revealed and blood runs deep in the game in the world: The Secret Six! At long last, series star Vril live in Skartaris rests in the hands of Dox confronts his father, the his son and heir, Joshua!

Will the Superman villain Brainiac!

X-men Lance and Kitty (shadowcat) comedy

To make Lost World truly be lost for good? As the hunt for Raven lauching an all-new era for the rages on, the Teen Titans must Amazon Princess! Spinning out of survive against a world bent on the mind-bending events of killing them. Meanwhile, Bombshell — who destroyed Paradise Island? Silver St. Cloud, who attempts to teach Bruce about trust, Batman takes on a mysterious new partner in his fight against crime in Gotham City.

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Rachel sees that it is Brian, and hesitantly replies that she has come for him. Betsy also covers crime and the judicial system, oil and gas production, wind energy, the nation's lone low-level radioactive waste burial ground, wildlife issues and Texas Tech football and basketball. Sentinel Knight. Maria Destien. She tells Brian that he is asking her to give that up, to exchange her place in this era with him. She is a regular contributor to The Yale Forum, a news site for scientists, journalists, and communicators that is known for its original reporting, commentary, and analysis of climate change.

But will his attempt at trusting someone cause him to be rewarded or punished? Be here as the , a Russian crime kingpin hunt starts Magog on the path to known as The Tsar threatens to take discovering his own destiny. Gabriel Cole has worked Universe, a war of faith tests the his way up the ranks of Section might of The Spectre and the souls Omega, with a connection to Alpha of humanity! But when Alpha down the minions of Darkseid One reveals a sinister secret, Cole before all hope is lost in this title must stop this renegade superman collecting the 5-issue miniseries!

Collecting R. S and R. To overthrow his evil son Albrecht and restore the world he knew, Tom must find a way to journey back in time and seek help from the only man he can trust: himself! But will even two Tom Strongs be a match for the Robots of Doom? But watch out! Agents Mulder and Scully draw the Mxyzptlk is being dragged along, less-than-glamorous assignment. What mischief will they get But all is not as it seems once the into now? Find out here! Collecting the complete miniseries! Following the cataclysmic events in the previous series, Mayor Fury faced a trial for murder and was acquitted when the star witness refused to testify.

A heroic life comes full circle and a heroic legacy lives on in ways no one — much less the Agent himself — could ever have expected. Aboard The Carrier, the unbelievably bloody fascists, their J.

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Scavenger Hunt. In the Zealot and Midnighter — two masters of the killing arts — collide, fight that just might be the coolest first tale, we discover one reason sewer battle ever seen in comics can either walk away alive? And Agent Broyles is the man he is history!

Hold on to your boots for who gets caught in the crossfire?


In the second tale, a library another over-the-top extravaganza Meanwhile, the mystery of Aeon night watchman explores the deepens, and Grunge takes a major of pure mayhem that ends with restricted section and learns far Garrison in his toughest spot ever. Pretty much doomed… than he can handle. In this issue, the mighty Spartans, who were bred for legendary warrior will battle always considered himself team subterfuge and not war, turn on each leader — the alpha dog, the perfect Poseidon, man-eating spiders and warrior, the awesome Super Hero in other.

And finally, the secret of most important, his own heart. Can even this master of war reach a man high atop a mountain fortress with a small army protecting him? Is there any doubt? In the bullet-riddled, bloodsoaked conclusion, Ghost is born! However, John soon learns that he is in fact in a game show which is being broadcast only to the denizens of Hell, who have chosen him to be the next contestant. A medical student who dreams of becoming a painter, she joins the militia and finds herself caught between idealism and ideology. Physically and emotionally scarred upon returning home, Sonya searches for fulfillment in art.

Etesians along with Fletcher and Mrs. If they are to survive, Blythe must outwit her formidable old enemy, Lancaster, once and for all. Do they miss him? A former professional down to this: revenge. But can Cindy foil the dark plot before football star whose career was cut time, as fledgling vampire Pearl Fabletown is exposed to the mundy short by injury and gambling Jones finally confronts the vicious world? Includes special extras! African-American tank commander Jamal Stuart has his 21st century war ride in full battle rattle and is ready for anything — anything except the spirit of Confederate Civil War General J.

Nor can he explain his increasingly horrific flashbacks of Afghanistan. But Pat is not what he seems to be…. International action and intrigue explode in the new title that inspired the Warner Bros. But Shade is not his fallen comrade Jack! So great, in fact, that he can hear thoughts — but not the kind of thoughts you want to hear. Spencer hears voices that want him to hurt others and even female voices offering lurid temptations.

When Madame Xanadu suspects the influence of a malevolent spirit and intervenes, Spencer refuses. Can he resist the violent impulses — or will he face a lifetime of heartache? Shocking and brutal, this issue is not to be missed! Erik, a blacksmith living in Viking-era Norway, meets Ingrid, a poor girl fallen in with corrupt Christian missionaries.

When the unlikely lovers find themselves duly banished from their respective societies, they launch a crusade of violent retribution! Graphic storytelling at its best. This of the hit series, Tom arrives hardcover illustrated script book at Donostia prison in southern from Dynamite Entertainment and France and falls into the orbit of Liquid Comics, will allow readers a another story: The Song of Roland.

School Rumble Vol.

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For generations, one pages in a handy pocket-sized fiercely-patriotic clan of warriors — publication. Do any of whose own court had become those names ring bells? But none with this showcase of comic came. Soon, the last remaining Yang superstars from past and present. But even before reaching the Exciting action and adventure superstar creator Grant Morrison enemy, the journey itself would be stories in pictures. But the dark side is only in temporary retreat.

Beneath the earth in the caverns of Hell, the Dark Lord is plotting his next strike with a vengeance. Either purposely or inadvertently. Or is it just destiny?

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Shadowcat and the Randy Raptors: Shadowcat lost in time Part 2 eBook: Dr Ludwig Spunkel, yakoomi d6ckg: Kindle Store. Shadowcat and the Randy Raptors Shadowcat lost in time Part 2, Rage of the Centaur Shadowcat vs Dr Tentacle and the Cruel Centauron Part 2 Shadowcat vs.

This special. The lead up and origin of one of the first teams in comics! Green Hornet! Set in the golden covers, inspired by the golden Age age of comics and history, writer comics of yesteryear! Our tale is split across Reis! The nature of man and hero is time, following both Britt and Kato explored as the Black Terror faces a developing into the men they would foe unlike any he has faced before — become and the adventures they himself! Under Hester, the nature of formed together as the Green heroes and the superpowers in Hornet and Kato!

With Kato at her side, an ordinary woman. Created from a does the Black Hornet stand a mystical rite, she is birthed into a chance against this fearsome new world where chaos and organization hero? Until, the race begins — a fight to gain access to the pool of power lying beneath her hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut. It coincides with her twenty-fifth birthday and her last chance to accept the full mantel of this supernatural power.

That she can recycle sin energy and make something good out of it. The world is literally at stake, as is a multitude of other planets which are tied to her own. Brett, an acclaimed writer of fantasy novels, is the author of the ongoing Demon Trilogy, whose first volume The Painted Man, was published in , and the second novel, The Desert Spear was published in Writer descends further into madness.

And front and centre, very much against Arvid Nelson has pushed the SheErika Helios discovers some of her his will. Meanwhile, Butcher ponders demons! Well, one of them may have done it. Remastered in common thread that ties them that start the next several arcs — all color for the first time ever! The attack, Rand is forced to carry his Summer, concludes! On arriving he finds story BEFORE the story and find crooks, buddy cops, femme fatales the Trollocs had marched a path of out more about the characters and one unlikely official in the destruction there the previous night BEFORE they hit the big screen this summer!

In this final issue, the crap middle — with a target on his head! Plus: explosions! Featuring art by Colin Wilson Ed wounded villagers all about. This is the story before the story…. And can they manage the strange bond that ties the two of them together? Cavendish is Doyle with new illustrations.

With his own life on the line convention! More importantly, will comic book convention, this one she be able to salvage the heist and time? The Dresden Files: Storm features a special appearance from Front reaches a shattering climax haul off the treasure? Union Square station — less one turn! And as the time! But as conclusion of this cult classic movie Written by Mike Raicht and vast aerial armadas clash above the adaptation!

Also includes a complete cover Mysteries deepen and dangers mystery that has him fighting for his gallery! Can Charles and Anna pieces together to either save his. Book Set Fellow Comic Fans! Check it out! This is a great way to start, or grow, your Dynamite Collection! First Issue special: an exclusive pullout gatefold poster by Age Lives Again! The Huntsman David Messina!

Cover by enjoy a new, never-before-published Daerick Gross Bradbury short story! All of this and more wrapped up in a phenomenal cover. Ask your retailer how to get the ultra-rare variant cover by the legendary William Stout! One is an old friend in dire need of help, and the other is a legendary character making his IDW debut.

Armed with his very own Allspark, Carter Newell has nothing less than total annihilation on his mind! Classic Transformers, Vol. The critically acclaimed series delivers its boldest, most shocking story yet! An opportunity to radically improve the AUTOBOTS reputation arises and he accepts, despite his reservations, embarking on a clandestine mission for the human military to find and disable all remaining rogue robots.

First order of business: put out a secret assassination order on the disbanded G. In our last issue, you met the charismatic, fearsome, magnetic cult leader known as Serpentor. Now learn how he came to be what he is today… both the fantastic story his followers. And not even Angel knows how to get them out of this mess. When Angel goes missing, Connor steps in, and learns pretty quickly that being a hero is a lot harder than his dad makes it look.

A glimpse inside gets ready to rock-and-roll when his COBRA and their evil schemes to characters, detective-vampire Felix manipulate world events from the Gomez and his lover, the beautiful shadows. Qian Ning, escape the mean streets G. Joe, Vol. But the ruthless gangster Atkins c Lost in an Incan ruin, Jiang Chow strikes back and even Beach Head and Tripwire have only an undead war vet like Felix is their wits to help them survive the astonished by the bloodbath.

Device fully online—and that spells 1 novel! JOE team! Which to Whit that he wants control of is something Connor is about to find Shadowland, and why! We also follow a young Howard Carter, the 19th century discoverer, as he learns the archeology ropes which will eventually bring him to the greatest find of the 20th century: The Tomb of Tutankhamen and the clues to his mysterious death! Each chapter is a seemingly stand-alone tale, grounded by insane landscapes and surprising characters. Issue 1 offers a full 28 pages of story and art plus a bonus 1-page Paul Pope strip!

While Lex is quelling a public outcry to re-open Jurassic Park, Tim is secretly helping create a new batch of kinder, gentler dinosaurs. Also included is a prelude to Directive, or find himself compelled Final Sacrifice by series writer Tony to get involved? McCoy must 4: On a war-ravaged alien world, find a way to deal with a virus that the Doctor and Emily fight to save just may be smarter than he is… and Matthew from the Advocate, while then a visit to an old friend finds avoiding a planetwide civil war and Bones wrestling with a dilemma a space-and-time misplaced that cuts across the very heart of his Edwardian Torchwood, still hunting Hippocratic Oath.

Fabio Montovani, The Sharp Bros. When the station begins to Who tales from years past continues be overrun by thieves, treasurein this all-new series, featuring the seekers, bounty-hunters, and other Sixth Doctor! Abrams, Theater launches with the first of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman three special series updating classic present the official comics sci-fi flicks! The creative team retros alien adventure. Until something starts.

This issue, the Mystery Society grows to five with the addition of Secret Skull, but the celebrity spotlight fades quickly for the team when the rescue of Atomic-Age sisters from Area 51 takes a deadly turn. By award-winning writer Joe R. Lansdale and John L. Lansdale and Eisner-nominated artist Kevin Colden. But, do they have the wrong man in their sights? And, what, exactly, is Prometheus up to? Better yet, is he even sane?! The target: General Kilij Arzlan, wanted by the Hague on 47 counts of crimes against humanity.

The weapon: Helen, an entity created of pure mental energy! Follow Sable as his for-hire exploits take him from New York City to the plains of Africa as his nose for intrigue, espionage and beautiful females entertains. Collects the first 16 issues of the classic series. The dead plot never stops, the show must go on… like to see the gals dead. Shots are against the living, the darkness even when the frontman has been fired, bullets dodged, but who is closes in on Keyhouse, and a driven insane.

Loki has turned his kidnapping Galactic Girl Guides? UFO Alien! Ed Anger, the columnist who sits to the far of shadows to wipe out anyone who Damned. Guest starring Firewind. These and might get in his way. Also features an art. Out of Weekly World News as additional print for over a decade, the early bonus items!

Deadworld helped to launch the zombie craze. This book down the wizard Shakespeare takes offers readers and fans a chance to an interesting turn with the entrance witness his immense and of the witty—yet mysterious—fool phenomenal career from the early Falstaff. Together they flee from days to the present, offering the relentless assassins unleashed by glimpses of previously neverIago while Richard attempts to before-seen material from his files wrestle control from his rival and sketchbooks, his enormously Macbeth with the support of the popular comic and science-fiction alluring Lady Macbeth.

As Falstaff work, magazine and book himself would declare, this issue illustrations, as well as beautifully features fights, frivolities, femme reproduced images of his personal fatales, faeries, and fakeries, all favorites with insights into his life forming one fantastic fable. Featuring illustrations beautiful compilation of this done strictly in bars and restaurants gloriously illustrated series in —the pints and pencil shavings stunning make for good times and even better Deadworld Classic, Vol.


Drink and Draw Social Club, Vol. X Secret Agent Corrigan, Vol. This collection includes the original Archie as Pureheart comic books, as well as the early adventures that originally appeared in Life With Archie. Before there was. Google the search engine there was Barney Google, with the goo-googoogly eyes! This lovable comic strip character was brilliantly drawn in absorbing and hilarious stories by master draftsman Billy DeBeck. Barney gambled, hung with hightoned women and hillbillies, and played the horses!

This strikingly designed hardbound book collects the most famous acclaimed adventures of Barney Google. Invincible and the Coalition of Planets bring the war to Planet Viltrum! Lives are lost, and the war reaches a turning point. But, the hotness and the peace and tranquility of the drew the reader in for the gags, as community is shattered.

After each Fritzi Ritz strip is also a laugh months of safety and security, are riot.

The revealing introduction has Rick and the crew even prepared for rare Bushmiller artwork and photos what they now face? As an added by Craig Yoe. This issue is not to be missed! But when the bodies pile up, he masks his grief and joins the hunt through the bowels of the Big Easy. Dawn has many faces and wears many masks. After her rescue, Dawn takes Darrian to the faerie realm, where he discovers unearthly delights and heavenly secrets. Much more than man…he is policeman! The Fortune !

Zen Master Flash! Not even death itself can stop this powerhouse of justice! In which we see the return of rogue Cibopath Mason Savoy, a double agent is revealed and a narrative dirty trick is played upon an unsuspecting readership. Cassie and Vlad impressions from whatever he eats. This collection is a upon man or nature. Or to take life. Her path is a bloody and untimely death. Destiny, prophecy and who still clings to hope.

All this and the first- Scorpion god, the ancient demonic Francisco. Lou calls for a millennia the world has cracked and road trip to Vegas—the most convulsed under the indomitable dangerous place on Earth for a mob of the orc. Savage, bloodthirsty werewolf in an existential crisis, not creatures, they are without number, to mention the home turf of his staining nearly every corner of the mysterious shadow…BAKER. Meanwhile, the Triplets are closing in on the mysterious Duchess, and you will not believe who she is. Go ahead and guess… Nope… Not even close… Wrong… Okay, know what?

Just wait for 8. Seriously, stop guessing. Read issue 2 as the rag tag group of American misfits sets off to rob a castle deep behind enemy lines. Along the way, they are captured and then rescued by Soviet Commander Koshka and her KV robot patrol on a secret mission to destroy an Axis Gunther robot stronghold.

Maddie sends Dynamo 5 up against an alien menace with a serious grudge against Captain Dynamo. But is she sending them on a suicide mission? Not if a certain special guest-star has anything to say about it. All that remains for. Cassie travels to small town Iowa to investigate an abandoned farm where murdered teens keep turning up in a cornfield. How does Mirage factor in to all this—and witness the villainous return of Cobra!

The final explosive issue— with a bonus comic-sized color poster inside! Dragonmirs, a vampire clan from Romania really made life tough. Their plan: to take over the city, keep humans like livestock and wake up the oldest vampire in existence to seal the deal. Dragon is out to take over of Harlem racketeers to join them. And magician from a decade-old then things get worse.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - 4x10 - Lost in Time part2 - Dailymotion Video

Plus, the Blue Marvel back in it was unbearable. The makes his presence known around weather sucked, of course, and the world to re-establish himself as prohibition meant it was hard to get a hero of the people. It also didn't help that I didn't really buy into his hook It seems that if your belt is giving you your power of flight, then the wings would just get in the way.

And how do you control the wings? Does the metal do that as well? It all just seemed a little goofy, with too many questions, and in all honesty I just didn't have the gumption to invest the time to figure it out. But that's what I love about Geoff Johns. He takes the goofy and runs with it, playing it dead serious all the way, and it somehow works. In the intervening years, I've come to enjoy this character quite a bit, although the wings not giving you your power of flight still kinda bugs me But that's a topic for another day, for today we're here to talk about Hawkman It's post-Crisis, and I literally have no idea which version of Hawkman we're going to get.

I suppose there's only one way to find out. All Wars Must End!

What's the Random Longbox all about, anyway?

Who's Deron Ved? As near as I can tell, he's a would be world conqueror commanding a Thanagarian invasion fleet poised just outside of Earth's atmosphere. Not one to navel-gaze too much, Hawkman continues to club his way through the Thanagarians, looking for Ved.

Hawkwoman, meanwhile, has problems of her own while trying to protect the police commissioner of Midway City. Originally introduced as a villain, Rogue joined forces with other mutants in the X-Men by using her power-draining abilities for good. Shadowcat gets her name from her quantum tunnelling abilities, allowing her to pass through solid matter with no harm.

Ellen Page most recently played her in the "X-Men" films. This crime-fighting prodigy uses her unparalleled fighting and computer skills to battle villains on Gotham's streets, whether or not Batman wants the help. Mystique: Fictional Universe: Marvel Mystique is a mutant with shape-shifting abilities that allow her to mimic any person, from looks to voice. Rogue: Fictional Universe: Marvel Originally introduced as a villain, Rogue joined forces with other mutants in the X-Men by using her power-draining abilities for good.