The Robot Master

The Robot Master
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Enables your robot for short production runs, even for runs of one! Facilitates the most complex application tasks Robotmaster delivers the closest conformance to design, creating accurate robot trajectories, optimized for your process and tooling, accurately, without teaching points.

Maximizes the productivity and profitability of your robot Robotmaster programming is completely off-line, decoupling planning and set-up from production. Its powerful workspace simulation tools assure error-free consideration of workspace and part orientation and constraints.

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Takes the programmer out of programming Robotmaster provides intuitive, graphical interfaces customized to your application, that allow your process expert to apply his knowledge and experience to get the best results without having to become an expert in industrial robotics or robot software. Singularity, calibration, collisions, reach limitations, and motion granularity are uniquely complex to robotic systems and can make programming particularly cumbersome.

Main Features Optimization.

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Robotmaster gives rapid visualisation of issues and opportunities to easily obtain optimal robot programs. Its full interactivity makes it the comprehensive tool to find the best solution, without point-by-point intervention, even through a narrow band of opportunity.

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Instead of the usual frustrating hit-and-miss approach, quickly create error-free programs, without possessing highly specialised robotic knowledge. Workspace Analysis.

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Click-and-drag simplicity to solve robot reach and work piece positioning issues with real-time visualization and validation — an essential tool for exploring work cell configuration and defining optimum positioning of the work piece. Transitions Manager. Robotmaster easily programs collision-free transitions that minimize cycle time between operations. With Robotmaster, the entire robotic cell including all external axes is managed as one integrated system- effortlessly control the motion of all axes, including rails and rotaries, to fully exploit and optimize processing of even the largest and most complex work pieces.

Custom process definition. Reactions are varied; the Autobots are baffled, and turn to Blackrock for answers, learning about the government's intentions from him. Unfortunately for them, the news story about Megatron has also been witnessed by the Autobots, and by Soundwave , who has been hiding out in an electronics store in tape deck mode.

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The Autobots are first to arrive on the scene as I. While the military are busy with them, however, Soundwave and his cassettes fly in with a fresh supply of fuel for Megatron, who becomes mobile again.

Want the Perfect Robot? It'll Need a Human Escort

The Decepticons go on a rampage against the human military; the damaged Autobots are in no condition to help the humans, and are forced to retreat. In the aftermath of the destruction, Laserbeak spots Finkleberg and snatches him up, depositing him in front of Megatron for the Decepticon leader to dispose of for his effrontery. Finkleberg is able to convince the Decepticons that he can be of help to them: by continuing his Robot-Master charade, he can convince humans that the Autobots are as much a threat to them as the Decepticons, thereby thwarting future Autobot efforts just as they were today.

Soundwave agrees that the course of action is logical, and though it leaves Megatron with an extremely bad taste in his mouth, he consents to another broadcast, displaying his might in the "service" of Robot-Master for all to see. Finkleberg is spared Mull this over—how long do you think the Decepticons are going to tolerate this clown claiming to be their leader?

I mean, cigarette smoking isn't going to be the only hazard to this guy's health!

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I hope he's made out his will! They are only capable of acting upon what they understand At this moment your value to me outweighs my loathing for you -- but only by the most precariously slim margin! For the next cigarette you light could change that equation Transformers Comic-Magazin 3 Condor Verlag, Transformers: Cybertron Redux paperback Titan Books, Transformers: Cybertron Redux hardback Titan Books, The Transformers Classics , Vol.

The Definitive G1 Collection, Vol.