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The daughter of a painter and a mathematician, Kate has been fascinated with the arts and sciences for most of her life. After gaining her Bachelor of Communication, Kate worked as chief speechwriter and media manager for a tier of Government lobbying for the rights of NSW communities and the environment. The call of the wild was too much and so she packed her bags and moved to the remote South Pacific island nation of Niue to be a Whale Whisperer, leading swims with humpback whales.

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While on Niue, Kate also obtained her Dive Masters and a host of guiding certificates. These adventures lead to Kate being a regular guest on ABC Newcastle and sponsored by Kathmandu as a wildlife creative. When she is not photographing or guiding, Kate is a freelance communications consultant and runs an art studio with her Mum and her sister.

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Capture it all. Lachlan Gardiner Tour Leader is an award-winning photographer, working primarily within the outdoors and adventure sports industry.

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His work has also been published and exhibited extensively throughout Australia and abroad. Lachlan is also a regular contributor to Wild Magazine and The Paddy Pallin Blog, along with other print and online publications. Aside from undertaking his own projects, Lachlan enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Till Simons Tour Leader is currently studying visual anthropology.

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Traveling has brought him to many places around the world, where empathy and patience always led to great relationships and occasionally even lasting friendships with the local community. His work stretches from photography workshops in Tanzania to wildlife documentaries in Australia and journalistic photo stories in Germany or Switzerland. Always up for the next adventure into the unknown, photography has always served him as the glue, when he launches work, studying and travel without compromises and combining the three pillars whenever possible.

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We're very proud to have these exceptionally talented people helping us run our courses and tours, each possessing a great passion and skill for photography, as well as a wonderful ability help other people in that friendly, easy-to-understand way that we love. Michelle Oppert is one of our assistants who has possessed a keen interest in photography ever since she can remember. She has travelled extensively and fell in love with the way photography can capture moments and places in a way that not only holds those memories forever, but enable her to share them with other people too.

After completing one of our very first 1 Day Photography Courses at Adelaide Zoo, Michelle elected to study the Evolution of Photography at university and has since been able to appreciate both the art and technique of photography and what goes on behind the lens. With a particular love for photographing animals her work hangs in Adelaide's busiest veterinary Centre , Michelle is full of energy and when you meet her someday, she would love to hear of your adventures and what piques your interest in photography.

Sarah Summers started out as a self-taught photographer, her first published photograph being on the real estate board of her parents house in She then went on to do voluntarily work as a photographer for a local magazine during the Melbourne Fringe Festival in , and started to win some photography awards.

In Sarah attended one of our Melbourne one day course, and then joined us for our Tasmania and Galapagos photo tours in Since then, she has jumped and excelled at every photographic challenge thrown at her, from shooting her first wedding, stepping into the realms of product and portrait photography, as well as coordinating and directing photo shoots.

Her warm, friendly persona makes Sarah a delight to be around, and she has simultaneously built her career in the non-profit sector, combining her various passions of people and wildlife with her love of photography. One Wednesday after school I took my scope to a big field near my home and was the only person in the British Isles to capture the partial eclipse of the sun on the 22nd October The weather up to the eclipse was appalling but I got lucky.

The Cork Examiner paid me five guineas and put it on one of their morning pages some days later.

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I continue astronomy to this day waiting anxiously for meteor showers, comets and planetary conjunctions. I started a caving club in Cork in called the Cork Speleological Group. We discovered the tibia bone of a juvenile Woolly Mammoth. These prehistoric elephants roamed the plains of Ireland 35, years ago. We took it to UCC and several weeks later we received a thank-you letter from the curator of the National Museum in Dublin thanking us for our efforts. It is housed there and on display to this day. I was involved in our local Sea Scout troop in Monkstown for 27 years.

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Javelin of Piercing 3. Enjoy sunrise over the delta, then get up early to cruise back down the crystal clear channels of the Okavango Delta. Something different Champion's Greataxe 1. Wand of Defoliation 2. Aumry's cloak 1.

My two children joined the troop when they reached the age for joining and we had great adventures on hills, canoeing lakes and rivers with a little cave exploring thrown in. This did not sit very well with my commissioner of the time but I knew that the parents trusted me enough not to take their children into danger.

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I joined the Cork Fire Brigade in and spent a very satisfying 31 years there retiring in October That was the year I learned about an expedition that was travelling to Antarctica. I also was good and fit enough to be allowed cross the island of South Georgia in November Our trek was across the island from King Haaken Bay to the whaling station at Stromness, following the footsteps of our heroes Tom Crean, Ernest Shackleton and Frank Worsley along the same route they took ninety years previous. My golden moment on that great endeavour of ours was standing on the pebble beach on Elephant Island at the place where the men of the Endurance arrived after the ship they were on sank in the Weddell Sea.

That was a pure joy to me.

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I still have in my possession a small smooth stone from that landing place. Retirement for me was the beginning of the next chapter in my life. We travel to castles, forts and summer gatherings for historical re-enactments.