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To be wise is to be awake. Waking up and wisdom are the same thing. Grasping that makes me more effective at gaining the thing they both are. No one can give me wisdom, I have to earn my own by paying attention. No one can wake me up, that's my job. I didn't start waking up until I shook off external authority and surrendered to my own wisdom, what's right for me. Wisdom aka wakefulness aka depth is the fifth. The big picture is frozen, that's the nature of it: this moment is always this moment.

The world is exactly like this every time I live this moment. So the news is not really news, it's this way every time. But it's news to me; memories all die with the body. Wisdom doesn't die: with every bit of waking up I'm more awake for good.

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Death is neutral, a reset: my life starts over. If I got no wiser by living, I live the same life again.


We have begun to lose touch with the more shadowy, numinous side of life. Dreams , visions, imagination, intuition. All of these are suppressed when they are driven into the light. Staudenmaier said that the light bulb carries with it an innate prejudice that all things can be made clear. The idea that all things can be made clear is implicit in the idea of wattage; the brighter the light, the fewer the shadows. Science becomes a way of imagining that you can illuminate a thing including ourselves from every side so that everything about it can be seen and known about it.

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But if you do that it erases even the possibility of an interior life. What we call the interior life is a place of shadow. But that sleep used to be delivered in two blocks rather than one. Prior to the industrial revolution, people across the world would turn in not too long after dusk, after maybe puttering around for a little bit, tending to the fire or checking on all the animals.

But within two hours of dusk, they were generally in bed and asleep. They would sleep for four hours and then they would wake for two and then they would sleep for four hours more. So the amount of total sleep they were getting was about eight hours.

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In the tradition of Thomas Merton's spiritual classic The Seven Storey Mountain or Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul, Waking Up to the Dark is a deeply resonant. “When we understand the illusion of our thinking, it frees our minds to see solutions and allow transformation in challenging situations.”.

As people get older, they tend to suffer from what doctors call sleep fragmentation. That means they start to wake up in the middle of the night. The pharmaceutical industry will tell you that waking up in the middle of the night is unnatural and you should medicate yourself so that you can sleep through the night.

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What I believe is actually happening, is that it takes a tremendous amount of metabolic force to override that ancient pattern of sleep and make yourself sleep for eight hours straight. Sadly, instead of waking to what I call the Hour of God, many of us wake instead to the Hour of the Wolf—that eerie, predatory insomnia which strikes somewhere between two and four a.

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It keeps you feeling very calm and centered and at peace. Is it true that you used to go out walking in the middle of the night? That must have been considered pretty odd. Only once, when I was eight or nine years old, did anyone notice what was going on. I came back from one of my nightly jaunts on the golf course and my mother caught me.

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You are feeling asleep, just do this and see, everything comes awake. Sadhguru: How many of you find that one day morning when you get up, without any reason you're just feeling ugly for no reason? Most Popular. Most of all, it is a book for those of us who wonder about our souls: When the lights are always on, when there is always noise around us, do our souls have the nourishment they need in which to grow? Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute. Isha Kriya 40 Day challenge. Mar 06, ryn rated it really liked it Shelves: philosophy , science , religion , myth.

I pretended to be sleep-walking. She acted like she believed me, but she must have known the truth. After all, I was wearing shoes. For some reason, I loved the dark. I was never afraid of it. By the time I was in high school, I was often walking for two hours in the middle of night. What would you recommend to people who want have more balance in their lives while respecting their modernday needs?

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If you do that for, say, a month, then chances are you will begin to wake in the middle of the night to that very peaceful, nurturing and creative space that I call The Hour of God. You can begin to experience yourself from the inside out, rather than having your experience handed to you by the culture from the outside in. In very literal terms, you can unscrew half the light bulbs in your house. Do you want to increase your spirituality, maybe you should try a psychic readings The prolific poet-philosopher takes on the subject of conscious community.


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