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www.theashcigars.com/wp-content/map13.php Welcome to the Gulch Want to Read. Shelving menu. Shelve Due North. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. Book 2. Big Bones by Melanie Jackson. When the mafia plane exploded, that should have b… More. Shelve Big Bones. Book 3. Gone South by Melanie Jackson. Butterscotch receives a call from the states info… More. Shelve Gone South. Book 4. Home Fires by Melanie Jackson. The fourth entry in Melanie Jackson's bestselling… More.

Shelve Home Fires. Book 5. Points West by Melanie Jackson. The fifth book in Melanie Jackson's bestselling B… More. Shelve Points West. Book 6. The Wedding by Melanie Jackson. Shelve The Wedding. Book 7. Wild East by Melanie Jackson. Big oil spells big danger for the Gulch. These compositions interrupt with movement, precise patterning, and vigorous energy, punctuating our experience into an explosive event. The ounce beef ribeye, grain-finished, bone-in, was supple and slightly sweet. The various Tomahawks offered on a nightly basis as specials have become quickly legendary for their flavor and size.

That was really good. The new Urban Farmer is great. Amazingly great. And I hope I can make that better. We can control the quality of all of our beef. All these players came in the next day demanding Tomahawks because they got Instagrammed and Snapchatted the day before.

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They became immediately legendary. I just suggested the additional aging. I got an invitation to join The Palm as executve chef but they sent me to their Chicago home branch first, at the time that town was experiencing its own restaurant renaissance, especially regarding steak. There you had stockyards on one side of the train tracks and Allen Bros.

What set me apart, then and now—like Marc hitting the hills of Italy searching for the perfect pasta and Michael the knolls of Israel with a mortar and pestle—is that I learned to love stark cold mornings at butcher shops and slaughterhouses learning about meat. I went in at a. As soon as I put my first knife between that fourth and fifth rib, I knew this was for me.

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Wild East (Butterscotch Jones Mysteries Book 7) - Kindle edition by Melanie Jackson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. "Wild East" is the seventh installment in the Butterscotch Jones Cozy Mystery Series. Big oil spells big danger for the Gulch. Surveyors have come to town with .

The Three Musketeers. He doubles as director of this production from the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, one of his many satellites. July Aug. Theology in five easy pieces is the subject of this comedy by Scott Carter, which means a lot of back and forth about religion and Jesus Christ. They argue with one another but nobody emerges as winner of the debate.

Andrew Criss as Tolstoy is powerful while Gregory Issac lends the right aristocratic touch to his portrayal of Jefferson. Brian McCann as Charles Dickens has the zany wild writer thing down pat so that Dickens comes across as the most seemingly contemporary man on stage. Unfortunately the play ends with a preachy condemnation of Jefferson as a slave owner while hypocritically writing so eloquently about human rights and equality. This tiresome practice of judging famous people of the past based on contemporary standards and values should end.

The Lantern Theater, until July 2. My Fair Lady. Cunning linguist Henry Higgins, a legend in his time and his mind, wins his bet that he can transform Cockney flower peddler Eliza Doolittle into a silky society lady, unexpectedly losing his heart in the bargain. Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, July Aug.

Playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa transplants The Tempest in 21st-century Manhattan, with Prospero furiously pursuing Caliban, who stole his magic book. Highly dramatic and kaleidoscopic, just like the novel by E. Doctorow, who wrote and set it in his house in my hometown of New Rochelle, N. July , Aug. Red Velvet.

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A big cash cow certainly opened doors for the highly untalented but charismatic socialite Florence Jenkins, who achieved international fame as a coloratura soprano. September October 15, American Canvas. Whatever happened to this potentially marvelous play about Philadelphia painter Thomas Eakins?

Will there even be a Thomas Eakins play on a Center City stage? Still, the mostly college-age cast members of the Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre festival put plenty of vinegar, honey and spit into this year-old time machine of Anti-Establishment, Pro-Freedom movements. Her life of domestic revenge borders on the diabolical as she systematically destroys the lives of her two children, Max Eppchez! First up: the pixie-ish Chris Kattan who came up with the whole Bronx disco Night at the Roxbury character as well as the dancing Mango.

Punch Line. If nothing else, he was the voice of the great animated series, The Critic. The Delaware Valley's, keenest willowiest Grateful Dead covers band tackles very specific dates in the Dead's live catalog—locally too—throughout July. Mann Center. The real good month of really great Philly artists continues as quiet Katie Crutchfield releases another swelling new Waxahatchee album, Out in the Storm. Union Transfer. If anonymous men in spooky hoods is your thing….

Well, you might have a problem.

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Which still might mean you have a problem. Wells Fargo Center. Underground Arts. Next month is no different as Rocket gets its lift off. Then, mom Edie Falco and dad John Turturro round everyone for the trip home. The car swerves off the road, unable to cope with the energy. She spends her follow-up to the wonderful Obvious Child figuring out where to go.

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Mom, acerbic and exacting, continually snipes with Dad, a soft touch. After their tempers cool, Dawn reveals her discovery. They cope mostly through Mountain Dew and whiskey. Robespierre uses infidelity as a springboard for self-discovery without determining who carries the story. Logic would suggest Slate, a vivacious, smart presence who always remains grounded.

Every character is an equally grand mess. Is the movie about sisters bonding over their. Or about two people summoning the courage to stop lying to themselves? But someone must take a seat. By giving every character therapist-worthy problems, the focus is scattered; the comedic rhythm is inconsistent to the point of being accidental. The sheer breadth of conflicts makes for an overweight and sluggish affair. In response, Robespierre cuts off character interactions before they truly blossom. Even the decision to set the movie in the s feels unnecessary and confusing, like cheating was a product of the time along with Friends or Starter jackets.

Robepsierre wants to make something great. But by giving us more, we get less. Landline is available July 22 on Amazon and in theaters August 4. When I spoke to him last year in Manhattan on the occasion of a concert film version of The Wall Live, Waters discussed the newer songs he wanted to play. An atheist, he sang-spoke several lines about God and control that he said were the basis for a tune that would be part of a conceptual music-story about an Irish family against a backdrop of war.

McCartney and Bon Jovi have not.

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Maybe it was too much about my personal position in life then, that I was too narcissistic and lonely. Maybe it is or can be about more than that, though. This time, there are bigger and more important.

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Included was the live debut of four startling, maudlin songs. You made a speech at the United Nations several years back and discussed how we built walls out of fear, then broke them down when fears were conquered. What do you say then to someone like Donald Trump whose existence, whose platform is based on building and maintaining new walls? Trump is interesting. He suffers from a syndrome— he may be brilliant but damaged, but in reality, he appears to have a low IQ.

There are people who are dipshits who think they are da Vinci, think they understand the world and how it works; that he has interesting political ideas. Yes, because the rabble can be roused. We saw that in the Weimar Republic. I hate to bring up the Germany of the s, but there are models you can see that are deeply important for us to understand why things happened. People were disaffected. The economy was in tatters. So, here that is now—part of the unequal distribution of resources going on in the U. So, where do they? Fucking Mexicans, whoever. It is very easy to convince people that somebody else is responsible for the trouble; that if you only corralled them, everything would be all right.

The idea that the United States is a still a democracy is nonsense. Everybody knows this, but we all still pay lip service to the idea that it is. The company is trying to ensure that I talk about the product. Fuck you, say I. I know you got the rights exclusively in the Pink Floyd split. They have their own inner and outer monologues. Why does The Wall merit continued attention? The idea is so simple and so good with conclusions that you can point to, conclusions that are very easy to arrive at.

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You can answer so many political and personal questions here. I wrote this in , and am certainly more aware now than I was in my 30s. We get older, we get wiser … hopefully. Did you intend to be in this Wall as you are now, reading letters about your father and such? Do you feel as if you placed a period at the end of the sentence that is The Wall? I do, however, keep quite a few of the props and bits of scenery around in the hopes that—and I have publicly declared this—if the U. For both of the peoples, so that we can all join together just like we did when the Berlin Wall came down.

I keep an open mind and heart to such a peaceful resolution. Single mom Susan Naomi Watts, good as usual has two young sons—Peter, 8, an agreeable, slightly dweeby kid and Henry, 11, a walking encyclopedia. He also plays the stock market. Henry has a good heart and a solid streak of morality—when he learns that neighbor and classmate Christina is being abused by her stepfather, he resolves to do something about it. He tries all the usual channels to no avail. Then the plot thickens; Henry is found to be terminally ill.

Sound absurd?

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Jaeden Lieberher is both charming and exasperating as Boy Genius Henry. Watts ably conveys a woman at the figurative end of her fraying rope. Ziegler exudes the air of some The direction is mostly straightforward, almost like a documentary, closing in on the minutiae of the amazingly detailed plan. Did I mention the stepfather an appropriately icy Dean Norris, who slightly resembles Michael Chiklis is a police official? That we never actually see the abuse taking place?

Well, now I did. Dawson City: Frozen Time Dir.

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The central character is a woman from Britain's black community, Mamma Decemba, whose husband has just died. Repeated from 22nd August Patron Reposado. Will there even be a Thomas Eakins play on a Center City stage? Enjoyed the storyline and look forward to reading more by this author.

Bill Morrison. No one makes movies quite like the Chicago-born filmmaker Bill Morrison, whose documentaries comprised mostly of archival footage and wall-to-wall original music tend to come off like dense aural-visual ambient albums. His superb latest is a portrait of a remote town in the Yukon— Dawson City—that sprung up during the 19th-century gold rush and was for many years the final stop on a silent film distribution line.

It Comes at Night Dir. Trey Edward Shults. Writer-director Trey Edward Shults follows his highly acclaimed by some and heavily detracted by others Krisha with this slightly starrier, self-consciously morose shocker. An apparent worldwide plague has forced people to fend for themselves, among them the rugged Paul Joel Edgerton , his wife Sarah Carmen Ejogo and their son Travis Kelvin Harrison, Jr who are holed up in a remote cabin. Their routine survivalist life is upended when Will Christopher Abbott arrives and begs for assistance. Lost in Paris Dirs.

Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon. Gordon is a Canadian klutz, Riva her lost relative, and Abel the homeless man who assists Gordon in her search. The inspired setpieces range from an impromptu tango in a barge restaurant to a vertigo-inducing climax atop the Eiffel Tower. Okja Dir. Bong Joon Ho. Korean writer-director Bong Joon Ho has an inventive but often undisciplined imagination. His previous film, Snowpiercer, benefitted from being restricted to one location—a bullet train that was divided by class ranking.

In Okja, Bong tells a much more sprawling fable about the friendship between a young girl, Mija An Seo Hyun , and a giant animal, Okja, who has been bred by corporate interests to feed a meat-hungry populace. Its best scenes come first, as the relationship between Okja and Mija is brilliantly sketched in. But then the tonally and thematically muddled plot—featuring a slapstick band of eco-terrorists and twin villainesses played by Tilda Swinton—kicks in, and the emotional pull dissipates.

Especially for an unmarried woman of pre-Civil War Massachusetts. Like a pristine meadow of flowers, a closer look reveals a complex web that includes equal parts of innocence and knowledge, strength and vulnerability, life and death. She retreats into herself, and eventually her room, and contemplates the meaning of life, or more precisely, death. Only a few poems, all heavily edited, were published in her lifetime, and not until was an unedited edition of her work of 1, poems released.

Percy Fawcett Hunnam sets out to survey national boundaries in deepest, unexplored Amazon. According to colonial wisdom, only barely-human savages occupy the territories, so the pickings are ripe to exploit rubber, timber, and minerals. From then on, his passion is to return and search for the forgotten civilization. True to stereotypic colonial expedition films, Z gives us harrowing river trips, overturned boats, lost supplies, insect infestations, and unfriendly natives covered with paint and feathers.

We must: America, like many other nations, spends more on military than education, health care, and social services. Many films depict how war brings out the best of human nature— valor, honor, sacrifice—or the atrocities of the enemy and the glory of victory. But the inhumanity never ends when the fighting stops. It seems only reasonable to send the boys to the beaches to clear the deadly leftovers.

With no moral compunction, the vengeful Sergeant Rasmussen Moller commands a ragtag group of recruits. Bitter justice if a few blow themselves up—and half do in the first six months. He memorizes routes and makes the stops and announcements perfectly. Now 50, McCollum has been arrested more than 30 times and spent half his life in prisons. People with Asperger syndrome often develop an intense interest in one subject and cannot be distracted, so McCollum always ends up back on a train, and back in jail.

His parents tried to move with him to North Carolina, but laws prohibited him from leaving the state, so the cycle continues. For this, Pussy Riot members received both prison time and international attention.