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The heart chakra, a petalled lotus flower, is the chakra to develop for our current time.

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We associate the heart as the center of our love, our compassion, and the warmth and coldness of our soul. According to the writings of Rudolf Steiner, six of the twelve petals were already present and active in a past evolutionary stage of humanity. Thus, we do not have to develop those six petals; they appear on their own and begin to rotate when we start working on the other six petals.

How to Know Higher Worlds, , pp So how do we work on the remaining six petals? Mathematics is a great place to start our esoteric developmental work.

However, clear logical thinking is the first of the exercises given by Steiner to kindle the development of the heart chakra. Thoughts that flit about like will-o'-the-wisps and follow each other by chance rather than in a logical, meaningful way distort and damage the form of this flower.

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The more logically our thoughts follow one another and the more we avoid all illogical thinking, the more perfectly this organ develops its proper form. In the Waldorf schools, a daily dosage of mathematics where clear logical thought is created and followed helps our children of today develop this important chakra.

It is a form of meditation, in a way. A simple rhythm of 15 — 20 minutes of clear thinking and thought formation strengthens and imbues the child with heart-thinking modalities. Rather should your natural feelings be permitted to be quietly felt.

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Try to maintain your composure. This leads to an inner tranquillity and purer feelings of the soul. Attempt to seek for the good, praiseworthy, and beautiful in all beings, all experiences and all things. Soon you will begin to notice the hidden good and beautiful that lies concealed in all things.

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This is connected with learning not to criticize everything. You can ask how something came to be or to act the way it is. One way to overcome the tendency to criticize is to learn to 'characterize' instead. The habit of saying, "I never heard that" or "I never saw that before" should be overcome. The possibility of something completely new coming into the world must be left open, even if it contradicts allyour previous knowledge and experience.

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The Effects of Esoteric Development: (Cw 145)

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Evolving Consciousness Gender and Sexuality in the Light of Esoteric Development

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How to Master Your Thinking-Patterns and Habits for Self-Development [Wisdom Lecture]

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