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Suddenly, I could see college in my future.

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Maybe I would become a teacher, one who would be better apt to support students like me who had so much happening at home. I knew I wanted to be a mother one day and was saddened to have to go through this procedure the way I did. But I was ultimately relieved. Upon returning, I found my cousin rushing through the kitchen impatiently handing me the wooden spoon and a box of macaroni.

I arrived a little later than expected. She had dinner started, and I was glad that at least some of the work had been done.

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How important is income and job stability in the mortgage process? Do you know what criteria is involved to qualify for a mortgage? If your business hosts events , invite your audience to participate with their preference for the event details. He joked loudly to drain out the noise of the storm. Dietitians taught her about healthy meal planning. Thinking back to standing on top of the Grand Teton brings back memories of my expedition with the girls and the incredible perseverance they all showed. Jennifer Tang is a something year old accountant now living and working in New York City.

As I watched the macaroni fall into the boiling water, I thought about mothers. I wondered where mine was. I wondered what motherhood would be like. I wished that someone in my family understood what I was going through, so that I could just sit down. So that I could be held.

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I was tired. It was hot in that kitchen. I resolved to hold myself together. I am also thankful that a hour waiting period had not been instituted because it was a true challenge to get away just for a half of a day. Jennifer, her sister and parents lived near the water in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her parents, hard working restaurateurs, had purchased their home in a new suburb built to then current hurricane standards - Jenn and her family felt secure their house was safe to face the forces the predicted storm would present.

Jenn's Story

They figured this storm would pass uneventfully by morning as so many others had, so they went to bed. Hurricane Wilma was different and terrifying and would impact Jenn and her family for a long time after the storm had passed. Jennifer Tang is a something year old accountant now living and working in New York City.

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She was born in Florida where she lived with her parents and sister until she left for college. When Jenn was 17, still living in Florida with her parents, she experienced Hurricane Wilma. They understood that if the wind started to circulate inside the house, it could literally lift the house from its foundation.

After closing doors on the first floor, Jenn headed back upstairs. As she rounded the stairway corner, the large floor-to-ceiling plate glass window in the front of the house shattered. Jenn, unhurt but terrified, flew up the last steps and to her parents, sure they were all going to die. The utility services manager heads a team based in Windsor that installs gas meters and conducts maintenance work, but another integral part of the job "is responding to emergencies where the Union Gas crews work to protect property and people, alongside police and fire officials.

Kirby, who has been with the company for just under two years, studied chemical engineering at the University of Waterloo and interned during her undergrad for 16 months with Union Gas before accepting a full-time position. Matthew, an income tax specialist based in Chatham, has felt wholly supported by Union Gas throughout his career quest to obtain his chartered accountant CA designation.

Along the way I have been supported by mentors who you can chat with anytime, about anything. Every step of the way, the company has somebody there for you to lean on. They know what you are going through, because they've been through it, and they let you know how they felt when they were doing it," said Matthew. It's a supportive work culture but also a learning one, he added. When Lija was a kid she wanted to build things.

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Union Gas has more than a dozen offices spread across the province. Each offers employees a sense of belonging. The capacity planning engineer has found similarities between Chatham and Halifax her hometown , ones that are appealing to her. Loose leaf tea and my calculator. Sam grew up on a farm outside of Chatham, about a minute drive from the Union Gas head office.

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He's always known about Union Gas, and been aware that it has a stellar reputation in the community. It's one of the biggest employers in Chatham, and his family knows people who work there. Sam graduated from Brock University, obtaining his Bachelor of Accounting, and then completing his co-op studies at Union Gas.

After graduation, he was hired full-time as a financial analyst with the company. I was excited to work for a top grade company," said Sam. He feels fully supported in his quest, and has plenty of praise for the company's CPA program. Union Gas is an Enbridge Company.

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Copyright Enbridge Gas Inc. All rights reserved. If you are unsure which website you need, use our postal code lookup tool to get to the right information.

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Aug 1, Noel Kelsch, RDHAP, tells the story of Jenn, a dental patient who lost vision in one of her eyes due to the negligence of a dental team. It was an icy afternoon when the police walked up to the Tompkins' home. Their only daughter was in a severe car accident and was in the trauma unit. Jenn was .

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