Patience and Gratitude

Here's an Easy Way to Become More Patient
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But as we began talking, catching up on all the years that had passed, I sensed something was going on. She looked weaker, frailer. I feared she was not well, but I was too afraid to ask. Towards the end of my visit, my friend confided in me that she had been recently diagnosed with a very rare and serious medical condition. I was familiar with the disease and knew it was potentially devastating. I wanted to throw my arms around her and start crying.

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She was calm, strong, but I could see the grief in her eyes. It is kheir good. I swallowed back my tears and nodded, looking at her children and then at her.

Cultivating patience and gratitude

In my heart I prayed that Allah cure her and make this test a means of purification for her. Muslim, This hadith was one of the first things my friend referenced after telling me of her condition. She must have been keeping it at the forefront of her mind.

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Patience for the sake of Allāh, by the help of Allāh and in accepting the decree of Allāh. • Different degrees of patience. Chapter Gratitude in the Qur'ān. Buy Patience and Gratitude 4th edition by Muhammad Ibn Abi Baku Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyah (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low.

Days after visiting my friend, this hadith was still at the forefront of my mind. Allah tests us in different ways, sometimes with hardship and sometimes with ease. Each test has the potential to be good for us, but we must understand how to react. According to the hadith , the right reactions stem from the presence of two very important qualities in the heart: patience and thankfulness.

Most of us understand what patience is in theory. We can tell a young child to be patient while another child plays with his toy. We can tell ourselves to be patient when stuck in traffic or in a long line at the grocery store. Cart 0 Item s You have no items in your shopping cart. Advance Search. Home Patience and Gratitude. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Add to Cart.

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Description Additional Reviews. Details Patience and Gratitude 20B Patience and Gratitude is an abridged translation of in the Arab world but which has been inaccessible to English-speaking of sabr patience, fortitude and its counterpart, shukr gratitude , in a practical fashion which shows how these important spiritual values may be incorporated into everyday life. Soon it began to rain.

The student was upset. They were not able to train outside. The monk sat down in the middle of an outdoor pavilion and smiled, waving his student over to join him. Together, they watched the rain in silence. The monk sat quietly until the rain stopped. The student was becoming anxious, he started to feel as though his journey to train with the monk had been a waste. He was growing impatient. The next day it was more of the same. They cleaned, cooked, and meditated after every task.

The student began to get angry with the monk for not helping him train.

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Before he starts to do it, he must make sure that his intentions are correct. I was familiar with the disease and knew it was potentially devastating. Islam: The Natural Religion. No-one can adhere to the love of Allah except those who are patient and persevering as-sabirun. Qadi Iyad.

The monk noticed this in the student and was surprised. He had thought the student was learning by now.

E very day we rush through our to-do lists and our routines, always trying to get to the next thing, never feeling as though we have accomplished enough. We have fleeting feelings of success and accomplishment in our small daily tasks, and we rarely take the time to really sit with those feelings. Building mental fortitude takes self awareness.

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Being aware of the positive feelings that follow an accomplished activity and staying with those feelings helps build gratitude, patience, wisdom, and serenity within us.