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APR provided valuable advise concerning the level of restoration appropriate for each of my machines based on their market value. The Scared Stiff machine received a full restoration, including the cabinet, playfield and electronics. Options for the restoration were explained beforehand so I could chose exactly what I wanted.

The finished product plays perfectly and is like fine jewelry with LEDs and chrome accents sparkling. I was so pleased with the Scared Stiff restoration I had my other two machines restored.

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Now, after the restorations are complete, I continue to receive expert in home service for small problems that occur from time to time. APRs quality service is provided promptly with problems quickly diagnosed and efficiently repaired for a reasonable price. I hope APR remains in business for a long time, because good honest people in the pinball business are hard to find.

The games have been top quality and thoroughly cleaned and serviced. Repair staff helping me with my other games has been prompt and easy to work with.

Important, Fire-Preventing Mod to Williams System 11 , 9, 7 Pinball Machines!

I would recommend them to anyone. They have done it all first class for my machines. I have purchased finished machines from them, and they have purchased machines for me.

Why Is This 25-Year-Old Pinball Machine Still the Most Popular?

They have done the same with complete chrome trim. I think I have some of the finest games, and all of them have been done by Atlanta Pinball Repair. They take pride in their work and it shows. Charles resident Steve Bedi, who has 15 pinball machines in his gameroom, collects and repairs pinball machines. Courtesy of Steve Bedi. Like many of us, Steve Bedi enjoyed playing pinball machines when he was younger.

What's not to like about the challenge of keeping a pinball moving around a colorful platform, compiling points for the chance to win extra pinballs or even a free game? But when your uncle has his own pinball machine, that sort of fascination can take on new levels and keep you interested beyond your youth.

That Time I Tried To Fix a Decades-Old Pinball Machine

From receiving his uncle's mids machine from Bally called "Party Animal," to realizing he just wanted more pinball machines, Bedi made the move beyond just liking to play. The addiction has translated into Bedi owning and operating 15 pinball machines in his gameroom -- and knowing what to do when they go on the fritz. It's allowed him to offer to fix other owners' machines, in addition to feeling when he finds a pinball he really likes, he could probably fix it if it needed some maintenance.

Others are catching on to the wonderment of owning old pinball or arcade games, Bedi said. And he doesn't get so attached that he'll never let a machine go to the right buyer, though he does admit some machines he has had more than five years will stay with him for a long time. Anyone interested in talking pinball with Bedi, or inquiring about his machines, can do so at steve.

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