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Romancing the Page Sometimes this can be a struggle, but nine times out of ten, once I understand a character, the story evolves easily. LK: If you could travel back in time and meet with one writer, whom would you meet with and what would you ask them?

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EN: J. I would love to just sit and listen to him talk about Middle Earth. LK: Rejection is part of writing and publishing. Do you feel the primary reason why a manuscript is rejected is a result of quality?

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How do you deal with rejection, and what advice would you give writers dealing with rejection? There is truth in the statement that a lot of luck goes into selling a book to a traditional publisher. I was told no one would want to read about a woman with amnesia. Readers have disagreed.

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Romancing the Pages [Orange County Chapter of the Romance Writers of America, Alina K. Field] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Romancing the Pages - Kindle edition by Orange County Chapter, RWA. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Work hard, learn the craft, write an amazing story, and believe in your work. If you want it, make it happen. LK: Commas. Better to do without them then use them incorrectly.

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Agree or disagree? Why should writers be concerned with grammar? EN: I have a pretty strong handle on grammar I used to be a teacher and hold a Masters degree , but I break rules. Because I write genre fiction, I write the way people talk. People say reading my books is like talking to me, which—to me—is a huge compliment. Romance in all its varied guises accounts for a huge chunk of the international fiction market, and even adding a thread of romance to a story in another genre will extend the appeal of that book—as long as you do it well.

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Melbournian Anne Gracie is the multi-award-winning author of 21 books mainly historical romance and romantic comedy. Her books have been translated into 19 languages and include audiobooks and Japanese manga editions.

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A past president and honorary life member of Romance Writers […]. Skip to content Navigate this section. Romancing the Page.

Aspiring Emerging Developing Established. The list is a romantic's dream: a title from Queen Nora Roberts, classics like Jane Eyre and Gone With the Wind , and hot contemporary stories that are guaranteed to make you blush.

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