39 Things, To Make You, A Woman, Happier

50 Little Things That Make Life Happy
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go I think A Tangled Web will be next. Montgomery wrote more than the Anne series! Thank you so much! But I totally life my face to the sky and grin like a look.

Cardi B: Money Doesn't Always Make Me Happy, I Understand Suicidal Celebs

Instagram is my personal diary of reminders, personal achievements, and happiness moments. Loved the step on remembering who you were as a child and what made you happy then. Then we spend a lot of energy trying to figure out who we are when if we just look at who we were as kids we would find our talents and what makes us happy in life.

Man, I love this! I like cooking dinner with my boyfriend and walking in the sunshine. I like listening to baseball games while I fold laundry. I like sleeping in on Sunday and drinking tea on the porch.

I like drinking beers and playing board games with my friends. I like thrift shopping with my friends and I love eating cheeseburgers. I might not be as interesting as my teenage self dreamed of being, but I am infinitely happier. What stood out to me the most was what you said at the end about making yourself actually do the things that make you happy.

Working from home, I find it even more true. But getting out of the house — be it at a coffee shop or going on a run — is key to my happiness. Oh yes I love this. Oh my gosh I love this post. I will do this today. Thanks for cutting through some of the you-know-what and getting to the meat of how to think about happiness! I love your personal list. I think it would be really challenging in helping me realize what makes me happy.. I have a messed up background.. I think another thing to keep in mind is just your individuality overall.

So many people get caught up with work-life balance and worrying about it or worrying about public perception etc. When honestly, if working 16 hour days makes you happy, do it. Thanks Sarah. This is the best advice.

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To actually take notes about when you are happy! Such a great post!

1. Own matching onesies.

Seeing emails in my inbox from you makes me happy! Your posts are always such GREAT content and you do such a beautiful job of using your mailing list to inspire. Go Sarah! Things I think make me happy, but which I actually hate: e. Whaaat — Hiking.

A Therapist's Take On Finding Happiness Post-Divorce

That is so, so smart! Great name — how did you get it? Thanks for the tip!!! What a brilliant post — love this and sharing it with everyone I know. Also, it helps me realign my yearly goals to include the items on my list. Love this post!! Love it! I made a list of dozens of random little things that made me happy years ago and even now just re-reading my list can bring a smile to my face.

What's Happening To Women's Happiness?

After all; in order to reach happiness …. I think money make me happy because I can buy things what I like, go places where I want to go and do things what I want to do. I reread this post whenever you link to it—such wonderful, wonderful advice. Walking down a colorfully lit street right after sunset. Listening to 50s and 60s music live. Complimenting a stranger and actually receiving a genuine one back. Leading a group of people successfully. Laughing with someone and neither of you can stop, that feeling. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Start here! Home Start Here About sponsor Contact. Reading fiction in the morning feels luxurious. Reading non-fiction in the morning feels like homework.

Identify Your Values

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Being in nature in a group feels noisy and vaguely annoying, like I need to keep everyone on the path and make sure no one brings ticks into the car. Being in nature alone feels holy. Having a good pedicure makes me feel fresh and clean, put together and happy. Having a weekly, group TV-watching date feels like a fun, easy way to catch up with my friends and treat myself.

Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. But strangely , working women in areas with strong traditional values — where most people had voted against equal pay — were happier than working women in liberal cantons.

Even though their salaries were further below those of the men around them, the women in more traditional communities were less likely to report discrimination than their countrywomen in more liberal areas. This inside-out result probably arises from different cognitive comparisons. Women in liberal communities are less happy and notice discrimination because they automatically compare their opportunities and salary to everyone else around them, men included.

Traditionally minded women perhaps base their identities more firmly on their gender roles, and think only of other women when they evaluate their privilege and opportunities. This kind of difference might explain the lessening happiness of American women. Asked how satisfied she is with her lot in life, the housewife of the early s probably just reflected on whether things were going well at home. The same question today evokes evaluations across many areas of life.

Declining happiness among women may seem depressing. But who ever claimed an expanded consciousness brings satisfaction?

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