Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington

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Osama bin Laden, who has long sought a nuclear weapon or radioactive materials to make a so-called dirty bomb, recently secured from a Saudi cleric a religious ruling giving him the green light to use nuclear weapons against Americans. Seller Inventory M Sperry makes regular appearances on Fox News and other national media outlets. If it's true, it's a scandal. Enlarge cover.

But who exactly is the enemy and what is their agenda? Using organizational and coercive tactics taken right out of the Bolsheviks' play-book, this Islamist minority seeks first to dominate the Muslim faith's non-Islamist majority, then the rest of us. For the Islamofascists, material like the fallacious Newsweek report is a godsend. They portray it as proof positive of undifferentiated western hostility towards all Muslims. Armed with such evidence, the Islamists then strive to persuade their heretofore peaceable and tolerant co-religionists that there is no choice but to subscribe to the most virulently intolerant interpretations of the Koran and to join in a divinely-ordered violent struggle jihad intended to subjugate infidel nations and populations.

The implications of the Islamofascists' concerted, highly-disciplined and organized and well-financed efforts are ominous. Unfortunately, this is true not only for places like Afghanistan and Pakistan, where the Islamists have held sway for some time, or in Saudi Arabia, the financial and ideological well-spring of modern Islamofascism. Worse yet, Islamofascists are also increasingly a force to be reckoned with in America, as well. A chilling new book by noted author and investigative reporter Paul Sperry makes clear that the Islamists are well advanced in their efforts to bring jihad to a country near you.

Many of these operations are headquartered in what he calls the Wahhabi corridor communities in northern Virginia within a few miles of the nation's seat of government. Evidence of their progress to date includes: The take-over of non-Islamist mosques throughout America. Typically, this is accomplished by way of mortgages provided on favorable terms by Saudi financial institutions.

Along with the financing come Wahhabi clerics, textbooks and other materials and the transformation of religious schools into Saudi-style madrassas. Islamist recruitment in US prisons. Sperry describes how Sister Susan VanBaalen, who administers the federal prison ministries, has naively allowed problematic organizations tied to Saudi Arabia to proselytize in unsupervised meetings with inmates. Alamoudi is himself now in federal prison, having pled guilty to plotting to engage in terrorist acts Islamist inroads are also being made into the student populations of hundreds of colleges and universities across America by chapters of the Saudis-bankrolled Muslim Student Association.

Sperry's most alarming insights, however, concern the success Islamist organizations have had in penetrating and influencing key government agencies. He documents how the FBI has employed translators of suspect loyalties without adequate background checks. In some cases, such outreach has served to legitimate the Islamists in question. For example, Sami al-Arian, an erstwhile professor at South Florida University, is defending himself against some 40 federal charges of involvement in terrorist financing and activities on the grounds that he was included in numerous meetings with senior government officials, including George W.

Frank Gaffney Thinks Islamists Have Infiltrated the NRA

At the very least, these meetings have facilitated political influence operations aimed at obscuring the distinctions between non-Islamist Muslims and the Islamofascists. Sperry suggests that they have also made possible the placement of individuals who may be affiliated with the latter in key posts inside the US government. The latter hold the key to defeating our mutual enemy and, thereby, to avoiding the potentially apocalyptic clash of civilizations sought by that enemy.

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. He claims, "It's a lot of window dressing, It's a lot of eye wash. It's a lot of political bluster. Sperry says, "They're frustrated because their hands have been tied. They can't go in.

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Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington [ Paul Sperry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The most. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Paul Sperry is an investigative journalist and Hoover Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington - Kindle edition by Paul Sperry. Download it once and read it on your .

They want to infiltrate these hard-line mosques, these Wahabbi mosques, across the country more. They really feel these are sanctuaries of terror. These are the hubs of the terrorist support network, and they're not being allowed to go in like they want, and penetrate them. CBN News asked Sperry whether he agreed with the notion that the Muslim or Arab community is doing all it can to find terrorist suspects.

Sperry responded, "Not according to the case agents I talked to. They've uncovered CDs within some of these mosques, including some of the biggest mosques in Washington, right here in the President's backyard, urging, basically encouraging the Muslim congregants in these mosques to never speak to the FBI. Counter-terrorism expert Richard Clarke comments, "I think we've been lulled, over the past three years, into believing that there will not be any more attacks in the U.

I think it's just when you get that attitude that the second wave of attack comes. And they'll strike again. Man, a few of you got madddddddd at me!

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Even loyal viewer Burt Bhatty took a swing. Vester, your anti-Muslim agenda is showing Sperry's book is part of the right-wing war against Islam and Muslims Are there Muslim spies inside our governmental institution? You bet! But so, also, are there Jewish spies inside our governmental institutions.

Yet, you do not have the courage to expose them Any spy in our government is a bad thing -- but let's remember who we're at war with right now, and keep that in context. And as for my "anti-Muslim bias", are you kidding me? Do you know where I studied in grad school? Do you know what I studied? How many other TV anchors do you know that went to the effort of living and studying in a Muslim country?

America's Muslim Infiltration

And I still like you, despite your snarky e-mail. A new book says yes, they have.

Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington

That could mean anybody. That could mean me. All right, give me your headline here, Mr. You've investigated this. Are there al Qaida guys running around in Washington? You've got political correctness has left us vulnerable to espionage, particularly at the FBI.

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But other security agencies, too. We've got, in terms of Muslim moles and sympathizers, we've got them working in the FBI and at the Pentagon as translators. We've got them working as chaplains at the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which is the top recruiting ground right now for al Qaida. We've got them working even former lobbyists for convicted terrorists working in the White House, and at the Department of Homeland Security, with top secret clearance. And a large part of why we allowed this to happen, two words, political correctness. For instance, the FBI director -- and this really comes from the top down.

The FBI director, Robert Mueller, has agreed with these Muslim groups, a lot of them, who are sponsoring some of these agents in places in the government -- we've trusted them so much, he has agreed to never say the term or describe terrorism as "Islamic. I mean, that's just They're frustrated as hell. Now, if you know -- if you know -- Paul Sperry, that there are Al Qaida embedded in our government, don't you have an obligation to tell the FBI, hey, this guy -- get him out of there?

Your Islamic Future: Infiltration

Don't you have that obligation? SPERRY: Well, as one FBI source told me, the translation unit at the FBI -- this is the language squad where we're trusting these folks, these Arabic translators, to intercept the next Al Qaida encore attack, if there is one, the chatters, the intercepts, to clear the backlog, that these -- this translation unit one of the FBI sources described as a veritable mole house.

Another, a veteran FBI counterintelligence veteran, told me that there are at least one dozen potential espionage cases within the translation unit in the Washington field office, and we do know -- this is what's scary -- that Al Qaida has tried to penetrate the FBI in the past. A fellow by the name of Ali the American, which is Ali Mohammed, who was their top intelligence trainer, he actually applied to be a translator at the FBI.

So you're saying then that they -- the FBI believes that some of their translators are working for Al Qaida or other terrorist groups, but they don't know exactly who they are. That's what you're saying? The FBI knows exactly who they are, and they're trying to keep their How come they haven't arrested them and shipped them out there? SPERRY: They're trying to keep a lid on this because the last thing the FBI wants at the management level is another embarrassing spy scandal coming so soon on the heels of the Robert Hansen spy scandal, the Russian spy. They can't be playing politics with national security.

Come on, Mr. Don't tell me that. They're investigating this. Well, you've got to think -- you've got to think they're being surveilled then, if they know who these guys are. They're keeping their eye on them at the very least. One more thing. You said the In fact, some who they've SPERRY: Not only giving them assignments, promoting them because they have some who have been written up because they have been up to no good.

They've actually promoted them after they threatened to sue for discrimination. A lot of them are named in the book.

Paul Sperry

And the case agents and some of these veteran agents actually are named as sources in the book on the record in the interviews. Additionally, the book will appeal strongly to women whose roles, values, and rights are greatly threatened by fundamentalist Islam. Paul Sperry is an investigative journalist and Hoover Institution media fellow. Sperry makes regular appearances on Fox News and other national media outlets. Paul E. Politically Correct Suicide. From the White House to the Big House. In the Name of Education Jonas E.

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