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St Kilda and the Wider World by Andrew Fleming
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The strangers are two adult men and a young boy, apparent refugees from whatever is happening on the mainland. When one of the men shows sexual interest in Lia, she responds with greedy desperation, and all three sisters react through the warped and violent lens of what love means to them. So is this an apocalyptic tale of women surviving in a world that has turned strange and cruel?

Perhaps more a tale of patriarchal family structures taken to an extreme — the father as both predator and god, the mother a collaborator who occasionally protects, all three daughters hovering in a limbo somewhere between cherished possessions and future concubines for the patriarch. There is also a distinctly cultlike element to the family dynamics, from the myths that both parents weave in order to maintain control, to the unquestioning relentlessness shown by Sky, the coddled youngest daughter, whenever something threatens the family home.

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Their isolation is a privilege and their ignorance is innocence, or so they are told. So they believe.

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Since, after all, the notion that women are fragile and in need of protection to maintain purity is not accorded to all women. But what King has actually created on his island are three young women who are trained to privation, and who — lacking anything but his myths to believe in — are frighteningly focused on their own survival. Foot soldiers.

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How much money must King have had, to own a house off the grid and keep a family of five supplied for decades? But since the reader also knows that being drowned has never cured women of anything — quite the opposite — we are left to wonder what King has told these women, and why they believe him.

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Described as a historical drama, this is an excellent story of a remote island community which has been mythologised by many commentators. Superb photographs do much of the work of description.

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Voyage with the Easterners, Mirato and Kanaka as they sail from their island home of Girinsu for the Wider World. Help King Hans of the Giants to unlock the. Tales of the Wider World Book I - Kindle edition by David Sherrington. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features.

Reopening the Inquest. The Qualities of the Isle.

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The Social Psychology of the St Kildans. A Man with a Mission. Tales of the Expected. The Cunning of the St Kildans.