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Are Weed Strains Really That Different or Mostly Bullshit?
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click We knew, intuitively, without having the science [to back us], that it was being demonized. Business Insider visited the Sisters of the Valley in March Take a look inside the most pot-friendly abbey in America.

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The sisters grow a strain of cannabis — hemp — that they say is rich in CBD, a chemical compound thought to be responsible for many of the drug's therapeutic effects. But the word "hemp" should raise a red flag for medical marijuana patients, according to some advocacy groups. Sources: Hemp Industries Association v. The media dubbed her Sister Occupy for the way she used a religious aesthetic to bring attention to political issues.

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According to Sister Kate, the group emulates five elements of the traditional nun lifestyle. The sisters most of them, at least live together on the property. They wear the same clothes, and they take a vow of obedience to the moon cycles, a vow of chastity which doesn't require celibacy , and a vow of ecology, which means they must do no harm while making products. Despite their commercial success, the company is not profitable. The cost of security and repairs on the property also eats up their profit, she said. The compound has an armed guard and a newly constructed fence for a trained security dog.

Source: Refinery The sisters also have an eye on the booming legal weed market in Canada, Sister Kate told Reuters in April.

Moon Rock Weed: What It Is And How To Make It

The country is expected to legalize the drug outright in spring World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Synergy is the interaction between the bud, honey oil, and kief that produces effects beyond what you could get if you took the products separately.

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  2. They might look the part, but the Sisters of the Valley are hardly the convent types..
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The effects can be further tweaked by including CBD products bud, oil, or kief in the mix instead of just THC products. So rather than just flying as high as possible with high-THC moon rocks , you can achieve medicinal effects including reduced nausea, anti-anxiety, suppressed seizures, and many more.

All that is possible with just a bit of CBD. As we mentioned in the section above, this all depends on the ingredients used to make the moon rock.

These California 'nuns' are making a living selling pot products on the internet

These cannabinoids offer different effects and benefits. So once you understand what they do, you can begin to tweak the mixture of your moon rock weed to get it exactly the way you want it. THC, or deltatetrahydrocannabinol if you want to be precise, is the stuff of legend that will get you seriously messed up high in no time flat. The medical benefits of THC include:. CBD full name cannabidiol is the true medicinal powerhouse of the bunch. Scientists continue to discover new ways to use CBD to treat both common and uncommon diseases. If you want the medicinal effects without losing your grip on reality, make your moon rock weed with CBD bud, oil, and kief.

When deciding whether to make your own moon rock weed, you basically have four choices:. It really depends on how much work you want to put into it and how much time you have to dedicate to the process. Source: Pinterest.

Growing your own bud is a labor-intensive, time-consuming process. It requires a great deal of knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment to get the final product just right. Source: Yodabbadabba. Honey oil , or hash oil, is typically made through a process known as solvent extraction. In solvent extraction, a chemical solvent like alcohol, carbon dioxide, or butane is forced through the cannabis material.

Moon Rock Weed: What It Is And How To Make It - Honest Marijuana

In the process, trichomes and other chemicals are stripped away from the plant. The solvent is then removed by evaporation or straining, leaving the THC, CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and other goodies behind. Butane is by far the most popular solvent used to make honey oil. The problem with making your own honey oil is that the process can be dangerous. Butane is highly flammable and misusing it can result in serious injury or death. Source: StuffStonersLike.

Kief, also called crystal or pollen, is a fine powder made from the trichomes dried resin glands found on the leaves of the cannabis plant. Kief is fairly easy to produce. All you need to collect your own kief is a grinder with a kief catcher at the bottom. Simply place your buds in the topmost chamber and begin to grind. The chopped bud falls into the next screen down. The loose kief continues to fall through this screen to the next compartment where it can be stored. Some even put a small coin in the herb collection chamber where it can be used as an agitator to further separate the kief from the ground bud.

How To Make Moon Rocks

Your best bet is to purchase the already-made product at your local dispensary and just enjoy the effects. If you want a bit more control over what you consume, we suggest buying the three components from a trusted source and then cooking up your own batch of moon rock weed. The process for making moon rock weed is really quite simple.

What are Moon Rocks?

First, break off a small piece of bud from the larger whole. Holding this piece and manipulating it with the tweezers makes the whole process easier.

Next, cover the piece of bud with honey oil using the eyedropper or small brush. Source: MerryJane. Repeat this process with all your bud, honey oil, and kief. Let the nuggets dry thoroughly before using. Just three simple steps to making a completely new cannabis experience. And when you think about it, the combinations you can create are literally endless.