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If there is one thing I learned as a first time entrepreneur, it was exactly how much I didn't know. The opportunity to spend one day a week, with other like minded people in similar start up positions is fantastic, as it creates a different perspective on the many issues we all seem to be tackling. That alone would make this course invaluable, but in addition we are getting great advice from professionals, at the top of their industries, who are willing to share with us how they got from initial start ups to where they are today.

It soon became apparent that dealing with small independent brewers was significantly more difficult than dealing with the more established, mainstream breweries. For instance, with a single call to Diageo or Heineken, as many as a dozen products would be delivered to the pubs straight away. In comparison, each craft beer would have to be ordered from the individual brewery, and then take as long as two weeks before someone from the brewery had time to make a delivery.

These issues with supply, compounded with the added time it took to accept multiple small deliveries and process multiple invoices, made it very difficult to convince the pub's owners to take on more craft beer.

What started as an exercise in streamlining purchasing from craft breweries ended up becoming the start of Vanguard Beer Collective. Today, VBC services over accounts with craft beer and ciders from 13 different craft breweries. VBC handles all aspects of craft beer dispense from identifying and opening new accounts, logistics and distribution, dispense equipment installation, beer line maintenance, bespoke marketing and staff education. This new consolidated structure not only benefits pubs and restaurants, it is also becoming a cornerstone of many of the newly operating Irish craft breweries.

Not only will we be exposed to insider knowledge and real life experience from all the presenters, we will also be among some of the best start-ups this country has to offer. As a start up business there is always something to learn, whether it be via the easy way or the hard. The AIB Start-Up Academy will give us the tools we need to thrive as a new company and we plan to take full advantage of those tools.

We hope to use what we learn to help our business grow. Sidetracked started as a website but recently moved into print with a premium quality bi-annual journal, and we're looking at additional digital channels too. I've been a freelance graphic designer for 12 years, working mainly on promotional and ecommerce websites.

Three years ago I decided to combine my passion and training for good design and typography with my other interests — in particular, being engrossed in adventure, expeditions and exploration. The website has grown rapidly to become a great resource for adventure travel inspiration and the move into print has been a long-term ambition for me. I look after the website production and design side of things and deal with the writers and photographers. We have two editors; Jamie Bunchuk, an explorer and writer with a couple of expeditions under his belt, and Andrew Mazibrada, a lawyer, author and freelance writer.

Martin Hartley, a leading expedition and adventure photographer, has recently joined the team as director of photography, and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Alastair Humphreys has also been involved in the project. Tell us about the feature you're most proud of That's incredibly difficult! The piece by Kenton Cool on the risks as well as the rewards of high-altitude adventure is an extraordinary and humbling story.

I enjoy browsing through Exposure online and 12hrs.

1. Introduction

John Summerton. Before The American Guide, there was The American Guide Series — an Encyclopedia Americana of tour books and pamphlets published on every state during the Great Depression era of the s and early s. It was a public works project paid for by the US government in which out-of-work artists, writers, photographers and editors across the country were put to work in their hometowns and states to create America's first great self-portrait.

Today, The American Guide is a revival of this unique spirit of service to document the country. The goal is to make a state-by-state record of America, documenting people and places, both pretty and hard. Six years ago we came across a copy of one of the original American Guide series books still in print and used it to explore modern-day New York City. We read about feuding gangs in Chinatown, the Coney Island boardwalk, and an old sailors' home on Staten Island.

We loved that it was written, not by travel pros parachuting in to find the best hotel, but by New Yorkers who crawled the sidewalks talking to line cooks and kids playing stickball. It seemed like a missed opportunity that nothing similar existed in the present day. And with the astonishingly talented community of regional photographers and writers on Tumblr, we realized there was an opportunity to create a sort of crowdsourced, 21st-century version of the original series.

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A Diary of us Country Publicans: The other side of pub life. [Patrick H Bowles] on dynipalo.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With the prospect of a new. The National Sleep Foundation a diary of us country publicans 1 DIARY WRITING A diary entry is a very personal kind of writing. It is meant to record certain.

Six years later, we almost have a complete set of the original American Guide series. Tom McNamara and I are the creators and co-editors.

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We grew up in Minnesota and Florida respectively and both spent several years as producers and journalists at the Public Broadcasting Service. These days, we work at two different natural history museums. But as we said, the local guides are really what make The American Guide so special.

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Major Martin McLeod, In the fall of , 1 began to read American diaries and journals in the Wisconsin Historical Society's library, intending to use them for a study of the speech of the New England colonists. Edited by J. Bumstead, Jeremiah 1 of Boston. Religious travel journal, April-June ; voyage from Savannah to Phila- delphia and thence to England; accompanying Whitefield; preaching and reli- gious reflections in Whitefieldian style. He strongly supports strong punishments for those who hire illegal employees, and between and , under the direction of President Clinton, border patrol removed over 30, illegal immigrants from jobs across the country. Edited by S. V

There's an architect, a librarian, a skateboarder, a teacher, and a hotel maintenance man among their number. Tell us about the feature you're most proud of For the past two Novembers we've hosted American Guide Week on Tumblr — a throwback to the original American Guide Week that took place in It's when we turn The American Guide over to our ,strong Tumblr community and ask everybody to tag images and words about where they live. We then feature their dispatches on the site. Drawn the Road Again is absolutely one of our favourites and features amazing illustrations, while Atlas Obscura is indispensable on our road trips.

We also like This Belongs In a Museum , which features some cool spots we'd probably never find on our own. Erin Chapman. Boat Magazine is a nomadic travel and culture magazine that focuses on a different city for each issue.

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We physically move our studio to the new city, bringing a few writers and photographers with us, and work with locals to find and tell the stories that don't normally make the news. Because we spend a few weeks in each city we work really hard to get under the skin of the place and talk more about the root of some of these issues, or at least another side to them.

Being American, and someone who's lived abroad and travelled all over the globe, I get frustrated with traditional coverage of the rest of the world.

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A lot of the time it seems to be recycled and usually focuses on stories where a catchy or shocking headline can be gleaned. You can't get to the bottom of another culture in 48 hours, so the coverage doesn't seem authentic to me. I know these places have incredible, inspiring stories and people that really deserve to make the news and so that's what Boat tries to do. We keep the core team tiny and nimble so that our overheads stay low — it's the only way we can keep going. I edit the magazine and go to each city and our design team is based in London.

Otherwise, the small team of contributors for each city is picked based on their work and specialty. We've had Pulitzer Prize-winning writers, world-renowned photographers, illustrators, translators, poets, painters, filmmakers, even a musician came to Sarajevo with us to learn about the music and instruments in Bosnia. Tell us about the feature you're most proud of The feature I'm always the most excited to get back is the introduction to each issue.

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We always ask a local, well-known writer to introduce their city. I can't pick a favourite as they've all been amazing but some come quickly to mind. Nick Hornby's introduction to our London issue, without having read any of the other articles, perfectly summed up what all the other stories seemed positioned around: a city of incredible diversity and rapid, constant change and yet, still very much Charles Dickens' city.

Our next issue Issue 7 — Lima, Peru is introduced by Rafo Leon, a fantastic writer who is astoundingly knowledgeable about his city and country and very poetic in writing about it. The Travel Almanac and Zoetrop: All-Story which isn't strictly a travel magazine, but always has great stories and writing from around the world. VNA is a magazine about street art around the world and so naturally touches on the culture of the cities these artists work in.

Erin Spens. We're a travel website that goes for quality over quantity — we only release one new story every week, prioritising film-making and photography. We try to provide a genuine, albeit brief, immersion into a foreign place. We never spotlight a destination. Travel trends don't interest us. Instead, we take on "micro-subjects" in the categories of craft, culture, geography, and wildlife.

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When choosing subjects we gravitate towards things that are timeless. Or at least they seem so at first glance, for the reality is that many of these amazing places are in danger of disappearing as the world gets more crowded and connected. In celebrating them we hope to increase the chances they might somehow be safeguarded. The founders are my brother Oliver Hartman and me. As a travel writer, I wanted to spend more time on subjects that had nothing to do with new five-star hotels, celebrity chefs, new cruise destinations, spa treatments, and the like.

These topics seem to dominate travel writing nowadays. I enjoy them, but only up to a point.

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My brother has a film production company here in New York, which does commercial work. Both of us really enjoy what we do. But we also wanted to take the knowledge and expertise we'd built up and apply it to something more exploratory and meaningful. Tell us about the feature you're most proud of The short film we shot with a boat-maker named Boniface in Zambia. These dugout canoes, called makoros , are a big part of life in parts of southern Africa, but you don't see them made out of wood that much anymore.