City of Light, City of Dark

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get link If he succeeds, the Kurbs will take back the City, reducing it to a dark and frozen tundra. It's up to Carlos and Sarah to find the Power--housed in a subway token--and keep the City safe, despite secrets of Sarah's history that are entwined with the token.


What ensues is a race against darkness. A race against the lies of the past.

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Jennifer Adams. I liked this book. Each year, on June 21st, the Kurbs place their power within a token and hide the token somewhere in The People's City. Received as an ARC from the publisher Today the fete des lumieres is Lyon's most well known attraction and normally spans over four days.

And most of all, a race against time. Avi lives in Denver, Colorado. You can visit him online at www.

City of Light, City of Dark

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Hardcover Book Paperback Book You are about to leave our Partner site. Please complete your order now! Sign in Register. Sign In. Having trouble signing in? Such was the depth of betrayal that it was more than 20 years after the war before the issue could be faced, and when it finally was, it played out as film noir, but with none of the sardonic wit of a Raymond Chandler story.

In the years immediately after the war, instead of exposing these somber realities, Paris focused instead on rekindling its legendary joie de vivre. For many young men this was also the first experience of the difference between the Anglo-Saxon attitude to sex and the more freewheeling Continental style.

City of Light, City of Dark

Paris is a gorgeous city. But better than that it is a glorious walking city.

City of Light and Dark (Powerhouse City) - FIRE FIRE FIRE

There are many great cities wherein a visitor might be well advised to commute from landmark to landmark and not waste much time exploring the in-between, but in Paris it is the opposite. Indeed the trick is not to worry too much about finding the famous spots but simply to wander and indulge in the delicious surprises found on every corner, every turn left or right, every intriguing little entrance or passage way.

But it was the work of an American master, exhibited in Paris, that first inspired my latest book, What She Saw. A photographer named Robert Doisneau became the most celebrated chronicler of Parisian life. There have been accusations that Doisneau staged it, but for our purposes who cares?

People love the photo because in itself it is youthful and spontaneous and romantic, but also because it says Paris to them. It is impossible to look at the photograph and not think of the city. So is it perverse for a writer to present Paris any other way than romantic?


Well, the mark of a truly great city is that it is not any one thing. Great cities have layers and nuance and can bear a considerable weight of conflicting forces. Above all a great city is not great for its beauty alone.

The ugly underbelly of London revealed by Dickens did not dilute its imperial grandeur, the many dark portrayals of New York on film have only added to its pungent allure. In Venice the romantic and the sinister have combined for centuries in an unforgettable duet. By contrast it could be said that if Los Angeles had not been the setting for so many masterly noir novels if would be known as a rather featureless urban sprawl where even its delightful climate lacks variety and the only glamour or romance is of the manufactured kind.

So it is entirely natural for Paris to embrace its darker shades. This is after all the city of the guillotine and the Great Terror, so for an innocent visiting American woman to find herself in danger is hardly shocking.