Dodge Ball Wars (a hilarious adventure for children ages 9-12)

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This cute adventure is a wonderful choice for nap or bedtime. All alone. His only friend was the moon. One night while wandering in the woods in search of his friend, he hears a small voice calling out "hello," sees a reflection of the moon in a pond, and assumes it's his friend. Under the pond is a small fish, who also talks to the moon's reflection.


The two share stories all night until the sun rises, the moon disappears, and they finally meet. The illustrations are beautiful and lend a magical touch to this quiet story of finding friendship in the most unlikely places. Endnotes contain interesting historical information on each location. From a bustling marketplace in Peking to a monastery in the Wudang Mountains, kids are treated to a wonderful perspective of a vast and historical China at the turn of the 20th century.

Caleb Christopher, a young mouse page in King Arthur's castle, dreams of becoming a brave knight of the Round Table, preserving his family name, and following in the "pawsteps" of his famous father and grandfather. Before he can participate in the Harvest Tournament, a competition leading to knighthood, his grandfather is murdered, and the Camelot mice suspect the animals from the Darkling Woods. Caleb believes an old enemy plans an invasion of Camelot, and he sets out to unite the rodent population, the forest animals, and the humans two-leggers , after discovering that the Sword in the Stone, which appears at Camelot's darkest times, has returned.

Along the way he befriends year-old Galahad, the son of Sir Lancelot, and the two heroes face parallel battles against the invading Saxon weasels and soldiers. In this first action-packed adventure of the Mice of the Round Table series, readers will root for this small hero in his quest to save the legendary Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. This second delightful book in The Gateway series finds Amelia and her friend Charlie anxiously awaiting the arrival of special guests to her parents' newly renovated Gateway Hotel.

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Aptly named, the Gateway receives alien guests from other worlds via worm holes in the galaxy. While awaiting the arrival of the seaweed-loving, small, fuzzy, Warriors of Brin-Hask, Amelia's dad discovers cybertronic red-eyed rats under the kitchen floor. When the warriors arrive, King Hibble decides to battle the vermin. It was impossible to know what was going on, as the battle was all below the floor, but Amelia quickly learned to tell the difference between the high-pitched squeals of the rats and the joyous battle cries of the Brin-Hask. To be continued …. While preparations for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebration are in full swing at Buckingham Palace, a secret mouse society underneath the Palace is also preparing for a parallel celebration.

With schools, military, royalty, and industries, it is a world of the Great Truth: "For every human on earth, there is a mouse doing the same job, and doing it better. Tormented by bullies at the Royal Mews Mouse Academy, he runs away and begins searching for clues to his heritage. From the royal stables to the Queen's chambers, the plucky little hero converses with animals and humans, uncovers royal secrets, and is unaware of spies stalking him. As two worlds collide, readers and listeners will enjoy the adventure, humor, and pluck of a small hero, who finds his purpose in life and a marvelous destiny.

Even the bat rhymes are entertaining! This second book in the Robin Hoodlum Adventure series finds twelve-year-old Robyn Loxley, along with her band of misfit kids, continuing their fight against the evil dictator, Ignomus Crown and his oppressive government. Her ultimate goal of rescuing her parents from Crown's castle becomes a possibility as she enters the Iron Teen competition.

Finalists are rewarded with a special dinner at the governor's mansion, where Robin believes her mother and other political prisoners are held. With the Crown increasing the reward for her capture and tightening security, Robin and her friends find new ways to execute their heists for the poor citizens of Nott City. Although Robyn is fulfilling her destiny, she struggles with balancing her own selfish desires and those of the rebellion. A memorable heroine and colorful characters continue to entertain readers with courage and daring deeds.

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It also provides an optimistic ending of a kind that can help children believe it is possible for situations to improve' Prof. Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. There was Before and then there was After. The activities cover a range of tasks in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and develop the pupil's comprehension skills and knowledge of the text. Big Bamboo is celebrating the 4th of July with a drink deal.

To go on an adventurous trip somewhere at least ten light years away. To set off on any unusual expedition, not knowing what its outcome will be. Non-invasive fishing for the colorful bongo fish in the Pleiades. Slang: 'Let's bongo down to Orion, man. Familiar with American culture from previous visits, Sam, loves American glazed donuts and listens to Count Basie on the interstellar radio. Subsequent visits become new adventures of manufacturing fuel a concoction of broccoli, bubblegum, baking soda, and vinegar in James' kitchen, finding a cure for Sputnik James' cat , which has the Bleagles Pleiades blue measles , learning to fly a rocket cycle, and rescuing Sam and Edna from a mysterious and deranged Zimborian therapist in Area 51's restricted area.

Short on science fiction, but full of humor and zaniness, James, Sam, and Edna are permanent fixtures in fiction, and hopefully, will return for more adventures. Unbeknownst to eighth grader Ryan Quinn, his parents belong to the Emergency Rescue Committee, a secret organization that rescues people around the world from certain death since World War II. Ryan's father has been using his diplomatic assignments from a UN program as a cover for their mission and secretly training Ryan since he was young for this dangerous work.

Now living in New York City, Ryan discovers his parents' secret, when his father disappears on a business trip to an Asian country near China. When his mother is abducted and held as ransom for the return of a blogger, who has been exposing sensitive information to the world about the military dictatorship in Andakar, Ryan decides to find his father.

With help from his best friend Danny, a hacker and techno genius, Ryan flies to Andakar on a forged passport and credit cards found in his father's secret office. Breaking into a military post, tracking his father to a hidden temple in the jungle, and chased by soldiers, he meets Myat Kaw, a young girl his own age named Lan. Dream it, build it, wreck it, repeat in our LEGO-inspired engineering camps! Kids will engineer interesting projects, engage in critical thinking, and work collaboratively. Spark creativity, build confidence and gain friendships at St. Registration is open for 5th-8th grade girls.

YEBW is a week-long professional advancement program that builds business competency, college exposure, career direction, connections, communication skills and confidence. Celebrating their 27th year, MetroArts Inc. Get creative and sew this summer! Modern Domestic provides sewing and quilting classes for children ages 8 and up. Each camp covers all the basics, no previous sewing experience required and all supplies are included.

Summer is for sewing! Every day, they have hrs field Trip. Weather permitting, they will do outside drawing. Campers ages will combine art materials with science and nature explorations to spark their imaginations. Discover new adventures with a different theme every week! Exciting and amazing different themes weekly engaging maximum creativity! Join Vibe at the studio this summer!

Art Buzz Kids Summer Camps ! Join the circus, get airborne, and flip the world upside-down! Their indoor and outdoor summer programs build aerial, dance, and acrobatic skills through creativity and play. Camps are offered for all levels and foster both the artist and the athlete. Campers choose an AM activity and PM activity from fun categories including tumbling, robotics, coding, Minecraft, Nerf camp, dodgeball, bouldering, t-shirt design, 3D printing and more!

Every day explores tumbling, trapeze, juggling, theatre, dance and more, and each week finishes with a public performance! Aftercare provided by their neighbor, Playdate PDX. Their summer intensives encourage dancers to become creators. Camps include structured play time in the gym, craft, and field trip full day campers. Enroll in one day or full weeks. Their scheduling is flexible.

In a creative, supportive and structured environment, OIBA offers classical ballet and contemporary dance programs, cultivating beauty, confidence, health, love and responsibility, all while inspiring young dancers to fulfill their dreams! No regular sports! Just fun active games that kids love and have a blast with. Perfect for any K-6th grade level and ability level! Ages Adventure Camp offers 10 weeks of all-day camp for elementary kids. BB Camp Portland provides a welcoming and fun camp experience for kids entering grades K Camp days are full of classic activities such as art, sports, science and more!

Each week offers age-appropriate themes, special guests and field trips! They offer an inclusive, safe and nurturing environment in which kids grow together through exploration, meaningful relationships and fun. Activities include swimming, arts, sports, rock wall climbing, and more! They are open to everyone ages All programs are age-appropriate, fun and safe. NCPRD offers a wide variety of affordable day camps to keep kids ages active, learning and having fun all summer long.

Summer at OES combines their acclaimed inquiry-based approach to a wide variety of enriching and educational camps with a fun summer style. With over camps to choose from, students in grades Pre-K through 12 will have an unforgettable experience! Develop cooperation and teamwork with new friends through active games and sports, artistic endeavors, science and more.

Scholarships available to those who qualify. Overnights for Grades Now with 7 Easy Drop-Off Locations. Bring your sense of wanderlust and navigate through different lands and experience worlds of wonder. A week-long wilderness horse camp for boys and girls ages For more information, call Over 30 years experience.

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Lessons, Parties, Camps. They offer a well-rounded horse camp where the love of horses is nourished. From grooming, leading, riding, to chores, curriculum, and art they offer a full day of fun with horses and friends. With grades , they have something for everyone, with nine different weeks to choose from! Camps for years and require no prior German language skills. Learn Spanish this summer! Campers practice Spanish as they play, sing, dance, and explore the cultures of Cuba and Spain through cooking and crafts. Children also have plenty of opportunities for fresh air and outdoor play. Super fun Spanish workshop for yr old.

Fun Italian language and cultural activity camps for children of all ages. Learn to make fresh pasta and pizza in cooking camp, get inspired by Leonardo da Vinci in art camp, and more.

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Japanese, Chinese and Spanish come to life through hands-on projects, field trips, and outdoor fun! All experience levels. Ages 3 — 5th grade. NEW extended-day options! Rock out this summer at Backbeat, where kids get to be themselves. They have camps for kids from and all experience levels. In the camps, kids play in bands, write music for games, learn the basics of all the instruments, Songwriting, and more. Ethos offers summer music camps for kids of all skill levels! Campers learn the basics of an instrument, play songs, work as a team, create a band name and put on a show.

Adventure WILD offers summer day camp and overnight experiences for children ages years. Camp activities focus around climbing, nature exploration, and outdoor art.

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They have day-long, fun-filled, outdoor adventure camps planned for summer Exploration and discovery await your K-6th graders at Learning Gardens Laboratory. The world will come alive through hands-on experiments and the wonders of ecology. For over 40 years, the Friends of Tryon Creek has been inspiring and connecting children to nature at our beautiful urban forest. Register today for In-service days, Spring, and Summer. Ages K-9th grades tryonfriends. Cascade Mountain School, a program of Mt. Scholarships available. Summer campers explore little-known areas of the zoo, learn about animals by meeting them face-to-face, and leave inspired to care for the natural world.

With more than 60 camps to choose from, they have something for every explorer, artist and wildlife enthusiast! This summer, experience the power of authentic outdoor adventure.

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Avid4 Adventure summer camps teach K —7th graders of all levels to climb, paddle, bike, hike and thrive in the outdoors. Learn more at , or info avid4.

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Bike Camp brings kids in grades together for a summer of bike adventures! Campers learn how to ride safely and maintain their bikes in a supportive, hands-on environment. At camp, kids build confidence, skills, and a life-long love of biking. Full-day 9 -3 pm multi-sport camps ages designed to keep your child active and give parents a break from planning. They use fun drills and games to teach. Pedalheads Bike is a learn-to-ride bike program for kids ages two through 12 best known for helping children get off training wheels and safely ride on the road.