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Whether I am at home or traveling, I always have a vial of rose essential oil on hand. Not only does it have a sublime fragrance, rose oil is wonderful for emotional support. Working straight on the emotional heart, rose oil calms and soothes the mind and emotions. It helps melt away the stresses of a hectic travel day and recharges me for the following day.

I find that rose oil aromatherapy is an excellent way to end each day. You can use it in a diffuser when you wind down before you go to bed. You can also dilute a drop or two in a light carrier oil and apply the scented oil to your wrists, temples, and behind the ears, just like you would fragrance. Whatever way you choose to use the sweet oil of rose , it will make you feel serene and blissful! Essential Oils for Travel — Bergamot oil. Bergamot oil may not sound familiar, but tea drinkers may have already had a little sip without even being aware.

The oil is what gives Earl Gray tea the distinctive flavor. Being my favorite tea, this was my first acquaintance with the bergamot. It came as a surprise to me when my reflexologist recommended the essential oil for my airport anxiety. Now I carry a vial along on every trip. For anxiety, it is the fragrance of the oil that aids in regaining calm. I put a little onto each wrist, and when I am going to a very busy airport, I also carry a hanky or scarf, scented with the oil. As the crowd begins to press in, I inhale a few deep breaths of the fragrance, to calm my anxious thoughts.

Bergamot oil is said to have a number of other health benefits, including aiding in sleep and raising spirits. In both cases, it is also the bright, crisp scent can bring the benefits, but a couple drops in some tea before breakfast or after dinner will increase them. I like to travel with a little vial of eucalyptus oil because it works well as an insect repellant, especially on long hikes under dense canopies. Most insect repellants in the market contain DEET which raises health concerns that I would rather avoid. I also wear a mix of geranium and lemon as a body mist, as I love the fragrance of these two together.

Hope that helps! Oregano has antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. As soon as you start experiencing symptoms, take drops in a gel capsule. Repeat every hours, as needed. I often only need 1 or 2 doses before I start feeling better. Oregano oil is strong and can cause skin irritation. It is now one of the first items to go in my travel bag! Essential Oils for Travel — Coconut Oil. As both a travel and natural beauty devotee, I swear by essential oils every single time I travel.

I always stash a few in my travel beauty kit. I rely on drops of lavender to help me sleep on long-haul flights and citronella to keep the mosquitos at bay in the jungle. But my absolute favourite oil to carry on any trip is coconut oil for its sheer versatility — and delicious scent!

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You can use it for nearly every beauty or health emergency you encounter on the road. It works as a makeup remover to take off even your most water-resistant mascara, as a balm for chapped lips or a leave-in conditioner for sun-damaged hair. Just try and get your hands on the cold-pressed varieties as they retain the most goodness. Essential Oils for Travel — Citronella oil. Citronella essential oil is distilled from two varieties of lemongrass.

It has a yellow to brown colour and a pleasant citrus fragrance. It is widely used for candles, soap, incense, cosmetics, perfumery and food flavouring. Citronella oil is the ultimate natural insect repellent and a great alternative to chemicals like DEET. Registered as an insect repellent in the US since , Citronella falls in the category of non-toxic biopesticides. The effectiveness of citronella, including repelling of the Dengue mosquito, has been verified by research.

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"Nine years after travelling around Europe on a proverbial backpackers pilgrimage, I decided to relive and give expression to my experience. The result is this. [BOOKS] Heading Home: a companion for anyone on a journey by Robin Wheeler. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and.

Things we really love about using citronella as a mosquito repellent are that it smells a lot better than stinky DEET products and that you can easily create your own Citronella mosquito repellent spray. Mix a few drops with some olive oil or other carrier oil and water. To get the most anti-bug benefit, you have to reapply the Citronella to the skin every minutes.

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We normally use citronella during the day when mosquitos are less active or when we are traveling in areas we know to be free of malaria, Zika or other mosquito-transferable diseases. Essential Oils for Travel — Jojoba oil.

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One item I always bring with me on my travels is my Peppermint Halo from Saje Natural Wellness to alleviate headaches. It comes as a roller which allows you to roll it around your hairline and up and down your neck and shoulders. I also have it in wand form so I can hit points under my hair as well. Both are small and can fit easily into your carry on liquid allotment.

They can be a bit pricey, but being able to quickly deter a headache has been wonderful, especially when on the road.

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You will find yourself doing silly things that your pet-less friends might not understand: spending thirty minutes in the grocery aisle looking for the cat food brand your feline must have, buying dog birthday treats, or driving around the block an extra time because your pet enjoys the ride. It was in that Sr. For the last couple of weeks, I just been so tired of traveling and moving around. There are usually Facebook Groups for expats for any given major city, and this can be worth skimming through for events etc. Also, stops can serve as a nice refresh button when things are getting tense. The tap screen for companion live.

Lavender oil can be used for a lot of things while traveling. For instance, it makes you sleep easier and has a relaxing effect on the human mind. When the refreshing aroma is inhaled it also relieves stress and anxiety. According to dermatologists and aromatherapists, lavender oil is great for treating Acne and it also relieves pain.

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Lavender Oil is good for your hair as well and can help against eczema. My favorite use is to put some lavender oil on my wrists before I go to sleep. One of the oils I cannot travel without is rosehip oil. Rosehip oil has several benefits, but the best thing about it is that it really moisturize your skin. I just add a couple of drops to my face cream every morning and also before going to bed.

In warmer and more humid climates, I add 1 drop of rosehip oil during the day and during the night, but when in drier or colder climates I add during the day. Essential Oils for Travel — Gaultheria Oil. Gaultheria oil , a special type of oil for different body ailments are found in Nilgiris in places like Ooty, Kodaikanal, and Munnar.

This oil acts as a magical cure for all body ailments and muscular pains and diseases like arthritis, gout, spondylitis and other body aches. They are sold in aluminium boxes and containers in all major outlets across the town. They are specially prepared from certain leaves and acts a natural herbal cure for most body ailments.

The oil can be applied to the affected area and a small soft massage of around 10 minutes would do the trick if applied over a continuous period for a week. There are however other types of oil that are also found at the above places like eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil and lavender oil available at affordable prices to all tourists and travelers across the globe. Gaultheria oil holds a special significance for me as it has been useful in eradicating some back ailments that I was having when I had traveled to these locations. It provided a great relief and acted like a miracle when I needed it the most.

I would recommend this oil to my friends and readers to go for it without having the necessity to buy allopathic medicines or drugs and get physio treatment to get rid of these ailments. To find out more about the oils listed above please select your preferred oil from the table below. Can't decide what cool travel gifts to buy the traveller in your life? It can be difficult to come up with Christmas presents to buy….

At last, leave in complete confidence and enjoy the trip. If you wake up early enough and already have everything packed the night before, you can beat the masses. Another option is to leave in the evening or night, however, if nighttime driving tends to be less safe.

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You may also want to avoid the busiest travel days, which is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after. Consider traveling on Thanksgiving morning and heading home on Friday or Saturday to beat the travel rush. There are so many amazing Podcasts and audiobooks available at the press of a button that there should be no excuse of boredom during a long car trip. Try to agree on what you will be listening to before the trip begins. Hopefully everyone will agree and nobody will be bored! If you have an older crowd in the car teens and older , you may want to listen to some of these podcasts:.

If you are looking for a serialized podcast that leaves you hanging at the end of each episode, consider Serial , S-Town , and Criminal. For a break from music and podcasts, learn the best games to play in the car. If you are looking for the fastest way to get to your destination, a GPS app is a must. The most popular ones are Google Maps and Waze. For more usability, go with Google Maps, but Waze will probably get you there faster. You can download maps to your phone via WiFi before heading on the road.

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Consider these nutritional snacks to avoid highway stops and arrive happier and healthier:. Sometimes a break is needed. If someone wants to stop, stop. Also, stops can serve as a nice refresh button when things are getting tense. Stretch, walk around, use the rest room.

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When traveling with children, teach them to avoid strangers and consider giving them a whistle if you should get separated. You may even see a roadside attraction you want to squeeze in. If you left early, you should have no problem arriving on time. You can reduce your chances of an accident with the following vehicle and road safety tips:. Use this infographic from AAA for more travel tips this holiday season:. Need a safe vehicle for your holiday travels?

Make a List and Check It Twice One of the best ways to reduce travel stress and enjoy the moment is by making a list and checking it twice. The worst traffic usually occurs between 12pm and 5pm. Try to avoid the afternoon if possible. Bring Entertainment There are so many amazing Podcasts and audiobooks available at the press of a button that there should be no excuse of boredom during a long car trip. Dream Big Podcast — The entrepreneur podcast for kids on pursuing dreams and making them a reality. Story Time — Best for younger audiences, around ages Great for those who love bedtime stories.

But Why — Kids ask why, and adults find the answers. Topics are wide and varied. Brains On! If you have an older crowd in the car teens and older , you may want to listen to some of these podcasts: Lore — Creepy, real-life stories hosted by now a TV show on Amazon Prime. Lux Radio Theater — Radio shows of old movies.

Great for classic movie fans. Radiolab — Stimulating discussions on a wide range of philosophical and scientific topics. The Moth — Award-winning show about real-life stories from real-life people. Hardcore History — For the history buffs. Use Waze, GasBuddy, and other apps to find the cheapest gas on your route.