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His past life includes being the Dean of Admissions at Bennington College, building a network of early stage venture funds, and publishing The Rope Eater, a novel, with Doubleday.

Kristina Ti alias Cristina Tardito, from Turin, started out in bathing suits and intimate before getting to a full line of clothing and accessories. Born stylistically a decade ago, Cristina Tardito worked on his father's business, the Thames, trying out and experimenting with forms, materials and workings until he identified his own style. There is no style, no charm without knowledge, without mix of cultures and a touch of humor.

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Kristina Ti takes you to Milan during the week of Italian Fashion. The short film was selected in at the Tribeca Film Festival. His love for storytelling combined with technological knowledge has led Karlak to tackle the new styles of the future.

Today, David Karlak is working on the development of new software instruments for virtual reality production as the Creative Director of Nurulize, a software company focused on developing new technology and tools for virtual reality revolution. Sam Baron Fabrica is a communication research centre. It is based in Treviso, Italy, and is an integral part of the Benetton Group. Established in from a vision of Luciano Benetton, Fabrica offers young people from around the world a one-year scholarship, accommodation and a round-trip ticket to Italy, enabling a highly diverse group of researchers.

The range of disciplines is equally diverse, including design, visual communication, photography, interaction, video and music. Fabrica is based in a campus centred on a 17th-century villa, restored and significantly augmented by renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando. If they pass the rigorous screening process, the young residents start a period of education and research on real projects based on the conviction that communication, in all its applications, must be a vehicle of conscious social change.

Giovanna Cosenza Graduated in philosophy, he obtained his doctorate in Semiotics under the direction of Umberto Eco. Today she is a professor of first-degree at the Department of Philosophy and Communication at the University of Bologna, where she teaches Semiotics and Storytelling, Semiotics of New Media and Semiotics of Consumption.

Since he has co-ordinated the three-year degree in Communication Sciences in Bologna, since he is Chairman of Co. Come Emilia-Romagna, which carries out the functions of government and control of the regional communications system on behalf of Agcom and the Ministry of Development Economic.

Among her research interests, there are the semiotics of advertising and consumption, political communication and the new media. Because the "caste" can not communicate Laterza Franco Trentalance Multi award-winning and internationally-famous former pornstar, Franco Trentalance has always been kept busy with his writing, coaching and eno-gastronomic success. He has worked in radio, television, theatre and cinema. As a coach, he holds conferences on how to identify, achieve and maintain success.

He is the producer of Il Peccatore organic wines. After a rapid rise in career at the Magnificio Calzificio Torinese, where, at the age of 25, he was made director of sales and marketing, in the mids he established two companies: Mototaxi, which was sold in to Poste Italiane and Football Sport Merchandise. After the acquisition, Marco Boglione founded BasicNet on a brand new business model, officially giving birth to the first marketplace for sportswear and leisurewear in history.

During the years which followed, other brands joined its portfolio: K-Way, Superga, Sabelt and Briko. Currently, BasicNet Group brand products are distributed in more than markets worldwide which account for aggregate sales of million Euro source: Annual Report. Luca Barcellona Born in Milan back in, Luca Barcellona is a known name in the world of modern calligraphy, thanks to his work in freelancing as a graphic and calligrapher. Although he started as a graphic and a writer, he dabbled into calligraphy in , taking on lettering, from type design to letterpressing, making letters the pillar of his work.

His approach consists in making a balance between the ancient art of writing and the language and tools from the digital age. It has been this method that has made him gain admiration and respect from newer generations passionate about calligraphy. For him, writing represents a way to revisit the dynamics and gestures of the human life from the past, incorporating them in the frantic routine of the day by day.

His lettering has been requested from the tycoons of the fashion industry, discographic and editorial, to different museum committees. He began teaching calligraphy at the Associazione Calligrafica Italiana, in , and has been in different workshops and conferences around the world USA, Canada, Japan, Australia. His work has been exhibited in collective and single shows all through Europe and his artworks belong to the permanent collection of the Akademie der Kunst of Berlin and the Harrison Collection of the San Francisco Public Library.

Per il cinema ha collaborato a soggetto e sceneggiatura di varie commedie con Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo, Ale e Franz e Angela Finocchiaro, con i quali ha anche collaborato in teatro. With a strong background in communication sciences and an unshakeable pragmatic attitude, he is the go-to man when creative needs to get real, be on time, and comply with all specifications. By integrating design thinking in his management style, he has successfully planned, managed and produced festivals, exhibitions, and special events for over a decade, starting in the world of electronic music and interaction design, and branching out into any field of interest for our clients — from botany to banking and from dolphins to electric power distribution.

In the Jackal opens a Youtube channel, where original work, web-series and short films are uploaded. Since it has been part of the Ciaopeople editorial team. Today, the channel has totaled more than million views. In the fall, the first Jackal movie will be released, Farewell Fottuti Musi Verdi, directed by Francesco Ebbasta, co-produced with Cattleya and distributed by 01 Distribution. Previously, she worked in various capacities for leading event and communication agencies, including Piano B, Input Group, and Film- master Events. She is also practitioner professor of marketing and communication, with a focus on event management, at Bocconi University and at the IED, the European Design Institute, in Milan.

Si occupa di ricerca e formazione nella comunicazione per aziende ed enti pubblici. Their interest in product design developed on the IM master course at Design Academy Eindhoven, where they graduated in July Since then, Formafantasma has developed a coherent body of work characterised by experimental material investigations and explored issues such as the relationship between tradition and local culture, critical approaches to sustainability and the significance of objects as cultural conduits.

In perceiving their role as a bridge between craft, industry, object and user, they are interested in forging links between their research-based practice and a wider design industry. Whether designing for a client or investigating alternative applications of materials, Studio Formafantasma apply the same rigorous attention to context, process and detail to every project they undertake. The added nuance for the duo is that they do so with an eye to the historical, political and social forces that have shaped their environments.

In March Paola Antonelli of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and esteemed design critic Alice Rawsthorn listed their studio amongst a handful of practices that would shape the future of design. Andrea and Simone are lecturing and heading workshops in various Universities and Institutions. Stefania Micaela Vitulli Communication consultant and journalist.

Her primary research area is green communication. Stefano Salvini Stefano started his career in , working in the traditional animation industry while studying Computer Engineering and then Science of Media and Communication at University of Tor Vergata in Rome. The 3D department merged in with Design forming an incredibly powerful and talented team of about 80 artists and after managing the 3D department for few years, Stefano is now looking after both sides being Operational Head of CG and Design at MPC Advertising - London.

Sotto la sua guida negli ultimi anni OMD ha vinto numerosi premi locali e internazionali, tra i quali due bronzi ai Cannes Lions nel He studied Creative Arts at University and has been at the forefront of international people development for over 25 years. His particular skills lie in his ability to engineer group emotions on a corporate scale. Stuart has a vast client background, having worked with a broad spectrum of Fortune companies, generating unique perspectives on the challenges faced by today's creative leaders. Federico Pepe Federico Pepe was born in and lives and works in Milan.

A unique figure in the Italian cultural and artistic landscape, he moves nimbly and with unswerving aesthetic consistency between different forms of expression as an ad man, artist, graphic designer, designer and videomaker. In , he set up Le Dictateur, a publishing project and independent exhibition space in Via Paisiello 6 in Milan, and has curated its publishing and artistic programme for over 10 years. Since the early days of the Internet, he has worked on projects and creative strategies in the digital and technology fields.

Since the foundation of Souldesigner, he has focused on interaction experience and media design. After graduating from the University of Genoa in Architecture, he began to collaborate as a freelance on various projects, expanding his knowledge and experience in different fields of design, focusing his attention on process - dynamic and flexible - and on the manipulation of digital environments. In , he undertook a course at NABA where he specialised in 3D in real-time and in video compositing, OpenSource and Creative Commons design methodology, hardware prototype development and software programming with TouchDesigner, Processing and Arduino, alongside an in-depth development of other technical areas for the production and use of interaction design and digital art solutions.

He developed various consultancy projects in the fields of design and new technology, creating displays, spaces and digital directing along with other interactive solutions, in collaboration with design projects and various institutions. Over eight years of experience in concept development and creative direction of digital for physical space. He has always harboured an enormous interest for the digital arts in all its expressions and applications.

Giulia Brugnoli 26 years for 1. She graduate first in Communication Sciences and then in Advertising and Creative Creativity; after graduating from the University and having her first job experience in an advertising agency in Parma, she came to Milan to attend the Master of Copywriting of the Accademia di Comunicazione. Not even the time to finish the last soccer game and is already in J. Walter Thompson, where he still works.

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As a communicator, she works unabated at her most ambitious project: to be able to explain to her grandmother what it means to do the Copywriter. Silvia Biraghi Ph. Throughout her research activity, she has investigated the dimensions and relationships dynamics that connect the various stakeholders, involved in consumer and production processes, thanks to a qualitative research look, strongly anchored in the business and socio-cultural context.

She is involved in academic research projects, nationally and internationally, and in several training and consulting activities for start-up networks, in other words, activities that concern the development of consumer insights and trend identification.

She teaches Corporate Communication and Branding. Francesco Guerrera Art director, maker by profession, photographer and calligrapher out of passion. Today, he is a partner of Le Balene, with which he also founded Acqua su Marte in Emanuele Nenna Born in Milan, class of , working in Communication since In , he and two partners founded Now Available, the first neutral advertising agency in Italy. Sixty years after Bill Bernbach, art and copywriting are no longer enough]. Rossella Gambetti Ph. Her main research areas, with a qualitative approach of interpretation, concern: 1 the emerging trends in corporate communication that foster the stakeholder engagement; 2 the brand-consumer relationship according to a multidisciplinary perspective; 3 the consumer culture trends and their influence in the communication processes that happen between consumers, the company and the society.

Her research and training activities are carried out in partnership with companies and with innovative start-up incubators and accelerators, geared towards identifying trends and consumer insights. In both cases, the 2 agencies were the most award-winning French agencies at Cannes. Nearly 7 years after, Herezie became the No. In , Herezie was the most award-winning independent agency in France and in , it was voted Best Independent Group in France.

Marco Mancuso A critic, curator, professor and independent publisher who focuses his research on the impact of technology and science on art, design and modern culture.

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He runs a team dedicated to lifting digital capabilities at Google's customers, and supporting them with their digital transformation. As well as being an occasional ceroc dancer, he's also got two boys who he can never, ever beat at tennis. Since , she manages for Google a team with business responsibility from the entire ecosystem of the major Media, Creative and Independent Agencies, and since she's also the leader of a digital advisory task force for some top clients.

Paola coordinates the activities of digital evangelization with particular focus on Universities and associations of the ADV world. Monica Lazzarotto After an 'integrated' past of economics, I worked in publicity dealers, local television and collaborations various newspapers. It is also at work, for an innovative project, for which 'Scammers' still does not let anything leap, unless it is synergistic the Youmark. From a young age, he realised he was creatively-gifted and attracted by strategic approach. He enrolled in Engineering, but once he realised that Engineering and Creativity did not mix well, he moved to Milan to attend a Master's course in Copywriting.

Shortly afterwards, he began work at TBWA and then at Young and Rubicam, before moving to We Are Social where today, he is head of the creative department where he manages the team, strategy and creativity. I'm in charge of the agency's strategy department and vision. Marketing, Communication and Cilent Distribution Consultant. Sparring partner for creative talents and editors. Account support. During this time I turned my hand to nearly every product category, except - thankfully - the tobacco industry.

As a lover of the mountains, outdoor sport and travelling, I often seek to combine these activities. I am responsible for the study and implementing measurement framework in line with business goals, as well as those of marketing and communication of the brands we work with, in addition to the preliminary study phase in support of the Strategy Experience team on global, regional and local activities of brands in the biggest part of the industries our brands control.

Today, after 10 years and after having discovered the fun in mixing the logic of advertising with the possibilities offered by new media, I find myself managing the new creative department of We Are Social. The objective is simple and extremely complicated : get Brands to tell stories that people find interesting. Over 7 years of experience in digital marketing focusing on brands in different categories, both national and international. Hyper-kinetic and fanatic about sport, he has always had a great love for team work. Paolo Rigamonti Architect, he lives and works in Milan, the city where he was born in Founder of Limiteazero, a design firm working at the intersection between exhibition and interaction design, data visualization, computational and graphic design.

Their projects have been exhibited in many important events both in Italy and abroad. This is the topic area where his path crosses the Advertising world, while everyone is debating the integration of technology, the alignment of technology and creativity, programmatic, Data driven organizations and creative solutions based on technological advancement. Jamshid Alamuti Jamshid Alamuti is known as a disruptor, a passionate people development expert, and a transformation strategist.

His rare ability to bring diverse group of individuals together supports his unique concepts to wed technology and creativity, using innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership as platforms and vehicles for this journey. Jamshid Alamuti has an extensive and diverse track record, adding value to every project he gets involved in. After his early activities in music industry, his time in Art Colleague and travelling Europe and North Africa as a choreographer, Jamshid started his corporate life as the global Head of gedas Academy, and serviced subsidiaries worldwide, developing junior and senior management of VW Group that was later acquired by Telekom Training.

His focus was on methodology development in sales, project management, change management and pre-sales consulting. His next responsibilities and challenges, in leading organizations such as Neuland Academy for Leadership, Frankfurter Allgemeine Business School or Berlin School of Creative Leadership, to name a few, remained all in the higher education sector as his focused remained on Entrepreneurship and how to use creativity and technology to design programs.

In he leaves the advertising to follow his passion for the painting. Self-taught artist. He started drawing by pencil at the age of 4, and never stopped.

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In April parallel to the advertising career, he started his career as professional artist, and for a distraction he forgot to buy brushes he then starts painting with his fingers, the powerful figurative results of his finger-painting technique can be considered unique in the world. In he was selected for the 54th Biennale di Venezia. Igor Sibaldi Philosopher, writer, philologist, theology scholar and theatre director. Since , he has regularly held conferences and seminars in Italy and abroad on arguments of mythology, exegesis and depth psychology.

He has a long-standing interest in angelology, which he sees as a form of psychology. Since he is Italian editor for Cool Hunting. He crosses traditional boundaries of marketing and design to redefine the way businesses engage their audiences. Previously located in London and New York as Executive Creative Director of Story Worldwide, in charge of developing content based always-on campaigns and brand narrative.

Ensuring high-quality work for all aspects of the audience experience, messaging, and digital engagements for brands such as Lexus, Faberge, JoMalone, Unilever, Finlandia, Cisco and Google. Now focusing on implementing the VICE range of services in the scandinavian territories. Davide Gomba A maker from Turin. This was in He began collaborating with Arduino, first as a freelancer and then with the Officine Arduino agency now Officine Innesto. He runs the blog, online store, holds workshops all over the world from the Sassi di Matera to Singapore, via Copenhagen and promotes open design culture and digital modelling and fabrication.

This was the start of and there were two Fab Labs in Italy, one in Turin and the other in Salerno. In a few years there would be little fewer than Since the end of and the start of , with the DigifabTURINg project in collaboration with research group Co-de-iT and the support of COMAU, he launched a productive experiment for the use of anthropomorphic robot arms in various fields, from rapid prototyping to experiments with materials with mushrooms and bacteria. The project is overseen by the writer of Fantascienza Texano, Bruce Sterling. He is the Editor-in-Chief of www. He is currently working on the designs for the new character created by Claudio Chiaverotti, Morgan Lost, and on the special colour edition of Brendo, again for Bonelli Editore.

Fabio Timpanaro Taurus with a Sagittarius ascendant and Scorpio in the houses, Fabio Timpanaro is an italian creative retoucher and digital artist. He currently runs Adobe Photoshop classes as an instructor at Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie, Rome and collaborates with Fotolia Italia writing articles and tutorials for their official blog.

After his return to Italy, he went on to work with some of the greatest communication agencies. He then took some distance from the advertising world in order to fully dedicate his time to his illustrating career. His passion for graphic design and his fascination for the 18th century combine in his illustrations. He uses images from textbooks and dictionaries dating back to that period which he discovered while browsing booksellers.

His are profoundly unique illustrations, which give life back to words, events and characters that would otherwise be forgotten. Lorenzo Petrantoni collaborated with prestigious brands Coca Cola, Swatch and international magazines The New York Times, Newsweek , exhibiting his works in prestigious exhibitions in the world. He chairs the Diversity Media Awards, devoted to the correct representation of Lgbt topics and people in the media, and is the creator of the Diversity Brand Awards, which reward companies and brands that are considered more inclusive by consumers and consumers.

In he joined TBWA. In she became Creative Director, and for four years she followed McDonald's. From , it follows every paw and every step of the customer Eni. In , he takes the creative direction of the headquarters in Rome. Time flies when you have fun. Working in synergy with the agency's strategic, creative and editorial department, he plan and formulate the most effective distribution strategies with the aim of maximizing the performance of communication activities designed for customers.

Casa Surace We're from the south. We take out [usciamo] videos. A lifetime of friendship which started back when they were flatmates and just looking for fun ways to pass the time. At a threshold, when they turned 30 years old, they started to take it seriously.

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Today, Casa Surace has more than million views on Facebook and YouTube, and has collaborated with the most important national and international brands, increasingly interested in new forms of online collaboration. After videos, the guys at Casa Surace continue to eat all together. After being a gymnast until the age of 16, competing at national level, she started studying acting and reciting with the English acting teacher, Simon Furness, who introduced her to the Sanford Meisner's technique and acting in the English language.

In , she co-starred in the sketch comedy series "My name is Pippo" produced by Taodue for Mediaset.

Nicola Savino

She is currently working in two contemporary plays that will be billboard for the next season in Milan. Gaia Barison 29, Art Director. When she saw "What Women Want" she thought if advertising meant going through the day between photos, colors and music So she decided she wanted to do it. She graduated in Design of Communication at the Politecnico di Milano and then she started his career with creativity and motion graphics in Antiorario Video, a small reality that still leads to the heart where some wonderful people have introduced it to this craft.

She never changed his mind: still think this is a beautiful job. He graduated in Modern Literature Film Criticism. With Docusound, he also received numerous international distinctions, participating in the same year in the Prix Europa in Berlin and Power to the Pixel in London. The documentary was selected in the Italian competition at the 33rd Torino Film Festival and for the short-list for the David di Donatello prize.

Serena Di Bruno She loves comics, especially Japanese manga, loves to cook and entertain friends at dinner, pretends to follow a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu course, it's hard very hard to find a TV series that does not make it dependent, every Monday begins the diet and has a great passion for DIY. But his greatest passion is art direction, which has followed him everywhere: from the beginning in D'Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli on his arrival in united, to GrayUnited, where he now plays the role of Associate Creative Director.

It is this and, hopefully, something more. Laura Chiossone "I've studied philosophy, played in a pop band, done theater, written pages upon pages of unfinished novels. I wasn't particulary good at any of those things. Then I walked onto a movie set and realized that all these moving parts could be combined into a vision. From the ranks of production, to assistant director, I self-produced my first short films that have been very well recieved and have garnered awards at festivals around the world.

This brought me to the glittering world of music videos, little money and lots of stretching for my imagination which I put to use with Morgan, Marracash, Mondo Marcio, Otto ohm, Marlene Kuntz, among many others. I still cannot believe that I was able to create highly stylish commercials that delivered both on concept and quality. But I felt constrained between the 30 second spot and the 3 minute video clip.

I bought a camera and started learning again, this time with documentaries. After a brief experience at Ufficio Stampa di Albacom, a press office, she began her career in Sky Italia where, for more than two years, she was involved in the construction of airtime and air show management.

In she became the marketing manager of Wired Italia, the world's leading technology and innovation leader, after contributing to the design and implementation of Wired Next Fest. She coordinates marketing, advertising and head business development, with a strong focus on digital and events. After her experience in an advertising agency, in she moved to the company, assuming the position of Communication Manager in Business Solutions - Gruppo Fiat.

In , she moved to product marketing, becoming the Product Manager of Punto e Idea. Later, from to , she was involved in the communication activities of the Mirafiori Motor Village, flagship of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, as Marketing and Communication Director. She came to Comau in to follow the newly-born Sales and Marketing family, as a coordinator. Simona, graduated in , and holds a Master in Marketing Management.

Aldo Costa Always a copywriter, even back in when he was employed by a leasing company, which went on to fire him. Copywriter also for the agency he and some colleagues founded in Copywriter and CEO of Orange srl. Freelance copywriter since He lives not far from Turin, the city where he was born and lived for 40 years. He has always been fascinated by mountains, of real rock and in books. He is an avid reader, averaging 50 titles each year. He does not worry about abandoning a book that steals time from another.

He learned alchemical synthesis from Harry Smith, structural ontology from Jonas Mekas, how to make art of garbage from Jack Smith, ritual magic from Kenneth Anger. He lives and works in Milan. Ravid Kuperberg Partner and Trainer at Mindscapes. A trainer of creativity enhancement projects in advertising, digital, media and communications. Works with advertising, digital, media and PR agencies as well as organizations. Ravid is a former advertising professional with extensive experience in strategic and creative positions. Ravid has an MBA degree and a bachelor degree in economics and statistics.

Most important of all for Ravid , he is a goalkeeper at a local amateur football team. Ibaku Ibaaku is a multidisciplinary artist. His artistic path begins in the s in Dakar with the group Still. He then multiplied his collaboration with numerous artists in the Senegalese hip hop scene, before starting his own solo career. Curious about the world and the artistic innovations it reveals, mobilized to blast the walls and boundaries pitted within music by the business, Ibaaku is one of these millennials who form the avant-garde of contemporary creativity on the African continent.

Enrica Banti She is an expert in internal and external corporate and social media communications. She has worked at various international PR networks, initially managing the IBM team, developing corporate communications, consulting services, and products. She followed the rise of the internet company, DADA, managing both the financial and consumer communication. Later on, she specialises on the skills of crisis communication, coupled with digital skills acquired through the Digital Academy Fleishman-Hillard in Washington.

Lowest prices for your stay. Guests 1 room , 2 adults , 0 children Guests 1 2. Show Prices. Like saving money? We search up to sites for the lowest prices. Full view. View all photos 47 In uncontaminated nature, the primitive beauty of these ancient stone buildings are the perfect location for a pleasant summer residence. A peaceful place even when the rest of the island is crowded. Read more. Good to know. Hotel links. Vicolo Venedise 3, , Sicily Italy. Getting there. Pantelleria Airport 2 mi.

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