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The novel is largely a satire and has many hilarious scenes.

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While the final piece of the puzzle-game is still missing, a quite coherent overall picture with an acceptable probability level is promised. This spy farce is about a man who is a paid spy in Cuba during the latter years of the Batista regime. And the transfer of 1, dollars in June was for what purpose? Havana vacuum cleaner Wormold, owner of an Havana vacuum cleaner shop, hard-pressed to satisfy the expensive tastes horses, country club of his beautiful, manipulative and motherless teenage daughter, decides—when recruited by MI6—to pad his espionage expense account by inventing agents and mysterious government installations. The Havana that Graham Greene discovered in the mids was the capital of a pleasure island, alluring for a manic depressive writer seeking escape. Wormold is fighting a losing batt Graceless, gormless Wormold, a British sales agent for an American vacuum cleaner company in barely pre-Revolution Havana , has a problem.

Things start to come to a head when mysterious agents from another unknown government go after Wormold and his phantom agents. One man who meets the description of his pilot is killed in a mysterious car accident. Then an engineer who unwittingly has been playing a role as Wormold's engineering expert is shot at in public.

Wormold now knows someone is trying to kill him.

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Wormold discovers someone is going to try and kill him at a business luncheon. He manages to avoid death when he discovers a British agent named Carter is the man sent to kill him. Wormold is confused and does not know what to do. Then Carter kills Wormold's best friend Dr. Hasselbacher and Wormold decides he has to retaliate. He gets the notorious police officer Captain Segura drunk and takes his gun. He then takes Carter out and kills him.

After this, Wormold's world starts to spirals out of control and he reveals his secret to Beatrice. To his surprise she understands and even falls in love with him. When Wormold finally faces his bosses at the Secret Service he is shocked to learn that they are not punishing him, they are in fact giving him a position as a trainer and awarding him the Order of the British Empire.

Wormold has managed to provide for this daughter Milly and keep himself out of prison. At the end of the novel, Beatrice has left her job, started a new relationship with Wormold and they are now living in London with Milly. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. Sign Up. Sign In. Get Our Man in Havana from Amazon.

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Part 2, Chapter 2. Greene's father was the headmaster of the prestigious Berkhamsted School, which Greene attended as a child.

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However, Greene hated boarding school and ran away to London. His parents had to retrieve him and subsequently sent him to intense psychoanalysis for six months.

Greene actually found the psychoanalysis to be very interesting and remained fascinated by dreams for the rest of his life. As an undergraduate at Oxford College, Greene studied modern history. In , he published his first book, a collection of sentimental poetry called Babbling April. After graduating, Greene worked as a journalist in Nottingham and in , he converted to Roman Catholicism.

Greene married Vivien Dayrell-Browning in and they had two children.

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Greene had his first affair in with his goddaughter, Catherine Walston. He would continue to have affairs for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, Vivien and Greene separated in but never divorced. Critics celebrated Greene's first novel, The Man Within , which earned him a contract for two more books. Unfortunately, both books were failures. He then became a book reviewer at the Spectator , which helped him develop and refine his writing style. In , Greene decided to give fiction another try.

He wrote Stamboul Train , a thrilling and popular spy novel that Greene described as "entertainment. He also traveled to Liberia, which had a large impact on his worldview. The experience also inspired Greene to pen his famous travelogues. Upon his return to England in , Greene returned to the Spectator as a film critic.

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The Our Man in Havana lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all learning styles. Inside you'll find 30 Daily Lessons, 20 Fun Activities. Our Man in Havana Test | Mid-Book Test - Hard. Graham Greene. This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately pages of tests, essay questions.

He loved watching films and his new job made his writing slightly more cinematic. In , Brighton Rock was published. It went on to become one of Greene's most esteemed works. Soon thereafter, Greene traveled to Mexico to research the persecution of Catholics. Instead, he joined the Secret Service and worked for the propaganda division in the Ministry of Information.

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Greene spent time in Sierra Leone during the war and he drew heavily on his time there to write The Heart of the Matter. Greene also based Our Man in Havana on his tenure in the Service. During this time, he wrote several screenplays, the most famous of which is The Third Man In the early s, Greene traveled a great deal, taking long trips to Malaya and Vietnam. Subsequently, Greene set The Quiet American in Vietnam and it went on to become one of his most notable works.

As he got older, Graham Greene continued to write travel pieces, novels, short stories, plays, and recollections of his own life.