Room to Play: A Childrens Book about Decluttering

Declutter Toys (and Make Your Kids Smarter) with the KonMari Method
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At this point, your kids are in awe of how many toys they have. Then they'll feel the rush to play with their toys, ruining all the work you did. So, this would be a good time to take a snack break and get them away from the playroom. Now that you have a clear picture of everything in your playroom, reduce it by half. Review all of the items in each category and select at least half of them to be put in storage. Place those items in the appropriate bins and store the bins elsewhere, like the garage, basement, or closet.

The Easiest Way to Declutter Kids’ Toys

We visit museums all the time. Topics 20x20 Export Created with Sketch. I found so much strength through her. Most were plastics things that were missing half their parts. We have a few outdoor play things which have been our favourites over the years and can be adapted to different ages and stages.

Now you can periodically rotate these stored items with those you've left in the playroom. You know those rainy Saturday mornings when you have no plans and your kids are driving you crazy? That is the opportune time to bring some toys out of storage. If you add something to the playroom, you must put something else back in storage. Limit the make-believe centers to two or three. If you have additional items, put them in storage as well and rotate them periodically.

Consider donating these items and remove them completely from both your playroom and your home. Evaluate the layout of your playroom and divide it into three or four zones, such as the book, game, and puzzle zone; doll zone; the planes, trains and automobile zone; and maybe the arts-and-crafts zone. Each zone should have some type of shelving unit to store the toys remaining in the playroom. You can find inexpensive plastic or wooden shelves at Target, Walmart, or even your local Dollar Store.

While there, look for bins or baskets that fit on the shelves. Cut out pictures of each toy or item that is staying in the playroom, and tape them to the front of the appropriate bin or basket.

How to declutter your child's bedroom

Every item in the playroom should be in a specific spot in one of the zones. The pictures will help children who can't read yet identify where items belong. First, remove everything which doesn't belong there.

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Take out cups, bath towels, wellington boots and so on. Next, pick out all items which are broken beyond repair.

Be ruthless. Before you bin the lot, ask at your local civic amenity centre if there is a facility for recycling plastic. A mountain of school uniforms, plastic toys and craft materials all jumbled up together can daunt even the most determined declutterer.

But, if you establish storing like with like, you will have things organised in no time. Try Ikea for great storage ideas, divide everything into categories and store similar articles together.

How to declutter children's rooms Video - ABC News

This is an easy habit for children to pick up. Many children will be resistant to letting anything go, or simply refuse to co-operate with your attempts to organise their space. Reassure them by starting with a shelf or a box at a time. Ask which pieces they want to save, and what can go to a new home. This helps children to learn the process for themselves.

Even the youngest children can put away items such as crayons, cars and smaller toys into crates of a certain colour.

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You could try red for craft materials, blue for dolls, green for cars and so on. This instils good habits to grow up with and can be adapted and added to over the years. Most children end up with the smallest bedroom so floor-space is at a premium. Fix a series of hooks within easy reach so clothes, laundry, shoes and toys can be hung off the floor.

This is quicker, easier and cheaper than fixing shelves. Collections of cars and hair accessories, for instance, can be given a bag of their own. Find a good selection of drawstring bags in different sizes and colours at The Clever Baggers.

The Easiest Way to Declutter Kids’ Toys (with Free Printable Decluttering Calendar!)

You might think that a series of football trophies lined up on a chest of drawers looks great but does your eight-year-old son appreciate subtle home styling? Don't overload every surface. Some youngsters will not be able to tell the difference between you selecting 'special' items for display and them choosing to never put anything away where it belongs.

Thoughtful older children — say from years-old upwards - may be motivated by the thought of helping others.

Urge them to donate outgrown clothes, books, toys and games to charity. Help them choose a good cause, and assist in dropping off their donation or arranging collection, quickly and efficiently.