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Armed with an instinctive - even if inexplicable - skill set, it isn't long before Kiuno realizes she's been thrust into a fantasy world she'd dedicated two years toward navigating. Except this Chronopoint isn't just a game. Left without any alternative, Kiuno is forced to embark on a journey - filled with danger, deception, and sorcery - in an attempt to locate the rest of her Chronopoint alliance. Failure to do so will doubtless result in death Reed is a quickly engrossing story with the type of strong female lead readers look for and rarely find in the books we read today.

Kiuno is tough, intelligent, and capable in a narrative that will endear readers to her immediately; a well crafted and layered multidimensional protagonist in a multiplayer environment. The plot is unique and wholly singular: a marriage of almost prehistoric survival and modern technology.

I'm excited to see where book two leads and would recommend Running with the Wolves to readers hungry for a fresh new voice in the fantasy genre. Review written for Readers' Favorite. Oct 22, Shannon rated it really liked it Shelves: reads. I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest opinion 4. At first I didn't really had an expectation as to where this story was going, but it became clear really soon.

The plot was so good, and it had just the right pace. It also had the right amount of happy events opposed to the amount of sad events. Also, this book definitely didn't bore me, and I really like the concept. One thing what I didn't like about this story was I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest opinion 4.

Maas, the resemblance was a little but too much for me. That's the only reason why I didn't give this book the full five stars. Jan 28, Dany rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads , arc-reads , young-adult , fantasy , btb I actually got this e-arc randomly and i got my soul ripped out in exchange spoilers : this is a part of a duology which i will be trading my life for. Reasons why I loved running with the wolves and you should too World-building There is a magic system which I hadn't totally got a hold on but its awesome.

The world wasn't built so clearly but it literally was like playing a game.

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There are many survival skills which we will need when we accidentally get sucked through hunger games or maze runner. Someone write a book on this please Characters I loved kiuno and many others especially K. J and Maltack. The character developments are so unique and amazing. No one character is perfect there is no single villain and complex characters and surprise everywhere. Twists and turns I loved and adored how the author pushes us through every word and manages that many twists.

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There are no single twist which was expected and i for one who guesses more plot twists was caught off guard. Gaming Kiuno is a gamer and leads an alliance in Chronopoint and eventually meets many fellow gamers. Feb 12, Justine Barr rated it really liked it. A group of stranded characters struggling to survive in an alternate world full of nightmare monsters, brutal humans, and one giant puzzle in the form of their mysterious captor.

This story is a powerhouse from the first chapter. I was immediately sucked into this well built world and found myself completely invested in the struggles of the characters. Reed has a singular ability to describe harrowing fight scenes and characters with layers of personality. Oct 15, Jessica Julien rated it really liked it. Thank you J. E Reed for the advance copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review First of all, I had no idea what this book was about jumping into it, I wanted to be surprised and I definitely was.

It sweeps you into the realms right away and you're thrown into a story within a story right away I will say it took my quite awhile to get into the book and get that feeling of not wanting to put it down. The beginning felt rushed and a little unorganized b Thank you J. The beginning felt rushed and a little unorganized but once you get a few chapters in it all begins to click. The characters are relatable, the plot moves well, and the concept is very interesting. Overall I really enjoyed the story and learning about this new world Reed created.

There are a lot of unique ideas in here that make it stand out against other similar story lines. Aug 07, J.

Violence, Aliens, Demons, what more do you want?

Garrett rated it it was amazing. Running for the Wolves is not my typical read, but I was pulled into the chase with Kiuno as she initially felt lost and confused, until finding Elliott and Kikyo who help her train. Nevertheless, she powers on, learning as she goes. The battles pick up as the hig Running for the Wolves is not my typical read, but I was pulled into the chase with Kiuno as she initially felt lost and confused, until finding Elliott and Kikyo who help her train.

The battles pick up as the higher realms are reached within the game, and so does the body count… Looking forward to what comes next in the sequel.

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Hoping my favorites make it through! View all 3 comments. Apr 24, Jorja Grael rated it it was amazing. This book caught my attention and held it from page one. Excellent plot, with great world building combined to create a believable story. I really enjoyed the interactions between the characters, strangers in the beginning but close friends and comrades in arms by the end.

The best thing was that it had a happy ending, but still left things wide open for a sequel. I look forward to the next book, if she choose This book caught my attention and held it from page one. I look forward to the next book, if she chooses to write it.

Running With the Wolves

View 2 comments. Oct 03, Lisyet T rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Reed lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and two cats. She works as a Licensed Massage Therapist in the quiet town of Anderson. This is her first novel. All begins when Kiuno the main character wakes up in a forest without memory of how she got there, after she realizes that several days pass and t J. After a while that she was there, she finds out that she was trapped in the world of a game, she and other players have to fight to survive, facing horrible monsters.

Then something interesting happens, is that they enter a ''Chronopoint'' which is a real-time strategy game where she was the leader of an alliance to build and protect a fortress in her kingdom. And that's how the story unfolds, with a series of facts that lead Kiuno to demonstrate her best skills and survive at all costs. This book has an interesting story. Kiuno is a clearly enriching character because her qualities demostrate leadership and intelligence to survive in the game, it is a quick and catchy reading, I feel that there are missing things that should be known and I guess it is a mystery, I can't wait to read the next one.

Apr 16, Paige Martin rated it it was amazing. Running with the Wolves caught my attention from the first page. I am incredibly picky about introductions and J. Reed blew my mind. Her writing style is captivating and mesmerizing in a way I have never experienced. Her characterization captures the uniqueness of each person she introduces and you can see each one of them develop as time passes. The plot is unpredictable and will leave you wide eyed and in shock.

If you're looking for an action packed adventure and an escape into a whole new world, this is the book for you. I'm ready to read the sequel and dive deeper into Kiuno's world! Feb 26, Cerize Sicat rated it liked it Shelves: read-them-in-pdf-ebook-file , arc , I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The opening parts of this book was rather slow but it immediately kept up the pace. I enjoyed the idea of players getting sucked into the game and then there are those unlucky people who got sucked into the game rather unsuccessfully like apparating in Harry Potter and they get splinched. Even though I find the writing to be great, the characters for me were rather bland. Kiuno obviously was the chosen one with this unexplained powerful magic and is this heroine I expect to wreck havoc and be awesome and strong. I was disappointed in most of her parts, due to the fact that she has this power and is the protagonist of our story but I do not connect with her at all.

Of all, I liked Blue and Maltack best and the drinking session of the group was my favorite scene. A lot of gamers and adventure seekers would really enjoy this novel. Thank you so much to the author, J. Reed, for providing me a copy of the novel. And good job on your book. Dec 13, Princess rated it really liked it. Reed really takes RPG to a whole new level in this fantastic debut novel about random people sucked into their favorite gaming universe Chronopoint to play it in real life.

This novel for me is ultimately about sacrifice, and honoring those who left before us. It reminds us how to be brave in the face of adversity and to always draw strength and hope from the ones we love. Many thanks to the author for providing me a copy of this epic adventure in exchange for an honest review.

Full re 3. Mar 16, Laura laurascozyreads rated it liked it. I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All in all I really enjoyed this book! I've never read anything which is based on the idea of people being prisoners in a game and I loved the magic elements. I didn't really get the Hunger Games-Mazerunner-feel which some people described, but I can't really compare it to anything else I've read lately.

The story and the setting were interesting and, especially considering this is a debut novel, the writing was great.

But that also brings me to what I didn't like that much, it was a bit too fast paced for my taste. Also, this may have to do with the world being set up as a game, but why were there no women or girls besides Kiuno that played any important role? That kind of was weird. Now the next part may seem picky, but it kind of bugged me throughout the book. I have to say a bit about Kiuno and the dynamics with her peers.

So, as likeable as I found Kiuno, it didn't become clear to me how she had such a high position in the game before it became reality. If she has any amazing strategic skills or anything like that it didn't really show during the book. Quite the opposite, she's kind of rash and ready to risk everything to save a person she loves which isn't a bad thing at all, but someone who'd risk everyone else's life doesn't really seem like a reliable leader to me.

The others babying her most of the time didn't match up with that either, and while I totally get her being a good friend and a nice person, I don't understand why all of these people were ready to just follow this random girl they've never even met in real life to whatever end and protect her with their lives.

Just a normal girl thrown here like anyone else. Another spoiler-y thing: view spoiler [I'm a bit salty that my favorite character, Kikyo, was killed, but I appreciate that Kiuno didn't fall for him! I'm so tired of love triangles being used as a main plot point, and I'm really glad Kiuno stayed focused on Elite. Feb 24, Patrick D'Orazio rated it really liked it. The concept of transporting an average person into an alternate realm for high adventure has been around about as long as stories have been told. Authors such as Mark Twain, H. Wells, and Edgar Rice Burroughs all took swipes at this concept over a century ago.

Science fiction and fantasy writers have followed that route time and time again ever since. With the advent of table top role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Gamma World, Call of Cthulhu among many others in the seventies, The concept of transporting an average person into an alternate realm for high adventure has been around about as long as stories have been told. With the advent of table top role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Gamma World, Call of Cthulhu among many others in the seventies, the concept of transporting oneself into a fantasy realm took on a whole new meaning.

Donaldson Thomas Covenant. Time marches on, and more recently, a new subgenre has been gaining popularity, thanks mainly to the influx of MMOs, or massively multiplayer online games, such as Everquest, World of Warcraft, and numerous other computer or mobile ap based games where a player can craft a character in a strange fantasy world and join thousands if not millions of others endlessly questing for new adventures.

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Much like with their predecessors, the characters in these written works are tossed into a fantasy realm, though in this instance, it is a computer game universe. It may be a virtual reality, but it is with real world consequences-the characters are in true mortal peril with no reboots or extra lives to spare.

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This insight, he says, relates to genetically determined trainability — rate of fitness gain — rather than aptitude. Our bookshelf was made out of 2 cinder blocks and a plank of wood. Thanks again. Sign me up for the newsletter! My first run was a little over 2 miles.

This is where J. We are introduced to Kiuno, who wakes up one morning in a strange, primordial forest realm, separated from the real world where she lives in with her husband, working a regular job, and living a regular life. She can remember her life back home, but not her true name Kiuno is her online ID-the one she created for the games she plays.

Searching for anyone else in this wild and strange place, she comes across other survivors who are struggling to come to grips with this strange and dangerous place. With that in mind, she forms bonds with others with the goal of finding her online friends including her real life husband and to discover a way out of this lethal place, which is made of ten different realms, each one far more dangerous than the one before. While the story is filled with fantastic creatures and strange magic Kiuno has to figure out how to manage the extremely potent and dangerous magic she possesses , this boils down to a story about survival and finding those around you who you can trust and build friendships with.

For a first novel, this is a very solidly written work of fantasy, with a main character that is well fleshed out and worth rooting for, along with the friends she connects with, both new and old, in her journeys. The editing is solid, though I did have a gripe with an overabundance of pronouns and some confusion, at times, as to who was speaking a given line-words are spoken but the actions in the same paragraph are that of someone else.

Overall though, the writing and editing is crisp and the action moves at a rapid pace.

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It did seem a bit odd that Kiuno seems to be about the only female character of any relevance in this, the first book of what is likely a trilogy. There are other females, but none seem to take up more than a paragraph here or there, while there are numerous male characters to challenge and engage Kiuno in both battle and friendship. Much of the terror in this tale lies in the nightmares that Kiuno is going through-hoping her husband still lives while watching those around her die gruesome deaths as she learns how to control the lethal magic the realms has gifted her with.

The monsters she faces represent only brief interludes on occasion. The story does draw you in, despite the universe the author has created being a bit sparse when it comes to the fantastical again, there are a few run-ins with some quite fantastical monsters, but they are somewhat limited. Her closest friends are well thought out characters that I grew to both appreciate and enjoy, though the villains in this book were fairly uninteresting.

While there are inhuman monsters that come in many shapes and sizes, none serve as more than a passing danger. As the author continues to shape this world and crafts more and greater challenges for the heroes of the piece, it is my hope that Kiuno becomes more of the natural leader her companions believe her to be. Again, this is a solid debut novel and I look forward to checking out the second book in the series.

Overall I enjoyed this book and it was a lot of fun, although it had a frustrating hiccough in the middle. Based on the idea of becoming trapped in a fantasy computer game it could have been completely derivative, but it managed to partially avoid this. One thing that I found confusing was the age of the main character - was referred to as a girl but was also married, so that made it difficult for me to create a good image of her in my mind.

Sep 19, Maria Vermisoglou rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Everyone. My first thought when I read the title was that it had nothing to do with wolves. I was right. A woman wakes up in a strange world not knowing where she is and who she is. Not even her own name. There is a name written in her bracelet "Kiuno. As the days progress, they understand that they are trapped in a virtual game they used to play in real life bu My first thought when I read the title was that it had nothing to do with wolves. As the days progress, they understand that they are trapped in a virtual game they used to play in real life but this isn't virtual reality, this is real life and they can be killed.

Is Kiuno and her friends going to survive?

Will she find her husband and save his life? I liked that book because it was original. It blends virtual reality with magic and it does it in a very balanced way. I loved the fact that the characters were unique and strong. But, why had Elliott had to go? I loved him so much and I was really sad that he died. Nonetheless, it was an exceptional book and I can't wait for the second book! Read it once Read it again! Although at times the plot seemed to move a little slow by the time you reached them end of the book you were glad that it did. Shackle, Nerves of Steel, and maybe Support could also work.

Imaginary Friend? That way he could, for example, do a lot of little attacks, and get lots of re-rolls to do them right. The main problem with that would be it could get tedious to actually play. An idea for The Flash could be that he gains 2 movement per cube allocated to movement. So The Flash is good at getting where he's needed quickly.

But maybe he's less good at thought or manipulation, so he can't just trigger objectives quickly. Justin Bolles. I know But you I think you Etrigan the Demon would be lit. They look good, but I have no idea how balanced they might be.