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follow url These characters capture my emotions and I empathize with them. I love Rodeo Sweethearts and care about the people of Marietta. This is a wonderful, feel good story. Thank you very much. Great thanks in advance! Help me to find this lilian darcy scribd pdf. Who could help me? Jump to. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 9 guests. Analyzing theoretical trends informs on the historical social contexts influencing scientific thought. This study explores the history of archaeological literature on the Great Lakes region.

Despite three centuries of research and an array of theoretical trends, the sample of literature is consistent with archaeological thought in many colonized regions of the world. Professor Xianghong Feng The barefoot doctors represented an innovative movement in Chinese history to address healthcare problems of the rural population. It was a major reassessment of a national healthcare system, and it improved rural health and provided medical treatment on a scale previously unseen in Chinese history. Government participation was necessary to construct this system, but it also fully dismantled it, creating continuing problems for the countryside.

Professor Ronald Westrum Families in America no longer bear out the stereotype of a husband, wife and kids living together. While marriage is still important, a family unit can also mean couples co-habiting, single parents with children, grandparents with children, and even life with an animal companion. Humans have a natural thirst for intimacy, and family satisfies this thirst. So, family is important for Americans, but what family means may differ for each individual, according to the needs of that individual. Once we learn to accept that our expectations are not always on a par with reality, we can have a more healthy appreciation of the family we have, as opposed to what we think a family should be.

Women in developing nations find more economic opportunities in export processing zones and as migrant domestic laborers. This paper examines the lasting impact of such work on gender as well as class inequality by discussing theories, past research and secondary data collected on the status of women in a globalized economy. Professor Bradley Ensor Researching theoretical trends provides insight into the historical social contexts of scholars in academic disciplines.

There are few syntheses examining the different archaeological perspectives on the prehistoric Hopewell culture of North America. This study examines that research in a chronological fashion. The findings suggest that the social contexts of archaeologists played a significant part in the different theoretical trends over time.

One hundred and eighty-five thousand Native children were forced into boarding schools over objections from their parents. The significance of this policy was that it attempted to destroy the identity, language, culture and spirituality of Native people. One hundred years later, Native children were still not white and not accepted into mainstream society. The result of the physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse led to many problems and the intergenerational trauma that is still being experienced today.

Professor Bettie McGowan Since the arrival of the Europeans into the new world, aboriginals of the Americas have experienced much oppression, whether it be governmental seizure of Native lands, the breaking of treaties, or the intentional genocide of countless Native groups. Within the past two centuries there has been much progress with civil rights in the Americas; however, to say that Native groups of today are not oppressed still would be false. In this presentation we look into modern day governmental oppression on aboriginals specifically within Canada.

This is explored through contemporary issues and movements such as the current Idle No More campaign dealing with Native rights in protecting their land and country from degradational industrial practices. Professor Bradley Ensor Investigating theoretical trends presents insight into the social contexts influencing scientific thought. This study explores samples of archaeological literature on Ireland. Unlike archaeology elsewhere, where changing social contexts and researchers led to changing theories in the discipline, archaeological thought in Ireland maintained a theoretical trend centered on defining a national identity.

Young adult novels contain the power to represent many identities to their readers. The presence of such character representation challenges the split between LGBT young adult fiction and mainstream works by normalizing LGBT identities. This paper explores methods of inclusion, as well as the barriers to accessing works with LGBT representation. Under the Queer umbrella? Allies typically enjoy heterosexual privileges, yet at the same time Allies fight many of the institutions that perpetuate these privileges. It is in and with these contradictions that push Allies into a liminal space, suspended between Queer identity politics and the not-Queer identity politics in, I argue, some uncomfortable ways.

I identify this in-between space as a Queer Heterosexuality, which I prove, should exist on the Queer spectrum. Professors Solange Simoes and Suzanne Gray In some arenas, music continues to define women as incompetent and passive through limited genre and racial inclusion, orchestral and leadership opportunities, higher education, and music technology. This presentation discusses this restrictive musical pattern by synthesizing literature regarding classical and modern female musicians, lyric analysis, and interviews with Eastern Michigan University professors.

One such group was male homosexuals. They were imprisoned under Paragraph , which criminalized homosexuality, and were then sent to concentration camps. This presentation is an attempt to make the voices of the thousands that were often shamed into silence heard. Topics covered in this presentation include the life for homosexuals in Germany a few years before the Holocaust, their experiences in the concentration camps during the Holocaust, and what happened after they were liberated, including the memorialization of homosexual victims today.

Professors Solange Simoes and Suzanne Gray While LGBT issues have recently gained prominence in American politics, our national dialogue focuses only on issues important to the gay elite funding the majority of the LGBT movement, like marriage equality. Because of this, the basic needs of marginalized transgender individuals, especially healthcare, are ignored. A feminist intersectional analysis reveals that societal and institutional oppression make it very difficult for this population to access routine and life-saving care.

This study investigates various changes that EMU students recognize within themselves during and after study abroad. The Japanese faculty members participated in formulating the questionnaire so that the results of the research can enhance the program. Professor Margrit Zinggeler The ever-growing international economy is eliminating the old-fashioned ways of isolationist market strategies.

In order for a country to thrive, it must open its borders and allow foreign agencies to do business. The auto industry is one of the most important industries in the world. The auto industry was born in Michigan with companies like Ford and General Motors. Though Turkey is not well known for automobiles, it plays a large role in the manufacture of German autos. Turkey continues to grow as an economic power on the world stage. If Turkey continues this success, it could be a leader in the European Union.

Professors James Perren and Beverly Goodman Language is currently accepted as a mechanism that is inherent to human beings. New research suggesting the possibility of direct genetic influence on linguistic development allows for further understanding of the human language faculty. In this presentation, I examine the contrast between gene-based language hypotheses and contemporary socio-cultural language theories in an effort to advance linguistic understanding.

Additionally, there are no real plans to reverse this trend. On the other hand, the fourth largest economy in the world, Germany, possesses a leading transportation system, largely based on rail. In order to combat the obsolescence of the American transportation infrastructure, a hybrid system that draws on the strengths of both the American and German means of transportation is proposed.

This mistranslation led to what is now known as the soulless American psychology. Professor Carla Damiano Reason was the central focus during the European Enlightenment; through reason people moved away from the standardized knowledge of the church to pursue their own ideas. Her collection of stories, Smoke over Birkenau depicts the plight of women who suffered and perished in the camp, but it also sheds light on the will of some to survive. Death chose its victims randomly in the camps without regard to gender, but women faced some different challenges in the camps than men.

Some are gender-related but others go to the core of the female psyche. This presentation highlights some of those differences. Professor Alfonso Illingworth-Rico Many middle and high school students in the United States opt only to take a second-language course when it is absolutely necessary. For those who do want to learn a foreign language, it is difficult to achieve a high level of proficiency because of deficient teaching methods.

The purpose of this presentation is to explore a sample of alternative educational strategies that can aid students in relating to a language so that they are more likely to engage with the new system of communication. The subjunctive mood in Spanish is used as an example to show how several teaching ideas may lead to increased language comprehension and heightened interest in foreign language courses. Everyone has a story. As educators and learners we examine how the use of personal narratives can be beneficial to potential educators and their students.

In this presentation we examine our personal language learning narratives while relating how their construction enables us to better understand the language learning experience. We explore how this method allows educators to make connections with their students through the framework of their own stories. While he was not the first to translate the Holy Scripture into the vernacular, he is arguably the most influential due to the widespread circulation of his translations.

His style of writing became the foundation of the modern German Language and many of the phrases he coined are used to this day. Social media communities are effective means of communication and prevalent outlets for marketing. This study endeavors to answer the following question: How does social media engagement on Twitter impact box office revenues for movies? We collect tweets about upcoming movies from two Twitter sources: official movie accounts and public users. Potential implications of this study include understanding how filmmakers can promote their movies through Twitter and the influence it has on box office revenues.

In terms of research implications, this project introduces a new prediction measure. Wasdin from childhood to post-Naval discharge. Through his stories, Wasdin describes in detail the community, leadership and training influences that were critical aspects in his development into a Navy Seal Team Six sniper.

This presentation examines how the core leadership and management principles found in his examples are correlated with current academic and professional practices. They are essential to achieving positive personal, academic and professional goals. Organizational change is something that every business must face during its lifespan in order to continue pursuing its best goals and interests. Leadership is required to facilitate the change process. This presentation compares the organizational change success rates of companies that have invested in change management training versus those that have not.

The results suggest a strong correlation between organizational change success and change management training. Importance of change management theory in relation to other aspects of life is also discussed. Professor Jean Bush-Bacelis Reaching Higher is a Michigan-based leadership skills training program for middle and high school students. In this program students learn to make positive life choices.

The author attended the program back in high school. The scope of the project was to help establish a donor base for which the author created a personalized and professional presentation to be used to educate prospective donors for the organization. Besides a beautifully created minute video, this project resulted in staff seeking grant monies, specifically to enhance the diversity aspects of the program.

Professor Stephanie Newell In this paper I explore the disconnect between increasing student debt levels and the perceived value of a college education. As states decreased their support for higher education over the past few years the tuition burden on students and their families has increased. This has led some to question the economic value of a college education at a time of financial crisis for many and decreased employment opportunities for some.

Finally I examine some of the consequences for society of the increased student debt level and the questioning of the value of a college education. Professor Diana Wong This thesis examines major business practices considered unethical and how they influence the evolution of major business laws. Different business case studies provide illustrations and analyses of how unethical actions impact the shaping of business law.

A key component of this presentation is the question of whether the business laws were effective in changing business practices considered unethical and harmful to the economic and social well-being of our economy. Professor Christine Day Pyramid of Success is one of the greatest leadership styles and practices for individuals, groups, teams and firms to use to improve their overall self and overall organization. Pyramid of Success is used by hundreds of businesses and sport teams across the country. John Wooden, who was the greatest coach of all time and one of the greatest leaders to ever live, created the Pyramid of Success during his years of coaching basketball at UCLA.

The paper does this through examining the interrelationship of manufacturing, currency valuation and political relationships as they affect trade between the two countries. Monster Energy, an energy drink product, was launched by Hansen Natural Corporation in The objective of this project was to create a marketing plan for this new product line.

The plan detailed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the brand, and determined its target market. Professor Jennifer Desiderio The concept of universal design for learning UDL is based on the development of flexible and accommodating learning environments that meet the needs of individual learning differences. This review of the literature focuses on the use of movement, technology, and the arts in the implementation of UDL. These three mediums are superior tools for applying UDL principles because they allow for multiple means of representation, expression and engagement.

The information gathered from the research could benefit K students who are struggling in more traditional learning environments. Professor Karen Schulte The overrepresentation of male and minority students has been documented in many studies since the passage of the first special education law in Much less is known, however, about the causes of overrepresentation.

As this review of the literature suggests, the cause of disproportionate referrals to special education may not be so simple. Research indicates a complicated web of interactions contributing to referrals for special education including student, teacher and school variables. Professor Jacquelyn McGinnis One of the goals for special education services is to teach students with cognitive impairments the skills that are required of independent adult citizens.

This study examines the specific skill of learning to tell time through either handson materials or paper and pencil worksheets. The results from two high school students with moderate cognitive impairments are presented. An unexpected finding was the inability to read math word problems. Therefore, considerations for teaching literacy across all curriculum areas are also discussed.

However, the representation of individuals with disabilities in these areas is not. This presentation focuses on the unique population of students with visual impairments and the difficulties of learning biological concepts at the secondary level. Preliminary findings of a project identifying specific challenging concepts and the effectiveness of tactile biological models will be disseminated. Professor Linda Polter Historically, dance has been used to express emotion and to connect with others through movement. This benefit of dance is no different today, as it should be no different for students with disabilities.

Dance could be perhaps even more beneficial for this population. The participants are from a metro Detroit dance school and participate in a weekly class specifically for children with special needs. Professor Alicia Li Literacy skills are important for all children, including those who are blind or visually impaired.

Compared to their peers without disabilities, children who are blind or visually impaired often have poorer literacy skills because of their lack of functional vision. Intervention may occur through various mediums, including print, Braille, and even a combination of the two. The purpose of this project was to investigate effective strategies to improve literacy skills in children who are blind or visually impaired. Collaboration can help educators teach students with and without disabilities using challenging and motivating evidence-based teaching practices.

This session highlights the importance of collaboration among the many stakeholders in K classrooms. Specifically, the presenters will share the meaning of collaboration, its significance, and what it looks like when practiced in a K setting. Approaches to creating a collaborative environment will also be demonstrated. This unit entails community building and also constructive learning with activities that include all students no matter their cultural background. This unit helps students have a better understanding of the Oregon Trail and the significant change it had on the United States and the people who were involved in it.

Students learn foundational information about reading a text through historical and authorial context, use of language, thematic elements, feminist theory, and close reading techniques. An introductory section is dedicated to teaching students the power of writing to fight discrimination and prejudice. The content is specific to the novel and to African American Literature, but students learn to connect with the techniques so that the ideas translate to reading any type of fictional text. Session A — Room — Number 4. Professor Margo Dichtelmiller Early childhood professionals conduct observation-based anecdotal assessments according to publisher-defined methods.

This exploratory study examines the field of early childhood professionals to determine what, if any, gaps exist between practical knowledge — the needs of the assessor — and research knowledge — the needs of a publisher — with a purpose of incorporating the needs of the professional in the process of developing and revising assessments. It also examines existing professional development opportunities in order to provide opportunities that are more relevant to the needs of early childhood professionals.

Professor Patricia Williams-Boyd This is a lesson unit created for 7th grade students that examines cells and their function. It is written and intended to challenge and assist students so that they may all succeed. Professor Martha Baiyee Careful consideration must be given to the assessment of young children since traditional methods of assessing and reporting results are usually not considered appropriate. Young children cannot typically read or write and the traditional report card does not lend itself to best practices in the assessment of young children. Therefore, early childhood educators resort to alternative forms of assessment that are observation based.

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A comparison is made between a traditional report card and a narrative report so that participants arrive at their own conclusions as to why narrative reports are important. Professor Patricia Williams-Boyd This is a lesson unit with a culminating activity that examines social skills that are used in both formal and informal situations.

Professor Patricia Williams-Boyd This presentation highlights a few key concepts from a unit written for an 8th grade social studies classroom. The concepts include: conflict, cooperation, family, determination and heroes. My unit also encourages the idea of groups for support; not always just group work. Student-based interaction is a building block for the scaffolding students receive during any lesson.

My lessons are built around student interaction with teacher guidance and input, rather than teacher dominance. Professor Sylvia Jones A significant issue that middle-aged women are more likely to face is caring for their own children while also caring for their aging parents. That is the essence of being female in the Sandwich Generation. Members of the Sandwich Generation have now become responsible for helping children even if adult , elderly relatives not necessarily a parent and even grandchildren.

This presentation explores the implications of this form of ageism and its impact on society as a whole. Professor Stephen McGregor Excess bodyweight increases the metabolic cost of running, but its relationship to running biomechanics is still not clear. The purpose of this study was to determine differences in trunk accelerations and lower limb biomechanics while running between untrained individuals with high and low body mass index BMI. Nine high and eight low BMI ran on a treadmill with highresolution accelerometer measurement at the lumbar spine and optical motion capture.

Recently, ECGs have been able to point to diseased states beyond the heart. School health policies are developed to prevent obesity and promote healthy lifestyles of their students and staff. The Lincoln Consolidated School District began an assessment process with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to rate their compliance to wellness policies, food choices, physical activity and health education. The results were compared to the data from an online survey of the teachers in the district.

This needs assessment showed conflict of knowledge and enforcement of policy and health behaviors, leading to the development of programs to better enforce policy and improve school health status. Professors Chris Herman and Dennis Kerrigan The purpose of this study was to investigate changes in upper and lower body strength following laparoscopic bariatric surgery at Henry Ford Hospital. Various strength tests were performed by subjects at baseline, at three months, and at six months following surgery.

Results from this study reported a reduction in weight loss and BMI, as well as a reduction in strength. Preliminary data suggests that reductions in absolute strength following bariatric surgery are weight loss related and that post-operative strength training programs for bariatric patients may be beneficial.

Professor Shel Levine Fibromyalgia is a disorder of unknown causes that is characterized by amplified widespread musculoskeletal pain, chronic fatigue, problems sleeping and several other symptoms. This presentation explores the use of electrical stimulation to the cortical region of the brain as a potential treatment option for fibromyalgia patients. This type of treatment has exhibited long term success in treating the symptoms of patients and is currently undergoing examination for approval by the FDA. Cortical stimulation is expected to be approved for fibromyalgia patients pending the results of a supplemental research study that is currently ongoing.

Professors Sandra Pernecky and Alice Jo Rainville Many college students have a limited budget when it comes to food and meals. An affordable and healthy peanut noodle salad was created for a dietetics class. Pantry staples peanut butter and whole wheat noodles were combined with Asian flavors hoisin sauce and rice wine vinegar and finished with vegetables to boost the nutrition content of the salad. High fructose corn syrup HFCS has received recent attention in both popular and scientific media for its potential to differentially influence risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome, relative to sucrose SUC.

The current crossover design study compared the effects of acute HFCS and SUC intake on blood pressure BP , heart rate HR , body temperature BT , and blood glucose BG levels of 13 fasted participants at baseline and 5, 30, and min postconsumption of a caffeine-free, carbonated beverage.

The purpose of this project was to review the quality and quantity of published research on elderly, Chinese immigrants in a residential setting. Methods were also assessed for this type of research in terms of sufficiency and strategy. Professor Betty Brown-Chappell Archiving pertains to the preserving and storing of documents or records relating to the activities, business dealings, and more, of a person, family, corporation, association, community, or nation Archiving, This presentation demonstrates the use of the person-in-environment fit theoretical framework as illustrated through an archival photographic book of myself, and my wife, Vivian Brown.

Professor Yvette Colon The diagnosis of cancer can create depression, helplessness, and many other emotions. While much research exists about the psychosocial needs of patients and caregivers dealing with cancer, much less is known about those dealing with metastatic cancer, cancer that has spread from its original site.

There is research indicating that psychosocial factors can influence the immune system, pain tolerance, and acceptance of the course of treatments as well as progression of disease; however, the lack of research into the psychosocial status of metastatic cancer patients and caregivers leaves us wondering how to best provide appropriate support and services to them. Professors Janet Reaves, Marilyn Wedenoja, Claudette Braxton and Tara Grigsby This presentation involves a discussion of our experience during a servicelearning project in Jamaica over winter recess.

The cultural differences in logic between American and Jamaican parenting styles are highlighted; specifically in relation to adolescents. The basic school experience for Jamaican natives are discussed as well. The caregivers are widely unpaid and untrained on the services they are providing to the elders.

This presentation analyzes the development of the demographic shift of individuals living longer in the United States, the policy proposal, and the feasibility of implementing ECSIA. Policymakers must be cognizant of implications for children facing what is essentially life with one parent over the other. I am to designing, building and programming a model plane that is capable of autopilot flight, along with exploring its possible everyday, non-violent uses. The initial prototype is made of foam or a similar material with an autopilot system.

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Test results and findings of how to use this technology to benefit society are presented. Professor Pamela Speelman This presentation describes the role of a team leader to create a video game. Three steps of production and how they are used to create a finished project in Game Maker are explained. Different elements used in creating a video game, and how the team dealt with time constraints to complete the game in a three-week deadline are also presented. Topics include, creating and balancing game mechanics, creating graphics and animation, sound engineering, and design elements to improve the quality of the game.

However, a more dangerous side of malicious computer use preys on this stereotype and can take down even the most secure computer. Social engineering is the art of manipulating people into doing something against their better judgment or policy, and this presentation attempts to expose this relatively unknown side of computer hacking in order to promote education and training.

Bullying has been around for quite some time, however, cyberbullying is a fairly new phenomenon. The digital age brought a whole new way for students to bully their peers and research into the topic is critical. The Columbine massacre was the most deadly school shooting in American history at the time, and after Columbine, many schools began looking at bullying, including in Cyberspace bullying, as a serious problem.

Schools are not certain how far to extend their jurisdiction. Professor William Sverdlik Buffer overflows are one of the most prevalent vulnerabilities in modern software. Known buffer overflow issues have pervaded the Internet for years. Metalsmithing can range from jewelry to hinges to raised vessels. Raising is a technique that is under appreciated, and yet, when it is done with well-practiced craftsmanship, it can surpass expectations by transforming a simple bowl into a work of art.

Raising has become my niche in metal. History, culture and nature all inspire and greatly influence my metalsmithing. However, landscape and topography have been the strongest influences in my raising. As in all art, metalsmithing builds off of other knowledge, inspiration, techniques, mistakes and practices. Group 2. Professor Cara Shillington Juvenile animals tend to have higher energy expenditures due to increased growth rates compared to adults, which can be met with increased foraging activity.

We studied two age groups of tarantulas and compared impacts of food availability and age on metabolic rates and locomotory activity.

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Preliminary results indicate differences in growth but not locomotion between feeding groups. Professor Kristin Judd Phragmites australis and Typha x glauca are two non-native plants invading biologically-sensitive wetland ecosystems across North America. Both species produce large amounts of biomass each year. In this study we compared decomposition rates of Phragmites and Typha plant litter using the litter bag method. Michigan during the summer of Bags were collected twice during the summer growing season. Group 1. Professor Chiron Graves Students from urban, high poverty schools score lower on standardized tests than students from rural and low poverty schools, especially in science.

Culturally relevant pedagogy CRP and student-centered learning SCL have shown positive results in counteracting this negative trend. This project examined the effectiveness of lesson plans using a combination of CRP and SCL theoretical frameworks to help students from urban, high poverty schools increase their social awareness and knowledge of biological concepts. Professor Katherine Greenwald All organisms shed trace amounts of DNA into their environment for example, via fur or skin cells. Environmental DNA eDNA analysis is a technology that can determine the presence of a species in a specific habitat by amplifying its DNA from an environmental sample using species-specific primers.

The goal of this research is to test the accuracy of this method by comparing eDNA analysis to data from 30 ponds already determined through trapping and spotting methods to have a known presence or absence of Blue Spotted Salamanders. Confirming the accuracy of eDNA analysis will help validate its use as a quick, cost effective technique for identifying habitats of endangered species. Learning the functions of these proteins will improve the understanding of plant cell wall carbohydrate biosynthesis. Fragile sites are regions of chromosomes that break when replication stress occurs in a cell.

Break repair processes may result in deletion or amplification at fragile sites, which can affect tumor suppressor genes and proto-oncogenes. It has been proposed that a regional lack of origin sites in fragile site regions is responsible for breaks. When few origin sites are present, a delay in replication due to replication stress would lead to incomplete DNA replication in fragile site regions.

Eph receptors and ephrin ligands activate a cell-signaling pathway that regulates cell interactions during the embryonic development of vertebrates. Within this family, ephrin A-5 signaling protein binds to the Eph A-4 receptor. Data indicates that ephrin A-5 expresses earlier than Eph A We are currently working on the knockdown of ephrin A-5 to discern function of its early expression. Since ephrin A-5 is expressed early in development in Xenopus laevis embryos, we hypothesize that embryonic development is dependent on this protein. Professor Howard Booth Intense exercise can dramatically reduce the effect of sarcopenia, the normal aging trend toward loss of muscle mass, strength and athletic performance.

Literature research and data collected from our survey help quantify the predicted advantage that intense exercise has in maintaining athletic performance for masters athletes over the decades. We compare masters athletic performances over time, with age-peer non-athletes and younger age groups. This study enhances our understanding of muscle strength physiology and the role of exercise intensity for all of us as we age.

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Resilience is the power or ability to return to the original form after being compressed or stretched. What is a young and beautiful illegal alien to do to survive two alien worlds, the Hispanic and Anglo worlds, with their own good and evil characters? The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in also altered significantly the predominant narrative of cultural trauma by shifting the focus from the Shining Path to government abuses. Het bourne bevel ebook - Robert Ludlum. I was reading and thinking: This is freaking addicting and I want to end it right now.

Professor Katherine Greenwald Unisexual all female Ambystoma salamanders have a unique form of reproduction called kleptogenesis. They coexist with other bisexual salamander species in ponds, and in order to reproduce, unisexuals take sperm packages that are laid down by the males of the coexisting species. Oh, Behave! Personalities behavioral syndromes in invertebrates are an emerging area of biological research that offers important insights into ecological and evolutionary connections.

Personalities were investigated by observing shyness and boldness during feeding in tarantulas. Spiderlings were divided into high or low feeding treatments, relative to body mass. We compared behaviors, consistency in feeding patterns, and mass changes over monthly trials. Initial results suggest few trends in feeding behaviors, but higher-fed organisms exhibit greater mass gains.

All human chromosomes contain regions of instability referred to as common fragile sites. These regions are more susceptible to breaks when cells are under replication stress. These sites vary in length, most being between kilobases long. Form: sur chiquihuitl , morph. II de quauhchian. II de altera quauhchian. II de quauhchian tertia. Form: sur chocholli et cuahuitl.

Sah11,46 quauhchochopitli. L'un des titres de Quilaztli. Faisan S. Form: sur coxolihtli et cuahuitl, sans doute au sens de sauvage. Form: sur coyoctli , morph. IV de quauhcoyoli. IV de quauhcoyoli Chietlae, seu arbore ferente globulos precarios. Il s'agit d'esclaves. Il s'agit des esclaves. Sah HG Xl 3, Iguana iguana rhinolopha. Form: sur cuetzpalin , morph. Cuauheloquilitl, es silvestre especialmente nace entre los tunales, es muy tierna y buena de comer.

Form : sur eloquilitl , morph. W Jimenez Moreno , Variante orthogr.

  1. Carbon Nanowalls: Synthesis and Emerging Applications.
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  3. Técnicas de Investigación Criminalística (Spanish Edition).
  4. Histoire des Organisations dEtudiants Africains en France 1900-1950 (Etudes africaines) (French Edition).

Form: sans doute sur cuahuitl. Form: sur mecatl et cuauhhuitz-tli. Est dit du pays Totonaque. Garibay Sah IV propose algodon de arbol. Gossipium hirsuta Cf. Gossipium hirsutum ou Gossipium mexicana. Sah HG X 29, Sah HG X 20,7. Note: Launey transcrit cuahuichcatl. Form: sur icxitl , morph. Patte d'aigle. Voir aussi cuauhtlahcuiloa. Se nouer les cheveux comme un seigneur. Noter pour le saltillo. Symbole de mort sacrificielle. Dans la parure de Xiuhtlatih et de Xilo. Sah1,16 le texte donne quavivih.

Couvert de plumes d'aigle. Rerum medicarum Nova Hispaniae thesaurus. XXXIV p. Form: sur ixhua,. Qui connait bien les arbres. Est dit du sentier, icxiohtli. Qui a des noeuds, en parlant d'un arbre. Sah11, quauhixio. Illustration : Manuscrit Badianus 50r. Dans Historia de las plantas F. Form : sur iyauhtli et cuahu-i-tl. II W. II quauhyetl. Clavigero Reglas Dyckerhoff , Pilares de madera. Matricula de Tributos lam Form: sur mimilli , morph. Form : sur miztli et cuahuitl. Est dit de la plante cuauhtlahcalhuaztli.

Form: sur neloa , morph. Carochi Arte 20r et 67r. Carochi Arte 20r. Form: nepantlah sur cuahu-itl. Rucher, lieu garni de ruches. Sah10, quauhnecutli. Sah10, et Sah10, Est dit de la fourmi necuazcatl. Form: sur neuctli , morph. Que es hecho con harina muy espesa y muy blanca, hecho con tequixquitl.

Boisson des seigneurs. White atole. Est dit de la racine cuite de la plante atzatzamolli. Sah8,55 quauhnochtli. Sah2, quauhnochtli. Sah9,47 quauhnochtli. Le terme n'est pas traduit par Anders. Dib IX L'un des trois juges du tribunal Tlacatecatl Clav. Il extrait les vers des arbres. Est dit de l'oiseau 'chiquimolin'. Form: sur ocuilin et cuauh-, du bois. Bois touffu, obscur. Sedanum sedroideum Moc.

Sah2, quauhpachiuhquj. Form: pft de pachihui , morph. Codex Borbonicus Form: sur pachtli , morph. Form: sur pahzolli et cuahu-itl. Form: sur pahzoltic , morph. Sur du bois pourri. Form: sur piloa , morph. Form: substantivation sur le locatif cuauhpan? Voir aussi la variante cuappatlachtli. Form : sur patlachtli et cuahu-i-tl. Form: sur pepechtli , morph. Form: sur petlacalli , morph. Sah6, quappetlapan. Garibay II Sah11, saplings - quauhpilli et Sah 11, Chim3, - 95r. Form: sur pinolli , morph.

Form: sur cuauhpitzahui. Maison recouverte de bois. Peterson ,2o8. Sah HG IX 2,1. Form: sur quechilia , applicatif de quetza , morph. Form: sur quechtli et cuahu-i-tl. Par ailleurs Tezozomoc , dit 'trian unas mantas como que servian de luto, que llaman 'quauhquemitl' y 'quauhtilmatli'.

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Dyckerhoff I, Dyckerboff , Dans une liste de parures des dieux. Form: sur quetza morph. Form: sur cuahuitl , propose R. Porte sud de l'enceinte du grand temple de Tenochtitlan. Sah HG II 34, Anders XII. De petits paniers en bois. Form: sur tanahtli et cuahu-i-tl.

Form : sur tahpazolli et cuahuitl. La pluma de todas las aves, assi de la barriga, como de las espaldas. Form: sur cuauhtelolohtli. Form: sur momotla , morph. Form: sur telolohtli et cuahu-i-tl. He lays the wood. Est dit du charpentier. Voir le redupl. Sur des roues de bois. Form : sur temalacatl et cuahu-i-tl. Sah12, quauhtematlatl. Form: sur tematlatl. Launey Introd Form: auxiliaire sur nom possessif.

Est dit du vendeur de bois. En un lieu voisin d'un bois. Est dit de l'ivrogne. Sah HG X chap.

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Qui a une palissade de bois. Un petit arbre. XLIII p. IV quauhtepopopatli seu montanas scopas medicatas. Copaifera himenifolia , un copayer. Le texte espagnol corresp. Pour soigner le cuir chevelu. Form: sur tequi , morph. Form: nom d'action sur cuauhtequi. Bucheron, scieur de bois. Petit tronc d'arbre, jeune plant. Avec des pattes ou des griffes d'aigle. Sah8,24 quauhtetepoio. Sah8,25 quauhtetepoio. Carochi Arte. Form: sur cuahu-itl.

Form: sur cuauhtic, avec redupl. Quelque peu long. Est dit de l'oiseau huilotl. Form: nom abstrait sur cuauhti. En haut de l'arbre. Est dit de l'oiseau cuitlacochin. Form: sur cuauhticpac. Est dit de la peau, ehuatl. Hern II quauhtilizpatli. Form : sur pahtli et cuauhtiliz-tli. Form: nom d'action sur cuauhti. Est dit de l'iguane, cuauhcuetzpalin. Est dit de la grue, tocuilcoyotl.

Form: suff. Les habitants de Cuauhtitlan. Sah6,90 oantlacatque. Le texte esp. Carochi Arte 57r. Sah2,69 quauhtlachcaiotica. Dont est fait la bordure de la blouse de Xiuhtlatih. Sah11,40 note 4. Petit buisson. Est dit de la plante tlatlancuayeh. Form: sur cuauhtlacual-li. Form: sur tlacuicui, morph. Sculpteur sur bois. Form: nom d'action sur cuauhtlacuicuilia. Taille des arbre. Form: sur cuauhtlacuicui. Form: nom d'objet sur cuauhtlacuicui. Dans une liste d'artisans tarasques. There are trees. Habitant des hautes terres, montagnard, sauvage, habitant des bois.

Form: sur tla- i hcuiloa , morph. Form: nom d'action cuauhtlahcuiloa. Form: nom d'objet sur cuauhtlahcuiloa. Sah11, quauhtlaelli. Est dit du cerf mazatl en Sah11, Form: sur tlahquittli et cuahu-i-tl. Morphologie interne de l'aigle. Gouverneur militaire. Sah3,55 quauhtlato. Form: sur pft. Gouverneurs militaires. Masse pour battre le lin. Dans la description d'un palais. II Dans la parure des capitaines, tequihuahqueh. Chim , Fendeur de poutre. Plate-forme en bois. Petite colonne de bois. Joe Campbell et Frances Karttunen Form: nom d'objet sur cuauhtlatia. Bouchon d'outre.

Sah HG X 28, Jathropos sp. Form: sur le pft de tlatlatzini. Action de tordre des branches S. Celui qui tord, joint des branches ensemble S. Fermeture, verrou en bois. Form : sur tlaxichtli et cuahu- i -tl. Est dit du singe, ozomahtli. Qui abat des arbres. Est dit de la plante oquichpahtli. Form: sur tlehco , morph. Qui grimpe aux arbres. Sah11, quauhtleconj. Euphorbia calyculata H. Hernandez I Anders Dib X note 5. II de quauhtlepatli, seu arbore igneo. II de quauhtlepatli altera. II de quauhtlepatli tertia. Hernandez Rerum medicarum Nova Hispaniae thesaurus.

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Aquila chrysaetos Garibay Sah IV Anders Dibb XI 40 note 1. Jacqueline de Durand-Forest. Les glyphes cuauh-tli. Michel Gilonne , En particulier, busard Saint-Martin. Circus cyaneus Angl. Sah11,43 quauhtlotli. Voir cuauhtommazatl. Sah HG II 28,1. Il s'agit de l'arbre xocotl. Petit arbre. Dinde sauvage. Meleagris gallopavo. Noix de gale. Melanerpes aurifrons. Pivert, oiseau qui fait des trous dans les arbres Sah. Dib Anders V note 5 s 'quauhchochopitli'.

Anona Cherimolia Mill. Dressler op. Annona cherimola Mill. Custard apple. Sous texatletzapotl, R. III quauhtzapotl. I 45 de Ahate Panucina, seu Quauhtzapotl, vel Anona. II de quauhtzapotl, seu Anona. II de quauhtzapotl secunda, seu Tzapotl montana. Form : sur tzapotl et cuahu-i-tl. Form: nom d'objet sur tzatzapiqui , morph. Qui a une grille un treilli de bois.

Form: sur tzatzaztli , morph. Form: sur tzicoa , morph. Form: sur tzictli et cuahu-i-tl. Illustration : Codex Badianus 47r. III de quauhtzitzicaztli, seu Urtica montagna. Codex Badianus 47r. Est dit de Coatl Icue. Est dit de Cihuacoatl. Form: sur xacalli , morph. Form: sur xaxaca et cuahu-i-tl.

Form: sur xeloa , morph. Hache, instrument pour fendre du bois. Dans ou sur la coupe ou calebasse de l'aigle. Rituel mortuaire. Sah2, et En relation avec les Tlamatzincah. Christian Duverger. Est dit de la plante tezhuatl. Scheelea liebmannii Becc. Form: sur xihuitl et cuahu- i -tl. Parmentiera edulis DG. Parmentiera edulis DC. In Hernandez, Historia de las plantas II Anders Dib XII Dans une liste de fruits. III quauhxilotl, seu arbor ferens fructum similem spicae Maizii.

III de quauhxilotl altera, quam Platanum alii vocant. B 10v. Charpenterie, quartier des charpentiers. Charpentier, menuisier. Qui coupe du bois. Sah1,58 quauhxinquj. Elaphrium multiugum , Elaphrium odoratum. Form: sur cuauhxihu-itl. II de quauhxiuhtlepatli, seu medicina ignei fructicis. Feuillu, garni de feuilles et de branches, en parlant d'un arbre. XIX p. IV de quauhxiotl. IV yztacquauhxihotl. Egalement nom d'un arbre de petite taille. IV de yztacquauhxiotl, seu Quauhxiotl alba. Sah Garibay IV Santamaria Vol I, p. Le chant lyrique Citrus aurantium L.

Form: sur xocotl , morph. Sah HG XI 7, Oxalis angustifolia, Oxalis corniculata. Form: sur xoxocoyolli, morph. Oxalis corniculata. Krieger- Rosette. VII Est dit de la plante tomazquitl. Petit et de forme ronde. Petit et de forme ronde, en parlant d'une plante ou d'un arbre. Illustration Cf. Manuscrit Badianus. II quauhyayahoal. Form: sur yectia , morph.

Est dit de la montagne Chapultepec. Sah6,73 quauhiotl. Petites tiges. Est dit de la plante iztaquiltic. Form: sur zaloa , morph. Greffeur, qui ente, qui greffe. Greffeur, qui greffe. Form: nom d'action sur cuauhzaloa. Form: nom d'objet sur cuauhzaloa. Acte rituel. Form : nom d'action sur zaca et cuahuitl. T Angl. Voir Frances Karttunen p. Form: sur xittomonia morph. Form: sur panahuiltia , morph. Form: sur quetza , morph. Chimalpahin ,8. Chimalpahin 5. Relacion ,8.