Eight Common Goal Setting Mistakes
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It fine to have a goal of climbing a mountain.

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In fact, goals should be big. But tasks should be small. Even supercomputers execute instructions one at a time — they just do it really fast!

Jim Rohn: The No Excuse Guide To Success (Jim Rohn Personal Development)

There is a reason Dave Ramsey has been wildly successful in helping people overcome debt. Break your huge goals into tiny, minuscule, so-easy-a-caveman-could-do-it, steps. It will happen faster than you thought once you get moving.

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How many people have lost weight, held up their super thin trophy, and put the pounds right back on? More than fifty. When you accept victory, the game you were playing had better be over! Just yesterday I saw a sports special on one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history. They did come back. Humility and confidence allow us to make giant strides forward and retain the results.

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I recently read a study about goal achievement with a surprising result. Those who told friends about their goal intentions were less likely to achieve their goal. The researchers suspected that they felt a sense of satisfaction from saying their goal and getting the favorable, positive response from friends.

Do You Need an Attitude Adjustment?

In other words, they may have felt like they had succeeded before they had even started! He asked those he encountered for words describing their sensations during especially productive practice sessions. Among the terms they used were attention, alert, focus, mistake, repeat, tiring. If I skip practice for two days, my wife notices. If I skip for three days, the world notices.

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Executive coach M. Ryan refers to studies at the University of Pennsylvania showing that grit, the determination to succeed, may be as important as ability. Scientists have speculated that it enables people to endure inevitable setbacks, making success more likely. Psychologist Carol Dweck explains that we tend to exhibit one of two mind-sets: fixed our qualities are fixed in stone; we are either good at something or not or growth we can cultivate basic qualities through effort; everyone can change and grow.

Someone with a fixed mind-set tries to arrange successes and avoid failures at all costs. Fixed-mind-set children will, given the choice, stick with math problems at a level at which they know they can succeed.

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In contrast, children with a growth mind-set seek out harder problems, pushing the boundaries of their ability in order to get better. It, like failure, means you're not smart or talented.

If you were, you wouldn't need effort. In the other world, effort is what makes you smart or talented. He wasn't recruited by the college he wanted to play for.

Mistake 1: Setting Unrealistic Goals

He wasn't drafted by the first two NBA teams that could have chosen him. Gladwell, too, identifies effort as a key factor leading to success. He cites an earlys study by psychologist K. Anders Ericsson. At Berlin's Academy of Music, Ericsson discovered that the best student violinists were those who had put in the most practice: those elite performers had accumulated around 10, hours of practice by the age of The research, he argues, suggests that when musicians have enough ability to get into the top music schools, it is effort that determines the level they reach.

Avoid The Dangers Of The Personal Development Industry

Bill Gates, Mozart and the Beatles, he says, all rose to the top through the amount of time invested in their chosen field. This, too, is an age-old biblical principle. Deep practice raises an intriguing possibility: that practice might be the way to forge the blade itself. It seems self-evident that focused practice makes us better at something, but why?

Coyle suggests that targeted effort can greatly increase learning velocity. In his research he found reference to a substance in our bodies called myelin, which insulates sections of neurons, or nerve cells. Citing neurobiologist Douglas Fields of the US National Institutes of Health, he remarks that myelin plays a key role in the way our brains function. All of our thoughts and movements are the result of electrical signals traveling through a chain of neurons.

It appears that the more myelin there is to act as insulation, the greater the signal strength, speed and accuracy of the electrical impulse. Also, the more we fire a particular circuit, the more myelin wraps around it, so the faster and more fluent our thoughts and movements become.

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Rather than innate inherited talent, he argues, it was their early experiences, opportunities and prodigious amounts of practice that enabled them to become great writers. They became great writers because as children they were willing and able to spend vast amounts of time in collaborative deep practice, building myelin in the process. They work much, much harder. So if there is something we want to succeed at, we have to keep working at it—firing circuits and building myelin.

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This applies as much to physical skills as to thought processes. It is what lies behind the notion that we overcome bad habits by replacing them with good ones. Nothing you can do. But he says there are plenty of ways to be a success in our own personal circumstances, whether as a wonderful teacher; a creative, ethical entrepreneur; or a loyal, hard-working clerical assistant. As Dweck notes, the ability to strive, work and practice depends on the growth mind-set, where mistakes are seen as opportunities.

And that is why I succeed. Failure does not measure or define us; it is a necessary step on the path to success. The wrong approach to failure can also lead us to view others as condemnatory judges. That is, a representative of the white establishment.

Those with a fixed mind-set saw his comments as threatening or insulting, and they rejected his advice. Those with a growth mind-set, while describing the professor as arrogant, intimidating and condescending, were nevertheless able to react positively to his evaluation. Having a growth mind-set allowed these students to recruit the professor for their own purposes.

Their goal was to get an education, and even if they thought he was pompous, they were going to listen and learn.