The Truth Regarding Ancestral Worship

Ancestor Worship! A Counterfeit of the real thing?
Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online The Truth Regarding Ancestral Worship file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with The Truth Regarding Ancestral Worship book. Happy reading The Truth Regarding Ancestral Worship Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF The Truth Regarding Ancestral Worship at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF The Truth Regarding Ancestral Worship Pocket Guide. My mening is dat God dit juis so wou he. Ons kan net Levitikus , en Jesaja gaan lees soos God in sy woord vir ons laat opteken het dan is die verduidelikking reeds genoeg en duidelik wat God van die voorgeslagtelikke geeste beoefening dink. Ons weet almal dat God geestelik is en so ook satan.

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As jy op die vlak is om geestelikke kommunikasie te he met enige geeste dan moet jy dienssbaar en onderdanig wees aan die geeste. Waarom wil ons die punt probeer bewys of dit moontlik is al dan nie as ons nie toegerus word of deur God toegelaat word om dit te doen nie.


Vir God is enige iets moontlik en Hy kan toelaat wat Hy wil of nie wil nie!! Ek wonder of my boetie nie juis moet verduidelik aan sy mensies dat dit n gebied is waar kinders van God nie moet wees nie. Kindly take note that as a born again Christian we are not allowed to do the ancestral worship.

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And so we will be with the Lord forever. November 11, at pm. Hi ,thank you so much Prof for that information because those scriptures confuse quite a number of people. Starting with 1 Sam , why would Samuel who died a man of God appear when Saul had inquired from a woman with familiar spirits ungodly spirit , ancestral worshiper. So as rightly said above in that parable in Luke there are certain truths that were being tough us by our Lord e. Thus 1 peter talks of Jesus going to preach unto the spirits that were in prison, this is referring to the three days when He went to the heart of the earth when he preached to the spirits that were in the hands of Satan, this means even Samuel was part of the people who were preached to.

To quote the words of pastor Perry Stone ,He was trying to paraphrase the message that our Lord could have preached to the spirits who were in prison as in 1 Peter , He says Jesus could have started by asking Adam are you here and Adam responds yes I am here Iv been bound by Satan and Jesus in response says i have come, that tree that was called the tree of life in the Garden its me ,Isiah are you here, when you said unto as a child is born you were referring to me i have come ,pack your bags we are going, Abraham are you here ,when you said the Lord shall provide a lamp, you were prophesying about me pack your bags we are going.

On the third day when Jesus was resurrected it is said that even the graves of those who had died were opened and they rose from the dead and appeared to many. This marked the exodus of the dead Godly, who were in prison. In conclusion and answer to the initial question ,Satan was in charge of all who died so when those with familiar spirits ancestral worshipers inquire of the dead, their inquiries go straight to the master of the dead who would decide which of the dead to show to the inquirers.

Ancestors in Africa and Asia

The Truth Regarding Ancestral Worship [Matlou Selepe] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. The book deals with ancestral worship practiced. There are some common threads in the practices of ancestor worship around the In fact, all contact with the spirit world is expressly forbidden irrespective of.

And this phenomenon can never happen now because Satan is no longer in charge of those who sleep in Christ. November 19, at am. I am a Pastor…. I want to further my studies from I have a diploma but now I want to carry on. Please assist me on how to register for next year. Yours in Christ …… MW. August 24, at pm. Such a wonderful information especially from Farai. It really makes sense.

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The New Testament underscores the serious consequences and repercussions of sin when it refers to the second death Jude 12; Rv , etc. Therefore, the soul of the dead cannot be recalled by a medium who is acting contrary to the will of God Heb ; Rv ; Rm ; Gn This is where the South Africa comes into especial focus. The second death and eternal torment follows eternal severance with God in Christ. Tyndale Bulletin 45,

Thank you all for these truth. Good to share. May 27, at pm. Thank you man of God Farai for we share the same understanding and I glorify God for that. Its quite an interesting discussion. The seminary is an academic institution and has been engaged in theological training and education for the past 60 years.

​Ancestor Worship in Italy

Share the Good News! This is done as a form of offering to the dead in order to placate them. While this specific aspect may well be incompatible with Christianity, it becomes difficult to see how the rest is. To pay respects to the dead is natural, to ask for their help and guidance assumes, for a Christian at least, that they would be working in some form of intermediary for God.

The fact that in both cultures the Ancestor is required to be virtuous as well means that there is near perfect overlap between the theological role played by ancestors in these cultures and the saints in western Christianity. In Catholicism saints also act as intermediaries between the believer and God, they are often assigned to have personal relations to individual believers, were of virtuous character and are venerated and shown great respect by believers.

The Catholic Church itself has struggled but accepted the practice of Ancestor worship.

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Non-Catholic Christians, like myself, may still not be familiar with this idea, but that still does not make the practice of Ancestor Worship incompatible with Christianity. We should not only speak of how local cultures and traditions can fit with Christian Theology but also how Christianity, as a global faith, can learn from and adapt to local practices, customs and ways of doing Theology.

This is where the South Africa comes into especial focus.

The Truth Regarding Ancestral Worship : Matlou Selepe :

The idea of Ancestors being present with us brings a different understanding of both liturgy and tradition; as our ancestors are present with us, so they are able to preserve us in our traditions and help us to remain in good ways of being. Chesterton wrote :. Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors.

It is the democracy of the dead.

The Truth Regarding Ancestral Worship (Paperback)

Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about. The theological reasoning is that he is the firstborn of a new creation, the first ancestor of a new race of humanity which is the family of God. As we die we become ancestors to our living descendants, we also become part of the body of Christ. To see this body as the Ancestor of all, is no great stretch. Theology cannot be done outside of a cultural context.

Respect for a culture means taking the time to understand that culture, this requires humility when looking at your own as well. Speaking personally, when I am invited, in Taiwan, to come and show my respects to the Ancestors of the family taking care of me, I take the time to do exactly that.

The truth about ancestral worship

I treat it as a prayer just as the prayers that I am used to saying in Church. Showing respect, honour and veneration of the dead is something to be encouraged, and this is how I have treated the ceremonies and rites that I have taken part in when in Taiwan.

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