Victimized By A Serial Killer

How Ted Bundy got away with so many murders, according to a forensic psychologist
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Why does it seem like serial killers all wear the same glasses?

source site Archived from the original on September 22, KOMO News. OC Weekly. Generally those are women, and youths of both sexes, in the high-risk lifestyle demographics -- sex trade workers, substance abusers, socio-economic outcasts, and free-spirits who travel alone. A police official told The Associated Press that if the statements the suspect made while under questioning were true, he killed five women and two girls. Alcala was arrested and extradited to California. It indicates the ability to send an email.

Avoid sitting in a parking lot fiddling with the radio, checking your mobile phone, putting on your seatbelt, or anything else you tend to do before you start driving. Lock your doors and windows at home. Most burglaries occur by criminals by trying out door handles or windows in a neighborhood until they find one that is unlocked. Don't risk it.

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Method 2. Beware of needy strangers. It is always nice to help people, but some people are extra sympathetic. Killers often prey on these sympathies to incite them to drop their guard. Whether they are limping with a cane, carrying too many packages, or whatever the reason is, if it sounds fishy, decline to help. Avoid giving directions to unknown people in isolated areas. If they really need directions, they will drive to the nearest service station or call someone on their mobile phone.

Trust your gut instinct. If someone approaching you gives you the creeps, do not engage them in any way. Anyone in your surrounding area that makes you feel uncomfortable should be avoided. If you are entering a situation that feels like it might go horribly wrong, get out of it immediately. Be wary of getting into a lift with a suspicious person. Wait for the next one and risk being considered rude. Never let strange people into your home. If someone arrives at your door as a service person you were not expecting, call the company and verify before opening the door.

Anyone claiming to need assistance can wait until a police car arrives to help them. Avoid giving personal information to strangers.

Rodney Alcala

Make your social media profiles private and don't post where you are or where you will be at any specific time. Method 3. Run away. If you feel threatened by a suspicious person or are approached by a would-be attacker, the best way to avoid getting hurt is to run away from this person and towards a busy public area. Escaping is the quickest way to end an attack. Engage in regular exercise so that you are physically strong enough to run quickly and far enough to get away.

Wear reasonable shoes anytime you are walking around by yourself. Save fashionable footwear for nights out with a group of friends, or keep a pair of flats with you for walking. Hide from your attacker, if you cannot escape the scene. Plan a safe hiding location inside your home, preferably with two nearby exits. If a serial killer comes in one exit, you should be able to get out using the other. Keep your voice confident and authoritative and yell as loudly as you can. If anyone is within hearing distance, you might attract their attention.

Even if nobody hears you, you have shown your attacker that you are not an easy target and are not worth the risk. Serial killers are typically methodical in making sure there is little risk of getting caught before approaching a potential victim. Carry and learn how to use pepper spray. Pepper spray, extract from hot peppers, can be effective at inhibiting an attacker if used correctly. Find a class teaching proper administration and storage before buying or carrying this device. Many users accidentally spray themselves when the canister gets lost in their bag or purse. Consider it like any other weapon you would need to learn to use correctly to avoid self-injury.

Learn self-defense techniques from a trained instructor. There is a lot of advice on the internet for protecting yourself in a fight, but reading it is not the same as learning it.

Victimized By A Serial Killer

Self-defense classes like Krav Maga teach specific responses for common attacks, and attending classes provides a chance for you to practice real world advice. Make sure to attend classes with a certified instructor to supervise you and make sure you will not injure yourself through inexperience. Check your local government and non-profit websites. Many cities offer self-defense classes for free or on a sliding scale based on income. Use your strongest body parts to counterattack. Your strongest parts are your elbows, head, and knees.

Which one you use depends on your own position relative to that of your attacker. A man identified only as "John" went to McArthur's home on Jan. When John managed to get the bag off, McArthur tried to tape his mouth shut.

Leno And Rosemary LaBianca: The Couple Brutally Murdered By The Manson Family

Victimized By A Serial Killer [Gloria Tucker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The account of serial killer Gary Michael Hilton's trial for the. Victimized By A Serial Killer - Kindle edition by Gloria Tucker. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

It was at that moment police knocked on the door, Cantlon said, according to the BBC. Police had been tracking McArthur's movements and decided to arrest him when they realized he was with another potential victim. Upon searching McArthur's home, police found a hard drive that contained photos he took of his victims, some posed nude in a fur coat and with cigars between their lips. At least one victim had his eyes taped open in the photos. The photos were stored in eight individual folders, with a ninth folder having been created for John.

In addition to dismembering his victims, McArthur would shave some their heads and beards, then store the hair in ziplock bags in a shed by a cemetery. There is evidence that Mr. McArthur sought out and exploited these vulnerabilities to continue his crimes undetected. Kinsman, who was last seen on June 26, , had a diary entry for that day that was marked "Bruce.

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This discovery gave her pause and she did not kill him. This shows that Aileen does not fit the mould of a typical serial killer: she is not killing indiscriminately but rather acting out against the very class of people who had victimized her. Perhaps it is because Aileen herself is a victim that it is difficult to characterize her wholly as a villain. Aileen Wournos is a character for whom I felt an immense amount of sympathy.

This sympathy was based not only on Aileen's sexual victimization, but also on the corresponding betrayal she suffered from everyone in the movie who could have been in a position to "save" her. Authority figures not only failed to protect her, but contributed to her victimization. As a child, Aileen's father punished her for being the object of molestation. As an adult, Aileen was twice picked up by a police officer and forced to perform oral sex on him.

Aileen's efforts to rehabilitate herself were frustrated by lack of support. After being raped by the John, Aileen wanted to stop hooking and tried to secure a legitimate job. She was humiliated and rejected at every place she applied, and ultimately returned to hooking, partially motivated by a desire to provide for Shelby.

The Disturbing Trait That Almost All Serial Killers Share

Even Shelby betrays Aileen out of self-interest. In the final scenes of the movie, Shelby testifies against Aileen at her criminal trial, as part of a plea to exculpate her own knowledge of and complicity in the murders. At the end of the movie, I almost felt more animosity towards Shelby than I did toward Aileen: a completely inappropriate response given the relative weight of their crimes. Monster ends with Aileen being lead away from the courtroom and a post-script informs the audience that she was executed after spending 12 years on death row. Though Aileen's execution was off-screen, I was left with the feeling that it was unjust for her to be put to death.

My reaction to Monster stands in direct contrast to my reaction to Dead Man Walking. My reaction was certainly not premised upon the relative severity of their crimes: Ponselet being guilty of an isolated incident of rape and murder, and Aileen being guilty of seven murders over a period of time. Objectively, Aileen is more deserving of the death penalty. However there are two striking differences that effect my assessment of the culpability of these two characters.

Why does it seem like serial killers all wear the same glasses?

First, Aileen was not just the perpetrator of crimes, she was very much a victim herself and had been victimized her entire life. Her crimes were not random; rather, they were the direct result of acting out against the emotional abuse she had suffered through her own victimization. Second, Aileen was a victim of sexual exploitation and degradation, whereas Ponselet was the perpetrator of these crimes. Though I am arguable displaying a gender bias in this assessment, I have a disproportionate amount of sympathy for victims of sexual exploitation and a disproportionate level of condemnation for sexual aggressors.

The story of Aileen Wornous is a tragedy. She was a victim, turned victimizer.