A PLACE FOR CLIFF (The Dominion of Brothers Series Book 3)

A Place for Cliff (The Dominion of Brothers Series)
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Brett-Surman first visited the basin in the s after a woman from Cody visited an exhibit and mentioned Shell and described the area as having dinosaur bones everywhere. Brett-Surman wanted to see it for himself. In the few days he was in the Bighorn Basin in , he found dinosaur bones, mammal bones and ammonites. That was before Manuel and Kvale discovered the track site which Kvale later dated to between million and million years old. Brett-Surman returned to the basin for several years with a Smithsonian program.

The Bighorn Basin is an ideal place to learn about fossils and dinosaurs, he said. For years it was on the display at the Shell post office. The talk on Feb. Nova attempted to dissuade further cooperation by sending an anonymous message to the Raiders exposing Tosh as a spectre. Raynor was prepared to continue working with Tosh, especially as they both had anti-Dominion goals. Nova learned of the operation to raid New Folsom Prison and decided to contact Raynor directly in an attempt to forestall the operation. She revealed the prison held captured spectres, which Tosh wanted to reactivate with the jorium and terrazine the Raiders had procured for him.

Furthermore, she claimed all spectres became psychopathic killers, and that Tosh would inevitably crack and betray Raynor. Raynor was disappointed by Tosh's secrecy, but was willing to continue working with the anti-Dominion spectre, rather than with a Dominion agent. The prison guards were forewarned of the impending raid by Nova, but were ultimately unable to prevent the breakout.

Nova after she assassinated Gabriel Tosh. Raynor was convinced by Nova's argument. The ghost and Raynor's Raiders destroyed the spectre's training facility. She told Raynor that she'd be seeing him again. Nova led the raid on Research Station EB When Bravo Team failed to report in, she ordered all units to sector six. Though Kerrigan escaped, Nova managed to capture Raynor. This following section contains information from concept art that may not be canonical.

At some point, Nova took part in combat against the zerg. This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions , and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline. Alongside fellow commanders, Nova commanded terran forces during the End War. Sometime after the End War , Nova participated in an operation to retrieve a prototype terran phase disruptor.

Her mission was successful, and she subsequently underwent a voluntary memory wipe to forget the mission details. Afterwards, she was personally contacted by Emperor Valerian Mengsk , who discussed with her that his connections to the Moebius Foundation were never made public. However, the Umojan Protectorate had managed to find files linking him to the organization, and he feared they planned to use them against him.

He tasked Nova with entering their neigh-impenetrable space fortress the Keep and retrieving the disks. Nova commandeered the freighter Charon , and made it look as it if it was offline. She then injected herself with a toxin that would fake her death, and set the freighter on a course for the Keep.

Early Life

Her ship was picked up by security, and she was brought in for an autopsy. As she was brought in, the toxin worse off, and Nova used her psionic powers to give the doctor preparing to operate on her a nosebleed and a headache. The doctor left the room, giving Nova time to get into her hostile environment suit. Nova cloaked , and moved through the keep trying to get back to the Charon. However, on the way a shadowguard psionically sensed her, and contacted her, saying she had been behind the attacks on Zanadar Prime that destroyed a tenement house full of innocent people.

Nova reflected that she did not remember this due to her mind wipes, but figured that it could also be psychological warfare. Nova lured the shadowguard down a hallway, and dropped from the ceiling on him. After a brief physical confrontation, Nova shot him in the neck. This however alerted security, and experimental black widow drones were deployed to Nova. Nova ran down a hallway, and noted life support lines in the station filled with liquid oxygen. She shot one of the lines, freezing the black widow swarm. She then ran back to the Charon , and grabbed the gear she needed for the operation.

Nova set up a bomb in one of the maintenance shafts, in plain view of the Umojan security. The Umojans began to evacuate to the nearby sentinel watchtowers , but unbeknownst to them the explosives were fake, and real ones were aboard the evacuation ships. The explosives destroyed the four watchtowers. Noting five minutes until Umojan reinforcements arrived, Nova moved to the vault and set up a phase disruptor to pierce the meter thick wall. However, she was ambushed by the same shadowguard from earlier.

Nova overcame him, and threw him into the line of the phase disruptor's fire, vaporizing both of them and opening the way for the vault.

With the way clear, Nova took the disks and fled aboard the ship carrying the Charon before reinforcements arrived. Nova gave the disks to Valerian, who reflected that he regretted his connection to Moebius, and he had turned a blind eye to their creation of the hybrid. Nova told Valerian that memories and secrets could not simply be buried, that they would always be there to haunt him. Valerian reflected on this, and asked her to leave. Later, Nova prepared to be mind wiped of the mission, when she heard on UNN that Valerian had made the documents public, and announced his connections to Moebius.

Nova then turned around, deciding against the mind wipe. Several years later [27] after the End War , Nova came to be involved in the activities of the Defenders of Man , a terran separatist group. During her operation, she set out to plant anti-zerg devices on Antiga Prime. However, she and Stone soon discovered the devices were psi-emitters. Nova and Stone attempted to retrieve their mission files and tell the Dominion of what the Defenders had done, but she was soon captured by her wrangler , Maxwell.

Nova, under the command of the Defenders of Man, was later trailed by Michael Liberty. Liberty left tips to Radio Liberty listeners leading them to a secure Defender of Man database, where they discovered her profile and footage showing Nova having assassinated undercover Dominion agents in the base. Later, Nova found herself in a Defenders of Man facility, unaware of where she was.

A servo, through which Maxwell's voice spoke, ordered her to put on her visor for software calibration. Doing so, a message appeared within the HUD, telling her that she was in danger, and that she had to escape. She cloaked, despite the voice's protests. She then attacked the camera, and confronted Maxwell, who was running the diagnostic, demanding to know where she was. Maxwell refused, and she killed him. Nova escaped the facility and contacted Stone, who had also escaped. The two fought their way through the facility, reclaiming her CA rifle and pulse grenades and came in contact with Delta Emblock and Theodore Pierce , who had been assigned to Nova's team.

Nova's team escaped from the facility on vultures , with Nova and Stone splitting up on their own through the Sharpsburg freeway. They fought through Defender of Man vultures, hellions , banshees , and a Warhawk to reach the spaceport. The two reached the port, with Stone demanding to stay behind for the next ship.

Nova left on her own, [33] and was escorted by a Dominion battlecruiser to Borea. At the Dominion base there, she was confronted by Admiral Matt Horner , who informed her she had been missing in action for months and had been wanted for treason against the Dominion. However, just then feral zerg invaded Borea and attacked their base. Horner said he believed her when she said she had no memory of the past few months, and asked her to help defend their base.

The zerg attack was slowed, but just then a Defenders of Man fleet arrived and attacked the zerg, informing the population of the planet that the Dominion had failed them and the Defenders of Man would protect them. The Defenders of Man then contacted Horner, demanding he surrender Nova. In the chaos of their attack, Nova and the Dominion escaped the planet. She accepted, and Valerian introduced her to her new weapons and technology specialist, Reigel.

Reigel informed her he could try to make her removed memories resurface by stimulating her neural inhibitor. This was attempted, and she remembered going to Tarsonis City after its fall to the zerg. Her forces secured garrisons surrounding the base while she infiltrated in. The Defenders of Man discovered her presence, and activated a psi emitter in the base. Nova continued on in spite of the zerg attack, and discovered the command room. Nova swore she would put a stop to their operation. Reigel noted that they could not engage the zerg directly, and that there were high casualties.

The Defenders of Man fleet arrived, saying they would help shelter any civilians who needed evacuation. Nova decided that she would engage the zerg first, then deal with the Defenders of Man. Nova arrived on the surface with a group of banshees while Reigel set up her base. Nova and her banshees began engaging zerg hatcheries in the area, but Reigel noticed warp signatures, and thought they were zerg reinforcements. The Death Fleet fired on the zerg, then brought down their Tal'darim mothership. Ji'nara contacted Nova's forces, saying they were after the Defenders of Man, and telling the Dominion to stay away from their forces.

Nova noted that though the Tal'darim would deal with the Defenders, they would likely kill the civilians they were defending in the process.

Nova decided that could not happen, and attacked the four shield projectors defending their mothership. Enraged, Ji'nara sent the mothership after Nova's forces, but without the shield projectors Nova's forces were able to destroy it. However, they also took credit for the victory, a fact Nova bemoaned. Nova returned to the Griffin , but noticed a strange psionic signature coming from the bridge. She leveled her gun to find the Tal'darim Highlord Alarak waiting for her. Reigel stopped her before she could fire, saying he was a guest.

Alarak explained the Defenders of Man attacked a remote Tal'darim outpost and fled, and he desired vengeance. He noticed she once worked with the Defenders of Man, and offered her a bargain, Alarak would lead Nova to terrazine to unlock her memories, and in return she would lead Alarak to the Defenders of Man. Nova agreed, and Alarak took her to Jarban Minor. There Nova found extraction devices set up by the Umojan Protectorate to extract terrazine from the Jarban gliders in the area.

However, they were surrounded by the infested remains of the Umojan team. To make matters harder, Alarak allowed Ji'nara to challenge Nova, and she deployed her forces to destroy the extraction devices. Nova rescued the surviving members of the Umojan expedition, and Reigel noted that there were potential technologies in a nearby cave and science facility. Nova was successful in extracting the terrazine before the devices were destroyed by the infested and the Tal'darim. Alarak met Nova, and said that provided the terrazine didn't kill her it would undo her memory wipe.

Nova asked she would contact Alarak when she found the Defenders, and Alarak simply said he'd know. With that, the two factions parted ways. Nova contacted Valerian, who was dealing with protests outside of Korhal Palace. He was trepid about Nova using terrazine, and told her to be careful. Reigel noted that he could prevent the side effects of terrazine if he administered it to her in microdoses, and she agreed. Upon taking one does, she remembered a briefing by the wrangler Maxwell sending her to Antiga Prime. Nova took the Griffin there, and remembered being in the city of New Andasar.

Talon P.S.

Nova moved through the city, gradually administering terrazine and remembering aspects of her operation, including working with Stone and uncovering the psi-emitters. Nova then remembered that Stone had not wiped the mission files from their operations center, and fought through the feral zerg to reach them. Upon taking them, she took one last dose of terrazine, and remembered that General Carolina Davis was the leader of the Defenders of Man who ordered her mind wiped.

Enraged, Nova reported this to Valerian, and insisted the Davis had to be killed for using her. Valerian stated that he had a plan, and that Nova needed to play her part in it.

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Nova reluctantly agreed. Valerian later contacted Davis, saying he was stepping down as Emperor of the Dominion. Valerian made public his plans to announce his stepping down on the planet of Vardona , and he ordered Nova to aid him in a plot to expose Davis. Valerian would make his speech, and the Defenders would be focused on him and his military convoy. Meanwhile, Nova would infiltrate Davis's compound and apprehend Davis, bringing her before Valerian, where he'd announce her arrest. Nova infiltrated through the sewers, and Reigel noted a power source coming from a lab nearby. Nova slipped past the light defenses guarding the sewers, and made it into Davis's compound.

There she unlocked the two doors leading into Davis's main chamber. However, inside the facility she found Delta and Pierce locked in holding pens, with Delta having no memory of Nova. Nova was concerned, but Reigel assured her that a rescue team would be on their way for them. As Nova entered Davis's chambers she found Stone, who had his memories altered to insist she abandoned the Defenders and betrayed them. Nova incapacitated him, but did not kill him, and told Reigel to send a force to retrieve her old comrade.

Nova pushed into Davis's office, and apprehended her. Nova then dragged Davis out in handcuffs before the people of Vardona, where Valerian announced that he was arresting her for crimes against the Dominion. However, just as she was brought out, Alarak arrived with the Death Fleet and began assaulting the city. He psionically informed her that this was their bargain, but Nova stated he'd refuse to let him harm the city's civilians. Nova, Valerian and Horner prepared a defense of the city. Nova and her Covert Ops Crew were aided by lower ranking members of the Defenders of Man who were unaware of Davis's true agenda.

Reigel noted that the science center in the middle of the city was close to a breakthrough and should be defended. Nova and her forces supported the terran lines against the Tal'darim, whethering the brunt of their attacks and grinding their forces down. Admiral Horner called in the Dominion Fleet , which supported the ground forces with Gorgon -class battlecruisers. Ji'nara attempted to exact revenge on Nova through her motherships, but she was unable to defeat the terran defenders. Evewntually, the lines proved too much for the Tal'darim, who suffered defeat after massive casualties.

In the chaos however, General Davis took the Medusa and fled the planet. Nova got into the Griffin and gave chase. As Nova left the planet, she was contacted by Alarak, who told her she had just made a powerful enemy. Nova told him likewise, and told him to never come back, before shutting off communications. She then contacted Valerian, who was infuriated with Davis's tactics, which were similar to her fathers, and told her to bring Davis in alive. Nova strongly objected, as they had tried that and failed, but Valerian stated that was her orders.

Nova begrudgingly agreed, and stormed off. After hours of losing the Medusa , Reigel found a lead as the top secret Cerros Shipyards were under attack by a lone ship. With her target in sight, Nova gave chase. Nova arrived to find that Davis and her loyalist Defenders had taken part of the shipyard and activated the Xanthos , an experimental war machine. They intended to destroy the Gorgon -class battlecruisers stationed there, crippling the Dominion Fleet and preventing Emperor Valerian from ruling effectively.

Nova and forces under Admiral Horner came to the defense of the station. Though the Xanthos could not be damaged by small arms while activated, its weapons could be destroyed, which would leave it exposed and in need of repair. Nova defended the battlecruisers, while Horner took the Hyperion to push through the Defender's lines. Eventually, Nova and her allies were able to push to the Xanthos, but it activated a mode secret even to Reigel. This and the deployment of Davis's remaining forces were still not enough, and the Xanthos was destroyed.

Davis was still alive inside, however, and Nova went in to pursue. Inside, Davis told her she knew the Terra family, and that they all used to be on the same side. She also stated that if Nova killed her, she'd be no better than her. Nova openly defied Valerian's direct order, and killed Davis. Later, aboard the Griffin , Nova began to stock up on what weapons she could when Reigel entered.

Nova hid and prepared for a fight, when Reigel opened up to her about his history, about how his career was ruined by his connection to the Moebius Foundation. He also told her that he and the crew were loyal to her first and foremost. Nova stated that the Dominion would always have enemies, and that they would need to fight them their own way.

Now branded fugitives of the Dominion, the two went to the bridge and sped off into an asteroid belt, abandoning the Dominion and becoming a vigilante division. After she became a vigilante, Nova and Reigel visited the mercenary outpost of Last Junction seeking out Elms and her crew, who had survived the Battle of Adena with a large amount of jorium in tow.

Reigel found Elms and told her that he knew someone who would buy her jorium. Elms guided Reigel to her ship, and Nova uncloaked, saying she wished to buy their stockpile. The exchange was made, with Reigel giving each of them a shell account with a third of the sale. Nova then psionically contacted Elms, offering to help her control her psionic powers, and telling her of her own past running from her abilities. She offered her a place on her Covert Ops Crew, but Elms declined, refusing to serve under anyone. Nova relented, first telepathically checking to see that her two comrades did not intend to turn on Elms, then saying her goodbyes.

Not long after though, Elms and her crew were set upon by assassins sent by Captain Hogarth , and turned to Nova to aid them. Nova lent them equipment and a cloaked liberator , and allowed them to assault his base on Aspar. The three raided the base and killed Hogarth, with Yong being wounded in the fighting. Nova, who'd infiltrated the base separately, killed a pack of marines and arrived personally to retrieve Elms and her crew. Later, Nova talked to Elms, offering to train her, but Elms declined, saying she and her crew wanted to go their own way.

The next day, Nova talked to Reigel, who told her he thought the recruitment was a failure. However, Nova told him that things are not always as they seem.

Nova is available as a announcer with Patch 3. She was initially only purchasable in a bundle alongside the D. Va announcer, but became purchasable for those who purchased Nova Covert Ops. The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity. Nova appears as a character in Heroes of the Storm. Nova at the Ghost Academy.

Nova is the best ghost within the Terran Dominion. Nova has a good sense of balance. She underwent physical training at the Ghost Academy. She found it very difficult at first, not being accustomed to exercise and having still suffered from malnutrition and dehydration at the time, but eventually excelled at martial arts, the use of weapons, and driving a vulture. She was given permission to learn some skills earlier than usual, and undertook the four-year program in only two-and-a-half years; a record.

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Nova is a skilled hacker; she can take control of a nuclear silo in only a few minutes. Nova often instills lust and fear in males around her, her physical appearence driving the former emotion, and her telepathy instilling the latter one.

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At fifteen years of age, she was considered to be tall. Nova has a Psi Index rating of 10 and as such, is one of the most powerful ghosts in existence. She can even read minds through some types of psi-screens such as those worn by the Annihilators but was unable to read or attack the mind of Fagin while he wore one. Her abilities first manifested as " empathy " at age seven; her parents hid this from her.

On her fifteenth birthday she found she could read one person's mind at close range. A few days later she discovered she could read her family's mind from a considerable distance away. Nova developed a powerful attack which can destroy the brains of up to a dozen opponents while leaving an individual in their midst unharmed. Nova's telekinetic abilities can slowly lift her [5] and others , [4] is powerful enough to uproot shrubs, and she was able to briefly hold up part of a fallen building.

She eventually learned to focus these abilities, and has frequently "jammed" firearms with it. She once used the ability to physically force someone to shoot another opponent. Unlike other teeks, using telekinesis gives her a headache. The more effort she uses, the worse the pain. Nova's psionic training at the Ghost Academy progressed rapidly, and she found it much easier than the physical aspect. After her family died, Nova uncontrollably unleashed a massive telepathic and telekinetic blast which damaged the Terra Skyscraper and slew hundreds of people.

Afterward Nova could reliably generate a mind blast with a four-block or greater radius, but at the cost of a prolonged charging time. Even through her ghost training before the memory wipe Nova's personality generally remained the same throughout her late teen years. She possessed a degree of empathy that was generally lacking in the Old Families a trait that did not go unnoticed and believed in the concept of fair play, or at least had an aversion to "cheating" e. Although willing to deal death to those she believed to deserve it e. Fagin and Cliff Nadaner , she wanted to avoid harming those who fell outside this definition she did not want to harm Fagin's associates, regretted having to dispatch the rest of Nadaner's group, and wanted to spare Stone when Davis had altered his memories into thinking that she's a traitor.

As of becoming a full fledged ghost , after undergoing a memory wipe , Nova's personality became colder. Kelerchian noted in their Altaran reunion however that she'd become more open from when he'd last seen her. Nova later noted that Kelerchian himself was "the only man who meant anything to her.

Nova has a sense of black-and-white morality, believing in definite goods and evils, with little in the way of shades of grey, something that the immoral activities of the Terran Dominion challenged her on. As a child, Nova had a liking for framberries. An psyche profile of Nova conducted by a Dominion wrangler concluded that Nova is fiercely loyal to the Dominion, though noted that she had a slight tendency to deviate from mission parameters based on personal evaluation of the situation. The wrangler noted that this might be due to residual subconscious memories of her past prior to entering the Ghost Academy.

Nova vs the Queen of Blades. Blizzard Entertainment employees have stated that they definitely want to continue Nova's story, either in novel or comic format. Kindregan asserted that Nova is an important part of the StarCraft universe, and that she would be appearing in future expansions and stories. It was indicated that she would have a role in Legacy of the Void as well, [60] though she makes no appearance in the game.

Nova was expected to appear in StarCraft: Issue 9 , trailing the War Pigs , a group of outlaws, for unknown reasons. Nova made early cameos in StarCraft II before the release of the game, seen on a flatscreen in the Hyperion. The images were of gameplay from StarCraft: Ghost. A Nova skin is available for Widowmaker in Overwatch. Nova's tomb had been spotted at a strange stone in the Netherstorm of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade [65] at location 41, Pun not intended. Drysc used the lyrics of Kansas song Dust in the Wind to describe her: [69].

Another blood elf character named Nova can be found in World of Warcraft. She is a child who keeps a pet cat. This page uses content from the English Wikipedia. The original content was at Characters of StarCraft Nova. The list of authors can be seen in the page history of Characters of StarCraft Nova. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Or if they did, it was neat-tidy. We don't do tidy here in the Gutter. We do ugly, we do nasty, we do mean I can tell you everything about every single one of those people- all four hundred and fourteen of them-including what they were thinking the moment they died. What makes you think I want to remember any of that? I've never seen anyone so determined to make it through this program. Doesn't matter what we did. It does matter where we're goin'. We're becomin' something greater than ourselves.

And if you ask me, that's damn solid. I agree. We haven't broken any rules Main article: Battle of Shi. I'm the one who killed all your people. I killed Edward and Gustavo and Adam and Tisch and all the other ones you sent to kill my family. Because you did that, I became the very Ghost that the Dominion has assigned to finally put an end to your pathetic existence. I don't want to be anybody else.

It was all Nova ever thought about. You're dead. But I'll always be inside your head now. Me and Fagin and everyone else you hurt. What about all those people you killed back on Tarsonis with that mind blast of yours? Some three hundred of them at once, wasn't it? That's some record right there. Don't think even Fagin killed so many. And since then you've just kept on killing. Joined the ghost program to get away from that and forget, but here you are, a trained assassin, still killing for others. It's what you're good at, ain't it?

You might look like an angel, but inside you're empty and dead too, just like us. My name is Nova. We should talk. Plot branch : Raynor's Raiders sides with Tosh A canon. Plot option ends here. Plot branch ends here. Time for my memory wipe. I can't help thinking The Umojans who perished when the sentinel watchtowers exploded.

Rough Attraction (The Dominion of Brothers series book 3)

Including noncombatant personnel, like the doctor. And I think that just because we can forget something I heard you have some jorium? Main article: Nova Terra Wings of Liberty. Main article: Nova Terra Co-op Missions. Rich girl growing up in one of the Old Families of the Confederacy, dealt about the worst hand possible of a hostile universe, but you wouldn't go down without a fight. You were a beauty and you had spirit, even down in that Gutter with the hab addicts and crab dealers.

I saw it from the beginning, and I guess I was right, because look at you now. The most impressive ghost I've ever seen. Everything else is supplemental. I close my eyes Only for a moment, then the moment's gone All my dreams Pass before my eyes, a curiosity Dust in the wind All they are is dust in the wind Activision Blizzard. September 27, StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres. ISBN November 28, StarCraft: Ghost: Nova.

Nova Backstory. Blizzard Entertainment. Accessed StarCraft: Ghost Academy: Volume 1 paperback binding. Tokyopop , January 1, StarCraft: Ghost Academy: Volume 2 paperback binding. Tokyopop, August 10, StarCraft: Ghost Academy: Volume 3 paperback binding. Tokyopop, March 8, StarCraft 9. Mission: Wings of Liberty , Breakout in English. Conversations after Breakout in English. Ariel Hanson in English. Cinematic: Nova. Armory units in English. Hyperion cantina trophies in English.

Cinematic: Get it Together in English. Activision Blizzard in English. November 29, Nova: The Keep. Nova: The Keep Accessed StarCraft II. Cinematic: Awakening in English. Cinematic: Loyalty and Service in English. Cinematic: Lost Memories in English. Cinematic: The Defenders of Man in English.

Cinematic: Heroes in English. Cinematic: The Highlord's Bargain in English. Cinematic: Recollection in English. Cinematic: Liars in English. Cinematic: Between Past and Future in English. Cinematic: The Emperor's Justice in English. Cinematic: Broken Alliances in English. Cinematic: Resolutions in English. October 4th, December 20th, February 14th, Unit quotations.

Heroes of the Storm Blizzard Entertainment in English. StarCraft Legacy. IGN Comics. Around Azeroth: A mysterious monument. WoW Insider. Nova Terra. WoW Head. My Day at Blizzard. Cinematic: Shifting Perspectives in English. Player Characters of the StarCraft Universe. StarCraft: Ghost Franchise. Battle of Shi Spectre Rebellion. Wings of Liberty. Raynor's Raiders.

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Hyperion Armory Bridge Mercenary Laboratory. Liberty Campaign. Mar Sara Missions. Mission chart. Heart of the Swarm. Kerrigan's Swarm. Leviathan Evolution pit Nerve center Kerrigan's chamber. Swarm Campaign. Lab Rat Back in the Saddle Rendezvous. Domination Fire in the Sky Old Soldiers. Waking the Ancient The Crucible Supreme.