Grave for a Dead Gunfighter

Grave for a Dead Gunfighter by Kent Conwell (2008, Hardcover)
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1. Doc Holliday

Bank robberies were the claim to fame for John Dillinger, who was born and buried in Indianapolis. He began his life of crime robbing local grocers before he and his gang of crooks graduated to major banks across the Midwest. Dillinger got caught, but he escaped jail and eluded the FBI over and over. He was finally killed in a shootout with the FBI at a theater in Chicago. Like the legend that Jesse James was not really killed but lived to old age, a similar story exists about Dillinger, noting that the man who died in the shootout had a scar removed by surgery and his fingerprints had been erased by acid.

The gangster known for his youthful appearance died in a hail of gunfire at the age of 26 in a shootout with two agents who had been in the theater when Dillinger was killed. Doc Holliday. Frontier Historical Society. Their parents, brother, and two older sisters had been killed and scalped.

All four sisters were recovered alive by Miles' force over a period of about six months. He was attacked by a soldier, Corporal Melvin A. King, real name Anthony Cook, allegedly because he was with a woman named Mollie Brennan who was accidentally, or not, hit by one of King's bullets and was killed. King died of his wounds. Masterson was shot in the pelvis but recovered.

Masterson soon settled in Dodge City. Masterson was grabbed by friends of Deger and pistol-whipped by the lawman. Bassett was prohibited by the Kansas State Constitution from seeking a third consecutive term. With the job up for grabs, Masterson decided to run for the office. Masterson's opponent turned out to be Larry Deger.

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On November 6, , Masterson was elected county sheriff of Ford County, Kansas , by the narrow margin of three votes. On February 1, , Sheriff Masterson captured the notorious outlaws Dave Rudabaugh and Ed West, who were wanted for an attempted train robbery. Two more of the train robbers were caught by Bat and brother Ed on March The tandem law enforcement effort came to an abrupt end, however, when year-old City Marshal Ed Masterson was shot and killed in the line of duty on April 9, As Ed stumbled away from the scene, Bat Masterson responded from across the street, firing on both Wagner and Wagner's boss, Alf Walker — who was holding a gun.

Wagner died the next day, but Walker was taken back to Texas and recovered. More violence followed on October 4, , when a variety actress named Dora Hand, known professionally as "Fannie Keenan," was shot and killed by James Kenedy, son of the wealthy Texas cattleman, Miflin Kenedy. Masterson's posse, which included Wyatt Earp and Bill Tilghman , captured Kenedy the following day after Masterson shot him in the left arm, and other posse members killed his horse.

As a sheriff in Kansas, Masterson had no authority in Colorado, but this did not prevent him from enlisting a large company of men.

Grave for a Dead Gunfighter

Grave for a Dead Gunfighter book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Having created a new life for himself after causing the death. Grave for a Dead Gunfighter [Kent Conwell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Having created a new life for himself after causing the death .

The "war" between the railroads was finally settled out of court. Masterson's Colorado activities did not go over well with the voters of Ford County, Kansas. On November 4, , a bartender named George T. Hinkel defeated Masterson in his re-election bid for sheriff by a vote of to The Dodge City census shows that, at that time, Masterson was living with Annie Ladue, age 19 described as his " concubine ".

City Marshal James Masterson, Bat's younger brother, was listed on the same census as living with Minnie Roberts, age Not long after this census was taken, Bat Masterson received a telegram from Ben Thompson asking Bat to save Ben's troublesome brother, Billy Thompson, from almost certain lynching in Ogallala , Nebraska. Billy Thompson had shot the thumb off a man named Tucker, who, despite missing a digit, managed to fire back and seriously wound Billy.

According to Masterson, he and Billy Thompson "were given a royal welcome and were immediately taken in charge by Colonel Cody, who found a safe place for us to remain until he could outfit us for the trip across the country to Dodge City.

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Masterson arrived from a visit to Ogallala, this week. He says Nebraska is dry and many people are leaving the state.


He came by wagon, and was accompanied by 'Texas Billy' Thompson. The latter has recovered from his wounds. Masterson spent the remainder of in Kansas City and Dodge. His brother Jim had a partnership with Alfred James "A. Albert "Al" Updegraff was Peacock's brother-in-law and bartender. Updegraff was a drunk, and Jim thought him dishonest.

He had demanded that Peacock fire him, but Peacock refused. Their disagreement grew until threats were made, prompting the telegram. Masterson arrived in Dodge City on April 16, , [4] : where he accosted Updegraff and Peacock. Recognizing Masterson, Updegraff and Peacock retreated behind the jail and exchanged gunfire with him.

Who had fired first is not clear. Citizens ran for cover as bullets ripped through the Long Branch Saloon. Other individuals began firing in support of both sides until Updegraff was wounded. Mayor A. Webster arrested Masterson. Afterward, Masterson learned that his brother Jim was not in danger.

Bat Masterson became more widely known as a gunfighter as a result of a practical joke played on a gullible newspaper reporter in August Seeking copy in Gunnison, Colorado , the reporter asked Dr. Cockrell about man-killers. Cockrell pointed to a young man nearby and said it was Masterson and that he had killed 26 men. Cockrell then regaled the reporter with several lurid tales about Masterson's supposed exploits, and the reporter wrote them up for the New York Sun.

The story was widely reprinted in papers all over the country. Cockrell subsequently apologized to Masterson, who insisted he was not even in Gunnison at the time. Masterson was appointed city marshal of Trinidad, Colorado , on April 17, Masterson took his case directly to Colorado Governor Frederick W.

Pitkin , who listened to Masterson's appeal and finally refused to grant Holliday's extradition. However, Masterson's rescue of Doc Holliday, as well as his nightly "moonlighting" as a faro dealer, spelled doom for his career as city marshal of Trinidad. On March 28, , a local paper noted: "There are now two 'bankers' running for city offices — Mr. Masterson of the bank of 'Fair O. Masterson's term as city marshal of Trinidad ended just in time for him to come to the aid of his friend, Luke Short , who had been run out of Dodge City by the mayor and Masterson's long-time enemy, Larry Deger.

Within weeks, a group of gunfighters recruited by Masterson and Earp descended upon Dodge City to resolve what became known as the "Dodge City War. Before disbanding on June 10, , Short, Masterson, Earp, and five other notable men from frontier history posed for a group portrait that was soon labeled "The Dodge City Peace Commission. Masterson was back in Dodge City on November 1, , where he issued a small newspaper called Vox Populi which was devoted to local political issues. Three days after its appearance, he received a flattering — and prophetic — review of his journalistic effort from another Dodge City paper which observed: "We are in receipt of the first number of Vox Populi , W.

Masterson, editor, which in appearance is very neat and tidy. The news and statements it contains seem to be of a somewhat personal nature. The editor is very promising; if he survives the first week of his literary venture, there is no telling what he may accomplish in the journalistic field. Vox Populi folded after printing just one issue and almost another 20 years would pass before he made journalism a full-time profession in New York City.

Masterson finally left Dodge City and made Denver, Colorado his center of interest, where he soon became involved in a divorce scandal. The trouble began in a Denver theater on September 18, , when a comedian named Lou Spencer, who was performing on stage, spotted his wife, Nellie, seated in the audience on Masterson's knee.

Spencer cut short his routine and confronted Masterson, who hit Spencer across the face with his pistol. Nellie Spencer watched from the wings while the two men slugged it out.

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Finally, they were arrested, fined, and released a short time later. In its account of the incident, the Rocky Mountain News described Masterson as one "who pleases the ladies", and Nellie McMahon Spencer as "a beautiful woman, with a fine wardrobe and a sweet voice. No record has been found of the two ever getting married, and she soon disappeared from Masterson's life. Masterson dealt faro for "Big Ed" Chase at the Arcade gambling house. The pair subsequently lived together and they were widely reported to have married in Denver on November 21, , although no record of the marriage has been found.

The only known source for that date was given by Masterson's brother, Thomas Masterson, years after Bat had died. Census, Bat and Emma claimed that they had been married for 17 years, suggesting a marriage date of Masterson's biographer has raised the possibility that they were married on November 21, , two weeks after Emma's divorce from Edwin Moulton. The two were traveling through the eastern states at that time, but an actual marriage record has not been found. It was in Denver that Masterson met and began a long-term friendship with the infamous confidence man and crime boss Soapy Smith.

Masterson maintained an interest in prizefighting and other sports, and was known as a frequent attendee at boxing matches across the country.

Clay Allison’s “Gentleman Gunfighter’s” Grave Map

He frequently placed bets on the fights and occasionally served in an official capacity as a second or a timekeeper. He knew—and was known by— the heavyweight champions of the era, from John L. Sullivan and James J. The sports-minded Masterson was ringside during the John L. He was the designated timekeeper for Kilrain and came under fire from some sources for how he handled his role.

Bat Masterson

Reportedly, Masterson saw to it that Luke Short, Johnny Murphy, and "twelve other good men were scattered around the ring where they would do the most good in case of an emergency. In early Masterson moved to the silver boom-town of Creede, Colorado where he managed the Denver Exchange gambling club until the town was destroyed by fire on June 5, According to a Dodge City paper, Masterson bet on the winner, while noting, "Charlie Bassett and Luke Short were among the notables in attendance.

Bassett bet his money on Sullivan. Mitchell was knocked cold in three rounds. Masterson moved to New York City in to briefly serve as a bodyguard for millionaire George Gould. On June 6, , a Denver paper quoted a friend of Masterson's, who observed that "Bat has at last fallen into a dead easy game. Masterson returned to Denver for several more years. Masterson drew his pistol and Connors attempted to seize it.

During the scuffle, the gun discharged and C. Louderbaugh was shot in the left wrist. On April 9, , Masterson became a partner in a boxing club called the Colorado Athletic Association. Within a few days, Masterson was excluded from the organization by his partners. Masterson retaliated on April 18 by founding a rival club, the Olympic, with himself as president.

Masterson received favorable media coverage from a Denver newspaper called George's Weekly , where he was employed as sports editor. Masterson had decided to settle in New York City, but had a sudden change of heart and returned to Denver, with humiliating results. Masterson's story was that an irate woman belted him with an umbrella on May 2, , when she took exception to an "undesirable" such as Masterson trying to cast his ballot at a local election. An alternate version states that Masterson had become a dangerous drunk who was run out of Denver for being a public nuisance.

By June 6, , Masterson was in New York City, where he and two other men were arrested on a bunco charge. Masterson and his companions were accused of fleecing George H. Two days after his arrest, Masterson complained to a reporter, "This fellow Gargan who arrested me is a warm baby — in his mind. He thinks all people are suckers. That's the trouble with these mush-headed coppers. Give them a political job to keep from starving and they think they own the earth. His column, "Masterson's Views on Timely Topics," concerned sports in general and boxing in particular.

The column appeared thrice weekly from until his death in Lewis encouraged Masterson to write a series of sketches about his adventures, which were published by Lewis in Human Life magazine. Masterson explained to his audience what he felt were the best properties of a gunfighter.