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zaki.vot.pl/img/number/tasas-como-rastrear-un.php Many Russian and German women visit Turkey and marry Turks.

Many German women have married Turk-Germans. I am not aware if they have converted but could be with the sophisticated assurance by their husbands that they won't have to.

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However, the children are always raised as Muslims. The women are subtly nudged later to convert. Even if they don't, multiplication through newly born children continues.

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Classic Takiyya deception. The migrants are following their Prophets diktat of Hijrah migration to expand Islam. I wonder why Germany, after the 2nd WW didn't get some other ethnic group which could have been safer for itself. Therefore, it's very obvious that Islam has been spreading in a pernicious, sophisticated and with stealth. The Right Wing activism also should have been subtle.

Once it's overt, the other Party can cite that to get more active. Great mistakes here. It should be highly stressed that despite Turkish political parties playing no significant role in Germany the Turkish administration very well does. This to a point where Merkel's one just functions as Erdogan's accomplice, representing a status already way ahead of the rest in Europe.

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Le secret de Manou (French Edition) eBook: Collectif École Louis-J.-Robichaud, Anne Boudreau: dynipalo.tk: Kindle Store. Le secret de Manou: dynipalo.tk: Collectif, Collectif: Books. Start reading Le secret de Manou (French Edition) on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a .

It recently surfaced that Turkey is sponsoring over mosques in Germany alone along with radical Muslim organizations. DITIB, as the largest being the direct Turkish dependence, is actively involved in identification and prosecution of non-compliant Turkish citizens and origins holding a German passport, agitation within migrant shelters and collaborating with Erdogan's government and secret service. This caused a brief rupture only in their ties into German administration. After Ankara's intervention, latter bowed to another kowtow by fully restoring their competence, entire funding by German taxpayers along with Turkish, that is and status as preferred integration partner.

Turkey over many years copied the '70s leftists' strategy of infiltration and infection of the entire political and legal system even down to municipal levels for an agenda of total Islamization. Today's lefties are useful idiots in that respect. The country's main political parties - and institutions - are undermined by pro Erdogan activists. She is one of Erdogan's loudest mouthpieces, advocating a stop of all deportations, electoral rights for migrants, pedophilia and same time fiercely denying the existence of any German culture.

Only Muslim 'refugees' from predominantly Islamic countries are granted asylum these days since Muslims sitting in decisive positions within the BAMF promote them the best they can, even obfuscating fake IDs or criminal records. With many of them possessing dual citizenship these days the have become a decisive factor during electoral campaigns.

No political leader dares to challenge them openly. Were they knowledgeable of Islamic doctrine based in Quran and Sunnah, they would know that success for such a party would deny their nations' non-Muslims all present and future right to rule over their own deaths and lives most Sunni fiqhs would permit only Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians to live, as dhimmis, and would kill or enslave others.

Had they knowledge, plus gumption to analyse the dilemma, and sufficient freedom from vanity to be firm in taking responsibility for their wills, they would deny legality to this kind of party on the ground that it would deny all future self-determination to non-Muslims and would be genocidal, xenophobic, supremacist and otherwise oppressive toward them.

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The problem seems to be that either they do not know this or they dare not say it. Part of their dilemma may also be that they or they think that many non-Muslims whom they represent politically would be satisfied, even eager to concede determination of non-Muslim deaths and lives to Islamists. This polarising view, that abases non-Muslims while granting supremacy and hegemony to Islam, lacks goodwill and compassion towards self and others and tends toward punitive judgementalism of non-Muslims while heroizing those same attitudes in Islam.

It does not discard the masochistic double-standard that attacks non-Muslims for 'intolerance' while giving Muslim or Islamic doctrinal enmity, vanity, supremacism and xenophobia a free pass. Therefore it should be seen clearly as psychological affliction rather than sane perspective.

Europe is Islam's petri dish. It is the western world's weakest link. Hopefully North America will do the right thing. My prediction is that unless God intervenes, France will soon become another Islamic conquest. Daoud is correct, as far as he takes it; but then seems reluctant to draw the obvious conclusion, from his own observations, that Islam's evil intent must NOT be allowed to prevail! Being a historically Christian Nation, it is now up to the French to decide whose god to follow This website uses cookies to provide you with better services.

To find out more, please review our Privacy and Cookies Policy. Germany Many Germans of Turkish descent have chosen to invest in German established political parties and influence them from within. Yves Mamou, based in France, worked for two decades as a journalist for Le Monde.

Recent Articles by Yves Mamou. Comment on this item. Get Free Exclusive Gatestone Content:. Will Trump Rescue China's Communism? Africa: Alarming Rise of Christian Persecution. Europe's Missing Islamic State Fighters. Turkey Loses an Ally.

Top Issues Europe's Migrant Crisis. Iranian Nuclear Program.

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National Defense. As the film begins, Mademoiselle is shown opening floodgates to inundate the village, so there's never a moment in the film that the audience believes she's a normal upstanding citizen, as the villagers do. But the film provides little insight into her motivation; she has no cause for revenge, and acquires no material gain or increased standing in the community from her furtive crimes. Later, she sets fire to houses and poisons the drinking troughs, causing the death of farm animals. Out of pure prejudice, an Italian woodcutter Manou, played in Italian by Ettore Manni is the chief suspect.

Sexual tension arises between Mademoiselle and Manou during a series of encounters in the forest. Finally, after a night of somewhat perverse intimacy in the fields, she falsely denounces him and the villagers hack him to death. In a final scene, as Mademoiselle is leaving the village for ever, it is made obvious that the woodcutter's son and Mademoiselle's former pupil knows the secret. Having a script written by Marguerite Duras based on a story by Jean Genet , Mademoiselle could pass as an art film , a sexual thriller, or subtle horror. The entire production team stayed in what accommodation they could find locally for the duration of the shoot.

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The director always saw Jeanne Moreau as the lead. He originally wanted Marlon Brando for the male lead, but scheduling could not be arranged. The film was entered into the Cannes Film Festival. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mademoiselle Theatrical release poster.