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  • Knowledge. Confidence. Hope.. Please remember the opinions expressed on Patient Power are not necessarily the views of our sponsors, contributors, partners or Patient Power. Our discussions are not a substitute for seeking medical advice or care from your own doctor. Reina, so, we talked about the cultural differences of people being in trials.

We talked about the pride people may have in asking for assistance, the fear people have maybe participating in trials. You still have a—not now. But there must have been some bumps along the way. Were there any misgivings at different times?

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And if so, how did you overcome it? Oh, yeah. Well, there were definitely misgivings, I am sure. The first trial was when I asked the doctor if there's something going on at the NCI. And there was no misgivings about that because that was a very observational trial. The second trial was much more progressive and I felt kind of a little uncertain about it, and so I asked the researcher at this well-known institution if I should participate because the trial, I should back up a little bit, that was for either smoldering myeloma patients or active disease patients.

Love – Power of Guinea Pig

At the time I was smoldering, and most physicians didn't believe that that was a good idea to treat smoldering and wait until it became active. So, I asked this one researcher and he said absolutely, not, do not participate in the trial. I had to go look it up. But then I thought about it, I thought about it, thought about it, and finally I decided to trust myself because I had been to the NCI.

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I felt very safe there. And I decided to move ahead with it. So, yes, I had plenty of misgivings about that. The other trials, not really because that trial changed my life and it gave me a very reasonable complete response. And the other ones, like I said, they just kinda fell in with the collecting a good amount of stem cells for a transplant and so forth.

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I wanna talk about family issues. So, you wrote this blog about people questioning your husband, I guess, was your wife gonna be in a trial?

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But, really, trying to educate people about the misinformation about trials; say, look, I will never be a guinea pig because that's not what trials are about. The care that I got was excellent. And I try to dispel, like I said, a lot of the myths; that you signed consent form, which clearly explains what the trial is about, what your commitment to it is, and you can also drop out for any reason.

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There was hope that you don't because they would like to have some results that then will lead into future treatments for patients. But you can drop out, so, really, taking that opportunity to educate people about what a clinical trial is like and that there are no guinea pigs.

Yeah, if I could just offer something in that regard. For a cancer patient who has failed standard of care, who's gone through maybe second- or third-line treatment options, but still has progressive disease, that patient will die if they don't do something, right? What it is a matter of is do I wanna live? And if so, what clinical trial can I participate in? Myeloma survivor Reina Weiner and Lazarex chairman Dana Dornsife discuss ways patients can learn about new clinical trial opportunities and share resources to help alleviate the financial burden.

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But before we all go out and buy a guinea pig to try to reduce our energy bills in the UK, we must remember that over a thousand hamsters power one lab. Email Not published. I think everybody should run out and buy a guinea pig. I have two and the entertainment value is amazing and they are great pets, relatively easy to care for, and they make cool noises.

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The above article makes me think of the two adorable guinea pigs I have. After much time caring for them I came up with the following two rules about them: 1. The more you feed them the more the will eat. Another great way to work off the grid!

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It is vital that they have something to chew on to keep them short and neat. Ordered the larger size, much smaller than expected. CBS News. Guinness World Records Ltd. The teacher allowed her to bring in Love for show and tell one week. When you are buying a cage for your guinea pig, consider another thing, too: they need to be active. Dolittle , and Linny the Guinea pig is a co-star on Nick Jr.

Thanks for writing this article. Guinea pigs are great pets too, very friendly and loving. Logging In Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook. View November 5,