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Now that major drama is bound to spark with Liv and Maddie, Joey takes this opportunity with Parker to complete the Bro-Cave. He asks Parker for some ideas, Parker replying with the idea to take the car and go to Vegas. Joey tells him they are not doing that. Instead they come up with the idea to move the kitchen refrigerator into their room. In a confessional, Joey explains that the Bro-Cave was finally complete but taking the refrigerator upstairs was not easy at all.

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He gives the audience a tip and says that you should take the milk and eggs out before you move it, hinting there was an accident with the milk and eggs when Joey and Parker were taking the refrigerator up. While Joey and Parker are taking the ice tray filled with water upstairs, they are caught by Pete who comes in the house from the kitchen back door. Strangely, Pete does not notice the empty space behind him where the refrigerator should be.

He just asks if Joey and Parker are alright and they, relieved, tell him they are okay and not to give them another thought. The scene opens with Liv pacing across the living room. Karen comes into the house and Liv rushes up to her, telling her she needs to talk to her about a family issue. This is taken out of context and Karen quickly and urgently calls a family meeting. In a confessional, Karen explains the reason for family meetings, to give everyone a forum to share their feelings. Pete says that it gets very boring so he added a "shock clock" which gives the person ten seconds to say what they need to say.

Back in the scene, the family is gathered together and Karen turns the attention on Liv. Liv stalls to try and take up her ten seconds and instead shares how excited she is to be "home with the fam. Joey quickly barges in and reveals what Liv was really going to say, that she talked to Diggie about the dance and he said no. Liv tries to keep him quiet with Pete's horn but it doesn't work.

Maddie questions Liv and talking in a fast manner, Liv reveals what she did. Maddie grows angry but is interrupted when Parker confesses he wants the liberty to poop with the door open. Maddie yells at Liv, telling her she didn't need her help. She soon reveals she thought it was easier being her sister when she was away and she wishes she never came home.

Liv tells Maddie she'll just go back which Maddie expresses she's fine with. Then the girls storm out of the living room. In a confessional, Joey and Parker explain with Liv moving back to Hollywood, that means all eyes are back on them and the Bro-Cave would have to be dismantled. The scene begins with Joey trying to sneak a big chair and bongos back downstairs and is almost caught by Karen, who is walking towards Liv and Maddie's room. He is able to play it off by sitting in the chair and pretending to be occupied playing the bongos.

Karen goes to talk to Liv about her moving back to Hollywood. While Liv packs, Karen unpacks what she packs. Karen tries to convince Liv to dialogue it out and to make a decision together but in a confessional, Karen reveals she really is not allowing her to move back, but she wanted her to feel heard and Pete says if she she tried to leave the house, he was litterally going to sit on her. While Maddie is shooting basketballs outside, Diggie shows up in her backyard and requests to talk to her.

He reveals that he only said no to "her" about the dance because he knew it was Liv; she didn't do the cute thing Maddie does with her charm bracelet when she's nervous.

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Then Diggie formally asks Maddie to the dance and a surprised Maddie happily accepts. While Liv is walking downstairs with her suitcase in hand, Pete stops her and shows her an art project Liv and Maddie made when they were younger revealed to be in second grade by Liv.

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Maddie Takes the Ice [Nicolette House, Lynn Brown] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Madison Albright is one of the most confident. Editorial Reviews. Review. Maddie Takes the Ice is one of the most accurate and true to life fictional books about competitive figure skating. It not only will inspire.

The picture shows a drawing of Liv and Maddie with "Sisters by chance, friends by choice" written on it. To this, Liv gets emotional. Back with Diggie and Maddie, Diggie reminds Maddie that they really have Liv to thank for the turn out of things between them. With this in mind, Maddie goes to find Liv and stop her from leaving. Liv and Maddie then run around the house looking for each other and soon Liv finds Maddie in the kitchen. There, with Liv out of breath, Maddie goes first and apologizes for what she said. Liv apologizes as well.

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Wildcat Nation: How long have you been playing ice hockey for? Maddie: 11 years total. Wildcat Nation: Why Utica? It just felt like I belonged. Wildcat Nation: Are you excited for your senior year season?

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Maddie: I'm too excited. I can't wait to see what we can accomplish this season.