Sabotage for Happiness

5 Things That Sabotage Your Happiness
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Click on the Add to next to any article to save to your queue. Click on the Add to next to any podcast episode to save to your queue. Click the Follow button on any author page to keep up with the latest content from your favorite authors. Being happy also encourages us to make more positive contributions to society. Simply put, happiness is really important if you want to have a successful life.

I am such an idiot; I am a phony; I never do anything right; I will never succeed. That negative, polluted, and repetitive self-defeating mindset has already done some serious damage. Connection is what provides value and meaning to our lives. We need close connections to be healthy. You can get around the problem by starting to network online. Recharge yourself ahead of time. Team-up with an extrovert, adopt outgoing traits, and practice your elevator pitch. You know this is true. We all do this misjudgment of ourselves.

Self Sabotage

Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis, and Dr. Michael E. McCullough of the University of Miami asked study participants to write a few sentences each week on particular topics. One group was asked to jot down what they were grateful for, while the second group wrote about daily irritations. Other studies have discovered that gratitude can improve relationships. One study of couples found that individuals who expressed gratitude for their partner felt more positive toward the other person.

6 Toxic People Who May Be Sabotaging Your Happiness | HuffPost Life

These were also more comfortable expressing concerns about their relationship. Thank God it does, keeping us from doing things that could hurt us. Is fear stopping you from losing weight and keeping it off? Has it stopped you from getting a better job, having a good relationship? Has fear stopped you from doing and having any number of things that would make your life happier? Overcoming fear is all about replacing and overpowering it with something else. One more thing; fear and happiness cannot exist together in the same brain. Challenge those fears, and kick them to the curb.

2. Avoiding deeply meaningful connections.

Once you do you can start living a better, and more importantly, happy life personally and professionally. Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

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For more information on our data policies, please visit our Cookie Policy. Revoke Consent Submit Consent. My Queue. One day I opened a glossy magazine and found him smiling out at me, sitting in a wheelchair and looking radiant in his tuxedo. A culture that worships status and wealth can tend to disrespect or patronize people with disabilities.

But if abilities, achievements, and wealth are what make us worthy of respect and love, then our own worth remains precarious.

His attitudes gave him wings to transcend his predicament, even though he was permanently paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. My past attitudes had been like a ball and chain to me, weighing me down inwardly despite my outward success. It made me reflect on the importance of our inner attitude. Here are twenty-eight unhelpful beliefs and behaviors that hinder happiness. Instead, make room for criteria such as peace of mind, joy, family happiness, love, and self-actualization.

Instead, accept your faults and mistakes but believe they cannot rob you of your intrinsic dignity. Think of a mother pouring all her love into her little baby. That love is not dependent on the baby being perfect. It is a profound, unshakable love based on the baby simply existing. Each of us is like that baby, a child of the Universe, fashioned by love and inherently worthy of love.

Affirm that to yourself regularly and you will start to rejoice in your humanity, warts and all. Instead, recognize that all human beings stumble. Become a more forgiving and sympathetic friend to yourself; learn from your mistakes but move on. Instead, recognize your own power, as a human being, to appreciate, encourage, and build up others. Once you accept that you are inherently and unshakably lovable, your hunger for approval will be tamed. This confidence will allow you to look beyond yourself.

You will become a dispenser of approval more than a seeker of it. Instead, cultivate your own stable inner source of peace and joy. Take up some absorbing creative activity that fits your talents, pray or meditate, find something that reliably engages you and recharges you.

4. Lack of gratitude.

I then lost track of him for a few years. Stop thinking that you need to be perfect in order to be lovable. Please contact us so we can fix it! When you unwittingly and consistently behave in ways that cause you to be unhappy or unhealthy, it can be said that you are psychologically attached to something negative. Let's be clear, no one can ever know what to expect in a relationship and by no means does the betrayed bear the burden of fault.

Instead, be more fully present in each moment. Set apart planning time regularly, where you can solve problems and translate your cherished values into simple steps. If, for example, peace of mind is important to you, then a simple step might be to practice prayer or meditation for a few minutes each day.

Why You May Be Sabotaging Your Happiness

Throw yourself into your simple next steps, without rumination over the past or worry over the future. Instead, do whatever needs to be done, with all your heart. Instead, reach courageously for more fulfillment. Instead, congratulate yourself for stretching beyond your comfort zone.

1. They externalize their feelings by thinking life is against them.

Whenever discouraged, try to remember people who suffer sudden, permanent paralysis—and still find ways to create a fulfilling life. Instead, make some time regularly to be still, and experience the joy of spirituality. This will enhance your capacity to respect, befriend, and love others. Instead, cultivate a richer inner life that can sustain you whether or not you happen to be alone.

Your leisure time is a good place to start. Devote some of it to developing the life of the mind and soul: read some classics, challenge yourself to learn something new, absorb lessons from great teachers through the ages, open your eyes to the beauty of nature, your ears to the beauty of great music. Find sources of joy and drink deeply.

Instead, live more intentionally—in your work, play, voluntary service, socialization, and relaxation. Allocate your time instead of drifting. Instead, establish your own policies and be more confidently picky. Instead, nurture your self-respect and individuality. It will help keep the electricity of romance alive. Whenever it seems difficult to forgive , remember that our actions and omissions have deep roots. They spring partly from our genes, our upbringing, our opportunities or lack thereof, our successes and failures, our past wounds, and so much more.

If we were to exchange places with the offender, who can be sure that we would behave any better? Instead, take up regular exercise, work at a skill, or take up some other disciplined yet intrinsically rewarding activity.

5 Ways We Sabotage Our Own Happiness Without Even Knowing

This will help build your self-control in all areas of life. Instead, cultivate mutual respect and cultivate confidence in your own worth. This can withstand differences of opinion. Instead, decline or ignore unrealistic demands. Keep progressing toward important goals, but without sacrificing your well-being. They can help steer you through minefields. Instead, keep an eye open for more fulfilling opportunities. That will help you to avoid being swamped by work. When you create anything an essay, a drawing, a crafted object, music, etc. Instead of being a piece of driftwood in the water, you become, for a while, the surfer who rides the breakers.

Make mealtimes pleasant and nourishing so that you can more easily avoid unhealthy snacks. Be good to your brain and body, and they will be good to you. Make a start with whatever speaks the most to you. Life will soon become less frustrating and more fulfilling. Remember you are worthy of respect, love, and joy, whatever your shortcomings and mistakes. Choose your thoughts and actions wisely and feel the difference.

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