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Paris, ville d'amusements, de plaisirs, etc. What a consideration, and what matter for reflection! En france, il n'y a plus de public ni de nation, par la raison que de la charpie n'est pas du linge. It's right is to say foolish things, like that of ministers of state is to do them. Son droit est de dire des sottises, comme celui des ministres est d'en faire. This way of evaluating people, authorized by law and custom, is one of the enormous vices of society, which by itself would be able to explain all of its other vices. Qu'est-ce que c'est qu'un cardinal? Americans are the worthy descendants of those famous republicans who expatriated themselves in order to flee tyranny [a note in the book mentions puritans].

This place has formed men worthy of combating and conquering the English themselves, in an epoch when these last had recovered their liberty and were able to form the most beautiful government that ever was [the book says after the revolution of to George III ]. The American revolution will be useful to the English themselves, by forcing them to newly examine their constitution and banish abuses from it. What will happen? The English, chased from North America, will throw themselves onto the islands and on French and Spanish possessions, and give them their government, which is founded on the natural love that men have for liberty, and which adds to this love itself.

Such governments will form on Spanish and French islands, and above all on South America, which, having become English, will form new constitutions that will have liberty as their principle and foundation. Thus the English will have the unique glory of having formed nearly the only free peoples in the world, the only ones, to speak properly, worthy of the name of man, since they will be the only ones who recognize and conserve the rights of man. But how many years won't be necessary to achieve this revolution? It is necessary to purge the French and the Spanish from immense lands, where they would only be able to form slaves, and transplant Englishmen there to provide the first germs of liberty.

These germs will develop and produce new fruit and will achieve a revolution that will chase the English themselves from both Americas and every island. A Frenchman, on the contrary, respects authority and scorns the law. It is necessary to teach them to do the contrary, and perhaps that is impossible, seeing the ignorance in which the nation is retained, an ignorance that mustn't be contested because of the learning that is found in the capitals.

After this, decide. These are the soldiers of Cadmus: the first who are armed turn themselves against their brothers and hurl themselves on them. One does not play chess with goodness of heart. People know all of the attempts made before the great voyage of Vasco de Gama to the West Indies. People are not ignorant of the many navigators who were convinced that there were great islands, and without doubt a continent to the west, before Columbus discovered it, and he himself owned papers by a famous pilot who had been writing with him about this [note in book: Palestrello, a Portugese navigator].

Phillip had prepared everything for the Persian war before his death. Many sects of heretics unleashed against the abuses of the Roman church preceded Luther and Calvin, and even Viclef. On sait toutes les tentatives faites avant le grand voyage de Vasco de Gama aux Indes occidentales.

There is a maturity in everything that must be waited for. Happy the man who lives in this moment of maturity! We must hasten to elevate the nation to its height through good public education. Legislators should do the same as those clever doctors who, when treating exhausted sick people, get them to eat a good meal by giving them medicines that increase their appetite. In the same way, the confusion in our society, which is reorganizing itself, must seem like an excess of disorder.

It is as though they would like the Augean stables to be cleaned with a feather duster. One of those men who birth or favorable circumstances gave a high position read these truths, weakened them, modified them, understood a twentieth part of them and passed for a man who was disquieting, but who had esprit. He moderated his zeal for them and succeeded in everything.

The philosopher was put in the Bastille. In the new regime, it is the philosopher who succeeds in everything; his ideas help him, no longer to be imprisoned, no longer to uncork the esprit of a fool so that he can be successful, but to bring the philosopher himself to high places. Judge how the mob of people who are discarded through this order of things accustom themselves to it! Don't they say that this understanding is too complicated? Let's suppose that people would employ a quarter of the time that they have given to stupefying the lowest classes to enlightening them; let us suppose that instead of putting a catechism of absurd and unintelligible metaphysics in their hands, people gave them one that contained the first principles of the rights of men and of their duties, founded on their rights; one would be surprised how far they would go after following this route, indicated by a good basic work.

Suppose that instead of preaching the doctrine of patience, suffering, abnegation of oneself and degradation to them, which are so useful to usurpers, people preached to them to know their rights and their duty to defend them, one would see that nature, who formed men for society, gave them all the good sense necessary for forming a reasonable one. The young person listened to everything that he said and, with a very tranquil air, replied: "What do you want! When he arrives in my bedroom, his esprit changes.

Said about a writer of books that have already been written. Dit d'un faiseur de livres faits. You are a real hussy; that is too much. There, decay comes right after maturity. Les vieillards, dans les capitales, sont plus corrompus que les jeunes gens. God and the king have paid the price for the foolishness of their valets.

I was a madwoman, but I doubted myself, and, on this point, I was closer to wisdom than he was. He went a long time without loving the second Dauphine, and gave for his reason that she did not smell like a woman. He thought that this odor belonged to the whole sex. Il fut longtemps sans aimer la seconde Dauphine, et en donnait pour raison qu'elle ne sentait pas la femme. Her husband began to hate him as though he had accepted them, and people laughed with M.

If he only knew how amusing he is! We must divert the honorable company. Il nous faut divertir l'honorable compagnie. He is like ivy that attaches itself by crawling. On disait de M C'est comme le lierre qui s'attache en rampant. It is a matter of knowing who is the most beautiful. The ugly woman wants people to ask who is the richest.

La laide veut qu'on demande quelle est la plus riche. Some others take patience; finally, a small number are happy and quiet and never look for proselytes, whereas those who despair at their undertaking look to solicit novices. Two of them really merited it. Il pastor romano non vuole pecora senza lana. A Roman shepard doesn't want sheep without wool. It is not the cats fault when he takes the servants dinner. The french translation in the book also gives ch If it comes from cagare in the same way that manga comes from mangiare , it would mean to shit.

Heaven knows what it means. Spiritual, because it had enough spirit [esprit] to seize authority. Il y a une sorte de reconnaissance basse. Someone spoke about it to a man with esprit who was tied to him. This person promised to change his opinion and he succeeded in doing so. Someone asked him how he achieved this; he responded: "I did not insist at all on the tyrannical abuses that come from the influence of the intendants; but you know he is very stubborn about nobility, and I told him that very good gentlemen would be obliged to call him Monseigneur.

He felt that this was enormous, and that is what brought him to our opinion. They told him one day in a great assembly that the tone of it was perfect, full of grace and facility; that men of letters perhaps wrote more correctly, but not with the same charm. The only thing left for me to do is to tell you that my speech was written by M. Roy, and I will give him my compliments on possessing the good opinion of the court. He responded: "It depends on the society I see.

He could add another on mediocre qualities. When a woman agrees with me and makes me happy, I yield to the feelings that she inspires me with, reserving the option not to be her dupe if she doesn't agree with me. My imagination is the upholsterer who I send to furnish my apartment when I see that I will be well lodged; otherwise, I give it no orders, and there I spare any unpleasant memory.

But, monsieur, M. Mais, monsieur, M. Someone responded: That's a hospital room. She loses her existence to them. A man is less hurt by this because he remains what he is. Elle y perd son existence. I will be inconsolable about it. Therefore, you have you have to say to me, etc. J'en serai inconsolable. Alors il faudra me dire, etc. This man didn't want to have it done at all. A few months passed, and the health of the sick fellow came back.

The doctor, who ran into him and saw that he was doing better, asked him what remedy he took. But now winter is approaching: I am afraid that the humor that afflicts my eyes will return. Don't you recommend that I get the cautery done? It would be wiser to leave her and to have the cautery done; but you can perhaps do without it, and I think that the cautery you have found is enough. Celui-ci n'en voulut point. He closed himself up with her, caught the same illness, died and left her a great fortune with the right to remarry.

C'est une chose curieuse de voir l'empire de la mode. Messieurs, how I regret the time I lost in learning that I was worth more than you! To prove his point, he mentioned that everywhere he went, people told him: "The brigands are somewhere else. One day, the lieutenant of police sent for some of these and said to them: "Such an article was stolen, on such a day, in such a quarter of the city. I thank you, if you are alone. It's as much, observed M C'est donc, observe M Les vers, disait M Nature has put in the brain of man a little gland called the cerebellum, which performs the task of a mirror; it represents to a person, both in good and in bad, in little and in great, at large and in detail all the objects of the universe and even the products of his own thought.

It is a magic lantern of which man is the owner and before which scenes pass in which he is an actor and a spectator. This is properly man; this limits his empire. Everything else is alien to him. I have consoled an honest man, full of virtues, rich with livres of rent, with a very great name, a good deal of esprit, excellent health, etc.

And me, I am poor, obscure and ill. Et moi je suis pauvre, obscur et malade. He was speaking in the name of the whole clergy. The bishop of Saint-Pol asked him why he spoke for everyone without consulting them: he said, "I consulted my crucifix. He went to M. Il alla chez M.

This fellow responded coldly: "It's just like the beast and the rogue that the actual public is to judge a character of my temper. A doctor arrived named Fournier who, upon entering, said to Mme de Defant: "Madame, I have the honor to present you with my most humble respect. He refused: "I wouldn't know where to spend my nights anymore. She rented a little house on Plumet street, where she went while M. One of his friends approached him sadly: "Eh!

Good God! Who is it that you have lost? Bon Dieu! The king went to her one day and took some liberties that weren't successful: "I shall be silent," said Stanislas, "my chancellor will inform you of the rest. A little bean was traditionally hidden in it, a custom taken from the Saturnalia in the Roman Empire: the one who stumbled upon the bean was called "king of the feast.

This merchant came to Paris: he went to present himself to M. Berrier, didn't find him anywhere, wrote him what he had heard, returned to see M. Berrier and told him who he was. He started off again for his province: as he was en route, the attack of Damien occurred. Berrier, who comprehended that the merchant had foretold this story, and that his own negligence would lose him everything if it were discovered, this Berrier sent a collection of police and guards to the road to Lyon; they seized the man, gagged him, brought him to Paris, and put him in the Bastille, where he stayed for 18 years.

He was tortured first with red-hot pincers; his hand, holding the knife used in the attempted assassination, was burned using sulphur; molten wax, lead, and boiling oil were poured into his wounds. Horses were then harnessed to his arms and legs for his dismemberment. Damiens' limbs and ligaments did not separate easily; after some hours, representatives of the Parliament ordered his executioner and his aides to cut Damiens' joints. Damiens was then dismembered, to the applause of the crowd. His torso, apparently still living, was then burnt at the stake.

He was a friend of the Encyclopedists and of Rousseau. A man, seeing the great tumult around the prison, asked for the reason: someone responded to him that it was for M. He responded to them naively: " Is it my fault if I prefer women whom I love to women whom I don't? He maintained that he did; the person who made the collection said, "I didn't see it, but I believe it. He found him in an ill humor and asked him why. Il lui trouva de l'humeur, et lui en demanda la raison. Marlborough said to him intrepidly: "Eh! What, monsieur, you seem surprised?

Don't you know that 40 or 50 people are the barest necessity for a princess? He became close friends with Chamfort, who wrote some of his political speeches, and Mirabeau looked to him as a sort of conscience. Some letters of his to Chamfort survive. This has been my lesser evil, like a man who, wanting to see a play, and finding that there are no more seats for Iphigenia , goes to the amusing Variety shows.

There was a violent scene between them, which Mme de Brionne ended by threatening to throw him out of the window: "I certainly can descend" he said, "from a place I climbed through so many times. The cardinal de Rohan was prelate, ambassador to Vienna, grand almoner of France, and cardinal. The king said to M. At the end of the month, the king asked if the rationing of grain had been completed: "Yes", said M. I'm very glad;" said the king, "request that he comes here very soon.

When I see vulgar men meddling in love, I am tempted to say: 'What are you meddling in? Gambling, eating, and ambition belong to the canaille [rabble]. It's because it is not until after this age that he is undeceived; because among us a person has to be either an anvil or a hammer; because he sees clearly that the evils that make the nation groan are irremediable. Until then he had resembled a dog who defends the dinner of his master from other dogs. After this age, he is like a dog who goes after it along with the others. One doesn't show these things in one's lover; in one's husband, one shows everything.

Mme de B En fait d'amants, il n'est pas de ceux que l'on montre; en fait de maris, on montre tout. The latter had come to this magistrate to lower his capitation, which had been considerably increased; the other had come to bear his complaints that his had been decreased, and he believed that this diminution supposed some infringement on his titles of nobility. The horrid animal! His mores were dissolute. No guilty men could be found. Peter said: "You can use one of my people. Il ne se trouva pour lors aucun coupable.

Embarrassed and ashamed that this prince had said nothing to Voltaire, he approached the latter and said to him: "The prince just told me the following. This fellow saw very well that it was an act of politeness on the part of Vaucanson, and said to him: "I recognize all your talent in the manner which you make the prince speak. Wikipedia: Jacques de Vaucanson February 24, — November 21, was a French inventor and artist with a mechanical background who is credited with creating the world's first true robots, as well as for creating the first completely automated loom.

The day after this catastrophe, the king summoned him so that he may give him the order of sending Mme de Pompadour away. He conducted himself as a master in the art of the court; knowing well that the wound of the king was not considerable, he believed the king would, after being reassured, call back Mme de Pompadour; consequently, he observed to the king that, since he had the misfortune of displeasing this lady, it would barbarous of the king to have this order related by the mouth of an enemy, and he convinced the king to give this commission to M.

But this same man, whose clever conduct reconciled him to Mme de Pompadour, made a schoolboy's mistake by abusing his victory and charging it with invectives, once she had come back to him and put France at his feet. Le lendemain de cette catastophe, le roi le fit venir pour lui donner l'ordre de renvoyer Mme de Pompadour. The king did not want M. Lorsque Mme du Barry et le duc d'Aiguillon firent renvoyer M. Le roi ne voulait point de M. However, having had an occasion to suspect his uprightness for a moment, I asked M.

Jean-Paul Nozière

Saurin if he knew him particularly. He responded yes to me. I insisted to know if he ever knew anything against him. Saurin, after a moment of reflection, responded to me: "He has been an honest man for a long time. J'ai vu M. J'insistai pour savoir s'il n'avait jamais rien eu contre lui. It is absolutely necessary for a person to direct his view to pleasant things, and accustom himself to only viewing man as a puppet and society as the planks he hops on. As soon as this is done, everything changes; the spirit of different conditions, the vanity particular to each of them, the different nuances in individuals, the knavery, etc.

There is the same difference between these two men as there is between a scuba diver and a swimmer. He assumed an occupied air and, holding some papers in his hand, he read aloud gravely to his secretary: "Louis, by the grace of God, the King of France and of Navarre, to all those who will see these present letters see the first to the last , Greetings.

This man responded that no one could take his position away without a lawsuit. The Regent, having received his letter, put at the bottom: Nevermind , and send it back as his response. From the dungeon to the highest tower rooms, the runaway princess has them all hot on her heels. The droll caricaturist illustrations and rhythmic text with refrain will soon make this book an essential part of the going-to-bed ritual of the youngest readers.

ISBN fr ; engl. Also published in Engl. Using the style of naive painting the illustrator creates a fairy-tale transformation of the motifs of classical Japanese woodcuts. Children who of course cannot yet appreciate the artistic and folkloristic allusions will be fascinated by the many small anecdotal details of these fullpaged pictures. His books are the result of extensive research and discussions with nine- to twelve-year-olds. They offer practical guidance through short stories based on real situations that show paths of self-help.

In the appendix parents and educators will find precise and sound advice. This is a new genre of youth literature which corresponds to the real needs of modern-day children and youth. ISBN Treasure hunt - First love - Puberty - Friendship - Self-discovery This is a superb young adult novel that goes far beyond adventure and treasure hunting. The protagonist, a young boy, goes through a painful process of breaking away from his parents, experiences happiness and insecurity in his first romance, finds his own sense of responsibility in lonely reflections on sexuality and faithfulness, and sets his own life's goals.

This wealth of complex topics is woven into a breezy narrative which moreover includes high-sea sailing in the Atlantic, coastal landscape and climate, village life and historical reminiscences. Canada French - - Olscamp, Marcel ed. Merola, Caroline illus. Manes in the Wind. The particular charm of this collection lays in the diversity of the poetic voices. The short, lively texts are easily understandable and ideally suited to encouraging young adults to make their own ventures into the world of lyric and visual expression.

With increasing uneasiness she observes the progress of the illness and discovers the psychological causes which lead to this drive toward self-destruction. The trusted face of her friend breaks to reveal a different merciless person who is driven by a revengeful obsession with power. It also shows that true friendship only reveals itself when put to the test. The scenario on which the plot is based is historically sound, solid and tightly developed. The figure of the master who has the powers of a shaman brings in mythical ideas from a prehistoric age.

On the journey to the so-called New World he teaches his pupil to read world's phenomena to find traces of submerged ages and to trust the magical powers which influence human fate. But Somerset set off for the ride like a knight sets off on a mission. The bus is a dangerous opponent, the driver the master of the dungeons, the passangers his prisoners. Already by the first busstop unbelievable things have occurred as seen from the perspective of an imaginative child.

In this manner the young viewer can empathize and have pleasure with the animal kingdom while subtly acquiring a precise lesson in natural history. Distrib: Les Amis de la Joie par les Livres, Paris City life - Poverty - Parental violence - Street child - Job training Plain and memorable black-and-white stencil pictures illustrate this story of an African boy who runs away from home to escape the beatings of his father and family poverty. He earns his own keep on the street for a while until he is taken into a youth correction center. There he also learns a skilled job as a carpenter and finally returns to his home.

This appealing picture book comes out of a studio in Cameroon which was founded by a group of African authors and illustrators who want to design and publish attractive and high-quality books for children. While the first-person narrator learns to accept the prognosis of an early death, the other is so shattered that he commits a terrible suicide.

In a flash back, the narrative depicts their earlier friendship, their conversations about their future plans, their view of the world, their attitudes toward the African and the white cultures. As fascinating as this is, the reader may be shocked by the undisguised sexual aggressivity toward girls. In order to digest these passages of the novel, which is in general well-written, the reader should be mature and self-reflective. In the illustrations there are two clearly different worlds of experience to be seen.

In one, spacious and airy double-paged landscapes and interiors predominate. The genuine reality, on the other hand, is depicted in black-and-white sequences of small pictures. The text mirrors the leap of consciousness from the real to the dream-time world.

A child speaks of his dreams in which a song, a ship and a deserted house continually appear. The mystery of this dream is superimposed on the experiences of the real world, with all its familiar, everyday sounds and activities. The fantastic reports about its imaginary countries are told by storytellers, explorers, and chroniclers. The highly detailed, subtly shaded illustrations alternate between raw landscapes and paradisical pastures, from oriental dream-like cities to icebergs. Documentary tables in the style of old geography books help maintain the fiction of a meticulously researched reality.

Belgium French - - Rascal text Chatellard, Isabelle illus. With a roguish, sparkling touch the illustrator shows the beauty and temptations of the legendary metropolis from the ecstatic perspective of the country brooder. Her enthusiasm is reflected in the boisterous momentum of the picture angles and the humorous citation of the many details that form the myth of the tourist attraction Paris.

The warm colors and prefe-rence for brilliant patterns underline the merry, festive atmosphere. Un crime est-il facile? A crime is easy? Paris: Epigones, Tracking down the evil-doer who so brutally damaged it, the twin detectives are unexpectedly caught up in a network of jealousy and mistrust involving their own classmates. When the perpetrator is discovered, everyone involved resolves their conflict with humor, honesty and forgiveness. This lesson in reconciliation is passed along to the reader in a suspenseful and amusing narrative.

La reine des fourmis a disparu The queen of the ants has disappeared Paris: Albin Michel, ISBN Tropical forest - Ants - Queen - Odyssee - New York - Reunion - Conservation Two red ants turn into detectives and comb the tropical forest to find their abducted queen, landing finally in an airplane bound for New York, where they finally find their missing ruler in a giant museum of natural history - being investigated by a researcher. The disproportional relationship between the tiny ants and their enormous adventure turns this into an enchanting story. The superrealistic illustrations give the scenes a fantastic, magical character.

In the course of their adventures, many objective details about the tropical forest and its animal life are pointed out, serving to illuminate issues of nature conservation. A hare and a dog are taking a walk in the middle of a desert. A blue spot seen from the distance is discovered to be a chair. That is all it takes to have a romp, since the imagination does all the rest. Each tries to outdo the other in thinking up new scenes using the chair as a prop.

Along comes an Arabian camel and puts an end to their fun with the categorical statement: a chair is meant to be sat in!


So hare and dog move on, leaving the camel - sitting - to his boredom. ISBN Curio - World travel A collector opens up his curio cabinet to show what he has gathered during his world travels. One piece after the other is revealed in the photographs, while the text describes the origin, purpose and manner of acquisition with a sympathetic view toward the object and the people who made it. Many of them bear cultural significance, such as the little tablet of the Koran from Morocco, while others, such as the little fishbone wedge used for dog harnesses in Alaska, stimulate the imagination, or, like the spine of a shark from Mexico, highlight the exotic.

For those who are willing, these many little objects open up the possiblity to encounter the pleasures of a multifaceted world. Une petite flamme dans la nuit A little flame in the night Paris: Bayard, ISBN Concentration camp - Terror - Survival - Storytelling - Parable - Hope - Resistance Night after night a woman whispers parable tales of terror and despotism in the ear of a child to help it go to sleep.

The illustrations leave no doubt as to where these absurd situations take place: a high barbed wire fence with watch-towers, surrounding the barren grounds and barracks of a concentration camp. Each story follows upon a short conversation between the rebellious child and the woman, who hopes that the forced sleep will help the child endure the coming day. The parables describe the brutal tyranny of a despot long ago.

Each ends with the fragile hope that the terror, though long lasting, will come to an end if the memory of resistance and freedom is kept alive. When on the twelvth night the woman does not return to their common plank bed, the child's stony heart falls away and it can cry again. In the following night, a younger child takes the woman's place, and the older one takes on the role of the woman, telling the same stories again. The illustrations for the individual parables are extraordinary in capturing the timeless, metaphoric nature of the stories. They possess a literary power of expression by revealing the grotesque-comical aspect of totalitarian terror, thus underlining its absurdity.

It fulfills the need of children for spooky stories with a balanced mixture of fright and relief. And it uses the well-known storytelling perspective of Grandfather telling about days gone by. And, thirdly, it offers an aesthetic delight with full-paged, striking illustrations. The idea of making the storyteller a grandfather cat who sees no reason to stick too closely to the truth give the at once merry and spooky adventures a humorous coating.

Who could imagine a cat playing the part of a sled-dog! ISBN Bus - Travel - Racial equality The metaphor of the earth as boat in which we are all sitting inspired the illustrator to write this story about a little red bus which takes a journey around the whole world. Scattered throughout the continents are bus-stops at which a pair - in each case a human and an animal - are waiting for this modernday Noah's Ark. The photos of painted pottery figures portray the passengers, people of all races and ages in the company of an equally motley crowd of animals.

The excerpts of a rudimentary world map help to give a geographical orientation. The humanistic message of this pretty little volume is quite subtle: there is no room for discrimination on this bus line. They take refuge in a house illegally occupied by people out of work and illegal immigrants. The reader feels drawn in by the narrator and her concern for the social disadvantaged, taking part in their motley crew until they are brutally driven apart by the house demolition.

Any tendency to regard the house-squatting movement as idyllic is firmly counteracted by the illustrations. With an unsettling and at times even grotesque clarity, the pictures mirror the desolate situation of society's outsiders, testing the humanity of the reader in this confrontation with unvarnished reality. Monsieur William Mr. William Paris: Grasset-Jeunesse, William, a goldfish, takes leave of his fishbowl. He looks like a blown-up red beach ball, so fat that only half of him fits on the horizontal double-pages.

He makes use of everything he finds, shaving himself, trying on Father's necktie and cruising around in the car. This is a picture book to look at with the very youngest, for whom reading means pointing and naming the colorful, haptic objects. ISBN Giraffe A baby giraffe falls indeed from heaven, since at birth it is dropped 2 meters to earth.

In just a few minutes it can stand up and begin to suckle at its mother's udder and to discover the world. This picture book shows the experiences in the first few days of life, how it is accepted into the herd and attacked by a lioness. The impressive expanse of the African savannah is ever-present in the doublespread illustrations of this generously sized landscape-format picture book. A brief appendix supplies further information about giraffes, which are fairly underrepresented in information books.

Special Mention - France French - - Jardin, Alexandre text Derobe, Alain photos de Broca, Alexandre special effects Cybermaman ou le voyage extraordinaire au centre d'un ordinateur Cybermaman or the extraordinary journey to the center of a computer Paris: Gallimard, The plot involves a virtual journey into the inner workings of a personal computer. Three brothers and sisters head off into cyberspace with their head-mounted displays after their computer crashs in order to find their favorite program which contains pictures, mementos and voice recordings of their dead mother.

The oversized glossy photographs of this oversized book bring to view the surrealist nature of virtual space, including anti-viruses, which resembles a very real and opulent hall of horrors. He prefers gardening to hunting! All efforts to re-educate him to the ways of a wolf fail miserably.

But the joke is on Father Wolf. This animal family leads a very human-like life in the vivacious illustrations. The artist had great fun in hinting at the wolfs' nature of the inhabitants in the details of the furniture. In spite of the fundamental antagonism of the fatherson relationship, there is much love and tenderness to be seen. This allows the young reader, undisturbed by any sense of fear, to take delight in the mishaps of this clumsy father. She presses her great-grandmother to recall her past in Africa, but the old woman buries herself in painful silence, recalling how her forbears had moved to Algeria as colonizers in the 19th century, only to return to France during the Algerian war.

Nona has lost her roots and yearns to return to the mimosa and the desert. But the shame over all that took place in the course of colonization and war seals her mouth. The interaction of this detective work and resistance to memory is reflected in scraps of conversation. Reproductions of historical postcards from Algeria are stitched between the leaves of this large-sized album. The novels' protagonists are fictional, but their historical contexts are authentic. This particular novel deals with an Arabic Jew from Algeria, the last of his family, who lived through the waves of anti-semitic discrimination both in his homeland and in exile in Paris.

Alone one rainy evening he recalls in a moving soliloquy the events that led to his parents' and sister's deaths in Algeria and Germany. The author weaves an epic tale on several levels and helps the young reader to keep on with the story even when the narration may engender only revolt, shock and pain. Can you trust a hungry crocodile? Paris: Albin Michel Jeunesse, Especially if one is a good-natured toad travelling in a balloon with a crocodile whose friendship ends where his hunger begins. But the happy end of the journey of this very odd couple proves that with a little intelligence and sympathy an enjoyable coexistence is possible, despite the extreme differences.

The lively colors and surprisingly amusing viewpoints in the various sized pictures convey the humor and wisdom of this story in a high-spirited manner. After a taboo regarding the unique paintings of the tribes is broken, the resulting intrigue is used to elaborate on the rituals, the legends of life's origins. The fragile existence of this culture is vividly depicted, located on the breaking point between tradition and modernity, threatened with perversion by tourism and greedy profit.

Scattered throughout the narrative are authentic ethnographic photos which also have the charm of intimate family memories. The documentary appendix provides supplemental details and summarizes the Aborigines' problems. Je suis parti! I'm on my way! All the episodes take place at night in full-page, landscape format illustrations. Only one sentence is sufficient to explain each situation. Generous use of space and bold colors change the picture story from agitated to smooth lines, depending on the rise or decline in the drama of the scene.

The lively eyes of the story's protagonists, who meet unexpectedly, have a language of their own. Peaceful cosiness prevails whenever you encounter a sleeper. ISBN Motherless child - Loneliness - Friendship - Joy of life Ernest's mother died at his birth and his father left him to grow up with his grandmother, who lives almost completely immersed in memories of her past. As result, Ernest's life is sad and monotonous. There is none too little comedy, but the story also gives room to fine psychological insights. The transformation which takes place in the lives of Ernest and his grandmother follows the well-proven maxim: One must first enjoy life, before preparing to die.

La gavotte du mille-pattes The gavotte of the centipede Arles: Actes Sud, Animals - Nonsense poetry Children who enjoy the sounds of words and wordplay will be well-rewarded with this droll parade of animals. Inspired by the nonsense poems which describe a colorful bestiary in the absurdest situations, the illustrator has let his imagination run wild, trumping the text with even more nonsensical pictures.

With souvereignity his full-paged illustrations dominate the narrow, upright format of this handy and prettily designed little book. ISBN Gypsies - Differentness - Integration - Squatters Feeling like good samaritans, the children of a sixth-grade class prepare to welcome Zoltan, a boy whose gypsy family has become squatters in the town's run-down city hall. In minutely recorded scenes, Zoltan's perceptive benchmate describes the ultimate failure of their attempts at integration. Even the teachers, who admire his talent on the accordeon and are portrayed as being unprejudiced, are unable to deal with his differentness, expressed in apathy and reserve.

ISBN Old man - Retirement home - Mouse - Friendship - Helpfulness When Monsieur Verchou, the vegetable seller, retires and moves into a retirement home, the four little mice who, like little elves, had always secretly loaded up his cart for the market, are sad. Large pictures in landscape format, drawn in vibrant colors and contours, reveal in abundant, realistic details the stages of this fantastical tale. ISBN X Hippopotamus - Island - Sea - Colors - Painting On a very tiny round island in the deep blue sea there is a tall chimney that looks like a cake made with an upside pail in a sandbox.

A blue hippopotamus comes along every day with a little wagon full of painting tools and paints fish or starfish on its wall. Rain and moonlight turn them into lively animals that splash about in the water. Changing perspectives and picture segments lend the story its charm and surprise effects. Nothing can spoil this miniature, carefree world of play. The only question left unanswered is what color the fish will be painted tomorrow. Albert-Lasard, Louise - Biography - Painting The highly unusual life of the headstrong artist, Louise Albert-Lasard, who is usually remembered only for her friendship with Rilke, is depicted in this biography.

Driven by her artistic vocation and an iron will, she overcame many obstacles which arose from her middle-class Jewish background and a handicap in walking. Eccentric and independent, her chosen life-style led from Munich, Paris, and Berlin, where she stood in close contact with the avant-garde of the art world. Spanning two world wars and travels around the world, her life took place in a lively epoch of intellectual and world history which will be of great interest to adolescent readers. The fates of several persons are chosen to show the old and new wounds which stem from the colonial wars and years of immigration, from the current conflicts of identity and problems of integration, from the collision between modern times and religious tradition.

The author, daughter of Algerian-French parents, gives a penetrating view of the current civil war in Algeria. Hers is the view of the protagonists and thus in immediate contact with the suffering victims. In only a few sentences the sensually recorded experiences are crystallized into an image, impressions into thoughts. Serres's travels took him from Mexico to Egypt. Brief, red-lettered lyrical notes, cross paths with graphic pen-drawings in orange and black, setting accents and awakening associations of leaves, birds, tracks and silhouettes.

The fresh, very personal words reveal the author's power of perception and experience of life, for which young readers will be receptive. The fascination of this lyrical, mysterious, stylistic world in miniature remained with the author her whole life long.

A collection of reflections on these pictures has now been made accessible in a bibliophile edition by her husband, the writer Maurice Chappaz. He has also added three texts of his own and a very personal afterword. In the descrip-tions there is a union of microscopic observation, that perceives even the most unlikely feaures, and of sensiive intuition, that is capable of uncovering the melancholy that is present in these pictures.

Both adults and youth will be tempted by this manner of observation to enjoy this leisurely en-counter with the princesses, princes and wisemen in the gardens of oriental poetry. Each contains a story without words in a sequence with all the charm and magic of an animated film. The two protagonists, a child and a bear, impishly show all the things one can do with a book besides reading it and how to perfect the art of playing with illusions.


The beautiful, talented and popular young girl committed suicide. Matthew stands at her coffin, angry and confused, just one hour before cremation. He calls to mind all the things he did together with Alice: in kindergarten they were playmates and then inseparable friends at school, daring and full of life. For him, a shy young boy, their friendship had turned, unawares, into love. But Alice had pulled back. Her friend only comes to realize what dangers and sensitivity hovered behind her self-assured facade, after she took that final step. Through his grief, Matthew is certain at last, that Alice will remain a part of his life.

This hour of leave-taking becomes for him a rite of initiation. He knows now, that to love does not mean to possess. The psychological insight of the author into her protagonists state of mind give the novel its credibility. Especially convincing from a literary perspective are the monologues which shift between the past and the present.

The narrative voice reflects the hero's manner of thought. By being honest with himself he gains the reader's empathy. Michel Quintin, How long past the s seem today, when a youth grows up in the northern region of Canada where the Indians still live as nomads in the forests and the Whites almost like colonialists. Such a life has its hard but fascinating side, but the modern-day technological advances are unstoppable and bring radical changes with them. The individual protagonists are well-drawn character portraits and still untouched nature is experienced as a wonderful mystery.

More important is the tender friendship between the two of them, which unfolds in so many ways - in rollicking nonsense at play, gazing at the wonders of the world together or being with each other without need for words when Monsieur Lumbago dies suddenly. Vacances au village Vacation in the village Yaounde: Akoma Mba, Cameroon - City life - Country life - School holidays A city family spends its holidays in a country village with the grandparents.

The leisurely pace of life leaves much time for playing outdoors, excursions into the woods and fishing along the river. In the evening by the shine of petroleum lamps grandfather tells traditional tales about heroes while grandmother prepares supper over an open fire. The rural scenes are rendered in strong earthy tones, arranged in an authentic sequence like snapshots in a photo album. The subtitles below the pictures are provided by Nwemb, the son.

Candidly he admits his initial fears of the new and unknown situation. By the time of departure, he has grown to love and appreciate it. Promising to return, he exchanges gifts with his new-found playmate - his books for a turtle. The album acquires its particular charm through this youthful perspective.

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This Free Souviens toi de Titus PDF Download book is perfect to accompany your days. The book is available in PDF, Kindle, Ebook, ePub and Mobi formats. Les assassins du Cercle rouge (). Dernier tour de À l'heure dite (). Un jour avec Lola Souviens-toi de Titus (). Tu seras la risée du Série noire sur le "Chérie noire" () . Auteurs liés en tant que éditeur scientifique ( 2).

Jungle - Deforestation - Wildlife With screeching chainsaws and tractor trucks, with stinky fumes and deafening noise civilization forces its way into the jungle forest to begin clearing and destruction. The animals join together in a counterattack and drive the invaders from their severely wounded paradise this time. In artistically confident illustratrations Nomo makes tangible the contrast between the mysteriously teeming, pristine forest, whose highest trees go beyond the doublepaged format, and the massive, angular bulldozer that ruthlessly sets about to devour Nature.

He compensates for this weakness by always wearing boxing gloves and taking an aggressive posture. With all their indulgence and encouragement his parents still cannot talk him out of it. With a subtle gesture a girl at his school is finally able to find a way past his armour and show him that friends shake hands trustingly, without gloves, in order to get along well. The illustrations convey considerable sympathy for the child's basic need for security.

Humorous details prevent Arthur's problem from appearing to be a psychological abnormality. Abel, the son of the barge-master, performs a puppet theater for Alys, the daughter of the lock-master. When the ice begins to melt, the barge sets off again. Abel's final play deals with a princess and a sailor, ending with a romantic promise of faithfulness. Meticulously composed illustrations, rich in mood, make this wintertime idyll a multilayered picture story with little Abel playing the leading role.

An informative appendix with colored drawings describes the fact of shipping life on the canals of Europe. Her host family has her baptised and gives her the name Estelle. After the war she lives in an orphanage until an aunt in Paris takes her in. As a teenager, once again called Esther, she is painfully aware of the fragile balance in her life.

Her diary reflects her efforts to find her own identity by going beyond her individual role within the collective Jewish fate, and thus establish a way of life for herself. In simple texts he captures images, faces, scribbled slogans on walls and gravestones. His impressions reflect the absurdity of war and the vast reaches of human brutalization which even encompassed children as victims and as witnesses. The book design uses yellow marbled paper resembing crumbled walls as a backdrop for traces of graffiti containing the last words of the murdered for the survivors. Crowter, Kitty illus.

Copain des peintres Comrade of painters Toulouse: Milan, ISBN Painting - Aesthetics This handbook is a successful approach to practical, aesthetic and cognitive art appreciation. It tempts the reader to take up painting and subtly even trains the eye to look. The practical instructions are stimulating and easy to follow with the help of photos and humorous illustrations.

The child can compare and learn from the masters. He or she can develop without inhibitions and activate a perspective on art through his or her own activity. Lulu, where are you? Surely there is no better proof of being loved. This ceremony takes a surprising turn when Lulu wanders off too far away and gets into danger. Because Lulu's fear of being alone and lost is a universal experience, every child will enjoy the way Lulu's homecoming is portrayed here with much charm and amusement. Does the software have the power to kill?

The hero of this murder mystery risks playing a virtual murder game. Computer freaks will appreciate how she manages to solve the technical part of the case. The dangerous perfection of virtual weapons point out the risks of the new media, while the classical format of the solution reveals a human tragedy with all the traditional themes of love, coldheartedness, greed, disappointment and revenge.

ISBN Differentness - Exclusion - Loneliness - God - Humanity - Suffering Children who feel lonely, misunderstood, and unloved will be able to identify with the ostracized girl giant. They can suffer with her as she travels around the world. In the end they will both be distracted by the pain and suffering of the many other people they encounter.

Whether God exists is answered in a mysterious, thought-provoking picture. The illustrations reflect the melancholy condition of loneliness. But the conclusion shows that this is not only negative. The sad child giant is changed into a beautiful, lonely island, loved by many people. It is easy to understand how this cycle operates and what is involved in keeping it going when one accompanies father and daughter from the bathtub to the ocean in this realistic, fascinating illustrated information book.

The informal question-and-answer dialogues are convincingly employed to show how we all must share responsibility and act accordingly when dealing with this indispensible elixir. Watch your step! Rodez: Rouergue, Funny, grotesque-looking images depict how weird their gait looks from above. Inspired by these observations, the girl invents a different style of walking for every day of the week, turning walking into clown antics which become rather tricky to perform in traffic.

The loosely rhymed text follows her criss-cross movements all about the page. These funny scenes may encourage the reader to invent other new ways of walking. La nature au fils des mois Nature through the months Paris: Gallimard, ISBN Landscape - Nature observation - Seasons For a full year an artist casts his eye on the same landscape, drawing twelve large-sized pictures showing the changes in nature. The reader will be enchanted by the details - the deep snow tracks in Febuary give way to springtime blooms in March. Tractor and mower follow.

The meadow on the river fills with campers and empties itself again. Animals and plants are equally involved in the landscape, just as are rainstorms, fog and the changing colora of the vegetation. Foldout information sheets with details about climate, flora and fauna enhance this picturebook perspective on nature. He is shy, reflective and at times filled with self-contempt. The girl, who has a bad reputation, has also been observing him. When she unexpectedly pays him a call, their encounter leads him to examine himself more closely. Hesitantly he becomes aware of his own sensuality and recognizes in the girl a still child-like purity despite her physical maturity.

He understands intuitively that longings encompass more than merely sexual desire. She manages her complicated daily life pragmatically and with grim humor, critical of herself, attentive to her son. Unknown to them, a little elf has moved in who reeks havoc with practical jokes, magic and mix-ups. The depiction of the very real presence of this unreal being is a masterpiece of narration.

The scenes shift from comic absurdity to touching sentimentality. The reader readily accepts the unbelievable and senses that the feelings and needs of mother and child are crystallized in the elf. And with its help, they achieve a positive change in their own lives. ISBN Myth - Legend - Supernatural The myths and legends of all the cultures of this world tell about fabulous beings, monsters, and spirits which bring either blessings or curses to mankind.

Nadja provides us with portraits and short narrative characterizations so that we can recognize them when we meet them. Presented on pitch-black paper they appear at once fascinating and horrifying. The artist makes rich use of earthy tones, appropriate to those monstrous products of our fears and premonitions.

The texts offer sober suggestions based on traditional wisdom about how to escape the often destructive demonism or how to capture the rarer magical powers of such creatures. In the appendix a table gives a geographic overview of the different cultural sources. This most unusual book goes along well with the current fashion of horror stories by satisfying the desire for the thrills of shock and disgust in a way that is only made possible through the rich imaginative powers of all mankind.

The mouse child can't sleep. She wakes up mother mouse and then begins the ritual of diversionary tactics to avoid having to go to bed that every child knows so well: going to the potty, singing, playing, hunger and thirst. In the end slumber comes of its own accord. But now mother mouse is wide awake and gleefully repeats what the child had been through. Now it is father mouse's turn to help bring on sleep.

One can well imagine how the story continues, by going once again page for page through the humorous illustrations of the mouse house. Twenty of these sentences have been chosen by Yvan Pommaux and illustrated in his typical comic-book style. This album invites browsing and offers a wealth of authentic details which give the older readers pleasure of rediscovery and show the younger ones a quite foreign, long forgotten way of life. Nul en pub Failed in advertising Paris: Rue du Monde, ISBN Consumption - Advertising Ludo is derided by his friends because he is completely ignorant of campaign slogans and brandnames.

In order to redeem himself, he studies long and hard and even wins a silly game contest. But the main prize turns out to be a hoax. Disgusted, Ludo can at last return to his favorite hobby, fishing with his grandfather. The burlesque watercolor drawings, which are interspersed like ads on television, carica-ture the idiocy of advertising. The peppy brush strokes become more subtle when they give expres-sion to the emotional sensitivity of the child. Dans les air A dog's idea. A dog gazes after a bird. Then it jumps on the back of the next bird flying by and they land on an island where a bird magician draws the dog a pair of wings with which it can fly back to where it started.

Here it turns over its wings to a chicken who trots by and gazes after it flying away. The final image is identical to the first; the story can begin again - in the same way or differently, wherever the inspiration of the reader-child leads. ISBN Grandfather - Grandson - Love - Imagination - Metamorphosis The perspectives of the illustrations in this oversized book parallel the nearly unlimited willingness of the grandfather to fulfill the wishes of his grandson, who transforms him into a dinosaur, a giant apple pie, etc.

The results, depicted in bizarre, earthy toned dreamy images, are always reversed with a kiss. But when grandfather is turned into an intergalactic warrior against his will, the reversal fails. Yet in the happy ending the two of them together again without the help of any magic. ISBN Bird - Wings - Angel The lovely idea that the good lord forgot to give birds wings when he created the world and thus had to send out a messenger boy to distribute them is the ideal material for this well-known illustrator. His favorite figures are the messengers between two worlds.

The last pair of wings let the young messenger become the first angel, bringing genesis to its completion. The turbulent, chaotic pictures, rendered in the style of a child's drawings, recapitulate how everything she tries to do goes wrong. What fun it is to watch. At each turn of the page round peep holes make for new surprises. Every time the sympathetic child tries to cheer mother up, the confusion only becomes greater. Mais allez souvent dans sa boutique! Parcourez-le et voyez ce qui peut me servir. Si je vous lisais mon plan, vous verriez ce qui me conviendrait. Il sera fait dans une quinzaine.

Je vous embrasse tendrement. Croisset, nuit de vendredi 2 heures [ janvier ]. Sa persistance est vraiment touchante. Mais je ne veux pas me demander quand j'aurai fini. Croisset [25 janvier ]. Du reste il ne faut pas m'en vouloir si je suis en faute. Sans compter ce qu'il faut que je lise pour mon travail. Mon dossier de notes a huit pouces de hauteur.

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

A dive into the world of wine where a friendship between two men grows from drunkenness and encounters with truculent characters in a world of parties, tastings and escapades. Is it the one to whom you recently compared Napoleon, or some other Marcus Aurelius with whom we are unacquainted? Danielle, a retired neurologist, is spending the month of August in her holiday home on the French Riviera. The impressive expanse of the African savannah is ever-present in the doublespread illustrations of this generously sized landscape-format picture book. Est in medio verum.

Enfin je commence mon dernier chapitre! Les querelles de bonapartistes sont pourtant divertissantes. Dimanche 24 [ sic, pour 25] janvier Donc, ma lettre est probablement perdue. Elle avait pour but de vous recommander la publication, aussi prompte que possible, des Vers de Maupassant. Faites cela, et vous m'obligerez infiniment. Je commence le plan de mon dernier chapitre. Quand sera-t-il fini? Dieu le sait! Dimanche [25 janvier ]. Puis-je, aux jours gras, compter sur votre Excellence? Croisset, mardi, 2 heures [27 janvier ]. Alors tu auras la chance d'avoir des places.

Bergerat n'a pas compris. Cependant je serais bien aise de les avoir l'une et l'autre. Arrange-toi pour que le P. Trop d'hommages! Je suis trop bonasse. J'en ai le vertige. Jolie conduite! Mais les dames! Quel toupet! Enfin tu prends le genre de Paris. Je t'approuve. Ernest t'expliquera pourquoi. L'Ours des Cavernes. C'est amusant, fin, de bonne compagnie, charmant. Je voudrais bien voir jouer cela dans son salon! Jeune homme! Le paysage et les personnages se voient et la psychologie est forte. Le scandale de Mme Brainne me donne le vertige! Je vous ai mis sur un petit morceau de papier mes remarques de pion.

Tenez-en compte, je les crois bonnes. Quelles belles binettes que celles de vos bourgeois! Cornudet est immense et vrai!

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La pauvre fille qui pleure pendant que l'autre chante la Marseillaise, sublime. Elle est charmante, votre fille! Je vous embrasse plus fort que jamais. J'en demande deux exemplaires. Merci de votre volume, mon brave Alexis, il m'a fait grand plaisir. C'est fort et amer! La chienne enceinte est une trouvaille d'artiste. S'en informer! Le pasteur protestant et sa famille sont excellents.

C'est d'un comique excellent. Tout cela est vu et senti. Pages , , l'ahurissement de la population, charmant. En somme, quelque chose de bien cocasse et de bien amusant. Phrase de haut vol! Paysage du quartier de l'Europe, neuf et bien fait. Et le saltimbanque? Avait rompu le silence, locution toute faite. Page 5. Page Un cigare Prendre un bain de pieds. Un mazagran n'est pas de la langue de M. Mure, lequel est un magistrat.

Pourquoi ainsi parler argot? Qu'a-t-il besoin de savoir ce que vous en pensez. En lui disant par exemple que M. Quel combat? Mais oui! Et puis, de quoi parlez-vous? Notez que je vous parle de choses que je connais personnellement. Il n'y a pas de Vrai! Est-ce que la photographie est ressemblante? Maintenant, je commence. Je crois que vous ne comprenez pas ce que vous avez fait. Page 9. Vos bandits sont classiques, ce sont ceux de tous les romans picaresques.

Ils font des plaisanteries, enfin ils sont grotesques! La nature! J'y reviendrai. Oui, n Tant pis pour vous! Mais imaginez du sang qui coulerait, et on ne rirait plus. C'est donc Superbe, Barabbas dans la chapelle! Pages Vous vous foutez du monde? C'est bien! Mais de moi, ce n'est pas gentil! Il y a dans Shakespeare des choses de cette force, voir Titus Andronicus, et dans le Clitandre du classique P.

J'en doute. Mais qu'importe! C'est d'ailleurs un homme de nos jours qui parle ainsi. Aussi M. Rien du tout. Tu n'imagines pas comme ce petit renseignement m'a fait plaisir sous tous les rapports. Il provient d'une bonne caboche. Depuis que tu es venue ici, il m'ennuie de toi plus qu'auparavant! Remercie Ernest pour son envoi de journaux.

Spurzheim est le collaborateur de Gall dans son grand ouvrage, Anatomie du cerveau, etc. Ce que voyant, Vieux a fait comme lui. Tu verras comment on y parle de Cro-Magnon 11, faubourg Montmartre. Vous me demandez si je connais un article du Figaro? Autre guitare! Ces lectures me prennent un temps absurde.

Que ne me faudrait-il pas! Va-t-on recommencer la scie du baron Taylor? Buloz, Marc Fournier, Villemessant, Cassagnac. Reste Girardin Remerciez-le de ma part. Il a des livres pouvant me servir. Ce sera vite fait. Mamzelle Julie en a entendu parler chez Leroux! Il te plaira. Encore deux bons baisers, pauvre fille. Eh bien! Ne trouvez-vous pas cela joli? Mais les libraires me paraissent stupides.

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Rappelez-lui que j'attends toujours deux exemplaires. C'est charmant, exquis et instructif ce que vous dites des Albums japonais, des lutteurs, des robes de femmes, du plaisir qu'ils se donnent avec l'eau, etc. Je vous embrasse bien tendrement et fortement. Votre vieux. Que se passera-t-il vendredi? Il faut se remettre au travail.