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Memories re-emerge from the haze
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I was in Mulligan's pub once in my life and that was for a union meeting I was dragged to. But I never once raised a glass in Mulligan's. There was a business there. There were a lot of fine journalists there and we were suddenly like rats thrown from a ship.

We needed homes! I had no job and I had to make a decision. And it seemed better to go it alone. He was broke when he co-founded the Title in , the weekly sports newspaper modelled on the French sports daily, L'Equipe. Famously, he took the editorial decision to picture the heads of all Mayo and Meath players who played in the violent All-Ireland final replay that September at the base of a bloodied guillotine.

Hayes thundered on with the ill-fated Dublin Daily and then the Gazette Group, which led to his 10 per cent stake being bought out by the majority stakeholder, The Irish Times , after High Court proceedings last June. But Hayes' fascination with publishing is clear. Of the last 15 years, I had no direct income for three of them. So you got through all of the emotions associated with that uncertainty. The opportunities for building newspapers now are less and less and I am at the back of the class when it comes to technology but there are projects that I am interested in.

And I find it incredibly energising. He has been warned about getting flu. He knows, deep down, there is a contradiction in a man who is not comfortable revisiting episodes of his life reissuing a book he wrote two decades ago. Here is the man who rarely met team-mates after he finished up, who only ever went to one golf outing with the Meath old boys, who found it hard to even watch his county playing in Croke Park, now placing those warring days in sharp focus by putting his book on the shiny shelves again.

The man who admits he has managed, consciously or otherwise, to control and compartmentalise his thoughts and feelings for his late brother is the very one who moves strangers to write to him because he talks so compellingly on television. There is a collection of his brother's journals and diaries lying in the home house in Meath which Hayes has leafed through but has not yet sat down and read.

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I (of 2) or, Sporting Chat and Sporting Memories [Various] on a subscription that delivers editorially hand-picked children's books every 1, 2, or 3 . Sporting Society; or, Sporting Chat and Sporting Memories, Vol. 1 (of 2) by Russell et al. Book Cover. Download; Bibrec.

Not in almost 30 years. I leafed through them and I told myself I would go back to them so I am aware of some of the content but there is a barrier between me wanting to go there. It is funny - you would think purely from a brotherly love point of view or a cold-blooded curiosity point of view, you would want to go and pick them up. Especially because he was my best friend, my brother. And if I had been in his shoes, how would I feel if all my writings were left untouched?

I would feel decimated. And there are other contradictions. Boylan too is suffering from cancer: they speak regularly on the phone, trading war stories and keeping the spirits up. At some level, Boylan is still the manager and Hayes still the headstrong big man on his team. At some cosmic level, Hayes knows the brotherhood he shared in the Meath dressingroom - odd as it may have been - remains intact but in an unreachable way.

It is a very lonely, self-absorbed act. Within 12 months, you wonder were you ever part of that team. You very quickly become distant from the whole experience.

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It is the same with Skryne. When you live outside the village, it becomes something of a fantasy that once existed that you were part of. My mother and my sister still live there and I go down to Skryne but I have lived in Dublin 20 years so you watch from a distance.

Once you step outside the dressingroom, it is gone. And very quickly it is as if you were never in there. It is a bit like memories of your childhood. You have snapshots. It is like something that happened to someone else. That could be me, though. I just keep moving on. I don't bring the past with me very often, which is a pity. But, of course, that is not quite true. What is Out Of Our Skins if not a valedictory to his old team, to his family, to the many thousands he has met so far?

He wrote what he could never bring himself to say. This has been a strange few months for Liam Hayes, with his illness bringing so many old names and faces rushing back into his life with only the warmest words of encouragement and defiance, the kind of words he heard for a decade in the dressingroom. My only hope and wish is that they recognise this room in all its magnificence.

Monday — Sunday, June 24th — 30th.

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Sporting Society; or, Sporting Chat and Sporting Memories, Vol. 1 (of 2) by Russell et al.

Finding their place at the heart of Pfizer. The reinvention of customer service experience with applied intelligence. The Story of Home: A bolt from the blue. Most Read in Sport. Here is your handy guide to sport on television this week Monday — Sunday, June 24th — 30th. Subscriber Only. First, we want to avoid any factors that may exacerbate the condition and increase the chance of needing re-do surgery. The complexity of re-do surgery is always greater.

There are some settings in which structural heart disease, such as severe mitral valve prolapse, may be exacerbated by strenuous exercise. In general, in the absence of significant abnormalities with the valve structure and in the absence of left ventricular dilation or heart failure then it may be possible to exercise at any level and compete in all sports. Patients with mild to moderate mitral regurgitation with normal heart size, function and pressures can participate in all competitive sports at all levels. This would include marathon running. If there are 1 abnormalities in valve structure or 2 significant left ventricular dilation or dysfunction, then a thorough patient history, physical and investigations are required before advising patients on what might be considered a safe amount of exercise or intensity.

Worldwide, the incidence of dementia and related cognitive disorders is estimated to affect 44 million people CDC so, the question of exercise related benefits is not only interesting but essential to health care. If you are interested in the science, read on! Dementia is characterized by impaired cognitive processing, memory disorders and personality changes. The most common cause is aging compounded by vascular impairment. Therefore, since we know that exercise has been found to reduce the incidence of hypertension, coronary artery disease and strokes; the benefits of exercise should also include reduction of vascular aging in the brain tissue.

Anatomically, Colcombe et al PNAS, studied MRI scans in older adults who walked 3 x week for 6 months and found significant increases in gray and white matter volumes. Physiologically, Lui-Ambrose et al Arch Int Med studied functional MRI in older adults who participated in resistance training twice weekly and found significant improvement in brain functions which actually persisted for 12 months after training had stopped.

These changes include memory recall, time duration for cognitive response and ability to follow instructions. What about the personality and mood changes that occur with cognitive decline? Behrman et al Practioner, took a similar approach extrapolating the known benefits of exercise on adult depression symptoms and studied the effect of exercise on older adults of various ages.

Sporting Memories 2018

They found that with increased activity including walking and dancing, patients with mild to moderate depressive symptoms associated with dementia improved their feelings of self-esteem and mood while decreasing negative distracting thoughts. They compared the gains to pharmacology treatment and found that exercise was as effective and often reduced the need for medication with potential side effects.

In a meta-analysis conducted by Sofi et al J. Int Med the authors reviewed studies that enrolled adults without dementia symptoms and monitored cognitive function versus anatomical presence of disease to see if the risk of cognitive decline changes in exercising adults. In my attempt to present balanced research, I did a literature scan of adverse effects on cognitive function in exercising older adults.

The result only unearthed a few logical warnings…start low and go slow to avoid musculoskeletal strain, maintain good energy input when exercising the older adult and ensure supervision and instructions for new training techniques.

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The main finding was that cognitive function does not worsen with exercise and that is a critical take-home message. In summary of the research to date, and my experience as a clinician at Toronto Rehab the protective effect of physical activity on cognitive function is related to maintaining good cerebrovascular supply to the brain through blood flow and oxygen. Through the positive effects of exercise on cardiovascular risk reduction, the incidence of associated cerebrovascular events from diabetes, hypertension, obesity and dyslipidemia is greatly reduced and thus reduces disease induced cognitive decline.

In the aging adult, there is a role for prevention of cognitive decline through an active lifestyle that seems to have a protective mechanism and potentially be related to the stimulation of neurotrophins that may actually promote neural growth and survival. Lastly, there is ongoing research suggesting that through exercise there is a reduction in stress related cortisol levels which may also be a positive factor in preserving cognitive function.

Author: Dr. Julia M. Q: I have been working hard in gym over the last 6 months. I got cool muscles and I look very fit. I also like that instead of losing weight I gained 3 kg extra muscles. I eat well. But what worries me is the absence of a menstrual period. I wonder if amenorrhea can be caused by just hard training without weight loss? The first version of the Female Athlete Triad syndrome added further confusion with its rigid definition of the co-existence of amenorrhea with eating disorders and osteoporosis.

Over the last decade, however, an appreciation of the real dietary problem — low energy availability — has emerged.