Text & Context: Church Planting in Canada in Post-Christendom

How Should We Really Prepare Church Planters?
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watch But this narrative of decline does not adequately describe the North American church. Yes, it is difficult, but God is also renewing communities of Christ across North America, sending us back into our neighborhoods to discover missional forms of church.

Thrive. Ideas to Lead the Church in Post-Christendom.

Instead this school social worker and elder in her church walked outside with a bucket of chicken wings and offered to pray for the women with whom she shared the food. How should the elder leading a new worshiping community in their local context receive more training? What would you tell the leader of a new monastic community committed to stability about where to receive more education?

And they are doing hard work.

Thrive. Ideas to Lead the Church in Post-Christendom.

As much as receiving education, these leaders need to take a retreat to restore their spiritual, mental, and physical health. What if they could find both in the same place?

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We need a new kind of formation for our post-Christendom world. It needs to be theologically robust without being top-heavy.

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And it needs to form church planters and other missional pioneers holistically while letting them remain in their existing ministry contexts. It needs a strong spiritual foundation that trains them to listen to the Holy Spirit and teaches them to care for their own souls. The Anglican missionary bishop and theologian John V.

To do that well, you need to be well-practiced in praying, listening, and in risking naming what God is doing. Because all mission and ministry is contextual, the Church needs multiple models of formation and education for our changing ministry context.


How we form future leaders of the Church will inform the shape the Church takes in our context. Scott Hagley PhD. Luther Seminary came to serve as Associate Professor of Missiology at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary from Vancouver, BC, where he both served a local congregation and with Forge Canada as an advisor to denominations seeking to plant or revitalize churches.

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Scott Hagley Named Assistant Professor of Missiology

Next, we have our "full-height" bar that is actually using a little bit of CSS magic to offset the height of the bar below it notice how that bar is always positioned at the bottom of the screen. Society is less religious, church attendance is mostly stagnant, resources are drying up, and leaders are struggling to find answers to stop the exodus.

What churches can and cannot do during a federal election

Most of the ideas addressing these challenges rely on reclaiming Christendom, a time when the church could rest at the centre of cultural attention. But we can? Rather, we need to move forward with new ideas.

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With the increasing number of people claiming no religious affiliation, it may be surprising to learn core values like purpose, justice, spirituality, and love remain important. The stage is set.

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Respond to the call to join the unfolding mission in your midst. Passar bra ihop.

Ministries that Don’t Exist

Text & Context: Church Planting in Canada in Post-Christendom [Leonard Hjalmarson, Bob Roxburgh, David Fitch, Scott Cripps, Phil Harbridge, Robert. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Len Hjalmarson lives with his wife, Betty, in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Between and , they helped plant a missional.

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