Trust Issues (Trust Issues 1)

How to Solve Trust Issues in a Relationship
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Did something happen in your childhood that has caused you to become wary of trusting your heart to anyone? Did your parents choose to divorce when you were young? Were you sexually abused in the past?

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Speak to a therapist to help you find the root of the issue and learn how to work past the event. Talk about any indiscretions. Answer their questions truthfully and understand that they are hurting.

Recommit yourself to one another. Sometimes a relationship needs a sign of recommitment and devotion. Do something special together that signifies that your love can and will overcome anything.

Intra-System: Trust Issues

Spend more time together. Both you and your partner are constantly changing internally and your needs and wants are also subject to change. Trust is about more than believing that your partner will remain faithful.

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You may want to move more slowly in your relationship, you may want to take your time getting to know each other or not rush right into opening up. But, sometimes, the trust issues can run deeper and can keep rearing their ugly heads in your relationship—even long after trust seems to be established.

10 signs someone has trust issues

They may start to pull away, get resentful, or act out. If you don't believe that relationships will ever really work out, why would you spend too much time investing or worrying about this one?

Olivia O'Brien - Trust Issues (Audio)

If someone has been hurt or betrayed a lot in the past they can, sometimes even unconsciously, go to extreme lengths to protect themselves. That can manifest as a jaded relationship with the truth. Try a little self-interrogation and look back on what might be driving you to hold back from your partner and not trust them with the truth.

2. You Constantly Think the Relationship Is Going to End

For example, a young woman thought her new lover was spending less time with her than before. It is not a matter of a simple apology. Learn more about accountability. Specific thanks to Quixotic Images for our new promo shots! Updated: June 27, How can we best deal with events or situations that threaten to erode our trust and confidence? In such a case the person believes they are protecting themselves from the bad humans they might encounter.

Often, the trust issues will keep you feel uneasy or and having mental blocks about moving forward. We all go through times in our relationship when we feel a little needier with our partner and that's totally normal.

Trust(ing) in civil society

But if you find yourself being consistently needy and getting frustrated with yourself, that could be a trust issue at play. You're looking for reassurance, and no matter what your partner does, it never feels like enough—because it's actually an old wound that hasn't healed, rather than anything happening in your current relationship.

There are a lot of different ways that old trust issues can affect current relationships. Once you realize your trust issues are flaring up, the next question is what to do about them. The first thing to do is talk to your partner and let them know you're struggling, which can help mitigate the impact of the trust issues.