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Review: ‘Rabbit Hole’ at Theater With a View
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One 2. Sunny kitchen with locally made cherry cabinetry and tiny walnut details, flecks of labradorite and garnet shining in the granite countertops.

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Efficiency is important in this sq. Appliances slide out of cabinets to keep everything neat and organized. Listen to the song of the stream below without a single insect interrupting the flow.

The 3rd floor loft offers space for an extra guest and plenty of built-in storage. The Velux solar-powered, rain-sensing skylight above makes bedtime into star gazing time. This home was designed to accentuate the magical beauty of the landscape it inhabits.

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Sign In Subscribe. Add your own project for the chance to be featured in Editor's Picks. In this case, the stage is the large backyard of a house, high in the hills of Pottstown. Seeing an Equity performance in this location is a shock.

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It is an allusion to the rabbit hole from the novel Alice's Adventures in Jan 31, · Author has 72 answers and k answer views. It is an. And down the moral rabbit hole we New York Times reported last week that U.S. soldiers still fighting the war in Afghanistan — 14 years.

Many of the local playhouses, such as DCP and Steel River, were built with arena staging as a possibility, but these theaters have now anchored their seats for permanent proscenium presentation. True, the director has to stage the actors carefully so that every seat is the best seat, and the scenic possibilities are limited, but the intimacy that the actors can achieve more than compensates.

By Latonya Jones

Reich has made another courageous choice in selecting this Pulitzer Prize winner. Most directors of outdoor productions choose plays such as As You Like It or Redwood Curtain , where the setting sun, crickets, and flying insects compliment the performance. Rabbit Hole is a multi-set, interior, almost kitchen sink, play that does not call for a grassy stage floor. Reich draws such deeply concentrated and sharply etched performances from the actors that the overwhelming outdoors disappears.

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How can a family cope with the pointless, accidental death of a four-year-old child? Anyone who has ever been a parent, or lost someone close, cannot help but be emotionally drawn into this simple story. The anchor of the evening is Nina Covalesky as Becca, who provides a textbook illustration of underacting. Everyone in the play is trying to cope with the tragedy, but Becca cannot.

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She remains lost in a haze of doubt and despair that makes her doubt the existence of God and the value of life. She is unable to understand that the others share her grief, because theirs is a little different. Her stalwart confusion will be taken to heart for a long, long time.

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Reema —Izzy's friend, a waitress at Calderone's. Arena lighting is always a problem. Matthew J Photography. Sign In Subscribe. The play won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for

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