2020: A Dystopian Thriller

Utopian and dystopian fiction
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http://wikbud.eu/wp-content/2020-02-08/2982.php Transient Store Page. We're very excited to reveal that the team behind Conarium and the Darkness Within series, now reborn as Stormling Studios , is currently working on a disturbingly macabre new game! With Transient , our signature Lovecraftian themed adventure talents are combined with futuristic, cyberpunk ingredients, resulting in a unique setting and storyline.

‘The Circle’s’ dystopian future feels a lot like the present

Facebook [www. Aaron D'Gar 1 Jun pm. Oh yeah for God Release it on Steam please please and please! Or I summon one Tindalos Dog for every dev!

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Velvetloop 1 Jun am. Wow this gives me excites! The Ultimate Fox 31 May am. Definitely going to keep an eye on this game.

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Just please don't make it an Epic exclusive. The result tends to be pessimistic, yes, but a gripping story can be the sugar to help that bitter pill go down.

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All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Anderson Ashes Egmont, by Ilsa J. Things are bad enough that suicide is legal, in prescription-pill form. Obama's speeches? Because of this, when action does come, it is well earned in terms of pace. The fact that the key scientist still feels like the kindest person Lucy has recently encountered complicates things all the more, as it lays bare how intensely vulnerable and alone she is in this ravaged world.

Philip K. So while there have been a wealth of cinematic dystopias that came before and many yet to come, the Blade Runners bookends are as good as any to define the futuristic worlds that accompanied the turn of the millennium, more than a few of which are already supposed to have come to pass. Who knows? Brazil While the U. But an accidental government execution caused by a typographical error draws him and the real-life woman of his dreams together to evade the tyrannical Ministry of Information, who will do anything to cover up their crime.

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The world of Brazil is more slapsticky and farcical than your average dark future, but it turns truly nightmarish in its final act which includes one of the greatest cautionary plastic-surgery scenes in cinema. The Running Man Reality TV bringing about the second coming of gladiatorial combat has been a perennial fixation of dystopian fiction, and The Running Man is one of the most influential examples.

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Set literally as we speak it takes place between the years and , after an economic collapse that leads to a totalitarian police state , it follows Arnold Schwarzenegger as a man falsely accused of a massacre who winds up having to fight for his life on live television. Although, as the film which is based on a Richard Bachman, a. In a crime-ridden Detroit the first of many crime-ridden American cities that will populate this list , a private robotics company signs a deal with the city to begin developing enhanced crime-fighting units.

Joyce Carol Oates’s Prized Portraits by a Friend

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But their most powerful weapon proves to be RoboCop, a cyborg hybrid created around the brain and face of maimed police officer Alex Murphy Peter Weller. Verhoeven turns the greed-driven corporate monsters of Omni Consumer Products into laughable buffoons, and their fully robotic ED killing machines into pathetic, herky-jerky false idols of security.

Of course, Akira also takes place in the aftermath of World War III, after a psychic bomb has wiped out the original city, and its gleaming boulevards and neglected alleyways take on the feeling of a graveyard. The opening bike scene alone is an exhilarating blend of action, world-building, and neon beams trailing off into the night. Shot in Los Angeles while the O.

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Simpson trial consumed the city, Strange Days predicted conversations about police brutality, body cameras, and Black Lives Matter two decades early, in addition to its still-relevant commentary on our culture of voyeurism. The Matrix Sometimes it feels like was a turning point, and science fiction can be divided into two categories: before and after The Matrix.

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But this is where the series first cracks open its still-intoxicating premise that our mundane reality may not be as fixed as we think it is.