Help Me Be Good About Disobeying

Help Me Be Good Disobeying
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Their marriages are a sort of legal fiction which we must respect. This is where things get tricky. Suppose you are a baker who is approached to make a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding or that you are a wedding photographer who is hired to photograph a same-sex ceremony.

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Cases like this show why, as I warned, the decision about same-sex marriage is not a private matter but has implications that extend far beyond the couples involved. Because marriage is a public, civic institution, the re-definition of marriage has wide-ranging implications that can affect all of us.

The case of Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who has been jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, is a more difficult case. She says that she cannot in good conscience affix her signature to such licenses because that constitutes her approval of the union, of which she does not approve. When Jan and I visited New Zealand a few years ago, the legislature had just passed a law, over opposition from Christian legislators, legalizing prostitution.

Worse, the law allowed brothels to be opened anywhere, even in your neighborhood or next to a school.


I can imagine a Christian government official called upon to sign a zoning permit for such a brothel and finding himself unable in good conscience to do so. In some cases, we may have to resist legal authority because it would require immoral action on our part.

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We are assured that ministers and priests will not be required by law to perform same-sex weddings. But suppose you are a military chaplain who is called upon to perform the marriage ceremony of two men or two women in the unit you serve. You might well regard such action on your part as immoral regardless of its legality and so find yourself unable to obey.

You will probably be discharged from the service as a result. The tragic outcome will be a winnowing of Christian chaplains in our armed services.

A Children’s Book About DISOBEYING

Similarly, Christian educational institutions may face the loss of federal funding for student loans or scholarships or even the loss of their tax-exempt status for not complying with laws ratifying same-sex marriages. Lest you think such concerns alarmist, these worries were voiced by Justices Roberts and Scalia themselves during the Supreme Court hearings and were never adequately addressed by the counsel arguing the case.

There will be situations in which Christians are going to be forced by conscience to break the law, just as they were in the early Roman Empire. As our secular culture becomes more and more accommodating to same-sex marriage, the pressure upon Christians to compromise and conform will be heavy and unrelenting. Categories: PSHE.

Help Me Be Good Disobeying. Notify me. Free download includes songs and read-along with Joy.

For Ages Product details For ages Format Paperback 32 pages Dimensions x x 2. About Joy Berry JOY BERRY is the bestselling author of more than titles 85 million copies sold that help parents tackle common parenting issues and that educate and empower toddlers to tweens ages 1 to Joy Berry began her career more than thirty years ago teaching in the Ontario and Arcadia school districts in Southern California. Concerned that the educational system wasn't teaching children all they needed to know, Joy began after-school and summer programs designed to teach children life skills.


First, the rule might prevent the agent from considering the reasons for disobeying the rule. Punishment of those who disobey a given command does not in itself satisfy the objective, should others still refuse to given in. The private knows that if he disobeys the order, he will be punished. It is when one cannot conceive how a command is good that deciding whether to obey or disobey is most difficult. First, right reason could dictate that a divine command be disobeyed.

Such prescriptions should be disobeyed no matter what. Here is one suggestion: the commitment to the rule might prevent the agent from considering the reasons for disobeying the rule. A decision to use unauthorized discretion and openly disobey policy is not easily made in such an environment.

8 Results of Disobeying God

Humans do their utmost not to anger or disobey them for fear of punishment. In questioning the state's persecution of the black market and by consciously choosing to disobey the law, the population was openly challenging the state's authority. Need a translator?

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