It Was Love that Kept Me Going

Love Kept Me Going
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The comedian, who has opened up for comedy acts like Trevor Noah, has since flourished in her standup comedy and has had many successful one-woman shows.

Pushed by passion and the love from her supporters, Khanyisa also decided to take on acting, something she's wanted to do for a long time. She recently blew viewers out of the water with her stellar performance as Dambisa on Scandal! But I was really touched, when recently this one guy just sang my praises to me and to everyone who could hear him.

How My Faith Kept Me Going On My Bipolar Journey

He told me how my growth shows and how I should keep up the good work. Khanyisa said she'll forever be indebted to her fans and will strive to perfect her craft for their benefit and hers. Its really tough here, today you can be here and tomorrow totally forgotten or at the very bottom. Register Sign In. Khanyisa Bunu: My fans' love kept me going when the industry wasn't kind.

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It was only after coming out of prison on my fourth and last time that I realised my family had stood by me all this time. In December , I admitted myself into Highpoint. Anson former Highpoint director , whom I first met while in prison, also encouraged me to share my life story with others in similar situations. I have always been interested in cooking and used to work as a kitchen helper for 10 years after my National Service.

I love to cook for others and always welcome feedback on how I can improve my skills. I am extremely grateful to the Chefs at the Academy for giving me the opportunity to learn and turn my life around for the better. This course has changed my life — it has taught me self-discipline, stopped me from mixing with bad company, and helped me pull away from my past.

My family has also been a great support.

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Even in those moments that I was down, my love for music has kept me going. Many celebrities are known to engage in a number of vices they claim are associated with their work.

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Which of these do you do? Is Simi in any relationship?

ˌkeep ˈgoing

Yes, I am in a relationship and that is all you are getting. As a woman there must a number of things you look out for.

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What are those qualities that appeal to you? Well, he has to be funny. He must also be a man who understands my job. So, such a man must also be supportive of what I do and most importantly a man who loves God. Recently, you and Falz recorded a song together and tongues have been wagging that there is something between the two of you.

What do you have to say to that? I think people can sense the chemistry we have in making songs together. And with the fact that they recently saw us on thecover of a magazine together, it was just promotional and nothing more, it does happen that you go to events and you take pictures with others.

Love Is A Balance: If You Keep Me Safe, I’ll Keep You Wild

The man who won your heart, what specifically did he do to win you over? Well, let me put it this way, he was running on the track, he came first and I gave him the trophy. You are known to have studied mass communication in school, are there times you envy colleagues who are in main stream journalism?

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I know I am going insane. What makes a healthy relationship? Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community. Start by starting. In the old days people were brutally killed, whereas today they are medicated into a stupor or locked away in mental hospitals. She is an inspirational speaker. What really gets it over is the intensity of her performance.

There was never a time for me to regret my decision to go into music at the expense of journalism because I have always known I would go into music and I remember that mum, just like any other typical Nigerian parent, used to tell me at the time, that I should try to get a job now that I was done with university so as to have some work experiences? I still like it and maybe one of these days I may go into it. As a singer and as a songwriter, which one do you flow more with?

Laura Branigan - Your Love [cc] 1988 Salsa Soundtrack

I have not done the comparison before because they are not really the same eventhough they are within the same realm. So do you have any thing you are currently working on and what is it all about? Well, definitely yes.