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The idea was that these brigands were threatening even royal residences, including Persepolis. By going back to the textual evidence, I showed that this was a very partial, and false, vision of the relationships between the Great King and the peoples of the Zagros in Achaemenid times, which relied, rather, on gifts and counter-gifts.

This is when I started going beyond the Classical sources without abandoning them, of course , and working on the Persepolis tablets a corpus which was then almost unknown by Classical scholars. From then on, the history of the Achaemenids, of Alexander, and of the diadochi was a united one.

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KB: Speaking of which, I was struck by the name of your chair inasmuch as my impression was that it encapsulates your conception of the Achaemenid world. Was it for you a way to challenge the traditional disciplinary boundaries in the field of ancient history? PB: Yes, for sure. But a lot still needs to be done, especially when we look at Hellenistic history textbooks.

They start either with Alexander or with his death. All of a sudden, a world appears, and students have no idea of what existed before.

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KB: Indeed. Do you have any thoughts on how this issue could be better addressed? PB: Publishers are partly to blame because they like to ceaselessly reuse the same categories. For them, there is Classical Greece and the Hellenistic world, but the Achaemenid world is often absent. Teachers are also partly to blame since in universities, ancient history is generally — although there are exceptions — reduced to ancient Greece and Rome.

In the case of a Hellenistic history textbook, the Achaemenid world ought to be present, not so much to stress continuities in all domains, but also to show students the nature and rhythm of the changes brought about by the Hellenistic kingdoms. To be perfectly honest, I must say that I felt a strong resistance from my colleagues when I was at the University of Toulouse I taught Achaemenid history there and in , I think, I created an introductory module dedicated to ancient Near Eastern history. As you can see, it is very hard to change things.

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But I am not completely without hope, even though my reasoned optimism sometimes hits itself on the wall of reality. It is now up to your generation to change things.

KB: To come back to the question of the relationship between academics and editors. I think that those of us who have permanent, secure positions are less vulnerable than junior or unemployed scholars. That being said, do you think that more senior scholars have more of a responsibility? But senior scholars ought to have understood what the issue is, and this is not always the case.

There is still this break between the Aegean and Near Eastern world. When I look back at my trajectory, I am particularly proud to have contributed to building bridges between different fields that until then ignored each other or communicated through very narrow and intermittent channels. KB: In what way do you think that new technologies, social media and the digital Humanities can help better transcend these barriers? PB: The idea came to me when I came to Paris in As I was going from year to year, I could see new documents coming from all the countries of the empire, from Samarkand to Sardis, and the idea came to me as an obvious fact: internet was the only way to gather and make accessible to all such data.

I had become acquainted with internet during my numerous trips to the USA in the late s. I had no idea what that meant. When I came back to France, I told myself that I needed to have an email address. Luckily, I was then in Toulouse, and the Sciences faculty had a server.

My first email address briant cict.

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After that, we involved more collaborators, updated our techniques, etc. Achemenet is now 17 years old. PB: There you go! The initial idea was to put online all the primary sources that had to do with imperial Achaemenid history, all the texts in all languages Aramaic, Elamite, Babylonian, Greek, etc. But, of course, the gathering and interpretation of the documents was done with the help of colleagues from several countries. I am particularly happy to see that this editio princeps is open-access!

The site will be hosted very soon on a CNRS-server [2].

Well beyond Alexander: An interview with Pierre Briant, part 1 (Français, English, فارسي, Türkçe)

For the past 6 years, a gifted Dutch colleague Wouter Henkelman teaches seminars on the Elamite world, and works on the publication of a portion of the Persepolis tablets some of which he made available on Achemenet. But we should not be too pessimistic either. It is also because of the compartmentalized nature of scholarship, which leads so and so to specialize on Aramaic, Demotic, or Babylonian texts, or on archaeology, iconography or numismatics, that Achaemenid history is not being taught regularly at the moment. The volume of work required of the volunteer jurors is enormous, and each is given several kilos of books to read.

The highly humorous book guides readers through diverse themes such as the Tower of Babel, the Nuremberg Trials, Saint Jerome, Charlie Chaplin, international press agencies and computer software. The book was a publishing success story, covering the technical and philosophical aspects of the art of translation and of going from one language to another, while managing to avoid citing intimidating figures such as Walter Benjamin and Antoine Berman.

The French also enjoy the support of unions, associations, government contacts and charters outlining translation prices per page.

Working conditions have become difficult for American translators, who are now being put under pressure by an increasing demand for translations from English to French. A true example of what France gave the world at the time, and far more enjoyable to read than the Nouveau Roman authors.

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But the story of Cosette is looked down upon by the literary elite. This literary heritage is little taught in universities, yet contributes enormously to international popular culture. Mais il y a un malentendu.

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Mais mes livres sont traduits en arabe. On ne savait pas si on allait en sortir un jour.

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On nous tabassait de temps en temps. Elles sont tenues principalement par les femmes qui en sont les militantes permanentes. Ce ne sont pas des associations de droite ou de gauche. Cette comparaison vous choque-t-elle? Elle fait de la politique. La jeunesse marocaine tient une place centrale dans votre dernier roman. Je parle donc, dans mon roman, de ceux qui vont vers la vie facile.