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get link If you land on a Small Stepping Stone at a fork, your turn is over.

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If your turn will take you pass a fork, you need to decide which way to go. If you choose the main trail, play as usual. If you choose the shortcut, you will move into the Visit Circle and stop there.

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Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram. Coach him through the process by saying things like "get it" and "bring it" and make a big fuss for every successful stage of the game. Send us your feedback so we can keep making awesome games for you! It will also give your puppy practice at following scents. This game teaches your puppy to come when called and how to find you when you cannot be seen. Not Helpful 11 Helpful Gil is going to a party at the Queen of Heart's castle and needs your help choosing a present, defeating a villian and deciding what costume to wear.

Your turn is over, even if you have more steps left. You are now visiting with the helper spirit, and you are protected from challenges made by other players. When you are in the Visit Circle, roll the Visit Dice the yellow one on your next turn. According to the result, do one of the following:. Regardless of what happens, you use the yellow Visit Dice only once.

Use the white Travel Dice on your next turn.

2. Hide And Seek

As long as you are in the Visit Circle, you are protected from challenges made by other players. A resource card can be played against you when you are on the trail after leaving Start and are not protected by a Visit Circle. If you have a Clover card, you can play it to ward off the challenge. Otherwise, you need to do what the challenge says. If you are told to move backward, always follow the main trail, not a shortcut. Since this is not your turn, you may not play a resource card if you land on a Big Stepping Stone.

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Similarly, if you land on an Encounter Spot, the instructions at the spot should be ignored. During your turn, if an activity requires you to answer a question or spell a word, one of the other players should ask the question or provide a word. Shimmer, Shine, and Leah take a trip to Afina's palace to practice their glitter magic! Water Park game! Plus, kids can earn prizes by trying their luck at the prize wheel. Are you ready?

Darington is about to ride the Stuntmania Super Track, but Crusher wants to steal the spotlight! Embark on a mythical quest with Nella and her friends to uncover the legend of the fabled Bafflin!

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[PDF] The Huppies Play a Game by Rachel Summers. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online The Huppies Play. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Huppies Play a Game at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Molly and Gil are lost in a forest! Join Oona and Deema, the Flutterguppies, as they sing them a song!

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Help Shimmer, Shine, and Leah collect the stolen stars and wands from Zeta! Fly through the skies on your trusty Zaharacorn to collect them all! What happens when you mix sorbet with pie? Rusty and Ruby help Sammy and Betty mix their peachy recipes! Sing along with Nella and her friends as they give Smelgly, the dragon, some advice on having good manners!

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Sunny, Rox, and Blair get soccer stylin' in time for Junior's soccer game. Welcome to Nick Jr. Kids can visit each place in the resort over and over again, celebrating the snowy holiday season with their Nick Jr. Rusty and Ruby find out that their latest invention still needs some work when Liam's toys go copy crazy. Have someone hold your pup while you hide. Call him to come and wait for him to find you. This is another good learning game that teaches your pet to come when called and gives him a chance to try out his powerful scenting ability.

You can up the ante as he gets better at the game. This is a good game that wears down your pup and teaches him focus. Give him the treat when he releases his grip on the toy.

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If your pup becomes overstimulated or aggressive, stop the game and walk away with the toy. Ask your pup to sit and stay, then toss the toy a short distance away. Puppies are very capable of learning the names of common items around the house, as well as names of other pets and human family members. Stimulating the mind is also exercising it, and helps your pup work off some energy.

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