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I was somewhat disappointed in Hartley's niece and nephew, though, I expected them to be more traumatized than they were. I would have liked to see that aspect explored a bit more. LibraryThing member Dawn This historical romance about people with special gifts had a good plot and moved right along until near the end it seemed like forever to catch the bad guys so I skimmed some. Lady Alethea has a vision of a man in danger. That man is Lord Hartley a spy for the Crown.

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Language English. Original language English. Physical description p. Highland Wolf by Hannah Howell. Highland Barbarian by Hannah Howell. Highland Warrior by Hannah Howell. Highland Captive by Hannah Howell. Highland Honor by Hannah Howell. Beauty and the Beast by Hannah Howell. Highland Fire by Hannah Howell.

My Valiant Knight by Hannah Howell. Highland Vow by Hannah Howell. Only for You by Hannah Howell. My Lady Captor by Hannah Howell.

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She stalks off to her own home, left her by her great-aunt, but a snowstorm strands her at Rohampton Park When Lord Winters declares his intention of bestowing 10, pounds on the man who gives him a grandson, it causes quite the commotion within the family. She stalks off to her own home, left her by her great-aunt, but a snowstorm strands her at Rohampton Park, home to St. John, Lord Rohampton, Ardith's childhood friend and suitor. During her first and only London Season, St. John embarrassed Ardith and she hasn't spoken to him since.

In the five years since then, he hasn't forgotten her, or so he claims. Ardith has a hard time fighting her physical attraction to him and St. John makes it clear that if he weren't a gentleman He swears his intentions are and have always been honorable but can Ardith believe him? She agrees to a new beginning - as friends and nothing more, but St. John isn't content with friendship and neither is Lord Winters. Ardith refuses to believe St. John can be interested in her. She isn't as beautiful as her sisters: she's too tall, too dark, too lumpy and too outspoken.

She's better off remaining an independent spinster. John wonders how he can convince Ardith of his true feelings without frightening her or killing her bullying Papa? This story is a more mature sort of Regency romance. It's not a typical drawing room comedy and it does contain some sensuality so it's more of a bridge between the traditional Regency and the contemporary Regency Historical. The plot is very episodic. It goes on and on without anything happening or the same thing repeating over and over. In real life, it makes sense but as a reader, I found myself bored and put the novel down easily.

The story is a bit sad because the heroine has serious self-esteem issues. I really love Lady Ardith and I can relate a lot to her. I think if I were her, I would feel the same way. I wouldn't want to give up my independence either.

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I fight with my father a lot so I can also relate to her relationship with her Papa. He's not a very nice man, yet he grew on me and by the end, I almost liked him. John is a paragon. He's a man and he's attracted to Ardith but he understands her better than anyone else and knows how to deal with her. He also acts as an intermediary between Ardith and her father.

I like the way he stands up for Ardith and tried to build her confidence. Another thing I enjoyed about this story is learning about period medical practice and herbal remedies. There's a really gross but fascinating medical treatment in this story. I liked this book, but I wouldn't place it in my top ten. The plot was too slow and a bit too mature for me. I like lighthearted comedy of manners plots the best. Jan 29, Kikkasole rated it it was ok Shelves: bookchallenge Certo quando tutti intorno a te non fanno che sottolineare quanto tu sia fuori dai canoni standard di bellezza sei troppo alta, goffa, poco femminile , quando il tuo stesso padre ti definisce giraffa senza forme ….

Ardith si ritira dalla vita mondana, scappa dalla zia Shelby, impara a prendersi cura del prossimo, a prendersi cura di se stessa. Passano gli 5 anni, cresce e matura diventando una donna forte.

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John ti vuole, ti dice che ti vuole sposare, che ti vuole sfrantumare di passione … Mettici di meno a fartene una ragione, No? Di suo padre e di tutte le volte che apre la bocca, il quoziente minimo per camminare. John piace! Jul 02, Lyuda rated it liked it Shelves: regency-traditional. Lady Ardith Winter considers herself the ugly duckling in a family of otherwise beautiful women. With great difficulty, her suitor--St. John Worth, Marquis of Rohampton--convinces Ardith that she is worthy of a man's love and that she has a special beauty of her own.

The premise of the story was good but it did not deliver for me. Ardith refusal to believe that St.

John was sincere when he proposed to her 5 years ago during her disastrous first season and that he still 2. John was sincere when he proposed to her 5 years ago during her disastrous first season and that he still loves her made me want to shake her. There were some moments in the story mystery of gift giver that were very strange.

Jun 16, Denise rated it liked it. An independently-minded young woman of the 19th century is being courted by a handsome aristocrat. He loves her but she has a problem with low self-esteem too tall, dark complexion, etc. Her father is also fueling her despair with his disparaging remarks. The story drags along until its very predictable and rather abrupt ending.

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But the supposed tension between the couple about the failed proposal was written in a way that you didn't sympathize with either side. Also the author seemed to forget the third sister at the end of the book. Really enjoyed the parts containing the bumbling inconsiderate father and his inability to understand any of his daughters not just the ugly one. Apr 08, Gerrie rated it liked it Shelves: doctors-and-healers , heroines-physical-emotional-issues , heroines-unusual-careers , romance-historical , romance-regency , romance-second-time-around. Jaime rated it did not like it Dec 03, Sarah rated it really liked it Oct 17, Melody rated it it was ok Jun 20, Becca rated it liked it Dec 26, Debbie Hayward rated it liked it Aug 05, Sep 25, Sylvia rated it really liked it.

Anne rated it it was amazing Sep 26, Aline Damasceno rated it it was amazing Nov 09, Tara rated it it was amazing Nov 13, Poppy Patterson and T. Moore were high school sweethearts, but now T. Cue emotional fireworks when they unexpectedly reunite.

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What He Doesn't Know (Zebra Regency Romance) - Kindle edition by Lisa Noeli. Romance Kindle eBooks @ dynipalo.tk What He Doesn't Know (Zebra Regency Romance) [Lisa Noell] on dynipalo.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Masquerading as a singer to perform a.

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