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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Workbook 2 (92 Powerful Prepositions and Examples) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Workbook 2 (92 Powerful Prepositions and Examples) book. Happy reading Workbook 2 (92 Powerful Prepositions and Examples) Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Workbook 2 (92 Powerful Prepositions and Examples) at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Workbook 2 (92 Powerful Prepositions and Examples) Pocket Guide. D use so in responses like I think so to avoid repeating words. D pronounce at least 12 words with silent consonants. D structure a paragraph and use modal verbs with adverbs, like will eventually. To review go back to these pages 1n the Student s Book 42 43 45 42 46 47 50 To review, go back 0 I can do it. D discuss issues in getting along with people and experiences of growing up. D use at least 12 phrasal verbs to discuss house rules and roommates. D discuss farming, food, nutrition, and a healthy diet.

D use complements of at least 10 verbs that describe causes and effects. D name at least 12 human body parts and processes. D define and discuss success and happiness and share stories. To review. DJ I need to review it. No matter what grade your young reader is in a preposition crossword will bost his language skills, vocabulary and spelling ability. Preposition Examples. In, on, at, this worksheet goes above expectation to give examples of prepositions.

Second graders will love practicing grammar in this color-by-preposition worksheet! Students will work to identify prepositions while decoding a hidden scene. Rein in the Run-Ons. Are your students having trouble taming run-on sentences into a more manageable length? In this lesson, your students will learn to not only recognize a run-on sentence, but also how to stop it in its tracks. Grammar 3. These jobs can be thought of as parts of speech. In this word study unit, students will learn about the work that transition words, prepositions, verbs, adverbs and adjectives do.

Students will also explore how certain kinds of words work together, like verbs and adverbs. Part 2: Prepositional Phrases in Nonfiction Text. This activity will have your students reading short paragraphs to identify prepositional phrases, and then using this knowledge to answer questions about the text. Prepositions Prepositions are a quick way to say where or when something happened or is happening. Prepositional phrases are composed of a preposition, a noun or pronoun object of the preposition, and an optional modifier of the object. Choose an account to Log In Google accounts.

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School name. Cancel Add. She was a. C fashion designer. C there was an energy crisis. Then choose the correct words in the rules. No, there weren't any computers! Yes, they did. Not many households a TV. Yes, young people jeans in the s. When did people use to wear them?

C The s. It was called a C Walkman. Mobile phones were a new invention in the s. C dangerous. These were C video games. I stayed with my gran. She was a hairdresser and she 3 my hair. I 4 a really cool hairstyle in those days. It was great at her house, i 5 bored. She 6 7 the piano and sing for me. Ask questions using used to and the ideas in the box.

Yes, I did. What about you? I used to play basketball. Think of changes in your life in the last ten years. Write sentences using affirmative and negative forms of used to. Which are common now? Read, listen and compare your answers with the text. Write true or false. Correct the false sentences. Then check your answers in the text.

92 Powerful Prepositions and Examples

Every Saturday, I used to go to a ballroom where a big band played live jazz. There was a craze called swing dancing, which we loved. Alice and her granddaughter, Becky, share their experiences and compare life today and in the fifties. And of course, in those days we hadn't seen a computer or a mobile phone. I find most young people today are respectful, but they want everything now. Study the timeline and the sentence.

Write the events in the correct place on the timeline. C More practice cz y Workbook page 9 Becky 'I visited my gran last weekend and she'd found some of her old photos. They were interesting. I really liked the hairstyles and fashions, especially the big skirts and teenage guys in suits! Things are different now. We go to discos, but we don't dance to live music there. Most teenagers aren't keen on jazz today and nobody watches black-and-white TV anymore. My gran is sometimes shocked by the bad language and violence on TV, but she's cool about most things.

She thinks it's good that more women study and work now. She says women have more opportunities now. I want to do media studies and she's really interested in that. My gran ieft school when she was sixteen and got married when she was twenty. I think people wait longer these days. By the time she was twenty-two, she and my grandad had bought a house.

It's true that teenagers have got more these days, but I don't think we're all spoilt. Some teenagers can be rude, but I try to be nice and polite to Complete the sentences. Use the past perfect and the past simple in each sentence. She not seen one before. Complete the sentences using the past perfect and your own ideas. The girl was in hospital because T he girl was in hospital because she had broken her leg.

By the time we arrived, We went home after Before I came to this school, When I got into town I realized My friend became crazy about Find out what your partner had or hadn't done before arriving at school today. I had eaten breakfast before I arrived at school today. Look again at the sentences in exercise 3. Think of different ways to complete each sentence. The girl was in hospital because her mother had had a baby. L 1 Complete the diagram with the words in the box.

Match two words with each of the people in the photos Use the phrases in exercise 1. V — — I remember that I got up really early because I was so excited. Match sentences from the listening on page 12 with descriptions a-c. Which tenses do we use in each sentence? Then underline different verb tenses with different colours. This will help you to remember how the tenses are used and formed. Then do the quiz with a partner. Listen and check your answers. Which phrases can you use for things you have forgotten? As far as I remember, It was about Find out about your partner's memories using the questions in exercise 4, the key phrases and your own ideas.

I remember playing football when I was six. Write a paragraph describing your earliest memory. Use the key phrases in exercise 5 and the past simple and continuous. What do you think the relationship between Colin and Dean is? What are they looking at? Which part of the festival did Colin enjoy most? Oh, it was around forty years ago now. Oh, can I see? Were there many people there? Oh yes, there were over , That sounds amazing! Did you have a good time Yes, we did. All the famous bands wert there -The Doors, The Who, everyone. It was brilliant.

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But the best bit was at the end of the last day. What happened then? My favourite band was playing and a girl started dancing with me. Look - a friend took this photo Is that you? Yes, and the girl is your gran. We got married twc years later! Practise the dialogue with a partner. When 2 that? It was around forty years 3 now. Did you 4 a good time? The best 5 was What 6 then? Then change the words in blue and practise the new mini-dialogue.

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Then insert a suitable conjunction in the following sentences. The conference will end Receptionist to customer: Will you be NB Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether a word is a verb particle or a preposition in a separate Prepositional Phrase. You want to go from a motel to the airport. An overall vocabulary of words generally occurring 50 times or more. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Rose It was J a year ago now. Hannah 4 you have a good time? Rose Yes, we did. The 5 bit was the end of the party. Hannah 6 happened then? Rose We hired a stretch limousine to drive everyone home. Imagine that you were at a concert or a sports event. Practise your dialogue. Then change roles. Which phrases introduce the paragraphs in the text?

The sixties was a decade which people remember for many reasons. There were good times and happy events uch as music festivals like Woodstock. There were also difficult times, 'or instance, the Vietnam War. Over five hundred million people were watching on 2 1 st July when Neil Armstrong took the famous 'first step'. A tragic event which shocked the world was the assassination of President Kennedy in 1 The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. In cinemas, James Bond was a big hit.

There were six Bond films between and Fashions were bright and interesting - it was the era of miniskirts, long hair and hippy clothes. One of the most memorable By the end of the decade, People were more aware of issues such as Language point: Giving examples 3 Study the words in blue in the model text. Then complete sentences with these words and your own ideas. Paragraph 1: Introduction The Noughties was a decade Paragraph 2: Events One of the most memorable Paragraph 3: Music, film and fashion In the world of music, Paragraph 4: How the world changed By the end of the decade,.

Use the past simple or the past continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Communication 6 Match sentences with responses a-g. I can't remember anything about when I was younger, d Yes, we really enjoyed it. Language focus 4 Choose the correct words. Match paragraphs A-E with the interview questions People didn't have mobile phones and they didn't text. They didn't have the internet either, so when he wanted to research something for school, he had to go to the library!

He remembers that The Beatles were breaking up then. There weren't any CDs in those days. People played vinyl records on big record players. There were no video games, so he used to read a lot of books! Fashion was fun and very colourful.

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Trousers with wide bottoms were trendy and skirts were all different lengths. It was fashionable for both girls and guys to have long hair. His special memories were of lazy evenings outdoors with his friends during the long hot summer of ' It was so dry that there wasn't enough water and some houses had their supply cut off! Follow the steps in the project checklist. Think of an older person who you can interview a relative, a 3 Interview the person and make notes of their answers. Include 4 Write a summary of the interview. Organize your writing into sections.

Did any other students find out similar information? Which do you think are the most and least serious problems? Then check their meanings. Match speakers with the problems. What advice would you give? I've never felt so lonely. I've already joined a sports club, but I still haven't mad any new friend;. I don't know how to jet to know people. What should I do? She's : a new group of peopii , but I don't get on with them.

She goes out with the others all the time and I feel left out. Do you think I should make up with her? I really like his wife Angie, but now he's left home I don't see him very often and I really miss him. Has anyone ever had a similar experience? We became close friends because we've got a lot in common. But he's changed recently. He won't go out and he often sounds depressed. He's never been like this before. I haven't talked to him about it yet. Should I be worried? I feel sad because we've never argued before. She says that I'm too young to get engaged.

She thinks I should concentrate on my studies and not get involved in a serious relationship. How did you. Then complete the table with sentences My family has just moved to a new town. We know that these things have happened We think or hope that these things will happen My family has just moved to a new town. Then add them to the table in exercise 4. Has David phoned you? Then find someone in the class who has done the same thing. Write four more problems for the problem page. Use just, still, already and yet.

Then read your problems to your partner and exchange advice. Look at the title and the photo. Then read the text quickly. Work in pairs. Tell your partner about the text using your own words. Summarize each paragraph in one or two sentences. Then complete the sentences with your own ideas. How would you feel if your parents chose your partner?

The reasons for these arranged marriages are complicated, but they're usually connected with status, traditions and money. This affects some young people in Britain, but they don't all agree with the practice. Then complete the rules with for or since. We use 1 with the present perfect when we talk about the point when a state or action begins. More practice Workbook page 17 i want to wait until the time is right. I've known her since August, when we met on holiday.

I'm not thinking of telling my parents yet because it's nothing serious, but I'm not sure that they will understand if I bring a girlfriend home. I think that may be a problem in the future. My parents come from a country where families choose a partner for their sons and daughters.

They introduced me to a girl "from a good family" recently. I hadn't met her before, so she came to our house with her mother and father. It was a very formal occasion because they all think that this girl will be my future wife, but we didn't have anything in common.

I'm sixteen and I don't want to get married to anyone at the moment. I want to wait until the time is right and choose my future partner myself. It's difficult because I respect my parents and I don't want to upset them. I've met people who are happy in arranged marriages.

Maybe they weren't in love when they got married, but with time they've learnt to love and respect their partners. On the other hand, some people who are in "love" marriages split up. They've been with their partners for years, but they fall out and their marriages end in failure. I think a relationship needs commitment.

Love isn't enough on its own. The couple must be understanding and patient and build up their relationship over time. People can't just fall in love, get married and hope that everything will be perfect forever. That only happens in films. Then think of more examples and add them to the table. Add the time expressions to the table in exercise 2. Cultural problems I've known Imran 1 six months. We've been good friends 2 last summer. We haven't had many arguments 3 we met, but we argued last week. He's been strange with all his friends 4 a while now.

His parents have lived here 5 a long time, but they think Imran should have a wife from their culture. He hasn't spoken to me 6 we fell out. I don't know what I can do. Use for and since. Ask and answer using extreme adjectives. No 3 Read the ideas for great dates. Tell your partner which things you have and haven't done. Use adjectives in exercise 1. It looks terrifying? Which three activities in exercise 3 do the people mention? Complete the table. Person Activity When? Who with? Ask about the things in the box or use your own ideas.

Use extreme adjectives. No, it was awful. Present perfect and past simple 1 Study the sentences from the listening on page Complete the table with the time expressions in blue. Do we use the present perfect with finished or unfinished time expressions? Listen and check. Then add the time expressions in blue to the table in exercise 1. We 2 be together nee then and in the last six years we 1. The wedding 5 be great, but exhausting because we were underwater and I 6 have a big wedding dress on.

Since we got married, we 7. These last few weeks 8 go very fast. Ask and answer questions about what you have done this year. Use the time expressions in exercise 1, the phrases in the box and your own ideas. C Wien was that?

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When do we use the present perfect simple and when do we use the continuous? More practice Workbook pa ge 19 Complete the sentences with the present perfect simple or continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Is she there? We finish at last! They watch a horror film.

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Give explanations for Use the present perfect continuous. Think of some imaginative excuses for arriving late to class. Where are Marie and Dean? Does Marie accept Dean's invitation? Marie Hi, Dean. How are things? Dean Not bad. How are you? What are you doing in town today? Dean Oh, I've just returned some books to the library.

Marie Hey, I'm going to Tate's for coffee. Have you got time for one? Marie No problem. Dean Have you seen that new horror film yet? It's on at the cinema in town this week. Marie No, I haven't, but I've heard it's terrifying. Do you fancy coming? What time? Marie That would be great. See you later then, Dean.

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Workbook 2 is meant to test your knowledge of the prepositions covered in the ESL guide 92 Powerful Prepositions and Examples. The exercises here are all. -with examples and tips how you can memorize the quran Ep PDF 92 Powerful Prepositions and Examples Workbook 2 workbook 2 92 powerful prepositions.

Dean OK. Bye, Marie. Which phrase is used to refuse an invitation politely? Then practise the dialogue with a partner. I'd 4 to. That 6 be great. Then practise the dialogue again. Doyou fancy coming? OK then. Use phrases from exercises 3 and 4. Use the information below or your own ideas. Decide if you want to accept or refuse the invitation. Why is she writing? I hope you had a good time in Spain. Did you make any new friends? I've been relaxing at home most of the time.

Things are quiet here because most of my friends have gone away. I've been out with Jan a few times. We went to a music festival in Kingston last weekend. It was good fun, but it rained on Sunday. Do you fancy going on a four-day surfing course with me in the first week? Neither of us has been surfing before, so it would be a new experience.

The course is at a water sports centre near Porthkerris in Cornwall and it doesn't cost a lot. Apparently there's a campsite at the centre and everyone is very friendly. My cousins told me about it. Both of them have been there and they say it's brilliant. I've attached a link to the course website so you can have a look. I think it sounds like fun. I really hope that you can come. Let me know then. Cariy Language point: both and neither 3 Study the examples. Then write sentences with both or neither. Include the pronouns in brackets. Both of them have been there.

He isn't going, them 5 I've been on holiday. Write an email to a friend. What have you been doing lately? What happened? Paragraph 1: Introduction I hope you Paragraph 3: What you want to do Do you fancy going Paragraph 4: Conclusion What do you reckon? Which phrase is used to make an invitation? I really hope that you What doyou reckon? Do you fancy Vocabulary 1 Complete the dialogue with the words in the box.

I really miss my old friends! Dan Have you 4 Sally? Everyone 5. I can 6 you to her if you like. Zoe Sally Fields?