A Little Birdie Told Me

a little bird told me (something)
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  • Idiom: a little bird told me.
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A Little Bird Told Me

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a little bird told me

Blouses Tees. View all Tops. Pants Shorts. It is remarkable that any American president is able to serve more than one term in office. The media so focuses upon the president and criticizes so vehemently everything he does and every word he speaks: that no president is able to stand the glare of such adverse publicity. The American way is to elect a man to office, give him six months to change everything, and if he does not do it, spend the next three-and-a-half years complaining about it.

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Choose view My view Choose View Close. The author is co-founder of Twitter. He proudly tells the tale of his "No Homework Policy" in high school, for example, where he simply gave up doing it because it took him too long. Ecclesiastes View all Swimwear. Reset Apply view.

There is a destructive element in complaining and griping all the time about what government does. I was blessed and encouraged when several of our staff wrote letters to the mayor of San Francisco to commend her for her vetoing an ordinance that would be destructive to the social fabric. Against much of the popular opinion of the hour, the mayor found the courage to veto that measure. What a difference it makes in the quality of government if we show our support for those who are in office. The appeal of the Searcher is that if you want to be wise and in view of all that God provides in life as revealed in this book, then try to be supportive of the government.

Forgive me for my complaining spirit, Lord. Teach me to spread a spirit of confidence that You are at work through the leadership of our land.

When supportive talk seems out of vogue, how easy it is to passionately complain about the government. Do our conversations betray a lack of trust in the Godhead?

A Little Birdie Told Me Stamp and Die Set Inked Messages Collection by Stephanie Low

For permission to use this content, please review RayStedman. Subject to permission policy, all rights reserved. Ecclesiastes Life Application When supportive talk seems out of vogue, how easy it is to passionately complain about the government.

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What's the meaning of the phrase 'A little bird told me'?. I was told by a private or secret source. What's the origin of the phrase 'A little bird told me'?. The text 'a. 2) Parent: "A little bird told me that you have been smoking". Child (embarassed): "Mother/Father!" Parent: "Cigarettes are a waste of money just to be burned up!.