BestCredit: How to Win the Credit Game (Third Edition, 2012)

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Barclay’s Application Strategies & Best Practices for Successful Approvals This option should really only be attractive if you value United Miles highly e. Restaurants are one of the 4x categories. You also get whatever the card usually earns on restaurant purchases. Here are some options:. One of the categories you can choose is gas stations. This page does not contain any affiliate links.

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BestCredit: How to Win the Credit Game (Third Edition, ) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more. Enter your mobile. Dana Neal knows first hand the consequences of bad credit - how a financial set.. . Bestcredit: How to Win the Credit Game. Other editions . Sep 05,

You also might enjoy our other posts in this series:. The U. S Bank American Express FlexPerks card mentioned may have not had an annual fee back in the day, but it does now. The AARP card is fully functional. Quick question. I now know and am sure that the AARP is not needed for applying and approval of the card, but is it needed for the reward redemption? A report on AARP.

I bought a cup of coffee at Interesting 3x bonus points. What about the U. No AF and No minimum redemption of cash back. I see another Jeff beat me to nominating for honorable mention U.

Bestcredit: How to Win the Credit Game by Dana Neal

There are some 5x rotating categories to get bonus dining points, and some other cards that give bonus dining, but 3x Flexperks year-round with no cap could make it a great […]. There are other cards which earn at a much higher rate for restaurant spend but this might be an OK option if you value Chase UR points extremely high.

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That was followed by Carte Blanche and in by American Express which created a worldwide credit card network although these were initially charge cards that later acquired credit card features. If so, you are not authorised to use your payment card to complete the transaction. Once they cancel your account, you will have NO WAY to speak with anyone, as you are no longer a customer. Accounts on shared computers are also limited to a single account, for example a public library or workplace. As far as using canadian credit cards they usually wont work because of gambling restrictions.

Sign up bonus […]. There are other options out there in the travel category, but 3x Chase UR would still be one of […]. We do update this list quite often, it includes the CSR for example. Santander Bank Bravo Earn 3x rewards points on supermarket, gas station and restaurant purchases; Up to 15, points per calendar quarter; 1x point otherwise.

IF you sign up for a Santander Bank no minimum balance only one required transaction checking account, the annual fee for the Santander Bank Bravo MC is waived each of the following years. My experience turned out to only wave the first year. We originally […]. PRG does earn 2x at supermarkets, but some cards earn at a much higher rate than that.

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Delivered by FeedBurner. Posted by William Charles on February 4, Before you make any restaurant purchases, you should always check to see if that restaurant sells gift cards. Notify of. January 23, pm. February 4, am. William Charles. February 4, pm.

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There are many legal documents that you can read through online, the referrals started between - related to several cases that went through the courts because of sections thru of the Criminal Code of Canada. Internationally, many international merchants "work around" this by claiming the transaction is a wire transfer or payment and not a transaction directly related to gambling which dosen't cause the referral.

This is risky for a merchant as many card issuers would treat the transaction as a cash advance and not a purchase and could also result in a merchant more likely to receive other types of referrals or to loose their ability to accept a particular type of card due to incorrect or misleading merchant coding. Another way to work around the issue is for the online gambling company to align themselves with an aboriginal band in Canada eg: Kahnawake , however that undercuts profits and it may only be a matter of time before the provinces limit the ability of the aboriginal bands to assist multinational or international companies bypass Canadian Law through it's current interpretations.

So which card is best? Any card. Keep in mind, both virtual credit cards purchases and wire transfers can set off red flags - so use common sense and don't go overboard with your gambling transactions.

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If you want to avoid virtual credit card fees or cash advance fees, try to stick to gambling sites that are based in Canada or have an office in Canada. I have the Desjardins Visa as well. Either card you get from them will work. I have the elegance that doesn't charge an annual fee. RBC Visas dont charge cash advance fee.